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Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
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Product Description

Operation Flashpoint Cold War Crisis is as close to war as you ever want to get. You are dropped in the path of the Red Army. Your objective is clear: take your men, your weapons and your training; commandeer any vehicle you find, survive if you can, but above all, force them back! Includes rich, enthralling campaign, single missions and multiplay. Create your own strategic challenges.

Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis is a first- and third-person tactical combat game set in 1985 detailing a fictional conflict between NATO and the Soviet Union. As a soldier fighting against the Soviets, you're on the frontline of the conflict and charged with a number of missions, including sabotage, recon, combat, assassination, and fending off enemy attacks. The game is very successful in its approach, but stumbles when it forces you to play vehicle-only missions where you control a tank, an attack helicopter, or an A-10 tank killer.

Over the course of the game's 50 single-player missions and campaigns, you'll assume several combat roles, running the gamut from a grunt armed with an M-16 to a tank commander commanding an M1A1 Abrams tank into battle. The bulk of the game consists of you tromping around on foot in first- or third-person mode, and those missions are a great deal of fun. Firefights are intense, chaotic, and often confusing, and they capture what it must feel like to be an infantry soldier caught in a battle. In addition, the included multiplayer mode is a lot of fun, although it can lag at times.

Getting used to the controls can take awhile, and will definitely be a hurdle for folks used to the simple keystrokes of most action games. Everything is handled in a realistic manner: standing from the prone position takes a few seconds, the sight on your weapon bounces around as you move, and you can hear your soldier's labored breathing when you sprint across open ground. In fact, you can only sprint for a short distance before tiring (and slowing), which encourages players to make short advances from cover to cover--just like a real soldier. Even the gunfights are realistic: instead of the extreme close-quarters combat and bright crosshairs found in most action games, Operation Flashpoint challenges you to line up a faraway, crouching soldier in the fixed iron sights of a real-world rifle. Successful missions earn a promotion in rank for you and the men under your command; controlling your squad is simple and straightforward and involves just a few keystrokes.

On the downside, the difficulty with the complex controls is compounded a million times when you play as a tank commander, where you must issue move and fire orders to the rest of the tank crew. These missions are very frustrating, especially because you can only save once per mission. Because of that, you'll find yourself replaying the tank missions again and again and again.

Operation Flashpoint sports a decent graphics engine that is capable of rendering massive and realistic outdoor areas. These large areas really make you feel like you're part of a huge battlefield, complete with forests, scrub, and dozens of vehicles and soldiers. The price you pay is in the form of blocky player models and pixilated plants. In addition, graphical glitches, such as soldiers' heads being on backward, rear up from time to time.

Fans of quick-twitch games such as Quake III will probably be turned off by Operation Flashpoint's realistic gameplay and slower pace. Everyone else will find an exciting, engaging, intense cold war combat game. --Kilmic Robbins


  • Intense action
  • Decent AI
  • Multiplayer is a blast
  • Realistic combat
  • Accurate representations of 1980s military technology
  • Vehicle-centric missions stink
  • Control takes some getting used to
  • Only 1 save per mission

Customer Reviews:

  • Operation Flashpoint: Cold War Crisis
    If I had to sum this game up in one word, it would be:
    Operation Flashpoint,(FP) is one of the best games I ever played. It takes place in 1985, and is about a Soviet invasion of a chain of NATO controled islands. The storyline is decent, and contains some plot twists. In the campaign you play as four characters, a soldier, black ops, tank driver, and a pilot. One of the reasons FP is my favorite game is that you can operate so many different vehicles. You are able to knock out tanks in an apache, attack a base in an M1-Abrams, or transport your squad in an APC.
    There is enough units in the game, and both sides are evenly balanced. I would of liked it if they had put a little more units for each side. (I believe you know can now get new units through patches from the codemasters website.) The graphics, and details are superb. I especialy liked the weather and sky effects.
    To sum it all up, FP is a great game. I recomended it to anyone who likes tactical shooters, the military, simulations, or anyone who just wants to have fun....more info
  • Welcome to the the new era in military simulations
    WARNING! This game is not intended for pathetic arcade gamers who have not yet developed patience. This game is for the gamers who desire life-like scenarios and are required to think fast on the fly and then execute that thought. Of course it isn't easy and the one save per mission will rub that in, but it will effectively teach you to learn your lessons quick and to be more conservative when deciding upon your course of action.
    Like many other games in this genre, most players will walk away with some new knowledge. After playing this game for more than three months, I noticed that some of game's aspects are embedded into my mind. On many missions, whether your are a private or officer, you will find yourself calling out to warn your comrades of inbound UAZ, BMP, T-75, and T-80 attacks. One day while I was watching the war in Afghanistan when I noticed a tank. Within an instant I called T-75. From the tank's silhouette I was able to distinguish a T-75 from T80. I think that speaks a lot for the graphics and the games ability to convey real military units. In sum, Operation Flashpoint has more to offer than any other game in the genre. If you liked Rainbow six and the first two Delta force series than BUY THIS GAME!...more info
  • Realistic, but clunky at times
    I appreciated all of the details - realistic weaponry, transportation, missons, etc.. However, the graphics are awkward at times - trees and shrubs look very 2-dimensional. The textures on the figures are good, but their motions seem stiff.
    Last, the realism (like getting killed in one shot) is welcome, but can get tiresome. It should be a game after all....more info
  • Wow.....
    This game ranks up there with possibly being the WORST game I ever played. I got the demo way back when it came out and I loved it. I played it just about every night for a few weeks and had mastered it. I bought the game when the price went down and I installed it. The game bugged out on me in training and I couldn't drive the truck like I was supposed to. I gave up on it and a week later my computer basically tanked. I assumed that was part of the problem with the game, as I was having trouble with other games that used to play fine. I happened to have lost the game for some time and I finally found it in a box in my parent's house two years ago. I took it and finally played it a while back and I was completely at odds with the demo I remembered so well and resurrected to play before starting the game again. The game played nothing like the demo and I swear that I was losing EVERY mission even if the goals got completed. I never understood how to use the "tactical map" for a long time and when I finally figured it out, it still didn't help. The friendly AI has as much sense as a cardboard box, the enemies are apparently sharpshooters with tanks, and it seems that while you only take 1-3 bullet wounds to die, the enemy takes at least 10. The graphics were awful (and it isn't due to me being spoiled by newer games since I still play MS-DOS games on occasion). I couldn't believe how terrible this game was. It has been put into a box so I can forget about it....more info
  • This is NO Ghost Recon
    I'm going to get straight to the point on this one. If you already own Ghost Recon, I highly suggest you don't waste your money on Operation Flashpoint. You are going to end up so disapointed you'll probably quit buying computer games for a month. Heres why:

    The graphics are pretty impressive. However, you just don't get the same "feel" as you do in Ghost Recon. It's more "video game" graphics than realism. It's almost a glorified super mario brothers type graphics. Get the idea?

    The sound is another issue. It just doesn't make you feel like your actually out on the battle field. The radio transmissions will give you a headache and confuse the heck out of you before you can actually understand them. Ever turn on the TV when the cables out? You know the white snow noise? Imagine playing a military game and 90 percent of the time that's all you hear.

    The gun fights are boring. You get shot at by little dots that look like soldiers about 100 meters away. You don't actually feel like they are on top of you like in Ghost Recon.

    The BOTTOM LINE is this...If you want a Realistic military infantry game, go with Ghost Recon. It's got the graphics, and the sound that you expect from a great military game. If you don't beleive me, play both of them, and you'll quickly see what I'm talking about. Take your money and go with Ghost Recon, you'll be VERY happy you did.

    Take care.


    I currently put this on my new system (2.8ghz P4 Geforce 4 Ti 4600 etc) to see if it was any better, and same result. Decent game, but not up to par with whats out there. Its getting cheaper, and the price is getting closer to what its worth....more info

  • If you are looking for a realistic portrayal of war, and not necessarily just good graphics, then look no further!
    The game is a VERY realistic simulation of war. There are no scripts other than the broad strokes campaign. You fail missions, you don't have to repeat them, they simply cause problems for you at a later mission. There are no rigid gameplay issues. All islands are modeled ENTIRELY so that you could go all round the island if you wanted to in order to come up behind your enemy (even then, the chances of you blundering into other battles being fought on the island are real, so measure the risks as you go!).

    The game graphics are fantastic given the time when they were originally created. It may not be COD4 in terms of close range detail, but when you see the battlefields from far, COD4 looks like Mario in comparison!...more info
  • Wolf
    A good game, when it came out, though it's a bit dated and behind the technology, now. However, it's a lot cheaper than some of the hot new games. It has different modes, within the war campaign. In first-person-shooter mode, it is generally fun, though sometimes, there are long, boring scenarios. Later in the campaign, when you drive tanks, the controls are too confusing, and it can become VERY frustrating. Also later in the campaign, you serve as an officer and must give orders to other soldiers, which is just too complicated and more like work than fun....more info
  • A must own for anyone who likes the tactical fps genre
    This game literally blew me away once I started playing it. The visceral thrill of being in combat is so evident that you'll treat the life of the player as your own. Nothing beats seeing one of your fellow soldiers being blown to pieces by tank and grenade fire while you struggle to avoid the same fate. After playing this game, Ghost Recon is just terrible.

    This is quite possibly the game that will spoil you for all other FPS like it. That thought alone may scare you away, but there's already an expansion pack out. Hopefully, this franchise will last a long time, since it is the only one you will ever play....more info

  • Get A Life.......
    If you want an addiction to a video game, this one will do it. I agree that there are some REAL frustrating aspects to the game, most of which have already been mentioned.

    The game is a lot of fun and very challenging. If they could have improved a few of the "problems" before the game release I would not have to use so much profane language. Perhaps "they" will develop a patch.

    The one save feature is BS. Get used to idea that your squad (team)is really stupid. Watch as they walk into machine gun fire, die and make it impossible for you win.

    There were no strategy instructions (just the Field Manual) that came with the game, so some of the episodes are impossible to win. The Gold Upgrade has the Strategy Guide. This will make the game(s) more enjoyable and will give you an idea of what the objective is behind each episode....more info

  • It's wourth buying a new computer
    This game is exactly what you dreamed of having when you REALLY wanted to play soldier. Having actually served in a European army let me tell you: this is as real as it gets without having to pick up the brass, i.e. all the fun parts without any of the boring stuff (unless you count the mediocre voices in the game). I don't own the game, my company laptop only has 64 RAM which is too slow, but I have played this game for hours & hours at friends, in internet caf¨¦s, frankly anywhere I could get my hands on it. I have also checked out the updates and let me tell you, it just gets better. The StG-77 (Steyer-AUG) performs exactly like it really does, tanks (mostly) move like they really do, and you will sweat real bullets when the lead starts flying.

    Most importantly, this games WIPES OUT Ghost Recon & the rest of the Big Business Boys. It's hot quality from a small company in a small ex-Warsaw Pact country that put a lot of love and care and BRAINS into it, which is better then Tom Clancy's scam artist can produce for one. I envy nothing more then those who can play the game in multiplayer mode with large set teams and good equipment. BUY IT...more info

  • Not Quite As Good as It Appears
    Well, I'd say I was a little disappointed when I booted up Operation Flashpoint for the first time and saw it's weak graphics and low detail. I have a very fast system with an Nvidia TnT card and on the highest settings it doesn't look so hot. Trees, foliage are just opaque clumps when you get up close to them. You can hide in the bushes but can't see through them unless your head is sticking all the way out. My point is, for all the hype and excitement the developers should have spent much more time on the terrains, and renditions of objects, soldiers etc. The voices are very poor, sounds like a couple of high school kids worked on this. Games like Deadly Dozen, even though the gameplay is much more basic, will be much more fun for most people because of the excellent ambient sounds, amazing lighting and textures, and even the grass sways in the wind. In my opinion Operation Flashpoint could have been much more than it is. I'd say save your money for Medal Of Honor/Allied Assault, or try Deadly Dozen at half the price. Another game that surpasses Operation Flashpoint is Hidden And Dangerous, which is 2 years older, the game play and enviornments squash that of Operation Flashpoint....more info
  • Bad all the way around
    I guess (RTCW) has ruined my expectations of what games are suppose to look like. Flashpoint is a poor game. You can run through trees and buldings. Graphics are weak to say the least. SLow response time on moving and you over run where you want to stop. Gun sights suck and you get killed with one shot but need half a clip to kill them. Save yopur money....more info
  • Take it from me, I've played this one for hours on end....
    This game is very realistic. You won't have 54 guns to choose from that you're carrying around at all times. Tanks won't always explode when you shoot them. The enemy won't stand out in the open and wait for you to shoot him, and he won't hesitate to pop you from 400 yards without a scope. I've read about every review for this and other war games, and there's definitely a divide between people who like realism and people who like carnage. If you're into unabashed carnage, shooting thousands of rounds every ten minutes, and picking up health kits that restore you to full health so that you can take another 50 bullets in the chest and still run around, then this isn't your game. If you're into military tactics, thinking on the go, and exploring several military roles in a single campaign, then this game is for you. Make sure you stick to what you like, and you'll never feel like you wasted your money....more info
  • Military Buff's Game of Choice
    Operation flashpoint is a Tactical first person shooter set in a 1980's "cold war turns hot" scenario. For those of you not in the know, while most First person shooters focus on rambo-style action, tactical shooters emphazise realism, planning, and ussually allow you to control a team.

    The plot isn't exactly a novelty, A soviet invasion of a small group of Islands results in a serious clash between US and Russian forces. The story is enough to drive the gameplay however and make you feel you are fighitng for a purpose.

    The game differentiates itself from others in the genre in many ways. To begin with, this is the first FPS I've seen that attempts to completely simulate combined arms combat, with a commitment to militarily accuracy. A complete compliment of 1980's military hardware is featured in the game, from abrahams tanks, to AH64 Apache Longbows, to T-80 Tanks, to a number of accuratley reproduced firearms. The selection is amazing. A large selection of machine guns, sub machine guns, grenades, tanks, planes, helocopters, APCs, and even boats are available. Each has SPECIFIC and very different features and specs. You can actually notice accuracy differences between rifles. And you can use ALL of them!

    That's a BIG selling point for this game. Before Battlefield 1942 and other games like it, Operation Flashpoint was perhaps the first game to feature combined arms. So not only is it a first person shooter, but it's a tank simulator, a flight sim, and a driving game! And you can use ANY vehicle in the game. You see a car in a small town - get in a drive. You see a dead enemy soldier with a weapon, drop what you got and pick up his instead. You can even get in boats. This kind of freedom is definatley unusual.

    The landscape and mission paradigm is also free form. You can go ANYWHERE. You are never limited as to where you can go in a mission, and you can get in a car and drive miles in the wrong direction if you so choose. You can complete any mission in whatever way you like too - sneak into a town and complete your mission, or jump into an empty enemy tank and blow everyone away.

    Realism is a key emphasis. Get shot a few times, or once in the head, and you're dead. Get your legs shot up and you can't run as fast, or may have to crawl around. Shoot out a tire on a truck and it goes flat. Shoot an engine you might disable it completely. You have a compass and map, and a watch to tell time and there is a realist time cycle - it will change from day to dusk to night at appropriate times - and there is also weather variations. Run too long and you get tired. I've rarely seen such dedication to realism in a game.

    This realism extends to graphics and sounds. All vehicles are accuratley rendered both inside and out. You can choose first person or 3rd person view, so you can actually sit inside a tank and look around at the inside. Detail is present in graphics - there is even a working speedometer on car dashboards! The use of sprites and less than perfect textures on some objects like houses and fauna limits the eye candy to some degree but otherwise the game looks really good, especially for being a 2001 release. Sound is great, and very realistic. Hearing bullets whiz by you or the reverb of a tank shot is enough to convince you that you're actually in danger!

    The problems with the game are bugs. Motion is can be stuttery at times, and occasionally you'll get stuck, or pass through solid matter - if only the army got ahold of that technology! The controls for the various vehicles can have some issues, as flying is a real pain. Driving too, isnt perfect - OFP is a jack of all trades and a master of none. The realism also makes for a VERY difficult gaming experience at times. The WORST mistake was the choice to limit you to only ONE save per mission. A HUGE pain. You will no doubt have to play the same parts of a hard mission over and over and over thanks to this, and while it adds to realism, players should always be given the option to save more if they choose. This really can hurt the gameplay experience. I often become frustrated with this, especially since all it takes is one tiny wrong move to get yourself a in body bag.

    Bottom line: This was a ground breaking game. If you love detailed realistic games and are a military enthusiast, you will have an orgasm playing this game! Just be prepared for a first person war simulation - NOT at all an arcade game. If you just like quick action then you best look somewhere else. This is a great game that needs some polishing, hopefully the sequel will address the flaws. I recomend buying the game of the year addition which costs the same and includes all the add ons and expansion packs....more info

  • Great game, if flawed
    Operation Flashpoint is a great game
    Grear army, tank, helecopter sim
    Long Campaign, good, if a bit unrealistic plot
    Lots of weapons and vehicles
    Great sound
    Varied objectives
    Some great graphics
    Huge maps
    Poor voice acting
    Cant reload and move at the same time
    Bad clipping
    Bad graphics up close
    A few bugs

    Overall: A great military sim, if you can overlook the flaws...more info

  • LAME
    I hate this game so much I have to write another review. All these people who love this game must have been living in a cave for the last 5 years playing Pac Man. Thats about where this game stands- The graphics are so absolutely horrible I can't bear to think of it. The game is full of terrible, terrible voice overs and cheesey little cut scenes, and your soldier runs like he just learned how. On top of that you have voices of other characters that were rendered by Speak And Spell. The developers had a good idea, but failed at their attempt. The quality just isn't there. DONT WASTE YOUR MONEY- You were warned!...more info
  • Outstanding...but make sure to get the patches
    Fantastic gameplay
    Excellent AI
    Very Realistic
    Intriguing story
    All-around addicting

    Needs the patches to play decently!
    Blocky graphics
    Mediocre sound and voice acting
    Cheezy music
    ...but the pros vastly outweigh the cons...

    This is a simulation, not an arcade game. It needs to be treated as such. It is very ambituous. It is very, very fun. Highly recommended....this is one of the treasures of 2001 games business....more info