Holmes HAOF-90UC 10-Inch 3-Speed Blizzard Table Fan
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Product Description

Wall mountable / Adjustable tilt head / Multiple speed settings / Oscillation wide area coverage / Black

Hot time, summer in the city--there's nothing like a powerful fan to keep you cool and collected despite the heat. The Blizzard oscillating fan from Holmes features three speed settings and a hard-working Blizzaire motor to ensure you have the temperature control to keep your wits about you. The fan head features a swirling grill design, adjustable for complete control over the tilt angle, and can oscillate from any position. The fan has a solid, wide base for tabletop or desk use (just donĄŻt place it too close to your computer monitor--it will make your display flicker), and we especially appreciate the handle built into the base for easy moving or storage. If your tabletop real estate is at a premium, the fan is easy to mount on a wall, although the mounting hardware is not included. Crafted from durable slate-gray poly, the fan has a three-year limited warranty. --Ariel Meadow Stallings

  • Powerful Blizzaire motor
  • 3 speed settings, wall-mountable
  • Adjustable-tilt fan head
  • Oscillating mode
  • 3-year limited warranty

Customer Reviews:

  • Should be no stars, thanks anyway
    After one week, this charmer began turning off as it oscillated to the left, then turning back on as it moved to the right. I'm not making this up. After two weeks, it oscillated to the left and gave up the ghost. Get something else....more info
  • Don't watse your money on this one.
    It worked only 1 day and went dead. It is pretty noisy when you turn it on high due to the fan size. Was very disappointed on this one....more info
    This fan is so noisy that it didn't even last five minutes in our home. We got rid of it.

    We own an older metal frame LAKEWOOD fan (similar in size to this Blizzard) that operates very quietly. However, I understand that Lakewood has moved their manufacturing to China and their quality is in the toilet.

    Save your money and buy something besides the Blizzard unless you want a NOISY fan. ...more info
  • Great fan, great price
    Wonderful fan for the price. It doesn't seem abnormally loud compared to other fans, but it sure blows plenty of air. We hardly ever need to use the high speed due to the amount it blows out effortlessly at the lower speeds....more info
  • Very pleased with this fan!
    From the other reviews, I figured this fan would either be perfect for us or horrible. (We're using it for bedroom "white noise.") It's loud, for sure, but not too loud. Certainly would not bother anyone in the next room. And it's a good fan. Plus -- the price is right! If you're interested, you should probably at least give it a try. Definitely NOT for office use -- way too loud for that!...more info
  • small things comes in large package
    This fan maybe little but it works well everytime I go outside to sit on the poarch cause it's so hot out their I plug it in and have it right up on me. When I get a desk job of any office I'm going have this same fan sitting their....more info
  • Nice size, toooooooo loud
    Needed a small fan for my office...it catches the afternoon summer sun. The fan works fine, is the right size, but it really way too loud for something that size....more info
  • know what you're getting
    I can't believe one reviewer said this fan is "quiet." Compared to what? A jet engine? This fan moves a lot of air, but it is LOUD. ...more info
  • doesn't work
    I ordered three of these fans. Two of them made incredibly loud squeeking noises and didn't blow out any air at all. The third one worked for about a week and then died. Don't waste your money....more info
  • Great Little Fan
    This is a great table top fan. It is cute, small and fits anywhere, plus is looks really great with all your other furniture. The only thing I don' like about it is that it is very loud. Even the lowest setting is tooloud and it tends to drown out other things in the room, such as a tv or radio. But if you like the white noise thing and it doesn't bother you I suggest this little fan. It works great and sure does cool off a room....more info
  • Here's the long and short of it.
    The fan is GREAT! It is powerful, and really moves the air. I bought one for my cubicle at work against the other recommendations. It is a little loud, but not a nuisance on the low setting (which still moves the air quite adequately). If it is turned on to medium or high, it's just too noisy for a cubicle. For an office with a door, it may be just fine. If you're in a cubicle in a relatively quiet office, run it on low, and you'll be just fine.
    The footprint for the fan is quite large. The base is ~20cm width and ~25cm deep. So, unless you plan to mount it to a wall, make sure you have room on your desk. You may also want to purchase paper weights... ;)...more info
  • Not so great
    Good wind, but way too noisy on any speed over low--I'd send it back, but it isn't worth the postage....more info
  • Too loud for the bedroom
    This could be ok for an office, or maybe a busy kitchen, but I wanted something to circulate the bedroom air at night. Although this did the job, the noise couldn't be ignored. After trying an array of other small fans as well, I ended up putting in a ceiling fan, and am glad I did. On low, the ceiling fan is absolutely inaudible. ...more info
  • LOUD

    - Compact Design
    - Puts out a lot of air


    - LOUD
    - Sounds like a weed whacker
    - Noisy
    - Loud
    - Cannot be taken apart for cleaning
    - Did I mention that it's loud?

    This is a fine fan if you have a hearing impairment... but if you have normal hearing, it's going to drive you nuts....more info
  • gooses review
    This was by far the best fan I ever had. firstly the price cant be beat. the color is a sharp dark gray which is very classy.

    on low and medium settings its fairly quiet. on high its a little nosier but acceptable. in comparison with about a dozen fans of similar size and a hand full larger than this fan at the store being demonstrated this was the most powerful. it lasted me for I believe 4 years of running straight day and nite every summer and most of the spring and fall.

    perhaps the best part is the name of the fan. it suits it well for this little fan is the closest thing to a blizzard your going to get on a hot summer day. the only thing I didnt like was that the settings said low medium and high. the settings should have read medium high and blizzard....more info
  • High Velocity Fan
    Ok for the price. Nice small footprint and design; however, it's a little noisy on top speed. Basic back/forth motion; and does a good job of moving air. The base is wieghted so it remains stable. I would NOT use it at night while sleeping because of the noise; but it will circulate air in a warm room....more info
  • Fantastic Fan - Great Price
    This little fan is aptly named "Blizzard" - for a small fan it really packs a punch! Even at 10" it is powerful enough to cool an entire room or just use to get decent air movement in any room. It's small enough to put on a table or desk but strong enough to use on the floor too. The oscillator works great and the fan even tilts all the way up. And for the price, you just can't beat it! Holmes products are high quality and last long - we have been using Holmes products for years and would never buy anything else....more info
  • Fan - or noisemaker? Two for the price of one
    This fan is compact and powerful but curiously noisy. It's mildly annoying on low and a whizzing gremlin on high. I have heard quieter leaf blowers. If you are hard of hearing, are unfazed by the sound of screaming children, or are trying to circulate air in an unoccupied room, this could be one way to go. Myself, I would almost rather just be hot. I plan to give mine to someone who's old and deaf so it can annoy their neglectful children when they visit....more info
  • Not a good bedroom fan
    Others have said it, but I'll say it again: this little guy moves a lot of air but it is way noisy. I hoped to use it in a bedroom but it's far too loud for that. I moved it to my workout room where it is absolutely perfect....more info
  • NOISY!
    Even on the slowest setting, this howls like a maniac.... I can't use it in my office (or anywhere) It's much too loud and makes my ears ring.

    If you're wanting to move a lot of air and don't mind the noise, great. But I can't.

    ...more info
  • well if finally broke
    We've used this fan every summer since 2001 and it finally died this month. Im sad to see it go....more info
  • Awesome and powerful fan!
    This fan rocks! Low puts out a ton of air and high is like a windstorm!! Bought a second one to give as a gift we loved it so much. ...more info
  • Mine was broken.
    I ordered this fan to use for two weeks in a college dorm for a low-res creative writing program. I really can't say how well it might work, however, since I discovered that the fan was already broken when I opened it. The propeller blade was completely broken off. I had someone look at it to see if it could be fixed, but it could not. I ultimately had to send it back and buy another fan, but Amazon was very good about the return. They emailed me a free shipping label and refunded the entire price of the fan, including my original shipping fees....more info
  • Worth It
    This fan is a good size, and nice and strong. It gets a bit loud when on its highest setting, though. I like that it oscillates and that its angle can be adjusted. The fan is also wall-mountable, but I haven't tried hanging it up....more info
  • Great Little Fan
    Fan is great, and as expected. Works well, while not being terribly loud....more info