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Namco Museum
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Product Description

Namco's Museum is a set of classic arcade hits from the past, shrunk down into a portable game cartridge! And of course, the world-famous Ms. Pac-Man!

Nothing lends itself better to portable gaming than the arcade classics. They're addictive, replayable, and fun--plus it's nice not to have to pump endless streams of quarters into them. That's what makes Namco Museum such a must-have title for the Game Boy Advance system. People too young, or too impatient, to enjoy a good coin-op had better stop reading now.

Like the PlayStation and N64 versions, Namco has packed a few of its best games onto the cartridge. For the GBA we get only five titles (four are listed on the front of the box, but Galaxian is also included). We have two versions of Ms. Pac-Man (one that shows the whole maze but is dreadfully small, and another that scrolls), Galaga, Pole Position, and Dig Dug. They are lovingly ported, complete with all the music and sound effects intact. What we don't get is the amusing Museum portion and trivia found on other versions.

Ms. Pac-Man and Galaga are the real winners here. Both are perfect renditions complete with all the extras (music, colors, sound effects, and bonus stages/cartoons). The controls on these two are also perfect. Pole Position is amusing, but features twitchy controls and pales in comparison to other GBA racing games. Galaxian, on the surface, seems the same as its sequel, Galaga, but it isn't. The fire rate is much slower, so the pace of the game is different. Galaga is certainly better, but Galaxian is a nice addition regardless. Dig Dug is a classic, pure and simple, and it still plays well. It rounds out the collection nicely.

Arcade fans, especially those who used to line up (or line their quarters on the machine) to play these games, will be very pleased with Namco Museum. Those unimpressed with retro gaming probably won't be converted. However, here's hoping we see more arcade classics in the future, because I can't think of a better platform for these than the Game Boy Advance. --Andrew S. Bub


  • Perfect recreations of arcade classics
  • A nice, diverse slate of games
  • Nice of them to include two versions of Ms. Pac-Man
  • Pole Position isn't so hot anymore
  • No Museum features, such as trivia questions

With Namco Museum you can play arcade favorites on the new Game Boy Advance. Four Namco greats are included in this cartridge: classic maze game Ms. Pac-Man, dig-your-own-maze title Dig Dug, old-school racer Pole Position, and quintessential arcade shooter Galaga. Gamers old enough to remember when each of these titles used to require a full-size arcade cabinet will delight in the easy portability, instant access, and classic gameplay.
  • Ms. Pac-Man.
  • Dig Dug
  • Galaga
  • Pole Position

Customer Reviews:

  • Classics!
    I'm always late to the gaming community - I just now asked for and received a Nintendo Micro for Christmas. I had a hankering to get my hands on the classics, but I bought this game specifically for Dig Dug.

    What can I say? They're just like I remember playing. Pole Position is all but impossible to manage using the d-pad to control direction, so I don't see myself getting much use out of that game, but the others are a ton of fun. I haven't played any of these games in years, but they're turning out to be quite addictive.
    ...more info
  • Get Me a Magnifying Glass!!!!
    I bought this game because I wanted Galaga. It was my favorite game 20 years ago. The re-issue that came out a few years ago for Game Boy Color was very disappointing and lacking any challenge whatsoever on the advanced levels, leading me to wonder why the original Galaga was bypassed for a weak imitation. Therefore, I bought this muti-game cartridge and ---came away disappointed. The problem is that the size on the screen is tiny. It's hard to play. Multi-game cartridges are a great idea, but why couldn't the full screen size of the Game Boy be utilized?...more info
  • Classic arcade comes to GBA
    First of all, I think it is important to know that there are five games in this collection, not just the four on the cover. The other one is Galaxia, which is a shooter game quite similar to Galaga. These games are really simple, so people might think they aren't as engaging as most of the games out there. But I guess this simplicity is part of the appeal. I like the Ms. Pacman the best, and it's nice because you can choose between full screen and scroll screen. All in all, I'd say if you like the classic arcade games you'll like this game. Buy it used though, it's not worth paying full price....more info
  • Daughter Loved It
    I bought this game for my 9-year old daughter for her Nintendo DS and she absolutely loves it. Whenever she plays, this is the game she chooses most often!!!...more info
  • Great fun
    I really enjoy the games because they are not so hard that I can't figure them out. That is why I am having fun!!...more info
  • Pretty good
    These are great renditions of the arcade classics though they aren't identical (i.e. they don't seem to be emulated). One concrete thing I noticed that is different than the original is that in Galaga, I think stage 10 is an exact duplicate of stage 1 in the arcade, but on this game it's just another harder level than the one before it. Pole Position is the most satisfying to play because it was designed with a horizontal monitor in the arcade so the entire screen on the GBA is used (with no scrolling). Dig Dug is the second best, because although it scrolls, the character's movements aren't so fast that the scrolling disorients you. Galaga and Galaxian are fun, but the screen are tiny because they had to squeeze a vertical arcade screen onto a horizontal display. Ms Pac Man is good, but it's a little hard to play with the scrolling, because you can't see where the ghosts are all the time. It's especially difficult when things get fast at the upper levels. You can play Ms. Pac Man without scrolling, but the screen is so small it's no fun that way. That's about all I can say about it. It was fun. I played it for a few weeks before pulling the cart out and putting it on the shelf....more info
  • Remember when...
    I'm almost 30 years old and bought this game for my son and I enjoy playing it myself because it's got the classic games that I played when I was a kid. It arrived very quickly in the mail too....more info
  • Awsome
    This game is so awsome! All 5 games are fun! I could spend hours playing it! That's why I baught it for myself!...more info
  • should've been a 5-star, but no saved high scores! :(
    All gamers (of legal drinking age) are well-aware of the 80s' classic arcade games contained in this release. These are basically true to life reincarnations of those 20-some-year-old arcade classics, but this game misses the boat bigtime by not offering a High-Score save!

    All the code is there, (as you can enter in your initials) they just neglected to add a battery save function to save your high scores. Nothing is better than having a friend brag about his Ms. Pac-Man score, and then schooling him on his own game, and removing his initials from the #1 spot.. Sadly, this is a crucial part of 1980s arcading which is missing from this cart - the moment you turn off the GBA, all the high scores are gone - d'oh! Had they added the high-score saving feature, this would easily be a 5-star, must-own GBA cart. Hopefully in the future, publishers won't neglect this crucial, replay-adding feature....more info

  • Great memories - great game!
    This game is a fantastic port of some of my favorite classic arcade games. I've read a lot of reviews that complain about the obvious i.e. the screen is small (duh!) and sometimes the games are hard to view. I've also read a lot of complaints about how some of the games scroll because they do not fit the shape of the GBA screen. Personally, these complaints are minor because I expected the screen to be small but the graphics are picture perfect compared to the original arcade games. And the scrolling doesn't take away from the perfect gameplay.

    So, what I can say is that the gameplay is exactly as I remember on all games. I bought this cartridge for Galaga and Ms. PacMan most of all, because to me, they are the most addictive and replayable. The sound and the graphics are dead on these replicas. Changing some of the options is a nice touch.

    The only two complaints I have are related to some important old arcade standbys. First, you cannot play two-player, which is a particular bummer with Galaga, Ms. PacMan and Dig Dug. And second, the cartridge does not save high score and initials, which was your small token of satisfaction for dumping ten dollars worth of quarters into these machines. It would have been nice to keep track of my scores.

    But with these minor complaints, I was very satisfied with this cartridge. 5 games at a great price! Now I'm waiting for Midway's Classics (Joust, Defender, Robotron, and Sinistar)......more info

  • Problem is size
    This collection contains solid renditions of several favorite classics. Unfortunately, it suffers the significant problem of attempting to convert long screen games to the GBA's wide screen format. Galaga and Galaxian are certainly playable, but they are relegated to one side of the screen, making everything quite small. Ms. Pac-Man offers the option of playing all on one screen or scrolling as you travel up and down. Here, however, losing sight of the ghosts can be a handicap.
    Also, where are the options for difficulty, level select, extra lives, etc.? The hints offered in the sub-menu are interesting, but a short blurb about the history of each game would have been nice. Finally, the high scores don't save....more info
  • A history lesson, not a game
    Museum Games are more of a lesson in classic gaming than an experience.

    Namco's Gameboy Advance release of the Namco Museum follow the same path the Williams has taken in their several Greatest Hits releases. This current installment of the Namco museum includes a roster of five games. These games are: Ms. Pac-Man (1980), Galaxian (1979), Galaga (1981), Dig Dug (1982), and Pole Position (1982). These games have been fully restored on a single GBA Cart for your portable convenience. Granted it is nice to have five different games on one cartridge, but I would hardly call this a worth while title.

    I can not site any performance issues, nor can I compare the Namco Museum to any of the current games out there. My reasoning behind this is because Namco fully restored Atari classics and packaged them for a modern system. Though I personally am not keen on this idea, I will admit, it is nice to remember the simple times. Each game is configured to interface with the D-Pad and the face buttons, whereas the shoulder buttons have no function in this package, leaving the controls as simple as the games themselves.

    To my disappointment, both Galaxian and Galaga are virtually the same game. This means that you are paying for four games, when they advertise five. The slight difference between Galasxian and Galaga is the entrance of the enemies. In Galaga, enemies fly into view and bombard you as they enter. In Galaxian, the enemies are just lined up at the top of the screen, waiting for you to shoot them. All NAMCO needs to do at this point is throw in Space Invaders and advertise six games, but you will still only have four unique games.

    The bottom line is, the NAMCO Museum is more of a history lesson than a worth while game. I rated this a 2 stars because Ms. Pac-Man and Dig Dug are still fun titles, but the other three just don't have a lasting replay value. I would pass this title up, unless it was on the discount rack for less than five dollars....more info

  • Great game
    great game i played over 1000000000000 times and it never ever got boring....good stuff little kids...more info
  • Nameco Museum
    I bought this game thinking it was a cheap game. When i played it it brought memories of the arcade up-rites that they had at the Pavilion in Myrtle Beach in my younger days. The Ms Pac-Man was the best and Dig Dug was also. The other 3 games i plade on the arcades and on the artari 2600. This is quiet a bit of nastalgia. Hours of FUN and ENJOYMENY at a very reasonable price. Check out the other games that i have rated Donkey Kong Country 2 , Legend of Zelda. ALL ARE GOOD....ENJOY
    EngineMan Eric...more info
  • Great game for a young gamer!!
    I bought this game for my 5 year old son who has limited video game experience. He loves it and it's perfect for introducing video gaming. My husband and I have spent a lot of time playing it too! I highly recommend it for parents looking for an easy fun game as a starter for young kids!...more info
  • Great fun for 4 year old learning to use GameBoy, as well as his Dad!
    We purchased this for my 4 year old son who wanted a Game Boy just like his big brother. I thought the games would be simple enough for him to navigate, since he had never used a Game Boy before. He loves it! The only problem is that I can't get the game away from my husband - who has now mastered Pole Position, a feat he could not do as a teenager. Great games, and lots of memories!...more info
  • It's too bad
    This game has 5 great titles of classic games! They are Ms. Pac Man, Galaga, Galaxian, Dig Dug and Pole Postion. This sounds pretty decent, but really, no fun is coming out of this. Here's the reviews on the games

    Ms. Pac Man: 2.5/5
    I love Ms. Pac Man, but it's impossible to play on this. You play tiny, or huge, kinda like that one world in SM64. When you play tiny, it's too dificult to see where the ghosts are and such. The huge screen is useful, untill your scrolling down and run into a ghost you could'nt see.

    Galaga: 3/5
    It's fine, but it's boring. No value is brought to you when your playing.

    Galaxian: 3/5
    It's the same with Galaga, no replay value at all. I don't know why that's happening, but something dos'nt feel right playing Galaga or Galaxian on the GBA.

    Dig Dug: 4/5
    This is very fun on this, one of the only games I play (I'm gonna sell this game soon). But the controls can be funky.

    Pole Postion: 0/5
    Oh my god, what happend here!?!?!? When the women's suppose to say: "Prepare to be qualified" all I hear is MMMMMMMMMEEEMMMM!!! It like mumbles. When your turning on this, you are complety messed up, dosn't work at all.

    Overall: 1/5
    If your an absoulte Dig Dug fan, get this, if your not, dont bother thinking about it....more info
  • Namco museum...sort of boring
    I think only old people would like this game, composed of five games actually, since the games are from one of the oldest videogame making industries that date back before Nintendo, which by may say is unfortunate for the Gameboy Advance. Namco consists of very repetive, old gameplay in five different games that are very well known to the old folk. It consists of Mrs. Pacman, DigDug, Pole Position, Galaxian, and Galaga. Mrs. Pacman is identical to the original Pacman except that you're a girl, the ghosts have different personalities and actions, and there is a small story made of cut screens in-between levels that show how Pacman and Mrs. Pacman fell in love. However, you can have side-scrolling view or full view by your choice. (What stinks is the power dots don't last long)
    For Digdud, you are a digger seeking to defeat the little creatures that are messing up your flower garden. As you walk in the controlled directions Dug will dig a tunnel in the dirt that makes it easier to travel. You are also included an air pump, where you shove a wire into the critters and pump in air until they explode. Defeat all the enemies to go to the next stage.
    Pole Position is a simple 3-D racing game, where you have High and Low gear shifs that change you acceleration ate and maximum speed. You have to qualify first before racing the tournament, and you have time. Every lap you gain a few more seconds. The hardest of the five games.
    Galaxian is remotely similar to Space Invaders, where a group of aliens hover above, lowering slowly toward your ship, shooting you at times while you try to do the same to them. Be careful...some dive at you.
    Galaga is similar to Galazian too except they are space bugs and swirl in big patterns before stopping to hover above, just like Galaxian.

    The graphics are still the old kind including the exact same sound effects they used in the 80's. Unless you really like arcade games, don't buy this. The only time you'd play this would be in a long car ride....more info

  • overall good, but screens are too small on 2/5 games
    all games are true to the arcade version. sounds, graphics, game play, etc... ms. pac man, dig dug and pole position are the better games (in this version). galaga and galaxian are great, but way too small to truly enjoy. ms. pac man has two versions of the game, one version way too small (like galaga, etc...) and one version which is viewable, but scrolls to acomplish this.

    overall, a good buy....more info

  • Cool, but not very fun.
    This game is really good! But it is a little annoying. YOu can't save!!! That is the only thing that makes it not fun....more info
  • Fun,and a good game to start out with
    The game is only $15 so if you do buy it, its not like your spending $30 for a game you wont like. I thought this game was really enjoyable, although i have played many games with far superior quality.The games are all pretty interesting and they all have their flaws,but when i learned that these games were invented so long ago, i cut them a little slack.I didnt "grow up" playing these games so its not a walk down memory lane for me, but they are still fun games.This was also the first game i got for gba and personaly i think its a good game to start out on, because the games are simple and easy to follow and the controls are relativly easy.Its especially good for kids who are not quite ready for hard and in-depth games yet.i also like the fact that its not just one classic game but 5.Pacman is my favorite game,but its a little hard to beat.There are two things that really get on my nerves about this game, one-you cant save any high scores,so there is absolutely nothing to beat in this game, and two-in galaga the screen is only half the size of the gameboy screen, they could have put the scores at the top and had the screen be double the size that it is.but overall this game is very fun when you just want a little something to keep you entertained....more info