Dr. Brown's 4 oz Natural Flow Baby Bottle, 3 Pack
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Product Description

Dr. Brown's bottles feature a patented internal vent which reduces air bubbles and helps to prevent fluid in your baby's ears. Bottles are compatible with breast feeding, and they help colicky babies settle down and sleep. They also reduce colic, spit-up, burping and gas and are easy to clean. Dishwasher safe. Includes three 4 oz. Natural Flow Standard bottles.

  • Helps colicky babies settle down / sleep
  • Reduces colic, spit-up, burping and gas
  • Helps prevent fluid in the ear / No vacuum
  • Easy to clean, Dishwasher safe
  • Recommended Age Range 0 & up

Customer Reviews:

  • They're Good
    I like these bottles. I use them exclusively. I've never used any other kind, so I can't really compare or contrast them with others, but I realy like these. They come with a little wire cleaner. ...more info
    When I first found out I was pregnant everyone told me to use Dr. Browns. They all said they are the best bottles and that nothing compared. My son has execlusively used them for two months now and I think the hype is not all its cracked up to be. Simply stated they leak. I will go to feed him an half an ounce will pour out all over his clothes. Also, everytime I go out I have to put the bottles in a ziploc bag just to prevent them from leaking all over the diaper bag. I am very frustrated with them and I am switching to Playtex Ventaire they work just as well and they don't leak. ...more info
  • The BEST bottles out there!
    I bought these bottles just because. I went to Wal-Mart and was looking to see what's out there. Never read any reviews about them or anything. Bought them and decided to give them a try. They are great - after I switched over from VentAir bottles to Dr. Brown's I noticed my baby had less gas. I never went back to any other bottles. We are still using these and loving them. Works like a charm...no air in the bottle (love that). Give them a try if you're suffering because of gas or air in the bottle....more info
  • Great!
    We introduced our baby to the bottle at three weeks. She has yet to spit up after eating from one of these bottles. Works well with the Medela breastpump. Not difficult to clean. Great product....more info
  • If you are having spit-up issues, get these bottles!
    I loved these bottles! The filtration system gets all the bubbles out of the formula and really decreases the intake-to-spitup ratio. I used these religiously with my son (who is now six) and just purchased a new set for my neice. I also liked the fact that the bottles are made of the clear plastic, not colored or opaque, making them safe to use for the long run....more info
  • wonderful bottle...the best
    I used the non-wide-neck form of this bottle with both my older children and will be using it with my third. They are a bit much to clean compared to other bottles, but you'll get pretty quick at it! I always just put all the parts in the dishwasher at night. We had no leaking, even though I mixed formula in the bottles. (I tried Avent and had lots of leaks.) The narrow nipples worked well for my kids who had trouble latching onto the wide nipples like Avent. And, the best part, was the really DRAMATIC reduction in spit-up and gas!!! Really, these bottles work, folks!! The babies would eat and then go to sleep...often with no burp. Amazing! It's worth cleaning the extra parts....more info
  • Narrow mouthed bottles- did not work for us
    I bought these to help reduce gas. I really like the fact that they hook up directly to my breast pump; however, my son did not like the narrow mouthed bottles. When he latched onto the narrow nipple, his lips hit the plastic ring/cap of the bottle. He may have done fine on the wide-mouthed bottle, but we just used the platex bottles we already had at home. He accepted the platex natural latch nipples much easier.

    The concept of these bottles is really great- a bit cumbersome to clean, but really good concept. Wide mouthed would probably be better than narrow, but with most bottles and pacifiers you will just have to figure out what features are most important to you and see what your baby will accept....more info
  • Best bottles in town
    These bottles are great. My baby has not had any gas after switching to these bottles. He switches between breast feeding and this bottle easily. They are well worth the money. Give them a try. The cleanup is no big deal once you get used to it....more info
  • Dr. Brown's bottles really work
    My son (currently 5 months old) has acid reflux and sensitivity to milk proteins. He had colic for the first few months of life. He's an aggressive eater and is very fussy when it comes to eating. We used Dr. Brown's when he was a newborn - moving from Level 1, then Level 2 and now Level 3 nipples - then tried to switch because it's a pain to clean Dr. Brown's parts. After trying many other brands of bottles and nipples (including Gerber and Avent), we've come back to Dr. Brown's. If your baby doesn't seem to care, I'd use another brand - purely for ease of cleaning. But cleaning the extra parts is definitely worth it if it means less discomfort and fussiness for your baby. For fussy, gassy or collicky babies, try Dr. Brown's! They work.

    PROS: really does reduce gas intake; less work for baby to eat - so less frustration

    CONS: cleaning the parts is a hassle...more info
  • Highly Recommended!
    We love the Dr. Brown's bottles. I had NO idea what type of bottle to buy, but ended up getting these after reading all of the great reviews. I was not disappointed. After eating, my four month old almost NEVER has ANY gas or burps. We have never had any problems with leaking bottles (unlike the sample Avent and Nuk bottles I received in the mail), and since we have a dishwasher, I just throw all the little parts in a Munchkin basket and don't think about it again!
    Highly recommended product-- We like the wide-neck bottles best, but my daughter switches back and forth between narrow and wide with no problems!...more info
  • Great Bottles...A Must Have For Babies
    I purchased these bottles after a friend of mine recommended them to me after using them herself for her baby. I have got to say that my baby has had no cholic or excess gas. I've heard many horror stories about cholic babies and anything that can help cut those chances down I am for. I have used these bottles from day 1 so I couldn't say for sure if these bottles did the job but all I know is my baby is happy with them. The only bad thing I would say is you definitely need at least 8-10 of these bottles unless you want to wash them over and over for each feeding. There are also many parts to these bottles to wash but considering what they do it's well worth it. ...more info
  • Best bottles, reduces colic
    We've had the best luck with Dr. Brown's bottles. My 8-wk old daughter suffered from colic early on; I tried Avent bottles and Nuk nipples but had no luck. Once I introduced Dr. Brown bottles the colic reduced and now I only use these to feed her. It's true that the extra parts are a pain to wash, but it's well worth it if you have a fussy baby. ...more info
  • Simply the Best
    Dr. Brown's bottles are simply the best. We tried Playtex Premium nursers with the drop-in liners the day we came home from the hospital, but my son would not accept the nipple on the Playtex bottles. Luckily we had some Dr. Brown's Natural Flow bottles (NOT wide-neck), and they were a success on the first try. Dr. Brown's silicone nipples were very similar to the nipples that the hospital used on their nursette bottles. After five weeks of being formula fed using only Dr. Brown's bottles, my son has yet to spit up so we are firm believers that these bottles work. NOTE - We purchased 4 oz. bottles, but I would recommend ordering 8 oz. instead b/c after four weeks, we no longer use the small bottles b/c our son is already up to five ounces per feeding. :-)...more info





  • Best Bottles
    When I was pregnant I registered for the Vent Aire Bottles . I got some but I never used them much. I saw these advertised in all my magazines so I decided to buy them and I really liked them. I would recomend these to anyone. I am going to use these for my next baby too....more info
    Boy I wish I had these bottles weeks earlier!! My son was born at 36 weeks and was not able to breast feed well, so was bottle fed as supplimentation. My milk never fully came in so at 3 weeks old he was strictly formula fed. I was using Avent bottles and he was having terrible gas pains! He would wake up from a sound sleep squeeling in pain! Even Mylacon drops didn't seem to help much. I remembered seeing an add on Dr. Browns bottles and read the reviews and thought they were worth a try. Boy I'm glad I did! My son is like a different baby! He is so much happier and I never have to give the drops. He started with these bottles at 7 weeks old. I wish I had them weeks earlier!! Yes they take a little more time to clean, and you have to make sure that too much formula doesn't get into the vent tube. But it is all worth it! I would do anything to make my son more comfortable!!

    ...more info
  • Great item
    I have used these since my son was born and he has had no spit up and mild gas. They are a pain to clean though as there are many pieces....more info
  • Well worth the money-The best bottle
    I received and spent nearly $60 in a variety of bottles and must say that these Dr. Brown bottles were the best. They may be twice as much but well worth it. I was one of those mothers that thought my baby wouldn't need these pricey high-end bottle but was I wrong. ...more info
  • Definitely Worth IT!!!!
    OK, I was skeptical too - especially (as others have written) that my pediatrician said that the bottles don't make a difference - but YOU know your baby best and I have to say, after the birth of our second baby, I began supplementing with formula using Avant bottles (which I used for our first - who was colicy) and I noticed our baby writhing in pain before getting his burps out (or waking in the middle of his restful periods screaming with gas pain). Naturally, I thought that I was just going to have to deal with the fact that we had another baby with colic - THEN I remembered a friend recommended Dr. Browns. I waited 24 hours to see if they REALLY worked before writing this review and SURE ENOUGH - he is MUCH happier, sleeping more soundly and not once has he pulled his little legs up in pain because of gas. With the Avent bottles, I even had a hard time getting him to burp, with Dr. Brown's, he just seems to have an easier time burping.

    RE: Leaks - haven't had the problem at all. RE: Washing - GET OVER IT! If it's better for your baby just take the extra 10 seconds! (Frankly, I was a little concerned about the extra parts and washing too, but it's really NOT a big deal). Finally, just one bit of advice that another mommy friend gave me - DON'T HEAT UP THE BOTTLES - and by that, I mean don't heat whatever you're putting in the bottle...it will make your life so much easier to get your baby used to eating something that is room temp (I use room temp bottled water to make formula and feed it straight away) - that way, it reduces a step (makes up for the extra washing) and if you're in a pinch out somewhere you don't have to stress about how to heat your bottles. My 4 week old, in fact, will take a bottle straight out of the fridge (and I am still nursing) so he goes back and forth between warm breast and cold/room temp bottle with no problem. I understand that all babies are different and some babies are just more particular, but if he/she will take it, opt not to heat up (especially given some warnings of late of wierd chemicals leaking from plastics into food stuff upon heating).

    I would also recommend not buying the 4oz - go for the 8oz (they outgrow 4oz too quickly) and for those who say these bottles are too expensive, they really aren't that much more...and espeically given the SANITY that you will regain, they are worth every cent!! I'm sorry for those that didn't have luck with this product, but it's worth a shot if you are feeling desperate (or if you're a new parent wondering what product to start with). I only wish someone had encouraged me to try this with our first - it might have saved a lot of tears (on my part and my baby's)!!!...more info
  • I've tried the rest and these are truly the best!
    As a new mom to a happy spitter, I had to experiment with several different brands of bottles. I used the Ventaire first and decided to switch since the slow flow nipple seemed to upset my baby at 3 months and the fast one was just too fast. The Playtex disposable was next and again, there were only two nipple sizes and neither one worked. The spit up continued. I was hoping they would work since I would not need to sterilize the bottles, but my baby needed to eat. I then tried the Advent ones and she still seemed to spit up too much using these even though the nipple flow seemed okay at first. Last, I tried the the Dr. Brown bottles and I had finally found the perfect match! My baby happily sucks on the bottle and doesn't spit up volumes as with the other bottles. She seems quite content after feedings which makes me content. After this long search, I would recommend that you bypass the other bottles and buy this brand. However, babies are different so you may need to do your own search....more info
    I first used these 5 years ago, when all they had were 8 oz bottles. Now they come in all sizes, I especially like the 2 oz size for newborns & preemies. They work great for breast or formula feeding. If you pump breastmilk, they hook up to most standard electric pumps too. Only disadvantage are the many parts, each bottle has 5 separate parts to wash and assemble. However: THEY WORK, NO FUSSY BABY HERE, NO COLIC, VERY LITTLE IF ANY SPIT UP.
    WORTH THE MONEY! ...more info
  • Would be good but nipples are too fast!
    I think this is a great concept that just did not work for us. My little girl is three weeks old and the stage one nipples are just too fast for her. She drank so quickly that she ended up spitting up entire feedings! Obviously, this is NOT the idea.

    We are back to using the Platex nursers with the drop in liners and they work better for us. I think these would be great if your baby can handle the faster nipple....more info
  • Good but messy
    I registered for these bottles while I was pregnant based on reviews I had read and hear-say from people I'd meet in the store while "researching" them. Of course when you are a first time mom you aren't familiar with any of the baby stuff so you have to take advice on these sorts of things from other moms. I think the concept of these bottles is wonderful but they are too aggravating. I never used one of these bottles that didn't leak. No matter what I did to try to get them not to leak, it didn't work. So they made for a very messy feeding time and a waste of milk; and as a first time mom with a newborn, this is the last thing I wanted to deal with! I always had to make sure that my daughter had a bib on or I had a burp cloth tucked under her chin. I have recently switched to the Playtex VentAire and feeding time is much more enjoyable and not messy at all!
    ...more info
  • Lifesaver!!!
    Has reduced gas and spit up!! My daughter had been very colicky with pain passing gas, spitting up, and pain with bowel movements. The fact that she is lactose intolerant made matters worse. I had tried the playtex ventaire bottles, avent, and evenflo comfi. My cousin recommended Dr. Brown's b/c her son had the same problems, and they have been a lifesaver for us!
    I highly recommend these bottles they are worth EVERY penny!!!!...more info
  • We Love These Bottles!
    Our son was born 2 months premature, and when he came home from the hospital, we had trouble finding bottles/nipples that worked well for him. Most preemie nipples were to soft, and he would have air leaks around the top of the bottle from biting them. He would also suck so hard, he'd suck the nipple shut. Also, the preemie bottles were only 2 1/2 oz, and he was beyond that very quickly. The Dr. Brown's preemie nipples offer enough resistance that they eliminated those problems without flowing so fast they made him choke. He's on the Level 1 nipples now, and these are working just great as well. Feedings are going much faster, and he has very few gas/spit-up problems....more info
  • no more fussy baby!
    I have friends who swear by these bottles, but nothing is better than first-hand experience: My twins were preemies and tended to suck too fast with regular bottles/nipples resulting in a lot of gas and a lot of fussiness. Doc Brown bottles have these gadget inserts that make them a bit more time consuming to clean, but that practically eliminate air from baby's milk. One good burp at the end of the bottle and my twins are good to go.... I tried the cheap bottles but I spent all my time burping my babies or cleaning up spit-up or rocking them when they were fussy. These bottles really work!...more info
  • Best Bottles EVER!
    My aunt gave my mom these bottles for the baby shower because she used them with her son and loved them so do we! My brother got WAY more gas with the other bottles. These are exellent bottles! ...more info
  • Zero bubbles!
    This is truely an excellent product. I had to write to agree with what everyone else is saying.

    Our baby simply do not swallow any bubbles no matter how we hold the bottle. We would not feed from bottles unless it's got the Dr. Brown insert in it.

    The way it works is that there's this this vent tube inside the bottle which lets air escape from the nipple. What you get is that the entire nipple area is filled with milk/formula, no matter how fast your baby drinks. Baby can not suck air from inside the nipple. Period.

    Baby can still suck in air from outside the nipple, but that can be fixed if you get a wide mouth nipple that forces the baby to close her lips around it. End result is baby won't have any gas problems.

    The vent tube can be used in other bottles so you can have more options.

    The vent tube is something extra that needs to be washed, but that's just a minor inconvenience.

    The nipples that comes with these bottles are not the ones we want to use, but who cares, we just toss them and put in a different nipple of our chosing.

    I got the 4 oz bottle now, I'm definitely planning to get the 8 oz versions when the baby's a bit bigger. ...more info
  • Good bottles for preventing gas & colic
    Good bottles for overly eager babies who would otherwise be gulping down a lot of air. A bit of a hassle with cleaning (because of the multiple parts) but otherwise no downside....more info
  • Hassle to clean! Not sure if they work!
    I bought these for my son thinking that these bottles are definitely designed to LOOK like they prevent colick, spitting up, etc. During the first feeding my son spit up all over me and thats when I realized that these bottles are the same as any other classic bottle.
    Another problem I have is cleaning these bottles. When you have a new baby, you have tons of laundry, sterilizing, and feedings. Who wants to add to that by having to clean a 5 piece bottle????
    If you ask me these bottles are very time consuming and they don't seem to do what they are meant to do- reducing spit-up and digestion....more info
  • Very effective design.
    Very effective design helped greatly reduce gas and colics on the baby. Worked fine with a steamer sterilizer. Changed all my Vent-Air bottles to Dr. Browns bottles. ...more info
  • BEST EVER!!!
    These bottles are awesome. I have reccomended them to so many of my friends. My son had no gas problems and no ear infections either. I will use these again for my next child....more info
  • Best Bottles for a collicky baby
    Dr. Brown bottles are the best bottles for colicky babies. There are ALOT of pieces, however this bottle works well with my little girl. The only reason a Dr. Brown bottle will leak is if you filled the bottle pass the do not fill line or if there is milk in the plastic piece in the bottle (it can be cleared by untwisting the cap). Use the white pieces that come with the bottles to protect your diaper bags from leakage. An excellent bottle when used properly!!! ...more info
    I had planned on using the Playtex reusable Insulated bottles with no bags (hated the nursers with bags with my 1st baby) and we had bought plenty although they only came in 8 oz sizes, I figured since I was going to breastfeed that would be fine.. Well, my little bundle arrived a month premature and needed preemie nipples on her bottles and so off to babies r us I went before she got out of the NICU and the only preemie nipples I could find anywhere were some tiny ugly Gerber bottles that were just regular bottles with no special features for keeping air out of her tummy and Dr Browns.. So I had told myself before a million times I would NOT use the Dr Browns because the straw seemed like a pain in the butt.. But, because of her being so little and needing the smaller flow, I went ahead and bought a 3 pk. to try with her.. I brought her home today and LOVE them to death.. I can tell they work because the air doesnt bubble up and she have to let off the nipple because of suction which is great... I am going to go get more as soon as possible since I am having to nurse and then offer a bottle of breastmilk to monitor how much she is taking in at each and every feeding.. I have washed them numerous times today alone and they are easy to clean.. The straws just take an extra minute to do but Im washing breastpump parts every feeding also LOL.. So no problem.. They are much better for my little princess....more info
  • I love Dr. Brown's Bottles!
    I love Dr. Brown's Bottles, I will admit my baby girl loves the wide nipples a bit better then the regular, but we've had no leaks and less spit up and gas with these bottles, wouldn't use any others....more info