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Safety 1st 900 Mhz Sight And Sound Nursery Monitor System
List Price: $239.99

Our Price: $169.98

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Product Description

The Safety 1st 900MHZ Sight and Sound Assurance Monitor System is ideal for when you want to both see and hear your child. The video option provides a quick check for instant visual reassurance. Portable receiver allows flexibility for parents' daily activities. Video monitor measures 6"x8.75"x6.75". System requires 3 "AAA" batteries, not included.

For parents of babies with reflux or sleep apnea or who are overly concerned about SIDS, this monitor with a video system provides the extra peace of mind that baby is alright by himself in the crib. It also keeps you from waking baby unnecessarily by letting you see if baby is really awake or just fussing in his sleep. The monitor comes with a camera, which mounts on either a wall or table top and pivots so you can adjust it at each bed- or naptime to get the best view of baby. A nighttime sensor automatically detects darkness and adjusts the picture so you can still see baby on the monitor. The monitor operates at a powerful 900-MHz frequency for a clearer picture and has two channels for better privacy. The monitor delivers sound as well as sight and illuminating lights show the sound level of babies' cries. As a bonus this monitor comes with a portable, battery-operated audio receiver, which allows parents to be out in the backyard or at a neighbor's house and still be connected to baby. The audio receiver clips onto a belt and has a volume control, illuminating sound lights, and a low-battery indicator. This set comes with three AC adapters for plugging all components in and two cord shorteners for safety. --Cristina Vaamonde

  • 900 MHz technology provides superior clarity and extended range of up to 300 ft.
  • 5 Inch Black and White Screen
  • Adjustable angle camera pivots for best view of baby
  • Operates on battery power or household electricity
  • Birth and up

Customer Reviews:

  • Not worth the money
    Got this as a gift at my baby shower. Video reception is very poor and the transmission distance is quite short. Our home is 70 ft long and the video transmission cannot make it that far. The audio transmission is good so that is the only reason I gave it 2 stars. Overall, regrettable product....more info
  • Good features, poor quality
    We bought this monitor because we liked the idea of visually monitoring our baby. Our daughter is not even 2 years old now and we are on our 3rd monitor. The first one broke a few months after we bought it (the audio monitor broke), so we returned it to the store for a replacement. Now that one has broken a little over a year later. This time the video monitor just stopped working. We called the company & they told us that the part we needed was on back order but they would send us a brand new set, still in the box, at no charge to us. We waited 3 three weeks for our replacement to arrive. Finally I called the company back and they said it had not shipped yet!!!!! They were having "warehouse issues". I was told they would ship one right out to us & in 24 hours they would call me back with a tracking # for Fed Ex. Received no call. Called them again. I finally got a tracking # & called Fed Ex. Isn't it funny that it shipped the very next day after I had called. Seems like their "warehouse issues" are just "customer service" issues. Not pleased at all. Save your money & buy a different brand....more info
  • burned out quickly
    I had my first monitor burn out within 6 months, and thought it was a fluke. The second one burned out within 3 months. Video monitors are awesome, but this one is poor quality!...more info
  • So so video, goof audio and no night vision
    The video monitor is like watching a tv from the 70's - it is black and white with alot of 'snow' noise and horizontal bars constantly. Also, the night vision does not appear to be working and after reading some of the other reviews here, it seems this is not a well built quality item and the night vision seems to have problems elsewhere.

    Good luck with your purchase! Hopefully it goes better for you....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    Do not buy this product or any other Safety 1st monitor for that matter! I wish I would have looked at the reviews before buying this monitor. I've had it for over a year and the picture has never been good and just recently the sound has to be turned up all the way to get any sound out of it. When I contacted Safety 1st they offered to sell me the same monitor for [...] with no warranty! Are you kidding me! I wouldn't waste my money on another monitor that would only die on me again! ...more info
  • The old model is much better
    We had the older model (purchased 3 years ago), and the night vision picture was perfect. It lasted through 3 years of constant use and occasional abuse (it was knocked off the table at least a dozen times). This new model has a perfect picture when the nursery is bright, but turn off the lights and the picture becomes hazy and unclear. It looks like the room is filled with smoke. The reception is fairly reliable, though. Our wireless internet is 2.4GHz and our cordless phone is 900MHz, and there doesn't seem to be any interference from either device. The microwave doesn't even disturb the picture much.
    We had planned to mount the camera on the wall, high up in a corner so we could view most of the 12' x 12' room, but the camera angle is too narrow. It's fine for viewing the crib itself, but that's it.
    We are considering returning this monitor and trying the Summer monitor instead....more info
  • LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this monitor!
    We bought one of these ~15 months ago when my first daughter moved from our room to her own room. It has been fabulous ever since. I love being able to see when she's ready to get up from her nap or up in the morning (she stands up in her crib), without having to wait until she cries. It's wonderful!

    Now we have another baby, and my big concern was whether or not we'd be able to use 2 of the same product in one house (since they would both operate at 900 MHz, though on different channels, as the monitor has a "I" and "II" channel selector on the back of the camera and screen). I called the company first to find out if that would work, and the customer support line was useless. The person I spoke with had no idea and couldn't even refer me to a technical support person! Lame! But, I went out and bought a second unit yesterday hoping that it would work and determined to return it promptly if I couldn't use both simultaneously. Verdict: it works fine! We can use both monitors at the same time, with no interference. Plus, I can put the screens in two different rooms in the house and use the "I/II" switch on the back of the screen to flip between seeing my toddler daughter or newborn son....more info
  • Great while it lasted
    This was fantastic for about a year. Our hand-held sound only receiver had to be replaced after a year because it no longer had sound. The video monitor has been slowly fading since about 15 months and no longer provides a picture. After reading reviews I think Safety 1st is intentionally producing a defective product that falls apart immediately after the warranty expires....
    ...more info
  • Wouldn't live without it
    We have had this monitor for over a year and it has worked wonderfully. The audio only monitor is clearer than 2 others we tried. Even on the lowest setting I can hear just the baby and not all static or constant hiss which is helpful when you are a light sleeper.

    The video monitor is so great to see what our little one is doing in his crib. Sounds I would have thought were cries I can see him playing with his toys and don't rush in right away and let him wake up slowly or play in his crib. I often use the tv with just the video on without the sound when I am in the kitchen - I can see the lights diminish as he falls asleep without having to listen to every squawk and protest to a nap.

    Great product. ...more info
    We received this set as a gift about 16 months ago. We've been using it only 10 months, since the baby slept in our room for awhile. The monitor no longer works (vertical hold doesn't hold) - the picture just flips continuously.

    Safety 1st flatly refused to do anything for me, since it was purchased more than a year ago, and I don't have the receipt anyway (again, it was a gift). This company is worthless. I'm not buying anything from them again, since they don't stand by their products.

    Amazon should offer Zero Stars....more info
  • Better options available
    I will be returning this product. The Day and Night monitor by Summer Infant works much better. Although the Safety 1st monitor has 900 Mhz technology, we experienced interference from our 2.4 Mhz phone. The interference caused the screen to blink, fuzz up and roll. We had the screen in the kitchen and were also unable to watch the baby on the screen when we ran the microwave and/or washing machine due to interference. Worst of all, the baby's papasan swing at the detector camera also caused similar interference. The camera does not move up and down for viewing the baby as does the one by Summer Infant. If you are concerned about SIDS, you can't see slight breathing motions on the screen anyway. If that is why you are buying this item, don't. We bought the Angelcare motion detector/sensor for that, and it works great!...more info
  • Great while it lasts.......
    I loved having this monitor. I was such a worrywart with my first child and constantly went to his room while he was sleeping. This monitor was so helpful in preventing my nightly trips to the nursery for my 2nd child. It worked wonderfully for about 6 months. Then the picture got worse and worse until the monitor slowly went out altogether. I called Safety 1st and they were very great about replacing the monitor. However, I missed my daughter roll over in her sleep for the first time while I waited on the replacement. And about 8 months later, the new monitor started going downhill. It started flickering constantly to the point that it disturbed my sleep. There was always an occasional flick which was fine. But slowly the flickering increased and the picture got worse and worse until I finally just turned it off. It's hard to get used to being without it after you have it and while it works it's great. It's just not made for long term I guess....more info
  • Be Warned!
    I just got off of the phone with Safety 1st moments ago. I have this baby monitor and was pretty happy with it for the first year or so. The warranty is only good for one year and now I know why. We were very careful with this monitor and after 2 years, the picture is horrible. There is a huge bar running right across the image so you can't see anything at all. I called the company and they informed me that if it is past 1.5 years, I am out of luck. They even claimed that they no longer have the monitor part in stock. I am now completely unsatisfied with this product and with Safety 1st in general. They will not stand by their product when it becomes defective and it's as if the part was programmed to stop working when the warranty is up. Don't make the same mistake that I did, this is an expensive product and not worth the money if you can't hand it down or sell to someone else when you are done with it....more info
    This item was bought off my baby registry in April of 2007. We did not start using it until August as my son stayed in the room with us until that time. From August to April of 2008 it worked fine. I was leary about getting a safety 1st monitor becuase I had one with my daughter 5 years ago and it just stopped working. But because Dorel was so good about replacing the unit, I decided to go with them again. Well BIG MISTAKE! The power cord on the tv stopped working. I contacted them SIMPLY to PURCHASE a new cord. They told me that model was discontinued and they only had the adaptor for the audio monitor and the camera. I told them that I wanted the unit replaced. It was not my fault that they were not making it anymore. I mean Amazon is selling it. I found it at walmart as well. How can these companies sell something that is no longer being made? After 2 weeks of emailing back and forth, they wanted proof of purchase which I no longer had. It not only was a gift but it was a year ago! They refused to replace this $200 video system. I called them and was told what that they couldn't do anything becuase there was no proof of when I bought it and the manufacture date was Jan of 2007...also a year beyond their alloted time. After requesting to speak to a supervisor, the girl told me she was authorized to sell me the system for $50. I figured that was the best they were going to do so I took it however I am furious over having to pay anything at all when all I wanted was a power cord. It must be a problem with this model since they had no power cords left but had plenty to the other two pieces of this unit

    I will say that I loved this monitor. It is clear and crisp...not sound interference. But the customer service dept of Dorel and the fact that this is the second monitor I got burned on by this company, makes it just not worth it...more info
  • only lasts months
    I bought and loved this monitor--at first. Then the picture started to get worse and worse until it was unusable at 13 months (just 1 month past the 12 month warranty!). So I bought another, and the same thing happened, but this one only lasted 9 months! For $150 dollars, you'd think they could make them to last more than a few months. Save the headache and your money, and buy a reliable unit instead....more info
  • Wonderful!
    I have had this monitor for almost 3 years. When I first got it, it burnt out within a few months. Safty 1st easy replaced it for me at no charge. I have been using this one for a while and love it. The only downside id the audio monitor doesnt work well. We have it in our room less than 60 feet away and we get as lot of backfeed and clicking. I actually have a fisher Price audio one for my room and this one for the down stairs....more info
  • Love it!
    It's fantastic! Ours has been pluged in and turned on since April 2005 and it's now 2009. We used it for our first son born in 2005 and we leave the audio device on in the kitchen and truthfully we have only EVER turned it off when we go on vacation. The video TV still works as well now as it did when we first bought it. We are using it again for our newborn and if it ever stops working I will buy the same one again.
    It has been left on for 3 years 9 months straight and it's as good now as when we first purchased it!...more info