Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove
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There's more to this case than meets the eye! Join Freddi Fish and her best friend, Luther, for the grand opening of beautiful Coral Cove Park.

An angry mob is gathering underwater. With sea monster sightings panicking vacationers, Mayor Marlin has shut down a popular park. But now the developer of Coral Cove is urging the townsfish to take matters into their own fins... by driving the creature away. Only the ever-helpful Freddi Fish and her best friend, Luther, can discover the reason for the monster's presence in Coral Cove. The question is, can she solve the puzzle before the crowd attacks the massive beast?

Freddi Fish 5: The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove brings the popular mystery-solving duo back to computer screens in a role-playing adventure for children in the ages 4 to 7 range. Players travel through a complex marine village, the park itself, a shipwreck, and many other sites in search of an explanation for the sea monster's presence. Along the way, Freddi copes with a multitude of other problems: returning a lost screwdriver, finding a missing musical jug, repairing a broken microscope, and many others. These small tasks test a player's basic skills in such areas as recognizing shapes, counting, and distinguishing between differing heights and weights.

It's no mystery at all why the Freddi Fish games are popular. This package is one of those rare games that truly have it all. The graphics are bright and attractive, visually complex, and yet never confusing. The soundtrack is charming and unobtrusive. The puzzles players must solve are terrifically funny, entertaining children while slipping in a painless dose of educational content. Most importantly, Freddi Fish is a vastly appealing heroine. Her eagerness to be of assistance to any and every fish makes her admirable. She is supported by a large cast of characters, male and female, young and old, including females in strong career roles such as machine repair, law enforcement, and the sciences.

The Case of the Creature of Coral Cove is a top-notch mystery, with an equal split between brainteasers, static animation, humor, and arcade-style activities. With a setup that changes the game's puzzles every time players begin, it offers both a lot of fun and a high replay factor. Who could ask for more? --Alyx Dellamonica

Join Freddi Fish and her best friend Luther for the grand opening ofbeautiful Coral Cove Park. With a mysterious sea creature lurking inside,you'll need to help Freddi and Luther ensure that the park opens on time. Findclues, solve the puzzles, and get to the bottom of this watery predicament.While investigating the mystery, children will strengthen skills in logicalthinking and problem solving, deductive and inductive reasoning, andlistening. Expand color, shape, number, and letter recognition, as well asdiscrimination between relevant and nonrelevant details. This game, designed for kids 4 to 7 years of age, includes a bonus CD with 11 exclusive Freddi Fish audio tracks.

Customer Reviews:

    I bought this game for our grandson, but after trying it out decided to buy one for myself (I'm almost 60) and I love to play it. Besides which I can guide our grandson when he visits. This game offers such much - problem solving, puzzles, manners and most of all GREAT FUN....more info
  • Freddi Fish 5
    The Freddi Fish series is a very popular one in our household. My son has been playing them since he was 3 (he's now 5) and still eagerly awaits each new installment. I have to disagree with the suggested age for this game--it really has a story that appeals to very young gamers--I simply cannot see an 11 year old being that interested in this little cartoon fish's problems! Anyway, a good series, with some good puzzles to solve the little mysteries in the game....more info
  • great game
    I bought this game for my 4 year old, and it's wonderful....more info
  • Best kid game
    My kid has all the Freddi Fish , Spy Fox & Pajama Sam titles.
    My kid loved the games since he was 4 years old.
    Humongous Entertainment did an excellent job.
    These games will challenge the intelligence of kids....more info
  • Freddi is the best serial CD-Rom for 2-10 year olds
    My daughter has been playing the Freddi series since the age of 2 or 3 and has every episode. We both waited patiently for Humongous to release episode 5. Each one of these has topped it's predecessor, which is saying quite a bit as these games have the richest environment of any kid's CD's I've seen. If you were to play Freddi 4 straight through it would take you about 4 hours to solve it. The really nice thing is that these games are slightly different each time you play them, so your child, if she's like mine, will pick these out to play time and time again. I highly recommend the Freddi series. When you run out of Freddi's, check out Humongous' other character, Putt-Putt....more info
  • just as much fun as the other Freddie Fish
    If you've never sat with your daughter, son, grandkids and played a Freddie Fish game your are in for a treat. I've been playing them with my granddaughter since she was five. She's now nine and we still have a great time. She is in charge and I simply make suggestions. Good Times!...more info
  • Great program! Highly enertaining!
    My 3 year old has been wanting a new Freddi Fish program as she loves the early ones. This one is great and she is totally mesmerized by it. My 18 year old nephew plays the game too and really likes it. It is a very fun program....more info
  • Great but not the best Freddi Fish
    This game is more difficult for kids then the previous Freddi Fish toward the end, and you also miss out on the solving fun of "find the clues, and match what you've found to a fish" That Freddi has done is the first 4 adventures. Although it had changed in the mystery solving at the end, this game was still a wonderful creation, and kids WILL love it. Just make sure you are there with them to make the game REALLY memerable for your child. ...more info
  • Super Fun
    This is a great game. My son and I have a blast playing it, and he's played it over and over again by himself as well. The game teaches a lot of deductive thinking, the story and characters are interesting. It is a very wholesome computer game for kids, plus teaches very good reasoning and thinking skills....more info
  • The best one yet
    Surprisingly, this is a sequel better than the others. The bad guy actually wears a shirt. I say that Gillian Barker was Gill dressed up like a woman. Rolo the Clown must have read too much Emily Dickinson. I was dissapointed by the music on the CD. It only contained one Beatnik song and the rest was music from different locations of the film. It was nice to see some old characters and meet some of Gil's family....more info
  • It's good, it's fun, not my favorite of the Freddi series though
    It's an adventure and takes logic problem solving for the children. But when they reach for a game to play, it's usually Freddi Fish #2 or #3 that's replayed....more info
  • Freddi Fish-Creature of Coral Cove - Hours of Fun
    My almost 4 year old spent literally hours playing this game when it was new. He still plays frequently even though not new. This has several fun games and exercises within the game itself. #5 The Creature of Coral Cove Park may be the best of all the Freddi Fish games. I highly recommend this game. Many learning opportunities. The various versions are super. My son loves the sea monster and quotes several of the scenes of diaglogue in the game....more info
  • Freddi Fish 5
    My family loves this game!One person says it's lacking the earlier ones,but I don't think so.My friend has this game,loves it and played 1 and 3 at my house.My friend has not been over for a year and in that year I got Freddi Fish 2:The Case of the Hauted Schoolhouse and she can't wait to play it.Definitly buy Freddi Fish 5,BUT FIRST PLAY THE ORINGINAL,"FREDDI FISH AND THE CASE OF THE MISSING KELP SEEDS"....more info
  • One of their better adventures
    The title of this review says it all. It is one of their better adventures seeing as they tell us that Marty is evil. You'd think that the angry mob could hold torches and hammers and pitchforks and (in that turtle's case) protractors. All in all, it was nice to see Grandma Grouper make a return cameo appearance that actually involves dialogue. She made her first return cameo appearance in the 3rd Freddi Fish game as a fortune telling machine. Get this game. It's one of the better ones despite the fact that it's a sequel. You'd think they would draw the line at number 4...more info
  • It's My Turn!
    My five year old niece and I have spent many hours playing this game. I enjoy it so much, I have to keep insisting that it is my turn! Freddie and Luther meet many characters and have to find and discover how to use the clues. I can't remember where I was or how to get back to and from the many rooms, but my niece can. Once you think you have solved the puzzle, you travel to a completely different world to finish it! And if you play again, some things will have changed! I hope they will soon come out with another game as fun and complex as this one!...more info
  • Finaly
    Finaly a Freddi Fish game for older kids!...more info
  • Finaly
    Finaly a Freddi Fish game for older kids!...more info
  • Very Fun
    This game is directed towards an age range of about 4 to 7 and 8. By about 9 they are beyond being interested in Freddi Fish. Any younger than about 4 and it is too difficult for the child to play.

    Freddi Fish encourages problem solving skills as you try to solve a small mystery. You collect shells and use them to trade for other items. You use these items to make a creation to help solve the mystery. You talk to other fish and ask questions and search for things they want and so on.

    You can swim anywhere you want and talking to one fish is not dependent upon you finishing another puzzle elsewhere. Of course, there are some areas you can't enter unless you have the items you need for trade.

    Altogether, this is a cute little game that has seen many hours of play time by my children.

    Enjoy....more info
  • Everything is relative.
    My daughter has been playing Freddi Fish, since age 2, and solving them since age 3. At 6 she derives an immense amount of pleasure from the intrigue. A game that really smart kids can enjoy and their mums too!!...more info
  • More fun w/ Freddi- if you're ready
    First things first: the suggested age range for all Freddi Fish games (3-8)is very misleading, no matter how smart you think that your 4 y.o. is. Everybody thinks that their very bright 4 y.o. should be able to enjoy the game- and if they don't, it's a problem with the game. The fact is that it takes until 5 / early 6 for both the spatial concepts & (esp.) the level of perserverence needed to get developed enough to enjoy the game. And then they enjoy it hugely. Our girls (now turning 6 & 7) enjoyed this Freddi hugely, as they have the others....more info