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Deus Ex: Game of the Year Edition
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Product Description

A globe-hopping, epic adventure. Travel the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from detailed maps, blueprints and photographs. The choices are yours and so are the consequences!

It's the new millennium. Civilization is near collapse. The world economy is in chaos. The middle class no longer exists. Deadly viruses have ravaged the earth's population. Terrorism runs rampant. From this maelstrom of violence and suffering an ancient conspiracy bent on world domination emerges from the shadows of legend. The conspirators' greatest strength? No one believes they exist. No one but you.

In Deus Ex, immerse yourself in an intricate web of betrayal and intrigue as you attempt to uncover power struggles, hidden agendas, and the dark conspiracy behind it all. Travel the globe building a network of allies and create an alternate identity to aid you in your search for the truth. There is no one path to success. It is achieved through various means; employ stealth, strategy, or force--the choice is yours. But remember, trust no one. Even those who you keep as allies may be more than they seem. Question everything.

This game incorporates role-playing, action, adventure, and first-person shooter genres into a chaotic blend of real-world conspiracies, cliffhangers, and plot twists. Explore a richly simulated world of unparalleled interactivity, engineered to react logically to your every action. The Game of the Year Edition now includes DX Multiplayer, DeathMatch, and Team DeathMatch, plus five new multiplayer maps and a built-in search engine for multiplayer servers. The bonus soundtrack CD contains 30 tracks remixed for higher audio quality. With the included software development kit, you can create standalone Deus Ex missions, build 3-D maps from scratch, or modify existing Deus Ex maps; you can also create new conversationsbetween game characters with ConEdit. The package includes a Deus Ex Windows desktop theme.

  • Travel the world from New York to Paris to Hong Kong exploring locations recreated from detailed maps, blueprints and photographs
  • A chaotic blend of real world conspiracies, cliffhangers, and plot twists
  • Incorporates the best elements of role playing, action, adventure, and first person shooter genres
  • Create new standalone missions
  • DX Multiplayer challenges you to utilize skills, nanotech augmentations, weapons, and strategies in competition against up to 15 human opponents online

Customer Reviews:

  • Antique and Outdated. Released in 2001!!!!
    I bought this without looking at the release date (2001). This game may have really something 8 years ago but it sucks by todays standards. ...more info
  • Splendid action and adventure hybrid
    This game is truly brilliant, I love the storyline behind it, some games like Hitman 2 (which is still super fun) have a very weak storyline that is promising in the beginning yet sort of drags on with missions and no idea whats going on in the story). This game makes you think things through before you do them, for instance....

    In one mission you are forced to break into a prison cell and rescue another officer, you can either deactivate the laser alarms with a multitool or find a back way in. I only had 2 multitools and it required 2 to disarm the laser, I didnt know if id need another later on in the level so I was forced to find a backway through, after a couple patient attempts, i managed to get through and rescue him without squandering any resources, which gives a very rewarding feeling of accomplishment.

    This game is very fun and with so many twists and turns youll play it through a couple more times to see different ways the story can go....more info

  • Outstanding
    Deus Ex gives the player a LOT of control--there are tons of different weapons, weapon modifications, supplies, cybernetic augmentations that are upgrade-able, skills that are also upgrade-able, different items and routes to take advantage of. Roughly, your tactics fall into two categories--stealth and confrontation, but by combining various assets, there are often many approaches.

    For instance, you can bypass a chokepoint by swimming underwater, using cloak to sneak past it, masking your approach by stacking large crates at key locations, unlocking ventilation ducts, disabling the security cameras and laser grids, walking on ledges and jumping off buildings, sniping from a distance, taking out the guards using silent darts, temporarily blinding them with gas grenades, or, if you've practically become a walking tank, by shooting explosives at them as your nano-augmentations absorb the damages. Your enemies may use different weapons, such as the sniper rifle, the flamethrower, and the plasma rifle. Your enemies may be immune to gas, flame, or bullets, may be augmented agents like yourself, or even transgenic creatures or space aliens. When you open fire, you may draw their attention even if you're cloaked. When you fire your stealth pistol, they would still hear the shots if they are close enough. You will have to consider the trade-offs as you budget your skill points, augmentation slots (minimizing toxic effects vs. carrying oxygen underwater, jumping higher and farther vs. running more quietly, being able to see a target's health points & LOS vs. being able to see through nearby walls, enhancing all augmentations vs. reducing their total battery consumptuion), and inventory space (a big rocket launcher vs. a smaller rifle with space for items such as biohazard suits and augmentation canisters).

    The setting of the game is the 2050s. The powerful Bob Page has almost succeeded in merging with the machines and the computers, while at the same time tightening his control over the greater populace and thwarting intervention from informed individuals, such as the player's character JC Denton. The transition from mission to mission is smooth and natural as you become immersed in the story. Although the main objectives are fixed, your choice of optional secondary objectives often tweaks your situation in later missions. Exploration is rewarded with rare items and/or skill points. There are three ways to complete the game, each one reflecting a different faction and ideology, which may not be 100% appealing, but is nonetheless agreeable to some extent.

    One drawback is the graphics, which at some point comes across as almost sloppy, but then again, the game is not nearly as taxing on memory, the CPU, and the graphics card as its peers....more info
  • Alieans, robots and Cyborgs... Oh my....
    At the time it was visually stunning and Massivly open ended, with a weirds story line, a strange game style and a funky controle system, it actully managed to work...

    then again I'm just weird like that......more info
  • Awsome Sci-Fi RPG / FPS
    Deus Ex was the game that steered me away from FPS and toward RPG. Indeed, Deus Ex was way ahead of its time; one of those games that merge two genres almost seamlessly (RPG and FPS). By 2007 standard, graphic will look somewhat dated, but gameplay still rocks, whether you chose to run and gun or sneak and peak, Deus Ex offers multiple paths to complete objectives.
    On top of the outstanding gameplay, Deus Ex serves up tons of sci-fi elements mixed in with heavy doses of conspiracy theories. Indeed, playing Deus Ex can feel like immersing yourself in a noirish/cyber-funk/sci-fi novel rather than playing a game.
    Deus Ex is not perfect (which is good, because personally, I will have a hard time living in the "real world" after playing the perfect game) ie. enemies AI could be better. Sound-wise, music and voice acting is good, but most of the weapons sound weak. Also, the main quest is somewhat linear - I wish you have a choice of which faction to side with. However, there are 3 different endinds depend on the choice you make, and trust me, if you get this far, you'll do all 3 because the game intrigues you so much.
    After all these times, Deus Ex is still in a class by itself. I can only think of 1 other game with sci-fi themed FPS/RPG elements that might come close to Deus Ex: System Shock 2. Therefore, if you want an alternative from the fantasy themed dungeon and dragon type RPG games - Deus Ex is the game to play.
    Other good sci-fi RPG games that I also recommend after Deus Ex: Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic series, System Shock 2, and Fallout series. If you know any other good sci-fi RPG games, please let me know.

    PS. Although listed for Windows 98 & ME, Deus Ex runs flawlessly on XP....more info
  • Excellent, amazing game!
    This game is really one of the best games I have ever played. It's kind of old, though, so don't expect state of the art graphics.

    Recommended? Yes. Yes it is....more info
  • Stunning masterpiece.
    Deus Ex takes three amazing genres: the first-person shooter, the RPG, and the graphic adventure and combines them to make for an experience that is literally unlike any other game you've ever played or ever will play. It's probably the most libertarian game ever made too, with the plot based on the New World Order/Illuminati conspiracy theory that has been circulating around for decades and has been especially strong ever since 9/11.

    The soundtrack is also fantastic, featuring dark synths that sound like they came out of an early-90s action movie. They remind me a lot of Tangerine Dream's 90s material.

    An addictive, powerful masterpiece. The highest recommendation possible....more info
  • "Shooting" star
    I have always been an "adventure gamer" and this is the first game of this type I have enjoyed enough to complete. The strategy and decisions that need to be made in each phase of this game makes it unique. The ability to save infinitely helps too. I never got through "Prince of Persia" because of the save issue....more info
  • Immersive and gripping.
    I gave up playing games about a decade ago, but I had a few days off recently, and I picked this game up because I heard it was the best game ever made... and it is! I honestly don't think I've ever enjoyed a computer game so much as I did this one. It plays like an action game, but your character develops like in a role-playing game, and the story's so compelling (excellent writing, on par with any TV show and with many films) that I found myself playing on and on because I wanted to see what would happen next. Truly a unique experience, and easily the best computer or video game I've ever seen. ...more info
  • Wonderfully intricate
    As an avid player of RPGs and first person shooters, I really like this game. The story, plot, and action are easily on par with a game like Half-Life but what really sets this game apart is the breath of detail in how main characters and NPCs interact with the main character as the game progresses based upon decisions made throughout the game. This makes for exceptional replay value.

    The only thing that seemed rather odd to me when I first played it, is that for a cybernetically enhanced individual, his jumping ability is pretty feeble. It doesn't hurt the game, it just seemed odd. But after thinking about it (and playing the game again), I think games like Quake, Half-Life, and Unreal have more forgiving physics.

    Anyway a really fantastic game.
    ...more info
  • The best first person shooter I ever played
    Even though this game is a few years old, it is the best first person shooter game I've played--and I've played quite a few. All I will say is "buy this game." The second best first person shooter I've played is SWAT 4, which is great if you want something a bit more realistic. I usually like the more realistic games, but Deus ex is so fun that I can't complain it's not realistic....more info
  • Nothing too impressive about this game
    With all the great reviews this game had, I was looking forward to playing this. Maybe it's just me, but I had trouble finding anything that this game had that made it any different from any other first person shooters. It adds extra abilities or augmentations that you can use like enhancing your jump, improved aim, resilience, etc... All which of course take up your battery power to have these abilities. Now one complaint that I had about this though, is that one of the abilities you get is a flash light. It becomes handy at different points of the game, but why the He** does it take up just as much power as your other augments? For some reason, you only get about 2 minutes of light off the same battery that also gives you the strength to lift a crate that's 10X your weight.

    This game offers nothing new to me that I haven't seen and I'm a little bit confused about what all the hype is, but if you like First person games then maybe you'll like this one. It's really cheap now do to it being an old game, so I say give it a try and see what you think....more info
  • Love FPS-RPGs?
    Deus Ex is a wonderful game. It was one of the first FPS-RPGs (First-Person Shooter / Role-Playing Game), allowing the user to add skill points in various attribute areas, such as weapons, first aid, the use of numerous protective equipment. Each open-style mission allows the user to find multiple entrance points to the target site, based on skill and play-style. The Choose-Your-Own-Adventure dialog also allows for a new set of choices for every replay.
    The graphics are now dated, but it is a classic game.

    If you like the style and gameplay of Deus Ex, you should also try Mass Effect....more info
  • Easily One of the Best Games Ever Made
    First of all, why four stars?
    Without giving a spoiler, there is a point in this game where you are given the illusion of a choice. You can go through all the motions of making the choice the game is designed for you to make and then decide not to. You can go back to the place where your choice path for this level was started in conversation and there is a conversation option that makes it seem like you actually have two options.
    You do not have two options. You must make the choice the game is designed for you to make or your game will not continue.

    In a game designed for you to make decisions that affect your future, I found this slightly, VERY SLIGHTLY disappointing. This and this alone is why this game in my opinion did not receive a perfect five star review.

    The story in this game is vibrant, very engrossing and enjoyable to everyone whom I have ever introduced to it, bar none. Even people who did not enjoy first person shooters or people who disliked role-playing games enjoyed this game which incorporates aspects of both.

    While still being a first-person shooter, you have complete control over the level of violence you use. You can use gas grenades, a baton, a stun prod and sedatives to take down your enemies and threats non-lethally if you so choose with very few exceptions (three that I counted). It is possible to play through this entire game with nearly no body count, and it is more challenging and fun often to attempt this.

    You have control over the development of your main characters development (what abilities he gets, how powerful those abilities become) and his morality as well. Even now, as the game has become slightly dated, it is still one of the best games I've had the pleasure of playing.

    This is one of the few game purchases that I've made with no regrets. I cannot recommend it enough to any type of player....more info
    Dear gamers, estimated colleagues, just when I thought I wouldn't see anything better than Fallout, Diablo, and some strategies for PC , friend made me get Deus Ex. As I see, amazon offers used discs for cheaper price EVEN THEN SOLD OUT BRITISH EDITION, so GET IT!

    Why would you get it? It is game from 2000. or so, graphics are much better today, you can play good online games like Guild Wars or World of Warcraft with buddies and then some...but!

    Deus Ex is a game WITH A STORY: story is like fast paced Ludlum and Bourne's identity type of novel, which doesn't mean it's a copy.

    Deus Ex is a game UNLINEAR: you can be a butcher who does what he is told, OR try to follow higher moral system of value and never take anything for granted or black and white. Choices decide how others interact.

    Deus Ex is a game that can be HUMANE: why kill someone when you can just make them unconcious if you creep behind guy's back and whack him with a crowbar or baton?

    Deus Ex is a game that has RPG elements: more you do, more points you get, and then you distribute them between different skills: you can make yourself computer and electronic hacker OR you can make flamethrowers, pistols and rifles your forte, if you are Rambo fan.

    What? I didn't hype it enough? GO GET IT FOR 4 BUCKS YOU CAN't GO WRONG!!! I would even pay up to 40 bucks to get it although it is old and graphics is bad for today's PC best machines.

    Don't give up after level one, you NEED to spend time to learn how to play but later it becomes GREAT!!!
    If I had to pick greatest game for PC since nineties, I guess I would have to pick some of Real Time or Turn strategies, Pirates! from 2002 by Sid Meyer, Diablo II, Fallout part one and maybe two and Deus Ex!

    Best pure shooters would be Alice by American McGee and Clive Barker's Undying.


    You have to chose between assault rifle and assault shotgun. I think shotgun is better so don't spend upgrades on rifle. Later, unfortunately, it's easier to get rifle ammo.

    What you really need in the game are fast legs to run away so upgrade JCs body with leg implants.

    Don't forget to install and upgrade recovery ability, it's useful to turn it on with F9 when you fight mechs or men in black.

    Use rocket launcher , it opens all doors except infinite. SAVE rockets, lockpicks, bio cells and multitools and try to find nano key cartridges or codes for doors and stuff. I spent lotsa exp on hacking, in the beginning, then lockpicking and electronics.

    YOU MUST have at least one level of heavy weapon and one level of rifle...

    ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ...more info
  • Great game, if you can get it to work.
    I saw the "compatible with xp" sticker so I did not forsee any problems. It took about a week of trying different install kernels, editing .ini files, mounting disk images, and various other things to try and install this in XP. Eventually I just had to install it on a win2000 machine and move all the folders to mine via flash thumb drive.

    But if you can get it to install it is a great atmospheric game. A good mix between KOTOR and Perfect Dark....more info
  • One of Computer Gaming's True Triumphs
    Most of the time when you think of a first-person shooter, you picture fast-paced slaughter and mayhem like in the legendary Quake and Unreal line. Deus Ex, however, adds an unprecedented level of intelligence to a genre previously devoid of any thought other than "if it moves, kill it".
    Deus Ex follows Agent JC Denton on his first assignment for UNATCO - an anti-terrorist group with wide-reaching jurisdiction. JC is a special nanotech-augmented cyborg with a wide range of superhuman abilities. You are able to customize your character throughout the game in an RPG-esque style. Want to go in with guns blazing? Increase training in heavy arms and pistols. Want to take out the bad guys from a distance? Focus on Rifle training. Want to hack into the security system and have it eliminate the bad guys for you? Train heavily on electronics and computers. Want to be able to heal yourself instantly? Train up on Medicine. Depending on how you train your character, the gameplay changes significantly. This not only adds tremendous amounts of depth, but also increases the replay value. As if that wasn't enough, the storyline is very intricate and boasts some superb twists. You will end up not knowing who to trust as the game goes on. The plotline culminates in three possible endings, depending on whose side you choose.
    Highest possible recommendation....more info
  • Question
    I just purchased a new computer and was interested in buying this game. Can anyone tell me if it will run on Windows XP. The system requirements suggest that it be used with Windows 95, 98, and ME...does this mean that XP cannot be used to play this game?...more info
  • best game ever made
    This is the best game ever made, better than Half Life, Half Life 2, Oblivion, Doom- nothing can compete- music is fantastic and when the story is over, you feel like JC is your friend. A game never created before or since. The graphics are old but it is worth it BUY THIS GAME it is unforgetable....more info
  • one of the best games ever
    This is an execellent game that I would recommend to anyone. There is a reason that after over 60 reviews this game has almost 5 stars from everyone. If you like first person action games then this game is a must for anyone and I can't wait until the sequel...more info
  • At first sucks, but over time gets addicting and fun!
    When I first played this game I hated it. But after playing it and giving it a chance I have found out its a really good story based game with fun action. You will get used to the graphics, or I did anyway, if you don't mind out-dated graphics. Which again, I hated the graphics at FIRST but they don't bother me now. This is just a fun game for people who like RPG's and games that let you choose if you want to play it like a Stealth game or a full shoot-em-up Action game....more info
  • The BEST
    This is the best game ever created. I've been playing games for quite some time and this game is truly the pinnacle of what a computer game can offer as an immersive experience.

    You might know the type of Deus Ex fan I am - pestering many people to play this game, got interested in game design because of Deus Ex, keep buying games hoping that somewhere, someone will make a game that will be as immersive.

    They do not make games like this any more. It is not possible. This game was a freakish accident - of circumstance and planetary alignment perhaps. With all the technologic advancement available to game developers, one would think that it would be easier to achieve what Ion Storm was trying to get at with Deus Ex.

    But no, I do not see a single developer trying. To make a game like Deus Ex, you need to have a loving and nurturing feeling for the FPS perspective experience and a absolute commitment to open-endedness. And intellectual depth in writing. Since these qualities in short supply, and will remain in short supply for a long long time to come, I dont forsee a game like Deus Ex being made in the near future.

    Thanks...more info