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Oregon Scientific BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Clock with Cable-Free Weather Forecaster
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Product Description

With the Oregon Scientific BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Alarm Clock you can keep your pretty little head on the pillow in the morning. Just tap the snooze button & the clock will momentarily project the time on the wall or ceiling in soft red light. You can even rotate the projector forward 90 degrees if needed. And being an ExactSet clock, it automatically sets it's own time, day, & date via the US Atomic Clock in Boulder, Colorado. It automatically connects to the Atomic Clock 6 times a day via it's built-in radio receiver. It even adjusts for Daylight Savings Time & Leap Year. Day-of-week in one of 3 languages - English, French, Spanish Alarm - Crescendo Battery Type - 2 AAA

This versatile system forecasts local weather; automatically sets and updates the time, day, and date; keeps track of the indoor temperature; and employs a remote, wireless sensor to record the outdoor temperature up to 100 feet away. For forecasting weather within 12 to 24 hours, the 6-1/4-by-4-1/4-inch monitor employs a built-in electronic barometric-pressure sensor and then displays the upcoming weather with an icon (sunny, partly sunny, cloudy, rain/snow) on its backlit LCD screen. For keeping track of time, the monitor is equipped with a radio receiver tuned to the U.S. atomic clock; this enables the monitor to maintain split-second accuracy by automatically adjusting, if necessary, to the atomic clock's signals six times every 24 hours. From those signals, the monitor also displays the date, the day, and the time zone for which the user has set the clock. Also, the clock automatically adjusts for daylight saving time and for leap year. The monitor beams the time and the outdoor temperature onto a wall or ceiling in large, red numerals for easy readability. If the monitor is in battery-mode (four AA batteries included), pressing the clock's snooze bar will beam the data for five seconds. If the monitor is plugged into a wall socket with an AC adapter (included), the projection will be available either for five seconds with the snooze bar or continuously if a continuous-beam control is set. The projection beam comes from a device mounted next to the clock. The device pivots so the beam can be projected onto any surface, and a dial focuses the beam for clarity. You can also choose to have the temperature displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit. --Fred Brack

  • Projection clock; displays time, weather forecast, and indoor and outdoor temperatures
  • Wireless remote sensor radios outdoor temperature from 100 feet away
  • Beams time, outdoor temperature in red light onto wall or ceiling
  • Automatically sets and updates time/day/date with U.S. Atomic Clock
  • Crescendo alarm with 8-minute snooze function awakens even soundest sleeper

Customer Reviews:

  • oregon scientific projection alarm clock
    This clock is easy to set or change alarm times. Because it is atomic you never have to worry about it losing or gaining time. I particularly like being able to look up and see what time it is when I wake up in the dark. The projection is easy to read, but doesn't light up the room. ...more info
  • Good Buy
    I bought the clock for my husband's birthday and he loves it - not sure I'm crazy about numbers on the ceiling but he is delighted with all the features this clock has. It came quickly and in perfect condition....more info
  • Not what I hoped it would be...
    When I purchased this product, I wanted an alarm clock that 1. projected anywhere, 2. was an automatic clock, and 3. was an accurate weather forecaster. This did 1/3 of those things--only the projection. I had issues with getting the correct time because there was a button (which was difficult to push) to change time zones and when the correct time zone was found, the clock spent at least 10 minutes getting the information. Secondly, the weather was EXTREMELY INACCURATE! It came with an additional sensor, so first, I tried putting it by the window, but instead it sensed the temperature that was more less inside my apartment, even if I had changed the settings to outdoor weather or indoor weather. Too bad......more info
  • Satisfied Projection Clock Owner
    I have purchased three of these clocks. They are excellent time pieces and extremely accurate. The remote temp transmitter is great except when you see that early winter morning temp...makes you want to stay in bed! Great unit easy to use, well worth the price....more info
  • atomic clock
    Product works well. The acid test supervisor "the wife" likes it and says its just what she wanted. Doesn't seem to calculate the outside temp, which we are not fussy about, if it looks cold it probably is. Would order another....more info
  • Love the projection feature
    I bought this clock for my husband for Christmas. Setup didn't take very long (once he decided to read the directions), and the signal was on in a few hours. We both love the projection feature, as we both wear glasses and can't see a regular clock at night. The weather is fairly accurate. The only drawback so far is that there isn't a dual alarm....more info
  • I got what I wanted
    I researched this before I made my final selection. There were others much cheaper but I wanted quality. Items like these last forever, so it's better to buy quality over cheapness. There were certain things about it that I liked. Since I was only interested in the projection on the ceiling, I liked the fact that it was very very slim and doesn't take up much room. I was not sure where I was putting it or for that matter how the whole thing worked.

    Fortunately I had a friend assemble it for me.............seemed to take over a half hour by the time all is said and done and was more complicated than I could have figured out by myself. The only unfortunate thing was, is the projection can only go so far and faces one particular direction. So its placement is precarious and you will probably have to try various places in the room until you finally settle on its final resting place.

    I noticed after setting the time that it would revert to California time. I knew it was something within the clock, easily fixable and not a serious problem. Good news! There is an 800 # and a very happy person told me how to change the time zone and that resolved that one issue easily enough!

    Bottom line, I have tried it in several places and I love the projection on the ceiling. Kind of expensive, but it does exactly what I wanted it to do. Happy days!...more info
  • one of the best electronic devices i have ever had
    works great. outdoor temperature and time are always accurate. projection works fine. a good price also....more info
  • happy as always
    Product worked right out of the box,setup was easy,no problems so far. Shipping was great as alwasys....more info
  • one annoying snag
    You need a really small screwdriver to allow you to acess the socket to attach the power supply. Since I don't have one I have been unable to utilise this feature....more info
  • great gifts
    We gave 21 of these weather stations to employees this year. Everyone was impressed and happy with the unique features and useability....more info
  • Never displayed the proper temperature
    Even though the display showed I had an "adequate" reception signal the outside temperature displayed was always off by an average of at least 20. (yes I had the correct time zone) The time and date were always correct and the projection onto most surfaces was very good!...more info
  • exactly as advertized
    It works as it is supposed to - very easy to use and very useful. I wish all products were like this....more info
  • Great Product
    My wife & I love this product. I'm blind as a bat and I can read it on the ceiling at night. I'd recommend this product to anyone. ...more info
  • Best ever
    Over the years, I have aquired various projection clocks. This one is by far the best ever. Easy to read, fully adjustable, accurate, simple set-up....more info
  • Too many issues out of the box
    First, I'd like to say that I did try to contact OS CSvc to see if this was an intermittant issue or a problem with the unit. 5 minutes waiting and I gave up = poor customer service (I know 5 min is not long but with absolutely no reference to Toubleshooting on their website they should have know to have more reps ansering their phones).
    Out of the box issues before return:
    1) the reading for Spanish read SU, not SP. I spent a lot of time trying to set this up thinking this was the day of the week (Sunday) only to realize this was not the day of the week.
    2) Outdoor Temp projection did not work consistently; read "---". Unplug and replug did not work / reset. No very low temp outside so there was no reason for this kind of reading. 3rd time in a few days and it went back in the box.
    3) instructions mediocre; could not figure out how to set the day of the week.
    Hmm. I thought their products were good but after reading many poor reviews on their products I am now worried about my G'daughters Xmas gift of their electronic globe....more info
  • We love it!
    This projection clock is wonderful! We had a different brand prior to ordering this one, but this one is much clearer and you see both the time and temperature at one time....more info
  • Great projection, but temp doesn't always work
    We really love the projection clock, but it seems when the temperature gets down to 40 or below the signal doesn't work, so you will see --- instead of the temp. However, I would still buy this clock....more info
  • Works as advertised
    After owning a time-only projection clock for a number of years, I decided to upgrade to one that could display the outdoor temperature. I must say, having the outdoor temp included in the projected info is nice. Some other nice features of this clock are: variable angle for projection, being able to rotate the projection, and variable focus. This unit also self-corrects for DST. I've never used the alarm or weather forecasting (so I can't comment on them#. I've enjoyed this clock so much that I've bought two more #as gifts for others)....more info
  • Quality product
    This is the second projection clock/temperature that I've owned. The first one only cost me $20.00 from walgreen but they don't carry it anymore and it only lasted about a year. This one from scientific is much better quality - I expect it to last must longer. The projection on the ceiling is way cool - you can rotate the display and totally flip it up side down - so no matter where you want to put the clock you can get the display just right - I can usually see it in the daytime too. I wear glasses but i can see the time/temp even without my glasses. Only negative is it only displays outdoor temp on the ceiling - i wish it rotated back and forth from indoor to outdoor like the cheap-o walgreen's one did. Beware! once you get use to seeing the temp/time in the wee hours without moving a muscle you will just always have to have one. I like the weather forcast also, seems pretty accurate, but the indoor time is not correct - it reads about 5 degrees warmer - weird.
    Also, it did take about 12 hours for it to sinc with the atomic clock, but picked up the outdoor remote temp right away....more info
    Well I use my cell phone for my alarm clock but my eye sight has been bad now that I'm in my fortys, that I struggled to see the time, so that kept me from falling back to sleep. But with the projecter I can see the time perfectly that I can fall back to sleep. It also projects outside temp but not the inside, the weather seems to be somewhat accurate and the backlight only stays on for a five seconds. I hope it lasts me a long time because I like that it is compact that I can take it anywhere....more info
  • Great Gadget
    I purchased this exact same clock for my Dad several years ago and paid twice as much. He loves it and he and my Mom use it every day. So when I saw it at a much cheaper price I decided to get it for myself. The best feature (and primary reason for my purchase) is the projection display of time and temperature. I love that I don't even have to turn over in the morning to see what time it is.......its right there on my ceiling. It also is fairly accurate at predicting the weather for the day....more info
  • Works great for me
    I've had problems with Oregon Scientific products before, but I liked the concept here since I am quite myopic so need a better way of seeing the display, and I go out jogging in the morning, so like to know what the temperature is before I get up and dress so I know what to wear. This unit serves admirably. Even with my 20/400 vision without my glasses, I can see the time and temperature projected on the ceiling. It isn't too bright. The alarm is a nice and soft little beeping which does not jar one awake (you may not like it if you are hard to awaken), but will increase in frequency and volume if you don't shut it off. The outdoor temperature unit transmits well through the wall. The clock sets itself despite being indoors. Suits me fine....more info
  • Bright blue projection light keeps me awake at night
    I have owned this projection clock for approximately one year and have mixed feelings about it. I love projection clocks and this one was purchased to replace another model that had failed. My previous model had a red LED and worked great until the outdoor temp feature failed. I bought this new model and immediately found the bright blue color of the projection unit very disturbing at night. For some reason I was always aware of the blue light, and I felt that it was keeping me awake at night.

    Two days ago the projection unit stopped working so I decided to troubleshoot the problem. I isolated the problem to the blue LED that is used to project light through the miniature LCD with the time and temp info. I went to my local Fry's store and bought a RED 5volt 20ma LED, and carefully soldered it in place of the blue LED. WOW, what a difference that makes! Not only did it fix the projection unit, but it made it 10 times better. It no longer keeps me awake at night, and it's much easier to read. Remove the old LED was a bit tricky at first until I figure out how the LED was held in place by a black plastic cap that I was able to pop out using a tiny jewelers screwdriver. I am now a very satisfied customer. Oregon Scientific would do everybody a favor by switching to a red LED....more info
  • Very good product.
    Gives accurate time and temperature. Projection on the ceiling is clear at night, yet not too bright or disturbing to keep you awake.
    User manual could be more detailed. It took a little time to figure out how to make the projector work....more info
  • Just Okay
    I had an Oregon Scientific clock for 10 years so when it needed replacing, I ordered another one that was similar but it was supposed to be a better model. The temperature on the sending unit is 6-8 degrees off all the time. The company has been great about support, but we couldn't get it working properly. They are taking it back and sending a new one (the manufacturer, not the seller. I never contacted the seller) I'm hoping when the new one arrives, it will be accurate. If so, I will rewrite my review....more info
  • Outdoor Temp Sensor will NOT sync
    The Clock itself is great, and the projection is bright and readable, very adjustable. However, the outdoor temp sensor reading is not received by the clock, and I have set them right next to each other, so signal strength should not be a problem. The reset button in the outdoor sensor seems to do NOTHING at all.

    The atomic clock did not sync, and I have another atomic clock, and even a watch, that have no trouble picking up the signal. Maybe I am supposed to wait several hours for it to do so, but I just set the time manually.

    I don't really need to see the Projected Outside temp in the middle of the night when I wake up to check the time, it seems odd to include it as a part of the projection--would like to be able to turn it off, and only see the time. But it would be nice if the dang thing actually worked, so that once I get up in the morning, I could see the outside temp on the clock face.

    The clock itself feels well built and solid. I agree with the other reviewers, though: the odd way to connect the ac adapter is "overkill" and the adapter should power the clock, too, and not just the projector....more info
  • Don't buy for forecasting
    I have had this clock for 10 days now, and I think that I am satisfied. DO NOT buy this for weather forecasting. I didn't really care about that feature, so when the clock incorrectly predicted rain twice in the last 10 days, I thought it was funny.
    Because it receives signals from the atomic clock, the clock quickly set the time after I activated the batteries. I really like the indoor/outdoor temperature and the projection of time and temperature at night. The projection is fine at night and my room does not get very dark. All the buttons are easy to use, and setting the alarm time is easier than any clock I have had in a long time. My disappointment - the time temperature projection flips 180 degrees (upside down) a couple times every night. There is a handy button which flips it back quickly, but it is still annoying. I haven't decided whether or not to return it.

    ...more info
  • Oregon Scientific Projection Clock - Long term use
    I have owned two Oregon Scientific BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Clocks. I initially read one review claiming that these clocks break after about a year or two of use. I ignored this review. My first clock lasted just about 2 years before the projection went dead. I was unable to find a way to fix it. My second clock only lasted about 1 year before the same thing happened. Now it is time to switch brands. I wouldn't complain if these sold for about 2 dollars a piece, about what they are worth....more info
  • I used the La Crosse Technology WT-5120U Projection Alarm Clock until I recently found this GREAT product!
    I used the La Crosse Technology WT-5120U Projection Alarm Clock with Outdoor Temperature unit for two years and was always dissatisfied with the projection brightness and its apparent inability to focus and to project it right side up - I adjusted to reading it at an angle.

    I recently bought an Oregon Scientific BAR338PA ExactSet Projection Clock with Cable-Free Weather Forecaster and am TOTALLY PLEASED. It feels much more sturdy, has this nice "180 deg projection reverse" thing which makes it way easier to put the time/temp right side up from your bed. It also has a focus feature which I am sure is nice but I did not need to use. MOSTLY - this unit's projection is GREAT!!! The La Crosse unit was always dim and small - the Oregon Scientific unit is like a movie screen - wide and bright enough to see at dusk and dawn (the La Crosse one could not be that bright)

    Anyway - I have used the La Crosse unit for two years but this Oregon Scientific is my total keeper. I will kive the LC unit to my daughter - she is 11. :)

    ...more info
  • Excellent projection clock
    I bought this clock as a gift for my husband. He absolutely loves it...says that it is the best gift that I have ever given him!
    The projection is very nice and clear.
    Giving 4 stars instead of 5 because it is not very easy to turn the alarm off in the morning...have to use both hands and have to look for the button....more info
  • Good projection clock
    This projection clock projects a clear image of the temperature and time on the wall. It allows you to place the projection all over the place--not limiting it in one direction like some of the other clocks. We also have no problem seeing the projection during the day, unless there is extremely bright sunshine, but then that doesn't matter really--the clock was bought to project the time/temp at night. The only problem (which the packaging warns about) is that below -10 degrees Celsius the temperature "freezes up" and doesn't give an accurate reading. That's ok with us. The rest of it works well. ...more info