PalmOne m500 Handheld
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Product Description

Looking for a handheld that grows along with your needs? The new Palm m500 Handheld is designed with an innovative expansion slot that allows you to easily add memory, back up data, and take advantage of a variety of applications without sacrificing memory space. You can also use the Palm Universal Connector to add a portable keyboard, camera, or wireless modem to your handheld.Based on the award-winning Palm V handheld, the Palm m500 handheld features a sleek design and small size. For something so compact, it's loaded with powerful features, including new mobile connectivity software that lets you access the Internet and sends e-mail through your modem or data-enabled cell phone. Bundled productivity and business software help you simplify your life. And you can view all your information on a high-contrast display screen using the latest desktop software.

The lightweight, stylish Palm m500 handheld is expandable, customizable, and Internet capable. The Palm m500 has an expansion card slot for additional memory storage (up to 64 MB) and add-ons such as a dictionary/thesaurus, games, and more. The Palm m500 comes with all the classic personal information management tools you expect: Date Book, Address Book, To Do List, Memo Pad, Mail, and Clock. It has 8 MB of built-in memory, enough to store thousands of addresses, years of appointments, hundreds of to-do items, and more than 50 applications.

The expansion card slot is a dual-purpose slot that can hold two types of cards: Secure Digital and MultiMediaCard (MMC). Both types of cards are small, inexpensive, and easy to plug in. Much like computer diskettes, they hold information for upload or download onto a handheld. With them, you can instantly add software programs, e-books, large databases, graphics, or even video files to your handheld without sacrificing memory space.

Sleek and lightweight, the Palm m500 handheld has a shiny aluminum casing and is curved to fit in your hand. The display's enhanced technology makes it easier to see at all angles, in dim light, and in bright sunlight.

The new native USB HotSync cradle allows you to quickly back up and exchange information between your handheld and your PC or Mac. The Palm m500 handheld also features new vibrating and blinking LED alarms (in addition to the standard audible alarm) to help you stay on top of your busy schedule. The Palm m500 handheld comes equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion polymer battery, which is charged using the HotSync cradle.

The Palm m500 handheld comes with Palm OS 4.0, which provides enhanced security and improved Internet connectivity. Other application features include Note Pad for writing sticky notes, Palm Mobile Connectivity for connecting to the Internet and obtaining e-mail via compatible cellular phones, and AOL for the Palm OS.

The Palm m500 handheld is PC and Macintosh compatible and requires a USB port. It comes with Palm desktop software for both PC and Macintosh. It has a one-year warranty.

What's in the box

  • Palm m500
  • Stylus
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • USB HotSync cradle
  • Palm Desktop software for Windows and Macintosh and Palm Mobile Connectivity software
  • Getting Started guide
  • Handbook
  • Built-in 8 MB memory stores thousands of contacts, appointments, to-do items, and notes
  • New, advanced monochrome LCD screen makes it easier to see in dim light and in bright sunlight
  • New Secure Digital Card/MultiMediaCard expansion slot for additional memory and functionality such as a dictionary/thesaurus, games, and more
  • Native USB cradle allows faster HotSync operations
  • Windows and Macintosh compatible--includes desktop software for both platforms

Customer Reviews:

  • Hard to find but worth the wait
    I bought this to use with a program for truck parts. It works great with it....more info
  • best grayscale palm yet
    I purchased the m500 as a replacement for my old m100. after taking it out of the box, I plugged in the cradle, and having Desktop 4.0 already installed, hit th hotsync button. my computer recognized it instantly, and automatically installed the drivers. all of my old programs installed without a hitch, and I have yet to see it crash. the screen is much bigger than the m100, and the backlight glows more of a gold color instead of the bright green found on earlier models. a nice little feature is that if you unscrew the top of the stylus (no, you won't break it) it has a little pin that can be used to reset the handheld. the screen is suprisingly sharp for a handheld, and it is quite easy to read an e-book on it.the flip cover that comes with the unit is very stiff, but after use it should soften up. when the cover is closed, however, if pressure is placed on the bottom of the cover, it will turn the unit on, which could waste battery. there aren't many software changes as far as palm os goes, except for the ability to set vibrating alarms, and the power button can be set to blink, as a silent alarm. one minor gripe is that you can't lift the handheld straight off te cradle, you have to pull it out and up, which makes some annoying clicking noises. overall, this is probably the best palm-based handheld under $200....more info
  • The worst product EVER
    I received the Palm m500 as a Christmas gift. Within 2 months it wouldn't hot sync. Technical services made me jump through all kinds of hoops to fix it including a regedit on my PC. I'm now dealing with customer service hoping to get some resolution, so far no help. I'm going to go up the chain to every supervisor. I have never in my life had such a bad product with such terrible support. I had the old Palm 3E which never gave me problems. Take my advice - STEER CLEAR. I'll never buy a Palm product again. If I could give it negative stars I would....more info
  • Horrible hot sync; dead battery in 1 year.
    I think most of those who have given this palm a one star or who wish to give it a negative star have summed it up correctly. The palm does not consistently sync. After 1 year of use, mine was dead as a doornail unless it was attached to the charger. Hence, I've not used it in a while.

    Does that mean it's time to spend $40 on a battery? Is it really worth it? Not! Mine's in mint condition, and I'll take what I can get for it on Ebay. Time for a reliable PDA....more info
  • A total disappointment - I threw it away
    This product never worked properly, had limited functionality, and isn't even worth the discount price it's now available at....more info
  • Mixed bag; one bad one and one good one
    My wife has a palm m500 that she likes, I have a palm m500 that works so inconsistently I am looking for something else. My wife's will not sync with the computer, so I had the computer looked at and tuned up by the computer doctor. That did not help. We received a court document saying we could change out the sync modules, but we had to have the receipt proving we bought the palm. OF course, they had our warranty certification and address, but that was not good enough. Overall, My wife is decently happy with hers, but with all the problems we have had, I would never buy another Palm. Oh, the 90 day warranty is not too great either. I assume that the the Palm people have little trust in their product or they would offer a year warranty. I'm sure the 25 dollars they charge for service after the 90 day warranty is a major profit center for them. After thinking about this some more, I not only won't buy from them, I hope they go out of business....more info
  • palm500
    After using the Palm500 for over five years, it finally quit. Fortunately was able to find new one on Amazon, it's like having an old friend back. Still the best and easiest to use and read of all Palms ever made....more info
  • Good Stuff Menard
    This hand held thermal unit is great and if you want to look like a Star Trek crew member, I suggest you buy it. You can store all your giganton information unit, all you need is a DSV modem which is an infra-red pattern. This also comes with a calculator, daily time sheet, 200 language selections, time, weather in 64 countries, web access, clip-board, cell phone gigatizer, daily planning book, and other receptive data bases that have little or no use.
    ...more info
  • No Mail-in rebate recieved
    Very disappointed to find no mail-in rebate enclosed for the free Palm M105 that was advertised to go with the M500...more info
  • Will never buy another Palm device again!
    The touch screen on this thing caused problems after I had it a few months. Those problems became worse and worse until it is now virtually useless. Conveniently, it conked out on me almost at the same time the warranty expired. In my humble opinion, they have not got a handle on quality control issues. I am going to buy a Sony Clie and hope this one is reliable....more info
  • Palm M500
    I am enjoying my "new" Palm. It holds a charge for a long time and it fit my exhisting Palm cradle. I would purchase from this vendor EncoreCellular again. I spent a lot of time looking for a replacement Palm when mine died and now realize I should have just started with Amazon!
    Phoenix, AZ...more info
  • Working wonder
    My wife has totally enjoyed her new play thing. This item not only helps her with the personal things but she uses it mostly for work. It beats all those scrap papers she use to make notes and and half those gets lost!!......more info
  • Built like a tank
    After throwing away my Tungsten E (total junk). A friend gave me his old Palm m500 which he never used.

    As far as features go it's a total downgrade from the Tungsten E, but as far as reliability goes....this one shines!
    I've had no problems whatsoever with this thing, I use it mostly as a notepad so I've never had a need for all the bells and whistles that the current generation of PDA's offer.

    The m500 can go a week on one charge, compared to the Tungsten E which was begging for a recharge after one day! BLEH!
    This also features a different kind of screen, one that doesn't require those stupid 'screen protectors'. HOORAY!

    I thought perhaps this was made back when Palm cared about it's customers, but looking at the other reviews here makes me think I just lucked out....more info
  • Serious design flaw and Palm knows it.
    I have had to replace my M500 4 times since I purchased it less than 6 months ago. The electrostatic discharge problem, acknowledged on the Palm website as a design flaw, has not been remedied by the "enhanced" cradle. Most importantly Palm has not done the right thing, refund the cost or replace the PDA with a working alternative model. Terrible policy, terrible product. Caveat emptor and check out the Sony's....more info
  • it's pretty good, but
    Although I like the Palm products (started with the m100, graduated to the m500 when the m100 crapped out after 2 years), I'm finding this palm nice but with a few problems. The screen is harder to read than the old m100 or other Palms that I've seen (the text seems dimmer or something; it's not as sharp and clear, and the backlighting can only be read in *complete* darkness).

    Also I dislike the rechargeable batteries because it's a hassle when I travel (so I not only have the cradle charger that it came with but I had to buy a separate charger/hot sync cable that was smaller, and which is not very reliable and only works when the computer is *on*, and I will have to buy a straight charger for trips on which I don't have my computer with me -- yes, that's *three* cables I will have). I *much* preferred buying AAA batteries and simply keeping spare ones in my bag or desk. Also now I'm having a problem in which the battery is drained after 1 day in which I *didn't* use it. Hopefully Palm will be able to fix this soon/efficiently but in the meantime, and not choose to replace it with a reconditioned one, but this Palm is only 4 months old.

    Overall I really like the Palms and the m series -- they are great, and I get lots of use out of them (my whole LIFE is on it!) but the fact that the screen is harder to read and the problems with the battery and charging just make me wonder whether it's time to try another brand....more info

  • Great Bargain
    I would have rated this 5 stars, had it not had some Chinese decals and applications on it. I know that's something minor that probably only would bother me though. For example, right beside the Palm logo on the upper left corner, there is a decal in Chinese. In addition, applications such as CJKOS and PenP are in Chinese as well. The essentials are in English though. I still think it was a great bargain. If you would like to see pictures of my Palm, just shoot me a message....more info
  • Great grey-scale option
    This is my first PDA, and I think it was a good choice. I was looking for something with expansion possibilities, and Palm OS.

    While I wasn't willing to pay [price] extra for color, I have some pictures that would certainly look better on a color screen. Still I was quite surprised at how well some of them display on the m500 -- depends on the picture. The screen is very sharp and easy to read, especially compared to an m130 and IIIx I have looked at closely.

    I think I have loaded up my m500 with lots of data and applications (51 items on the "Info" screen, including a Bible, AvantGo, and several documents and spreadsheets) and still have almost 3MB of memory left. When I start school again this spring, I will probably be glad I have that expansion slot.

    The m500 is so easy to use, I was comfortable with it in minutes, and my 4-year-old son has mastered it.

    I have had one crash. A game I loaded crashed, and required a reset. All data was gone, but all it took was a HotSync to get everything back -- that simple. I can see why many are unhappy with the included USB cradle, but it hasn't given me any trouble.

    All-in-all, I am very pleased. Now my wife is thinking about getting one for herself!

    (Edited 10-18-04)
    When my m500 was 13 months old it died. I think it's a problem with the battery or charging circuit. When it was 6 months old, it started a high-pitch buzzing sound when plugged into the cradle. Palm support said to try reseting, both soft and hard. The hard reset worked... for a while. Then I heard the same sound when it was not in the cradle and it had crashed. Tried all combinations of reset. Re-seated the battery, everything I could think of, and it won't run more than 10 minutes. New battery isn't worth it. Wife's m105 has a memory capacitor problem. I don't think I'll buy another palm unless I see that they have improved engineering and quality....more info
  • Great PDA, but there are little things.
    I have just upgraded from a Palm V with 2MB meomory to the Palm m500 + a 16MB card, giving me a total of 24 MB. So far I am very happy with it. The added memory allows me to keep virtually all my documents on the palm. I also developed the habit of writing daily notes. The small size is perfect to be carried around ALL THE TIME. The m500 synchronized with my laptop easily. In fatc, I synchronized it with two laptops, one with XP and another with Win 2000.

    I didn't have problems with the screen shifting, which I did with the old Palm V. When it happened with the Palm V I just tapped the Welcome icon and ran the preference setup again. But indeed I had to do it more and more later on. With the m500, I didn't need it so far (after about 2 months).

    However, I would like to bring up a couple of little glitches, and I'm not sure whether you all had the same problem:

    (1) The To Do List does not accept "due date" option. As soon as you enter the due date, the to do item disappears from the handheld, although it remains on the desktop.

    (2) I don't know how useful the expansion slot is. I can't put many of the programs on the expansion card, particularly Documents-To-Go. Despite having 16 MB sitting there, I can put preciously few things on it. It is not clear that once the internal memory is full everything will be automatically written on the expansion card. I suspect you cannot.

    (3) Don't waste your money on the travel kit. Buy a USB charger/sync cable ($16, I bought it for $9 at Best Buy). It is much lighter, much cheaper, and much more convenient.

    (4) Palm is trying to rip people off by making the accessories for m500/m515 completely incompatible with Palm V/Vx. So beware of it....more info

  • Would you trust your most important data to this?
    I owned a terrific Palm V which I dropped and destroyed by accident. Then I bought an m500. What a mistake. It has been nothing but problems.

    I had the same problems as everybody else with the USB cradle not Hotsynching. I tried resetting the handheld several times and eventually it came back on. But what a royal pain. Also, the battery has been a problem too. For two weeks I couldn't get a charge to hold. Again, hard resetting it over an over helped.

    This device cost far too much to behave this way. Tech support was limited and not helpful. I won't buy another Palm device....more info
  • Palm m500 review
    This is very usefull as it holds a great deal of medical PDA software. I just upgraded from a Palm VX. The expandable memory and price on this makes it a good buy. I didn't want a color PDA as I find color distracting and a bit unprofessional.
    This PDA is not as well built as the Palm VX but has the advantage of more memory and the added notepad feature which can store hand written scribble.
    I purchased mine directly from Palm as Amazon was out of them for a while. The price here on Amazon is much better.
    The Palm brand hard shell case for this PDA is very poorly made when contrasted with the hard shell case for the Palm VX.
    I purchased my Palm m500 with a 16mb expansion card so that I could add the PDR software which is available free to physicians. So far this PDA is running smoothly.
    Although the palm m500 looks a great deal like the Palm VX, it is designed so that NONE of the peripherals that go with the Palm VX will fit this palm ie the keyboard and hot sync apparatus.
    As one upgrades to this it requires the repurchase of EVERYTHING. This was disturbing....more info
  • review
    i had a palm zire but it is to slow and frustrating. so i decided to get the m500 instead of the m505 which was a lot better choice because if you read the reviews for the m505 it has a lot more bad comments. Plus do you really need a color screen when you can just use a backlight....more info
  • Palm M500
    the palm came in timely, the language was Japanese. It does not seem to want to charge up all the way....more info
  • Use it every day
    My only regret with the 500 is that it's not color, but when I bought it I didn't feel like spending extra for the color screen. There have been very few times when I missed a color screen; as I use mine for work rather than photos and games, a monochrome screen is fine. Otherwise I have no regrets - I literally use the Palm every day in many different settings. There is an abundance of excellent software (if you're in healthcare as I am, Epocrates ( is a must have, and it's free) available at sites like and for either low prices or for free. Even my 67 year old father who still regrets the passing of ink and quill uses one!

    Some criticism has been written about the battery life. I have never had the battery die on me and I use mine a lot. It recharges in under an hour, usually by the time I'm done HotSynching.

    One really neat feature of the whole Palm concept is that many programs (such as Epocrates, a medication reference guide) will access the Internet and update themselves everytime you Hotsynch. You always have the most current information available, and it's automatic. AvantGo is another program I use which does the same thing.

    I am certain that you will find these devices more useful than you expect, and in ways that you can't imagine....more info

  • Still one of the best
    Beautiful, slim, lightweight, shockproof body. (I have already dropped it once.) Simple, reliable operating system with battery life to last for weeks and a clear, low resolution LCD screen.

    I am deducting one star because beaming from another PALM stole information I never intended to share and because the stylus does not work at the outer edges of the screen.

    Overall, this is a good buy. You won't be disappointed....more info

  • "Was" a Great Product, Overpriced
    I bought an M500 over a year ago & truly loved it. Unfortunately, it stopped sync-ing with my computer. I learned that there was a problem with the cradles for M500s & had mine replaced. It never worked again however, & my warranty expired. They cost about [$] to fix, so I thought I might just look for a new one & get an extended warranty.

    The price is getting down near [$] (though not consistently) for refurbushed models at

    Right now (Feb 1,2003) , Palm is selling them new at [$]. I'm still shopping.... but carefully. Many vendors are currently selling them used or refurbished for this amount.. or more! Before Christmas, Palm noted the expected retail price as [$], but the actual selling price rarely reflects this. Overall, the selling price has remained inflated for this b&w screen product due to customer demand.

    So, for now, I'm biding my time........more info

  • thin, portable, great!!!
    Although 64 MB additional Ram decreases its speed, it is still the most thin, portable PDA!!!...more info
  • Palm m500
    I purchased this PDA to replace one that stopped working properly. The new one arrived quickly, works well and was easily loaded with the programs and data from my old one thanks to Palm's desktop programs. I am satisfied with the new unit. Note, that this is a backup PDA. I use it for a few applications but use my Dell Axim X3i for day-to-day work....more info
  • Palm m500 USB Sync Fails
    The m500 Palms fail on sync. Tech support is of little or no help. They will send a used and repaired replacement for $40 if you bought it withen 90 days of failure. Mine lasted 14 day. Don't buy a palm!...more info
  • Good while it lasted, but it is time to let go
    Carried me for almost ten years, with just a few crashes and technical problems and at reasonable expense. I bought a third at the end of the life of my second one and quickly realized that the technological world had passed the Palm Pilot by. It had always been a hassle to synchronize the device in its cradle, although it made me feel wonderfully productive when the process of "synching" noted all the additions, deletions and edits to my time and tasks.

    If all you want is an electronic calendar, with a good task tracker, this will suffice. But support and replacements will be progressively harder to come by and expect dismissive glances from Crackberry users....more info
  • Thin and neat
    I had a perfectly good IIIxe running Palm OS 3.5, but it was so bulky. This fits better into a shirt pocket (although it is still just a bit big for this) and is therefore more portable for me. The recent price reductions have made this a real bargain!...more info