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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages
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Product Description

Simultaneously released with Oracle of Seasons, this second Capcom-developed Zelda game is widely regarded as the more difficult of the two adventures, Oracle of Ages sees Link embark on a similar quest to that in Oracle of Seasons, in that he must rescue a beautiful woman from the clutches of an unspeakable evil. Link's adventure begins when he awakens in a strange forest deep within the land of Labrynna. By using the Harp of Ages, Link is able to transcend the very fabric of time, allowing him to jump between the past and present as the need arises. Complete the adventure to receive a password that can be used in Oracle of Seasons

One of two new Zelda games for the Game Boy Color, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages is geared towards the cerebral gamer, with its heavy focus on puzzle solving. The Triforce has alerted Link to trouble in the land of Labrynna, where the evil sorceress Veran has possessed Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. Veran travels back in time, setting up events that lead to a world where evil dominates. It's up to you to help Link stop Veran and set things straight.

Game mechanics and menus are similar to those found in Link's Awakening, also for the Game Boy. As in almost every Zelda game, you have to traverse eight dungeons and find eight key items. The harp of time is vital to your quest--it's required to manipulate events and stop Veran's rewriting of history.

Although this game is extremely enjoyable on its own, you'll want to use it in conjunction with its sister title: Oracle of Seasons. After you complete one game, you'll be given a password that lets you begin with all your items, statistics, and progress intact in the other. Certain characters will appear only by playing both games. By using a link cable, players can trade items. Game Boy Advance users will find a store that's exclusive to them.

While this is an excellent game, it might be too complicated for younger gamers or those looking for mindless fun. --Raymond M. Padilla


  • Dozens of crafty puzzles
  • Great as a standalone; outstanding in conjunction with its sister game
  • Nice bonuses for Game Boy Advance owners
  • Lots of reused sound effects from previous Zelda games
  • Longtime gamers might find the story and level design contrived
  • Be prepared for many puzzle-induced headaches

One of the most highly esteemed digital adventures is back on your Game Boy Color console in two new games: Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons. Both are independent games, but when they're linked between two Game Boy Color consoles via the separately sold Game Link cable, players can share items, uncover story elements, and unlock hidden areas in each game.

Using the Harp of Ages, Link must travel through time and space to save Nayru, the eponymous prophet in Oracle of Ages, who's been kidnapped by the evil sorceress Veran. By learning new melodies to play on the harp, players will travel to the past and affect changes in the present to solve the game's varied puzzles.

In Oracle of Seasons, players help Link embark on a quest to recover the Essences of Nature. To do so, he must first find the Rod of Seasons, a magical item that lets Link transform the landscape into the season of his choice, helping him overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Ricky the kangaroo, Moosh the winged bear, and Dimitri the dodongo accompany Link on this adventure.

  • Classic characters
  • all-new story
  • hidden levels
  • password exchange with Oracle of Seasons
  • Amazon RPG Story line

Customer Reviews:

  • An absolutely magnificent game.
    This game is truly amazing. It has a very well-thought plot. Nintendo obviously cared about the quality of this game. This game is a whole new chapter in the Zelda series. In it, our hero Link must save Nayru, the Oracle of Ages. She can control time to her will, an ability sought by the evil Veran, the Sorceress of Shadows. If you are considering buying this for yourself or your child, this game is one that requires some brainpower. It's very engaging. You'll come back for more long after you're finished. The replat value comes from the fact that you can explore two different worlds that connect in dynamic ways that you'll love.

    I personally think Nintendo enjoyed making this game more than Oracle of Seasons. Their past games have involved either time travel or two different worlds to explore. This game is more like the later titles in the Zelda series, especially A Link To The Past, Majora's Mask and Ocarina Of Time. And it's worked every time! This game is SO much more involved than Link's Awakening. Link's Awakening seemed so shallow, but this game is deep. If you buy only one game of the Oracles games, buy this one. It's magnificent!...more info

  • Definitely one of the best GB games on the market!
    This game is so good. The creators of this game are brilliant. At first when I started playing Oracle of Ages I didn't think it was too special and I thought it was too easy. I thought Seasons was much better and cooler. But I've started playing Oracle of Ages and it is definitely harder than I thought. I just finished the second level and it was pretty hard. The plot is awesome too. Veran, an evil witch is trying to take over Labrynna. She wants to make Labrynna go haywire by changing past events so that people in the present are affected. She possesses Nayru, the Oracle of Ages to go through time and change things. Link has to collect the 8 Essences of Time, save Nayru and defeat Veran. But it's not the end. If you beat both Ages and Seasons than you can link them together with the link cable and fight Ganon to save Princess Zelda. I think this is awesome. All I have now is three words for you: BUY THIS NOW!!!...more info
  • The series just get better with every new game!!!!
    I like Ages because it has lots of puzzles. I love puzzles better than fighting, so I chose this game as a favorite beacuse the storyline is really clear and has great sounds and graphics. I'm not saying Seasons is bad, though. The best part in when you link up, because you really get more out of your games. I would recommend Ages to anyone that loves puzzles....more info
  • An ultimate Game!!!!!!!!!!!
    Oracel of Ages is a Sequal to Oracel or Seasons(I am going to just start calling the games Seassens and ages). In a way they a both the same, but in another way they are both differant. The plot is very simular. In this game a Witch called Veran Puts herself in the Oracel of Ages(Nayru). She then an use Nayrus power to cause hicups in time. Link(Or who ever you name him(I named him Alex(Thats my name)) must go out and get the essence of time. You get one each time you beat a main Boss. There are mini bosses to. I have just gotten up to the part where you give the Mystery seeds to the Queen. I still can't get into Level 2(I would be lying if I told you that I'm positive about that). I've found it but either a rock is blocking it or a person is. If you know how to get into it can you please say how in a review. I have one more thing to say(or Write)!

    "THIS GAME RULES!!!!"...more info

  • Great RPG game
    I enjoyed this game even more than Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. (It's a great game too)

    At first you use specific portals to travel back and forth between past and present until you gain instruments that allow you to transport where you wish. Since I had already completed Oracle of Seasons, I was also able to learn secrects from Ages and use them in the other game. (I reccomend you purchase both games to get the most fun out of the games.)

    You also play small games during your quest (like target carts). Animal friends assist you in your travels in this game as well.

    You'll enjoy using a great number of weapons and tools - some different from Seasons.

    I was happy to beat the game, but a little sad that my adventure my over. I'm ready for another Zelda game already.

    I defintely reccommend buying this one....more info

  • Probably my favorite of the 2
    It's strange reviewing Oracle of Ages since, fundamentally, it's the same as Seasons. Same gameplay style, graphical quality and a theme to the puzzles but in the end these games are like one large story cut in half. But at times I tend to be biased towards the series since it's probably my favorite game series period not just in gameplay-wise but since I've never played a Zelda that I didn't either love or at least like(don't even think about suggesting those CD-I ones) and Ages is in the love group....sounded cheesy to say but how else can I word it? Ages is excellent.

    Story: Each game requires you save a princess and this time it turns out to be Nayru, Oracle of Ages. The one behind this is Veran and she intends to write history so Link, with the help of a mystical harp, has to stop Veran and if you play a linked game, beat the true masters behind it all. It's not exactly the deepest story but I didn't even care since I got wrapped up in it anyway.

    Graphics: This is Game Boy Color but regardless there vibrant and colorful with certain locations looking great and really pushing what the GBC can pull off at the time. It's a minor nitpick but whereas the various seasons in its sister game where colorful and rich regardless if it was fall or spring, the different times here just look kinda...plain looking. But it helps differentiate the past and the present.

    Sound/Music: Music is of course excellent and even if it came out of tiny speakers, they're still hummable and well-composed music. And of course you should know by now there's no voice acting to speak of since this is the GBC and a Zelda game no less.

    Gameplay: In a way it's similar to Link to the Past where altering something in the past affects progression in the present. Go in the past and change something and next thing you know the present has a brand new thing you can use. While I love the season dynamic better, the time aspect is quite fun and even genius at times. One thing though: Ages is the more difficult and the reliance is more on the series' trademark puzzles rather than outright fighting so better do brain massages Mr Burns style if you're going to pass these brain busters.

    The unique feature of these 2 games is in its password feature: beat one and you get a password. Load the other and input the password and NPC's from here will recognize you there and even make you do quests to get awesome items. Not to mention there's an additional ending to get if you beat both games using a password. One gripe is that you at times feel like you have to go back and forth and can't really switch games on the fly.

    Odd to say but one reason I gravitated to Ages when I was younger was because Nayru was the hotter Oracle than Din was and I had to save this one. Strange no? But regardless overall this is probably my favorite even though the seasons changing is better than the time one. But still if you can track these down, definately pick them up....more info
  • Ages Rocks
    Listen ive only played Ages But its way better than Ocarina Of Time And Majora's Mask put together. The worst things is the mini games i cant enter the sixth dungeon because of them (the dancing one is hard).If you go to buy one buy both if you play one you link and can play with new weapons available in the other game only....more info
  • Zelda lives on
    Zelda lives on in this great game. Everything about is just wonderful, and I don't think you could add anything to it to make it better. This game does have a kind of a good storyline at first but it gets better as the game progresses and if you want the ultimate game get seasons to for some really cool things that wouldn't be available in a normal game. So if you want a game thats worth twice as much as it is get this....more info
  • The best GB game ever made.
    This is without a doubt the best gameboy game ever made. It absolutely blows "Link's Awakening" out of the water. It has a great storyline that "Link's Awakening" lacked and all the great aspects we know and love from "A Link to the past" such as the warping back and fourth inbetween deminsions (time in this case). This game actually comes dangerously close to being better than "A Link to the past". One of the neato-puzzles that suprized and delighted me was when I was in the past on an island and couldn't figure out what I was supposed to do. I accidently pushed a vine seedling up a little. Suddenly having an idea, I pushed it under a ridge that I couldn't climb and warped back to the present. It had grown into a huge vine plant and I merely cimbed it out. It is filled with tons of other fun things not seen in any other Zelda game that I cant go into, but be assured, this is by far the best gameboy game ever made and if you loved "A Link to the past" (or any Zelda games) you will love this. It is a must-buy....more info
  • Highly addictive
    I'm going to have to say that this game might be the best Zelda game for any system. Much more difficult than Link's Awakening and I'm guessing it's twice as big. Go for it if you like the Zelda series. My only complaint: the mini-games. I don't know what kinda jerk thought these would be fun, but they aren't. It's a pain having to play a game over and over until you beat it. It wouldn't be so bad if you only played for extra prizes (like rupees, seeds, etc), but you have to beat quite a few of these games just to proceed to the next dungeon. Just a warning - this zelda game requires sharp reflexes, and might frustrate inexperienced gamers....more info
  • A MUST HAVE!!!
    I have to say Zelda:Oracle of Ages is one of the best games ever.Just like all Zelda games the storyline is deep and involved.Graphics and sound haven't changed but a true Zelda fan would'nt mind.Pick this one up first, then if you have the cash buy Oracle of Seasons.Let me say you will need help so get a guide... Good luck on the 7th dungeon....more info
  • 3 1/2 stars really
    the good:

    - you have to think. Usually the puzzle is mind-boggling, but when you actually figure it out, you say "oooooh, why didn't I think of that before?!"

    - Travelling back and forth between times was a good idea, and Nintendo had the sense to put portals within reasonable distance from all points. This gets even easier as you learn different songs later in the game.

    - The dungeons are challenging without making you want to rip your hair out.

    The So-So:

    - The animal companion. It doesn't do much that I can see, but I've only had one (Dimitri, the sea dragon/fish thing.)I've used him twice, and yeah, he's cute, but you don't get much mileage out of him. On the plus, they actually have some firepower, and don't just roll over and die with one hit.

    - The graphics. Now, I'm rating this against other handhelds' graphics, not the PS2. They're pretty, but just ok, when I know Nintendo has to capabilities to make beautiful graphics.

    The Bad:

    - most of the bosses are easy once you figure out the trick (which is also usually easy). Sometimes it takes as few as 6 hits to bring one down, and the minibosses are even worse. This doesn't mean you won't get killed, it just means you'll be more frustrated when you do beat them.

    - the idea of 4-8 aspects of nature (fire, water, ice, thunder, wind, earth, darkness, and holy, usually) is REALLY OLD, as are "themed" worlds (a town covered in fire, for example, and an underwater city.)

    Good, but not spectacular. Oracle of Ages is a solid addition, but nothing new....more info

  • Best game ever
    This game is awesome beyond all of the zelda series. It has a excellent story line and is perfect,....more info
  • One of the best games I've ever played
    Damn, that's a good game! I played every Zelda between Link to the Past and Twilight Princess, and I think that given the capabilities of the console it's on, this game is the best one. The story is one of the best in the series with progressive developments, twists and great character interaction. Although you'd think it would be less epic because it is not set in Hyrule, it actually feels equally epic. Time traveling (or traveling between one world to another--an aspect of almost every Zelda game) is done better than in any other game in the series. Also, the action before dungeons shines here like in no other Zelda game. This game features eight dungeons (nine if you're playing a linked game), not five-six like the more recent ones. Furthermore, whereas in most Zelda games, you don't go anywhere new after the first couple of dungeons, here you go to a new area after every dungeon, keeping the sense of exploration and excitement throughout the entire quest. Also, instead of becoming more rushed, action between dungeons gets longer and richer as you go on, eliminating my biggest complaint about most Zelda games. Also, although this is only a Game Boy game and doesn't include magic, the number of unique features like growing trees, collecting rings, etc. is staggering. The mini-games are numerous, there are a ton of things to do in town and to spend money on, and you can even ride one of three animal companions and swim quickly on the water surface or on the sea bottom in a mermaid suit. Overall, whereas Oracle of Seasons, although great, feels like it is from the older, less advanced era, Ages feels more refined than even the 3-D Zeldas. It is also tougher than the 3-D games, but you get a lot of heart pieces and potions early in the game, and enemies aren't as numerous as in Seasons, so you won't be frustrated because you're constantly dying.

    Anyway, buy the game. You'll end up replaying it again and again. If you want to link it with Seasons, which adds weapon upgrades, additional items, an extra challenge dungeon (the most challenging level in any game I've played), and Twinrova and Ganon boss fights in the end, I recommend that you play Seasons first. It feels more simplistic, so you'd feel like you're building up to the more complex Ages. ...more info
  • Cool Game
    This game is AMAZING. It's completely different from Seasons. Since I've already beat seasons, I took my password into Ages and started a linked game. But, this game is really challenging! I mean, at first i got through the first two dungeons without anyhelp, but the 3rd one was more puzzling than the others. I'm now on the 4th dungeon. Its better if you do a linked game. From my opinion, THIS IS A GREAT GAME!...more info
  • Oracle of Ages Review
    This is possibly one of the hardest Zelda games you will ever come across (of course Legend of Zelda and Link's Awakening are the other 2 Zelda's that are more difficult). The game is part of a 2 part game where you will need Oracles of Season to *complete* the game (you will get a ending for beating either Oracle of Ages or Oracle of Season by itself but you will not get the best ending without having both games). Also, unlike the pokemon series (which had Red and Blue versions which was the exact game but different pokemon included), the Oracle series are 2 completely different games. Oracle of Ages has a lot more puzzles and requires you to think a lot more in the dungeons. If you are not very familiar with RPG or Adventure games you will be stuck in a lot of spots (Oracle of Season is more action based and features less mind throbbing dungeons). Overall, Oracle of Ages is a great addition to the Zelda series (though I prefer Oracle of Season simply because I played that game before this game and had a more enjoyable time playing).

    I highly recommend this to anyone who is a fan of the Legend of Zelda series as it is simply too good to pass.

    Note: This game is no longer produced and very rarely sold in Mint Condition so be prepared to pay a lot for it, otherwise be wary of used copies as this game was released around 2000 and the battery might be dying on some of the used copies.

    2nd Note: This game can only be played on Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance and Game Boy SP (Game Boy Micro and DS cannot play this game)...more info
    I just bought this game last year and i thought it was going to be hard. But when i just started the game i was like no this is boring. After a few days i was wrong this game wasn't hard or boring. But it was the best. After the second dungeon i was stuck. I didn't know where to get the flippers. So i bought the guide. Then i realized that i really was going to use the guide because just because i forgot to follow a step in Crown Dungeon i had to start the game all over. Then i started to get back on the track and i finished the game.It was fun. So if i was you i would buy this game. BUY IT YOU WILL BE HAPPY!!!!!!!!...more info
  • A Great Game! (If you like puzzles)
    I think that this is a great game!!! It is one of those games that you can't put down. It can get confusing at some times, but don't let that stop you.
    It's hard to compare with Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, but only because it depends on what you like. If you like puzzles, get Ages, if you like action, get Seasons, although, Ages has its fair share of action, and I would be lying if I said that Seasons didn't have any puzzles. I have played both games and they are both great!!!
    I would definetly give this game two thumbs up, and 5 stars!...more info
  • One of the Greatest Zelda games Yet
    This game is great! Oracle of Ages has many puzzles and frustrating parts, but its a very fun game to play. I would spend hours on this game. If my family was going on a trip, this is the first game I usually pull out of my pouch. I would only reccomend this game to serious gamers, AS THE PUZZLES ARE VERY HARD! If you tend to want less puzzles, go with seasons. But I reccomend this game to any zelda fan. At the end of the game you also get a password to continue playing in seasons and get new Items. Overall, This game is one of the best games for GBC....more info
  • Part 1: "The Oracle of Ages"
    Its the first part in the "Oracle" 2-part mini-series, where Link must save the Ages by travelling back in time.This one has a nice selection of weapons, items etc., and the storyline is interesting!

    But much, MUCH harder than "Seasons". The all-new animals that help Link along the way, are a cool addition to this series. BTW, Check out: "Oracle of Seasons" ! BOTH ARE ALL IN GOOD FUN!!!!!...more info

  • Loads of fun
    A great rpg. It took hrs. to beat which is a little annoying but it was great! there were a couple of creatures that were frustrating to beat. overall great graphics and game play....more info
  • "Zelda Rocks"
    You won't believe how many Zelda Games I have seen! It's like Zelda has been passed down from generation to generation. I got the Oracle of Ages and I wish I would get Oracle of Seasons and both of them will be twice the fun! I recommend this to serious gamers...more info
  • Zelda Oralcle of ages
    - Interesting plot line - levels extremely complicated - need strategy guide to successfully complete game - charecters very interesting - thought it was cool that tingle returned - hard to understand at first...more info
  • Zelda's back on GBC and better then ever!
    Legend of Zelda Oracle of ages is an extremely good game. Anyone who likes the Legend of Zelda Links Awakening will fall instantly in love with it. With tons of new items like the harp of ages, and different seeds, and a bunch of old school items like rocs feather, and the power bracelet. With 8 dungons full of mind blowing puzzles, awesome new enemies and bosses shall keep you playing for a while. The only thing that was dissapionting for me with this game was that I beat the final boss, Veren, in one try and in Seasons it took me about 15 tries to beat the final boss. If you want more puzzles - get Ages. If you want more fighting - get Seasons....more info
  • Ages Review
    The first thing about this game is don't get a player's guide. It will be too easy. Try and get the other Oracle game, so you can get cool stuff like the Master Sword and the Mirror Shield. Not as good as Ocarina of Time but certainly up there. Although the last boss is easy there certainly are hard puzzles. It has a unique bunch of characters including Dimitri, the swimming Dodongo, Ricky the boxing Kangaroo and Moosh the flying Bear. It also has some sweet weapons like the Cane of Somaria, the Seed Shooter and the Switch Hook. Most importanly it's defiantly worth it's price....more info
  • great game
    this is by far one of the best games that i have ever played. its better than tony hawk, madden, and spyro. it has tons of challenges and is very tough at some points. you may get frustrated at times. i know i did! and im only on the 3rd dungeon. theres this guy u gotta drop bombs on at the right time. its pretty complicated. i would suggest getting this game very much. and although i havent, you should also get seasons. and watch out for the holes in the ground. theyre tricky. ;)...more info
  • Not as enjoyable as Seasons, but still good
    Like the title says, this game isn't quite as good as its companion The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons, nor is either of them magic in quite the same way Link's Awakening was, but it's still worth playing, especially as part of the pair. Link one again plays time traveler, using a harp and 3 different melodies to transport himself between the past and future of Labrynna, a land where he has been sent by the Triforce to save the missing Oracle of Ages. As he journeys through the similar but different landscapes of the 2 time periods, he will meet new friends and enemies, and face mindbending puzzles and challenging dungeons on his way to stop Veran, Sorceress of Shadows. The biggest problem with this game is that sometimes the challenge becomes frustrating, with no way to ease up on the level difficulty. Redeeming features inclue interesting people, and the collectible and very useful magic Rings. In addtion, the game connects with Seasons for a continuing double-length adventure leading up to the ultimate battle with an old foe. All in all, it's more than worth the price....more info
  • The Legend of Zelda: Oracle series is incredible!
    When you have both games, not only do you get to play each game to the end and beat the boss, but then you get to go on to the boss of BOTH games! The interaction between the two through codes called "secrets" is insanely fun! The ending to the games is different too! I found these two games to be incredibly amusing and amazing! I highly recommend you get both if you get one....more info
  • Ages and Seasons-Must Buy!
    Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons are hands-down the best Zelda games to hit the shelves in a long time. Both Ages and Seasons continue in the Zelda tradition-tons of items, mind-racking mazes, fun puzzles, and hard bosses.

    For beginners, I recommend starting with Oracle of Seasons. Seasons has more action compared to Ages, which is a more puzzle and maze game, but definately buy both. Nintendo and Capcom broke the mold with these truly awesome games....more info

  • Great Game!
    I loved this game. I have played it and Seasons about 10 times each. I liked this one better because of its emphasis on puzzles rather than fighting, but they are both wonderful. The game gets even better if you play it as a linked game. While playing a linked game, you can get upgrades, rings, and special items through secrets, and there are some plot changes and an extra dungeon at the end. All in all, Seasons and Ages are wonderful games!...more info
    I have ALWAYS LOVED Zelda, and this is one of thebest of their games so far! I couldn't stop playing it!...more info
  • This is my favorite Zelda game ever!
    You must get this game! I have played Seasons and own Ages and Ages is unbeatable(as in better than Seasons). If you must get a Zelda game, have a GBC or GBA, get Ages. And while you're at it, get a strategy guide for when you need one....more info
  • What the...
    Dudes!! This is the best Zelda game!! This makes a superb addition to Link's Awakning DX!!...more info
  • Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Ages.......
    One thing I absolutely despise about alot of Gameboy games, anymore, is how you have to buy them in twos just to be able to finish them. Such is the case with Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Ages & Oracle Seasons. Originally planned as a trilogy, this two-part adventure is exceptionally good which is why I highly recommend that you add them to your collection.
    It all begins in Oracle of Ages. Veran(The Sorceress of Shadows) kidnaps Nayru(The Oracle of Ages). Because Link feels directly responsible for her kidnapping(as you find out while playing the game), he sets out to find her and save her. With the Harp of Ages, he travels between the past and present meeting familiar faces (some of which you'll recognize from Ocarina of Time)in his effort to make things right. That's when the storyline deepens and the fun truly begins. Rest assured, though, he's not alone in this one. Along the way, he enlists the help of Moosh, Dimitri, and Ricky.
    Out of two games, in my opinion- this is the harder game of the two...but the most rewarding. I think Capcom did an outstanding job with their first effort in the Zelda series and I hope Nintendo continue to let them develop future installments for the Gameboy and the Gameboy Advance.
    Again, I highly recommend you add these games to your collection. They're awesome....more info
  • best game I have ever played
    this is the best zelda game I have ever played. its got good puzzels. you get awsome weapons. and the dungens are chalenging.
    overall this is a graet game....more info
  • Zelda almighty
    It is surprising how every new Zelda game is fresh and distinct in its own ways, yet still maintains the Zelda charm. Oracle of Ages does just that. It takes the tried and true system of Link's Awakening and adds new gameplay, weapons, abilities, and increasingly clever (and often times difficult) puzzles. Come to think of it, this is probably the best Zelda on Game Boy. It's a little easier than Oracle of Seasons, which is good, and it has much more zest to it than Link's Awakening did. Of course, it has its problems AS A GAME BOY GAME, but the Zelda Game Boy series seems almost entirely separate from other consoles. And in that sense, Oracle of Ages is a must have. Ideal for those long, weary vacations....more info
  • Another excellent Zelda game.
    This is another Zelda game that lives up to it's name. The puzzles in this game are some of the best I've seen, the plot is great, and there are plenty of secrets all around. Plus, when you play it in conjunction with Oracle of Seasons, it opens a whole new level of Zelda gaming! You can't call yourself a true Zelda fan without playing this great addition to the series!...more info
  • this game rocks!!!
    This game is perfect for those long road trips. I highly recommend it to all gamers. Oh, yeah. ... The Magic Staff is for Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons. The harp goes with Legend of Zelda: Oracle of time....more info
  • -> wow, pretty cool game! ->
    -> I just finished the game today -> Its a great game -> It totaly kicks Links Awakening's @?*! -> I'm begging my parents to get me the second one so I can use the secret -> Its really cool its not too hard but its definatly NOT too easy -> I love Zelda Games and this is probably the best one (actually two) yet -> (I really don't like the part where the Maku tree hits on you though -> its the only bad part of the game) <-...more info
  • Nintendo and Capcom did a great job
    I bought both games, and know, I've beat them, unlocking every secret... except the rings. The games are very good, Seasons and Ages are both completely different adventures, and you will have a good time if you get any of them. I receomend buying both though. Ages, in my opinion is harder, much harder, and I it is intended to be the second game, because of it's dificulty, and because on the intro, Link is riding Epona and the sun is about to set, while in Seasons, it seems to be noon, or the morning. You'll get to solve tons of puzzles, fight tons of monsters, and you'll have great fun.

    The second game changes depending on how you do some things, so it's a good idea to beat both a couple times, and beat them in different orders. Get the games, you won't be disapointed....more info

  • Just as good as Oracle of Seasons
    I was very enthusiastic about Oracle of Seasons, as you can tell by reading my review of it. I am happy to say that this game is just as good. My personal preferance of the two is Seasons, and if you can only buy one, I would recommend that. However, it is well worth it to buy both. Why, you say? Because of the incredible link system!! Nintendo has found an awesome way to make playing both games a very rich experience. The second game you play actually continues the first one, and links back to it often via story elements, characters, and, most importantly, secrets. These are codes allowing you to get great things in both games!! Additionally, these games are both totally enjoyable to play. The gameplay is engaging and fun. I highly recommend both of these games. Ages is more puzzle-oriented than Seasons - often things are more complicated than they seem, and you need to solve puzzles to get to levels and such. They are two of the best Game Boy games ever made and will definitely please you!!...more info
  • This game is the best buy both versions
    I love Zelda... So when I found out this game was coming out for gameboy color I had to have it. I had to have both versions. At first I thought maybe the red and blue were like Pokemon red and blue (pretty much same scenario but different characters). I later found out however that thay are both different games. I love both. If you like more puzzle type problems then get this one. If you lke more action get Oracle of Seasons (the red one). Both game are the bomb they need a 5 plus on this rating system....more info