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The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons
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Product Description

Game Boy Color entry into the series, coded by Capcom. Taking place in the world of Holodrum, far removed from the land of Hyrule, Link must embark on a quest that will see him traverse the land in its entirety in search of the Oracle of Seasons. By obtaining the Rod of Seasons, Link is able to manipulate the seasons by waving the wand atop any nearby tree stump. The landscape changes with each season, and though trees will be in full bloom in summer, during the winter months they'll lose their leaves, enabling Link to squeeze past them and enter new areas. Simultaneously released with Oracle of Ages, the two games are interconnected via a password feature

One of two new Zelda games for the Game Boy Color, The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons is the more action-focused title of the duo. The Triforce has alerted Link to trouble in the land of Holodrum, where the General of Darkness has kidnapped Din, the Oracle of Seasons. The villain hopes to transform Holodrum into a wasteland by changing the order of seasons. It's up to you to help Link save Holodrum by rescuing Din.

The game features more combat and fewer puzzles than its sister, making it better suited for younger gamers. Its mechanics and menus are similar to those found in Link's Awakening, also for the Game Boy. This is classic overhead role-playing at its best. The key item in this game is the rod of seasons, which allows Link to change seasons at will. For example, an impassable lake becomes a quick stroll by using the rod to change seasons from summer to winter.

Although this game is extremely enjoyable on its own, you'll want to use it in conjunction with its sister title: Oracle of Ages. After you complete one game you'll be given a password that lets you begin with all your items, statistics, and progress intact in the other. Certain characters will appear only by playing both games. By using a link cable, players can trade items. Game Boy Advance users will find a store that's exclusive to them.

While this is one of the best Game Boy titles ever, a truly sublime experience can be had playing it with its companion title. --Raymond M. Padilla


  • Hours of outstanding gameplay
  • Great as a standalone; outstanding in conjunction with its sister game
  • Nice bonuses for Game Boy Advance owners
  • Lots of reused sound effects from previous Zelda games
  • Longtime gamers might find the story and level design contrived
  • Your thumbs will get sore from all the battles

One of the most highly esteemed digital adventures is back on your Game Boy Color console in two new games: Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages. Both are independent games, but when they're linked between two Game Boy Color consoles via the separately sold Game Link cable, players can share items, uncover story elements, and unlock hidden areas in each game.

In Oracle of Seasons, players help Link embark on a quest to recover the Essences of Nature. To do so, he must first find the Rod of Seasons, a magical item that lets Link transform the landscape into the season of his choice, helping him overcome obstacles and solve puzzles. Ricky the kangaroo, Moosh the winged bear, and Dimitri the dodongo accompany Link on this adventure.

Using the Harp of Ages, Link must travel through time and space to save Nayru, the eponymous prophet in Oracle of Ages, who's been kidnapped by the evil sorceress Veran. By learning new melodies to play on the harp, players will travel to the past and affect changes in the present to solve the game's varied puzzles.

  • Classic characters
  • all-new story
  • hidden levels
  • password exchange with Oracle of Ages
  • one-player action

Customer Reviews:

  • An enjoyable Zelda you can take with you
    I notice a pattern with Zelda releases: when they're on Nintendo's main machines likes the Nintendo 64(Ocarina of Time) or the Wii(Twilight Princess), there's an unbelievable amount of hype and press that kicks in. The handheld stuff though gets raves from fans yet they barely register in terms of hype. Originally planned as a trilogy, Nintendo decided to make Link's next handheld adventure be a dual deal with Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages released simultaneously. Essentially they're the same game with minor alterations but boy do you have fun regardless.

    Story: Each game revolves around the need to rescue a princess and in this case it's Din, the Oracle of Seasons. With her kidnapped, the seasons are thrown out of balance which can potentially mean that there could be endless winter or quick shifts from summer to fall and back again. And of course it's up to Link to rescue her from Onyx.

    Graphics: Keep in mind that this is Game Boy Color so it probably won't have the dazzle that Minish Cap managed to pull off. Hell, it doesn't even look as sharp as Link to the Past. What it is though is vibrant and colorful and this game in particular just looks so rich. The game also has some anime-style still cut scenes to tell the story which is a nice touch.

    Sound/Music: Obviously no voice acting since this is GBC, not to mention a Zelda game. Where the game shines though as the series always has is in its music. While it probably doesn't have that instant purchase that Ocarina or Link to the Past was, it's nonetheless an enjoyable soundtrack that fits the mood for places perfectly.

    Gameplay: Zelda games on the GBC are pretty much the same as something like Link to the Past but in one sole difference: your inventory. While in LttP, you had to actually go to your screen for each individual item. Ocarina and onwards made it so that you can carry 3. Here it's 2. While it's weird to get used to, some bosses require you change items on the fly and I had no problem. There's some new items such as Rod of Seasons which you can use to progress in the game. An example is something is only accessible if you freeze a lake and provide a pathway then go back to spring and get the item.

    The big thing here is the password system. Essentially Seasons and Ages were meant to be bought at the same time; unlike Pokemon where you bought one and a friend bought the other, in order to get the most of Oracle series, you beat one and you get a password. Jot it down, start up the other and input the password and continue from there. Also, NPC's can give you passwords which you tell to people in the other game to get special items. While it gets slightly tedious to have to go back and forth all the time, the items tend to be well worth it.

    Now for people who are wondering, Seasons is the more accessible in terms of new Zelda players or in difficulty. This is more action-oriented and it's a bit more forgiving. So if you're more of the action type, pick Seasons. But in the end, you should just buy both since you'll probably think "well since I beat one of them..."...more info
  • cool
    it is awsome i love it but you should order it not go out and buy it once you beat one of them you get a password so you can contiue on the next...more info
  • Zelda....
    If your a Zelda fan then you'll like this game. Its a great rpg with lots of new things (like the rings). anyways you can change the seasons and different things happen in different seasons. Its fun. there's the new characters, which are fun. well you can make up you're own mind but i loved it!

    Helpfull hints: in winter: water freezes and u can get to the witchs hut, in fall: the leaves cover the holes and you can walk over them... I forgot the others......more info

  • Stoke the 1987 Fire Back Up Again
    I've been a fan since 1987. The original started it all for me. I actually bought a gameboy advance specifically for this title (and the upcoming Golden Sun) and I have to say OoS does nothing but please. I know, its not an advance game right? I tell you it looks spectacular on the GBA. From the first dungeon through to the cemetary, it almost felt like I was eleven years old all over again (though this game looks a lot better than the '87 release). The game is easy enough that you will finish it within a week or so of casual gaming, but fun enough that you'll pick it up and start all over again. Classic LOZ action, a great price, its portable... If you're a fan of the original LOZ you'll love this game. Buy it....more info
  • Great Portable Zelda Action
    Although I have not finished this game yet, I feel that have played enough to give a very accurate review. First off, you would be hard-pressed to find a better game for the Gameboy Color. Everything about this game is a amazing, right down to the series of blips and bleeps that pass for music on the Gameboy. If you've played Link's Awakening DX, you know how the controls in this game are: amazing. The only problem is that you cant face any diretions other than north, south, east and west, but it never hurts you during the game. The colors are very real looking, Capcom didn't try to do too much with the GBC's meager palette. Although the story is nothing special (your standard evil guy takes destroys something and kidnaps someone to take over the world), it feels very good for this type of a game. The bosses aren't too difficult, but some of you may need to use a strategy guide or FAQ. Any problems with this game are minimal, and should not be too much of an issue with anyone. Nintendo and Capcom scored a hit with The Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Seasons....more info
  • The Legend of Zelda Oracle of the Seasons
    It is a fun game and I have almost beaten the game.But you can't
    beat it without a cheatbook!I'm on level 8 trying to defeat the
    mini - boss.It is a challenging game like Oracle of the Ages.(I
    have both games.)...more info
  • Winds of Change have blown through Seasons
    This game, I must give respect to it for such a daring risk with the 2 game paks ages/seasons, but it just doesn't live up. I would much rather prefer Link's Awakening other than this. The game seems to rushed. I played this game for 1.5 weeks and I was 3/4's done. It just seems to rushed, it's confusing, there is nothing that separates this game from any other zelda game (I often forget whether I'm playing Season or Link to the Past[yet Link to the Past is an A+ game]). This game is trying to be too much like Ocarina of Time, what with the oracle that makes massive changes to the game, as does the ocarina, and this aspect isn't found in anyother hand-held Zelda game other than A Link to The Past (but don't forget, that is a port from SNES). All in all, if you are looking for a quick fix of Zelda.... go ahead and buy it, but I can't gaurantee you will be satisfied with it....more info
  • Great Game
    In my opinion this is the best Zelda game,but like I said that's my opinion.This game is mainly action.First you have to get the Rod of Seasons then get the spirits of the four seasons.Then,you can start slashing moblins.This is a great game.Link it up with an Ages gamepack and finish it and you can fight someone..I
    won't spoil it.Get this game if you want some good action.I has enough puzzles too,but Ages is a must if you want a really confusing game.I have both and if you have the cash you should get both....more info
  • Game Boy Advance
    I bought this for my gba and it is a really good game. It doesn't cover the full screen unless you go wide which looks weird but a lot of fun....more info
  • Legend of Zelda Rocks!!!!
    This game is amazing! I spent every day waking up to go play. Once you beat the first game the second game is the best. Many people think that the two games of Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Seasons and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages are the same like Pokemon Gold and Silver. But they're two different games in reality. But be prepared to have a lot of frustration. I reccomend that you buy a guide book unless you want to spend a year of your life playing. If you are playing Pokemon right now, forget it. Pokemon will never measure up to Legend of Zelda....more info
  • Very Good Game! Two Thumbs Up!...
    This is a very good game; however I have one objection. After you beat the final boss, (in the un-linked game) there is nothing else to do afterwards. Also I would recommend you buy this game after you buy Oracle of Ages. They link but you must finish the Oracle of Ages first so if you buy Oracle of Seasons and then Ages than you play a game in Seasons that you will just end up playing again (you can not use passwords in a Seasons game that you didn't start as a passwords game, and you can't start a passwords game with out Ages). ......more info
  • This Awesome game
    This game is cool, I would buy both ages and seasons though. If you only want to get one I would recamend seasons....more info
  • Zelda Rules!
    Another in the series of, perhaps, the most fun video game for all ages! Highly recommend, if you don't already have it....more info
  • da bomb!!!
    I think it's a exelent RPG for the GBC.It's adventure is god for the zelda saga along with the chalenging puzzles....more info
  • Zelda: Oracle Of Seasons
    Seasons is an excellent game that is far more than one of Nintendo's games created just to make an extra buck. It is hours of challenging and fun levels. It is a bit easy though, and slightly under par from its sister counterpart, Ages in my opinion. But overall it deserves five stars. Have fun playing it....more info
  • Best game since Link's Awakening
    Oracle of Seasons, along with it's sister, Oracle of Ages, is a truly awesome game. With most everyone's attention being drawn towards the new Game Boy Advance, these games may be lost in the shuffle, but these new Zelda games fit right in with the Zelda tradition, mind-racking puzzles and challenging bosses.

    Both are a MUST-BUY...more info

  • An Action Packed Zelda Game!
    Oracle of Seasons was the first Zelda game I ever owned. I first got the interest when I found out my friend had it, and was having trouble beating the first Boss. I just so happened to come across how to beat him. If you don't want to know how to beat the first Boss do not read on.

    I found out that the only way to give damage to the First Boss(Which was a Dragon), was to Slash at his Horn with your Sword. When fighting him try to dodge his Sonic Wave attacks.

    Well I manged to get Oracle seasons on My Birthday(Well my party actually. I had it 20 days early because my Birthday was to close to Christmas. December 20 is My Birthday). I'll have to admit that about 65% of my game was beaten by being told how do it by my friends and I also looked at Stratagy guides. Well I have just beaten Level 3 which I found hard untill I got up to the Main Boss(No thats not a missprint. The Main Boss for the third level was easy).

    What I like about Oracle of Seasons is that you can get Animal buddies. A flying bear, a swimming creature that looks like the Level 2 Boss except it's got a broken horn, and a Kangaroo. At the Moment I have only got the kangaroo. His name is Ricky.

    I'll now tell you the plot of Oracle of Seasons. Link(or whatever you name him)is found Uncouncis by the Dancer named Din. Link awakes and starts dancing with Din. Link and Din dance untill Onox General of Darkness comes and kidnappes Din, who is the Oracle of Seasons. Onox imprissons Din, buries the Temple of Seasons and sends the Seasons of Holdrdam into Chaos. Impa tells Link about Din being the Oracle of Seasons. Impa also tells Link that he must go and collect the 8 essence of Nature, and rescue Din.

    This game features the Maku Tree. The Maku Tree is like The Great Deku Tree in Ocarina of Time.

    If you get on top of a Tree stump and swing the Rod of Seasons, you will change the Season.

    I would just like to recommend that you by this Game. IT ROCKS!...more info

  • Awsome
    This is a great game. There's lots to do. You can befriend animals and even go to a strange "cool" new world. I think its a lot better than oracle of ages. There are some hard parts but if you buy the guide it'll help alot....more info
    this game is so BORING! you play at first and love it but then you get real bored cuz you get stuck at dungeon 3 cuz it makes you deal with this boss who kills you in one big blast so i put that game in my "rejected games"box. this game SUCKS!!! it is a waste of money and time DO NOT BUY THIS GAME!!!!...more info
  • Seasons RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thhis is one of the best legend of zelda games ever made so far i own the legend of zelda oracana of time and majoras mask . The legend of zelda orcal of seasons is really fun i got this game for my b-day which was last year <2001> and it took me until this year to beat the game so if you like callenging games get this game rigt away!!!!! [p.s. by the way you should try to get the guide book or else its super hard]...more info
  • this is the game! of zelda games
    I myself am a major fan of zelda games (I already beat the game in 5 days), and this is the coolest of them all, and it isn't too hard either. I like the idea of linking the other to this one and having three games on one pack!

    You should get this game! (especially zelda fans)...more info

  • best game ever (along with ages)
    link up to ages to continue a game or share passwords! This game is awesome!...more info
  • A 5 star review, well what do you think?
    This is a wonderful game. If you have ever played any of the other games you'll love this one. It has an amazing plot. But its not one of those really easy games. I ADVISE you to get one of the Nitendo Power books that show you from a birds eye view the landscape, secret passages, hidden items, what to do, and so forth. After you beat this one save any passwords and buy Oracle of Ages. A simular game only different changes. Any of the Zelda games are wonderful....more info
  • Absorbing and Fun
    Last summer I got a job working as a night security man at a warehouse. I bought and started playing Oracle of Seasons to help pass the time during those nights.

    The game was excellent. It's a classic, tried and true Zelda adventure. Often, I would get so absorbed in this game that I lost track of time. I remember one night playing this game for what seemed like an hour only to look up and see that three hours had passed!

    My favorite part of Oracle of Seasons was the bosses. I would be so motivated to get through each dungeon just because I wanted to see what the next bizzarre boss would be like. And once at the boss, it was always fun and challenging figuring out the strategy needed to beat him.

    Anyway, I'm sure we all know that this game is awesome, and so I'm not going to repeat the praises given in the other reviews. Instead I will now discuss the few flaws and why I only gave this game four stars.

    First, the puzzles aren't challenging enough. While they might give a thirteen year old a hard time, they're pretty easy by adult standards. There wasn't one puzzle in the game where I couldn't just stop and think for a second to get the answer, often it was just a matter of finding a tree stump to change the season, and that's not hard either considering you have a map that tells you where all the tree stumps are.

    Also, the ring system was kind of annoying. Link can find rings, but before he can use them he has to get them appraised and equipped at the ring shop. I can understand having to get them appraised, but it gets a bit tedious having to go back to the ring shop every time you want to equip a different ring.

    Finally, I think they could have made the plot better. When I played Link's Awakening for gameboy I was very interested in the plot. I was curious about the Wind Fish and what would happen when I beat the game and woke him up. Oracle of Seasons plot doesn't have that element of suspense or curiousity. (They do give you a password at the end to play Oracle of Ages, but even though this is a really good game, after spending thrity or so hours playing Oracle of Seasons the last thing I want to do is run out and buy an nearly identical game. Password or no password.)...more info
  • Definetely the better of the Oracle series
    Okay, first let me tell you something before I begin. This was my first Zelda game, and I was very impressed with it. I later bought Oracle of Ages, and I can tell you quite honestly that this is the better of the two.

    There are many things that give this game an advantage over Ages. To me, this was as good an introduction to the entire Zelda saga as I could have imagined, although the very first one probably would have been helpful too :). Anyways, I found that everything in this game was easy to understand and to follow, and I picked up on the gameplay very quickly. If I had started with Ages, I would have been left in the dark and become discouraged.

    The people are much nicer to talk to in Seasons, and that makes it easier, knowing that going up to someone in the game, you will probably get a kind response. Not so in Ages, as some (maybe even most) of the people are surly in response, which I did not find very appealing.

    One of the most blatant benefits of the game is that there are four different variations to each tile, Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter, whereas there is only Past and Present in Ages.

    The bottom line is, I enjoyed this game very much, and would recommend it even to one who has never played a Zelda game before. I would also STRONGLY recommend that this is the first that you should buy in the Oracle series....more info

  • I Loved It!!!
    For fans of Zelda it's a must!!! If you like rpg games then this is a good game. It's classic Zelda with a bit more... The only downside is that it takes a while to beat. I played it before i played ages and i think i liked this one a little more. Ages was also great. These were great games that were put out. anyway overall i give it a 10/10....more info
  • Legend of Zelda Rocks!!!!
    This game is amazing! I spent every day waking up to go play. Once you beat the first game the second game is the best. Many people think that the two games of Legend of Zelda:Oracle of Seasons and Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages are the same like Pokemon Gold and Silver. But there two different games in reality. But be prepared to have a lot of frustration. I reccomend that you buy a guide book unless you want to spend a year of your life playing. If you are playing Pokemon right now, forget it. Pokemon will never measure up to Legend of Zelda....more info