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Pet Sounds
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Street Release Date: 02/05/2001

If you need some pointy-headed pundit to sell you on the merits of Pet Sounds, your money might be better spent on an ear specialist. Brian Wilson's gift to 20th-century music elevated this pop album into a beguiling musical and emotional cogency that still operates outside pop culture's fickle space-time continuum--and limited critical lexicon. There's never been another record to compare (Rubber Soul, its inspiration, is close; Sgt. Pepper's, its response, misses the point), and certainly no album has been as dissected, overanalyzed, and predigested for public consumption. In 1997 Capitol Records devoted an entire four-disc box set, The Pet Sounds Sessions, to its thorough deconstruction. The techno-marvel centerpiece of that project--the album's first true stereo mix, painstakingly conjured out of multitape session sources by producer-engineer Mark Linett (under Wilson's supervision)--was at once heresy and revelation. Now the label has gratifyingly seen fit to offer both mixes on a single disc (along with alternate versions of "Hang On to Your Ego," the original title of "I Know There's An Answer"), an idea that should please the orthodox and heretics alike. And while the album has always clearly been The Brian Wilson Show featuring the Beach Boys, David Leaf's concise new notes attempt to be more inclusive of a wider band perspective. The result (three of the five band members claim credit for the album title) sometimes resembles Rashomon. If Pet Sounds forever crystallized the band's various creative (in)differences, it also became Wilson's grand karmic joke on his band mates; its burgeoning reputation (Mojo magazine's panel of pop experts once elected it greatest album of all time) guaranteed they would sing its songs--and praises--until the end. And if putting two different versions of the same album on one disc seems like overkill, look at the bright side: it's a perfect excuse to listen to the glorious Pet Sounds twice. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Pet Sounds
    Pet Sounds being The Beach Boys 11th studio album and their 1966 release and singles released on the album were "Caroline No", "Wouldn't it be nice", "Sloop John B" and "God Only Knows". Yes it is a good album, however to compare it with "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" does not work for me as I consider Beatles to be far superior. Even Rolling Stones has made better albums then this. However, do not get me wrong this is a good album, but not as good as many would have you believe. The booklet is very nice with many photographs, liner notes written by Brian Wilson and David Leaf. No lyrics are included but we get a list of whom plays what on each track. 4/5....more info
  • Love It!
    Happy to experience this cd. I had only heard great things about it, now I know why!...more info
  • OK, let's get a grip!
    OK, I have read several reviews here giving this masterpiece a two and three star rating and for the reason being that it "is not the greatest album ever." So, if the album does not qualify as greatest ever it gets a **? Wow, that is going to leave a couple million records with * out there. Well, In my humble opinion, this is arguably the greatest album ever. And guess what, this is the only Beach Boys album I own. So don't go calling me some Beach Boy fanatic. But I can respect genius, especially genius that is as far ahead of it's time as this album. Every song is brilliant and in just the right place. I would put it in the category of Led Zeppelin IV, Who's Next, and several other classics. You don't think it is the best ever? So be it, but spare me these ** and *** star ratings, that is ridiculous!...more info
  • very melancholy
    I was looking for the upbeat poppy beach boys...this is definetely not it...b vitamins... st johns wort...psych drugs...anyone?...more info
  • I feel so broke up.....
    Beatles.....Beach Boys. Who cares. Listen to this album from beginning to end. Forget that its songs have been ravaged for commercial purposes (cheesy movie and t.v. show backup.) and listen. It doesn't matter who thinks who is better What matters is that the album is real. You can feel the emotion whether your 60 or 16. What makes the album great is not about how influential it was or what a magazine top ten list says. Its that when the Beach Boys made it, they meant it....more info
  • Simply put.....
    Simply put, "God Only Knows," if you want to experience the genius that is Brian Wilson this album will show you that and a whole lot more. AMAZING!!!!...more info
  • The Best album ever
    Simply the best album of the XX century, it was recorded in 1966 but we can hear it today and sounds very recent, just as if it was recorded last week, an album that can sound that good is really good.

    There is no doubt on Brian Wilson's genius, this albums proves it.

    ...more info
  • If heaven had music...
    This album would be Earth's best attempt to copy it. There are so many different sounds to this album that are a joy to discover. I particularly like the mono recordings, even though I first heard the stereo recordings. If you are going to buy this album, buy the album that has both recordings on it and have fun comparing the different tracks. As far as the Sgt. Pepper/Pet Sounds dispute I only would say that there is a major difference between the sounds of Revolver and Sgt. Pepper - and the album that bridges that divide is Pet Sounds. Stop comparing the two and enjoy them for what they are. Personally, I dig Pet Sounds more because there seems to be a terrific spirit revolving around the album, which is something that I don't really get from the later Beatles Albums (even though they are my favorite group.)...more info
  • Perfect sounds
    What it is there to say about this album. It is without doubt one of the greatest albums of the popular music era. However until recently I didn't know the album that well, and so I've put it on my Ipod so that I'd hear it a little more frequently. With the Ipod in shuffle mode occasionally a brilliant track would come on that I didn't know (didn't even know it was The Beach Boys believe it or not), and I'd rush over to the Ipod to find out what the track was, only to find it was from Pet Sounds.

    So what makes it so good. Well for me its the combination of the beautiful sounds that Brian Wilson produced for the album, combined with his brilliant songwriting. Perhaps its best summed up by 'God Only Knows', which is such an exquistely crafted song, with trademark Beach Boys harmonies and that achingly beautiful melody. However the marvellous 'Here Today' pushes it close as the best track on the album.

    It really shouldn't matter what sort of music you like, this album should be in your collection.
    ...more info
  • It's Ok - What???????
    I like it. It's got a good beat, good lyrics and I can dance to it. I can't wait until their next 45 is out. ...more info
  • Understanding "Pet Sounds"
    Some of the reveiws here in the place have seemed to not understand the reason why "Pet Sounds" rings abroad albums and is constantly in competition with various Beatle's albums as the "greatest album ever made". It is important to realize first and formost that albums, after reaching such a selection process and being moved into the higher tier of "greats" can not just be appreciated for their pleasing sound.

    "Revolver" for example, has what ive seen many on here say "Pet Sounds" has: about one great song and three good ones.
    now this is true in terms of "sounding lovely" but in terms of musical masterpiece this is not the case.

    when i first listened to Pet Sounds, each song started and i asked myself "why am i listening to this?". but by the time each song was over i felt like a different person
    the rich chord progressions illustrate the movement that words alone can not explain. Take for example the infamous "God Only Knows". It is a swirl of diminished verse with many inverted chords that keep the listener tagged through its bipolar verses... then the refrain of "god only knows..." is a rich set of major chords (A-E/G#-F#m7) followed by a m7 which is a major chord with a changed root. If i was to post the chords in verse on here it would look like higher math.
    this is what the "genius" of Brian Wilson comes to.
    When a musician heres an album a lot more goes into play than the sound alone. The technicality, a word oft thrown around yet seldom understood, is another window into the "what" of the song and sound and an explanation of the feelings.
    Thus a song like "Thats Not Me" keeps it begging sensationalism not through its simplistic lyrics, but by balancing such simplisity upon a background chorus of percussive indecency... a strange combination that shows not only the narrator's desperation but also his frustration.

    The only songs that shouldnt have been on the album from an outstanding standpoint would be the instrumentals...
    not because they are free of genius or do not have a complex meaning... but instead because they do not fit the overall flow of the album.

    my recommendation for anyone who buys this album:
    you must listen to it more than once
    the first time, other than a few songs, you will probably be wondering why anyone in the world would say this was the best album, let alone good.
    but the more you listen the more you feel
    the more the harmonies play the more you can understand

    the lyrical meanings of the songs mean nothing when not compared to the harmonies beneath them...
    imagine Wouldnt it Be Nice in Minor
    that would change everything the song has ever stood for

    also, Wilson's rythmic movement and enjambments should be noticed and the effect they have (such as in "Dont Talk") are astounding to the listening ear.

    in conclusion
    the reason this is one of the greatest albums ever, or possibly the greatest (i have yet to find few who compete) is because it is like a jazz album: it is a listening mans CD. if you just pop it in and lolly around you get nothing. Yet if you become involved with the music, past the normal level of casuality... a plea made by the BBs and the Beatles at this time... You will find what makes it the "greatest album" yet. It touches more than the mind. It touches the mind and heart, and will profoundly affect the way you hear things in the future....more info
  • Listen! Listen! Listen!
    To those who haven't a clue....... Listen again. You're missing it!!!! One of the greatest albums ever? Deceptively so! You have to understand first that Brian Wilson's genius was taking sophisticated musical ideas and making them accessible - almost simple. As in "Don't Talk" you must "listen! listen! listen!" (By the way, one of the finest moments of this album).

    Brian Wilson was also a master at moving each of these songs through time. Although the musical/lyrical elements making up each song are staggering, every track moves effortlessly and unencumbered. The melody of "God Only Knows" for example, is understatement at best moving over layers of complex harmonies/sounds/vocals through a unsentimental steady chiming. A masterpiece. I just can't get enough of that song. Absolutely breathtaking. The pity is that so many people "Frank Sinatra" the song and absolutely butcher it. There should be law against it.

    I have to admit I'm no Beatles fan --- I`m sure they're great - history and legions of fans say so - I just don't happen to "get" them ---I just don't hear it ---- There is not one Beatles song that I have ever heard that I liked enough to listen to again. (I've heard many countless times - not by my choice.) And I have never listened to an entire Beatle's album through. I just don't get how "Yellow Submarine" compares to "God Only Knows." I guess I need to listen to an entire album to get a clue. As a previous reviewer stated - it's comparing apples and oranges. The level of sophistication as far as I can tell is directed in different areas. The Beatles were clever, musically gifted and creative. Brian Wilson was (still is - up for debate) a genius - like I said ..... apples and oranges......

    Getting back to "Pet Sounds" a musician can easily discern the musical genius, however (as someone previously stated) for the average listener (and musician alike) it's an experience that has to "hit you". It's either there or not. You either "get it" or you "don't."

    So for those of you who don't have a clue, if you will give "Pet Sounds" another try, I'll give the Beatles' a listen or two or three or four..... Maybe we'll both "get" it....more info
  • Listen to the music, people...the MUSIC!!
    I think that being included on virtually every modern top 10 list ever made carries with it the inevitable curse of people looking at each other and saying "what's the big freakin' DEAL?" I see this being the case with Pet Sounds. I have said many times before, and I will say it again, that comparing one artist with another is pointless. Can I understand why so many people compare The Beach Boys to The Beatles? Sure. They both were popular at right around the same time, and historically they inspired each other to try new things in their work. That, right there, is where all comparisons should end. First and foremost, The Beach Boys were not a rock band; they were a pop music group. I mean, Pet Sounds features more Timpani solos than guitar solos! They did not have the same aesthetic, they did not sing about the same subject matter, their songs were constructed in completely different ways. So why all this persistence in comparing Pet Sounds to Revolver or Sgt. Pepper? It's like comparing classical music with jazz - it just doesn't add up. In and of itself, without thinking about how great "Taxman" is, Pet Sounds is a truly enjoyable record. It's songs are immaculately produced. It's melodies are rich and textured. Lyrically speaking it may not have broken any ground, but I don't think that's what they were going for. I think the focus was on the music, and that's what we should all be focusing on. 5 stars....more info
  • My, personal, favorite album of all time.
    Its totaly pointless talking about which albums are "better" than others. Taste is subjective, and there is no scorecard for art, so just can it.

    That being said, Jesus, no other album has hit me emotionally the way Pet Sounds does. Lyrically, musically, just... everything. Its one of those things that if you have to EXPLAIN to someone why its so great, they're missing the point all together. This album just has to hit you. If it doesn't, well, all the good reviews and top albums of all time lists in the world can't fix that.

    It hit me. Boy did it hit me hard (I just recently discovered this album). Its just something you listen to, and then go "Oh Jesus, this is so much better than anything I've ever heard before" You get excited at your new discovery, and then you get that sinking feeling, knowing that everything you thought was good before is going to sound awful now in comparison. It creates a new world of music, and destroys your old one all at the same time. Yes, its THAT good (Radiohead's OK Computer was the only other album to ever do this for me).

    And hey, if you have to ask "Why?", well dude, just don't even bother. It can't be explained, it just has to be felt. This kind of music just isn't for everyone.

    But it is for me....more info
  • One year before Sgt. Pepper
    Pet Sounds is from 1966; one year before Sgt. Pepper was released; my favorite album of all time. Pet Sounds also uses various instruments that are played throughout the songs, making for some listening experience. It is a great album of pop music. Some of my favorites are "Wouldn't It Be Nice", "I'm Waiting for the Day", "Sloop John B", "God Only Knows", "I Know There's An Answer", "Here Today", "Pet Sounds", and "Hang On to Your Ego".
    ...more info
  • Listening thru others ears
    Somewhere in the liner notes it says that "the Beatles" listened to Pet Sounds, then wrote "SGT Pepper", i don't hear any revamping of style other than some already present harmonies. I like "Pet Sounds" better.
    Too many moving lyrics and harmonies, for me nothing can ever beat the Lyric to "Caroline, no". " Oh, Caroline you. What timeing!
    I do try to imagine while listening, what the "Beatles" were experiencing, i come up with admiration and respect for a truly American sound, without the 1,4,5, progression.
    Nice also that the cd offers the entire album in both MONO and re-mastered STEREO...more info
  • Must Have Classic BB album
    The Pet Sounds album is one of my favorite albums of the "Beach Boys". I just love it! I enjoy the lyrics of the Pet Sounds songs as well as the tunes and the instrumentals.
    I had the chance to watch two beach boy's concerts and Brian Wilson solo. The Pet Sound tracks still sound fresh and some individual PS tracks rank amongst the best BB songs ever....more info