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Blow by Blow
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His guitar-slinging contributions to the Yardbirds having dwarfed those of Eric Clapton or Jimmy Page, Mrs. Beck's bad boy spent the next several years playing blues-rock (the Jeff Beck Group with Rod Stewart), soul-rock (the second edition of that band), and leading a power trio. Then, he made this all-instrumental album, which was a huge 1975 success. Produced by George Martin, the nine-song session finds Beck fronting a keyboards-bass-drums outfit, augmented by some tastefully unobtrusive string arrangements. Call it a jazz-fusion album at your own risk. While Beck's playing is less in-your-face than his previous efforts, all the fierce attack, thick tone, microtonal bends, distortion, feedback, vibrato, sustain, sonic hoodoo, and rhythmic and harmonic creativity that the man's fans have come to know and love can be heard here. "Freeway Jam" boasts the most memorable melody and thus remains a Classic Rock staple to this day. "Cause We've Ended As Lovers"--written by Stevie Wonder--is Beck's gorgeous tribute to one of his own guitar-heroes, the now-deceased Roy Buchanan. --Don Waller

Digitally Remastered Version of his Classic 1975 Release.produced By George Martin.

Customer Reviews:

  • Blown Away
    I bought the vinyl when it was first on sale ! Loved it so much I had to have it in my collection of really great instrumental guitar collections.
    The cd sounds great, and the music is still as good to listen to as it was back in the day....more info
  • Stellar Performances
    This has been a favourite cd of mine for longer than I care to remember and having read some of the reviews posted here I can't believe no one has mentioned the drumming of Richard Bailey. He really drives these tunes for JB.His playing is a lesson in finesse and skill. Drumming with a mixture of funk and fusion. This cd along with "Wired" are absolute must haves for serious musicians....more info
  • The first of his instrumental solo albums
    Jeff Beck has always been one of Rocks premiere guitarists.
    This is Becks' first solo instrumental album.
    It was produced by George Martin.
    On this CD you will find a very stong version of the Beatles classic, She's A Woman.
    Cause We Ended As Lovers is another very strong effort and it has almost a blues feel to it.
    Freeway Jam also appears on this album and is one of his finest instrumental songs ever.
    Diamond Dust ends the CD on a very strong note.
    This is Jeff Beck at his best. I would recomend this album to anyone....more info
  • A Generation Later, BLOW BY BLOW Still Dazzles The Ear
    Though BLOW BY BLOW had antecedents in the seminal heavy fusion of Coryell, Cobham, Larry Young's Spaceball, etc, for Jeff Beck this was a quantum leap forward in sound, an inspired mix of styles/genres that not only works, but single-handedly made the all-instrumental rock album, heavy on lead guitar, commercially viable. BLOW BY BLOW featured Beck out of his usual guise - noise merchant strangling his Strat - and his artistic restlessness leads him into subtler and more varied hues of playing on such diverse offerings as "You Know What I Mean" (jagged-edge funk), "Scatterbrain" (high-powered fusion) and "Cause We've Ended As Lovers" (permafrost blues), to cite only three. This opened the doors-of-perception of any number of guitar-hero acolytes at the time (quite a few journeys towards the inner mounting flame pitstopped at this album for refueling on the way), as well as cementing Beck firmly in the all-time Guitar Pantheon. People who don't know guitar players from Adam know who Jeff Beck is - at least partially, if not mostly, due to this terrific album. To some of us who bought this on vinyl Way Back When, BLOW BY BLOW's huge sales and high profile are hopeful signs that now and again, even if by accident, the public-at-large actually gets it....more info
  • This IS IT!!!...
    ...Or at least one of about 25 albums that belong in the "Essential Fusion" Hall of Fame(along with albums such as "Birds of Fire","Thrust","Romantic Warrior","Unorthodox Behavior","Believe IT","Black Market","In a Silent Way","Spectrum","Enigmatic Ocean","School Days","Elegant Gypsy".....Need I continue?). Though a little "Bluesy" for my tastes in fusion,it is a defining testament of what I know to be the jazz-rock genre. It combines,as any music calling itself fusion should, a blend of different musical styles...jazz,rock,world,Latin and, in this case,Blues. And as we've all come to expect with this type of music, there's plenty of Virtoustic playing, shifting time meters and solos to be heard on this release. What did it for me with Blow by Blow can be described in one word...THE GROOVE! This album just has a wonderful vibe and Flow about it---the title was no coincidence...these songs literally come at you like punches from a Prize Fighter(often one song flowing into the next). There is also a great diversity of music represented on this album. The listener will certainly find something in this mixed-bag to "latch onto"---The intense jamming on tunes like "Air Blower" and "Scatterbrain"; The Funky grooves of "You Know What I Mean", "Constipated Duck" and "Thelonious"; The Rockin' "Freeway Jam" and the mellower moods of "Cause We've Ended..." and "Diamond Dust". So if you are looking for "more adventurous" sounds and are just starting to explore this music form that we have dubbed "Fusion", this is a MUST BUY. As a side note, I would strongly recommend his follow up to this one,"Wired",as well as any of the above mentioned Albums/Artists. Have Fun with this one! Jeff...more info
  • A True Masterpiece
    I got this on lp when it came out in '75 . It was so exciting hearing this back then. With this recording all of Becks contemporaries fell by the wayside . An extremely elegant recording and perhaps the first that showed me how beautiful the electric guitar can be in the right hands . A must !...more info
    Quite simply, this release is a masterpiece. I hate how people often compare "Wired" and "Blow by Blow", always preferring one over the other. Here is what I think. They are both suberb recordings, fairly similar but each with its own feel. Get them both! You can't have one without the other if you are a Jeff Beck fan....more info
  • Hypnotized by Diamond Dust
    If the public at large understood music such as this, they would refuse to have their intelligence further insulted by most of the drum-machined-copy-and-paste-it-get-rich-quick-excrement on the radio. As a musician myself, I'd give both my arms to write and record a song so endearing as "Diamond Dust" Thank you Mr. Beck for inspiring me to invest time in my guitar playing, throw out my drum machine and samples and make better music!...more info
    Simply put, this is a superb CD! I got this CD when it first came out and it remains a favorite. Beck and the band were firing on all cylinders on this release. From the funkiness of the opening track to the great ensemble jamming on 'Scatterbrain' the band simply cooks! 'Cause We've Ended As Lovers' is an absolutely beautiful display of sweet, emotion-filled guitar playing. Jeff plays as if someone just broke his heart and the emotion is pouring out. I get chills every time I hear this track, just beautifully played. And kudos to a very fine drummer, the ever funky and tight Richard Bailey. He has a knack for knowing what to play and when to play it and gets a chance to showcase his tasteful drumming without overplaying and showing off. I haven't heard all of Beck's albums so I don't know if this ranks as his best but man, it's gotta be right there! This is what I call a must-have CD. Brilliant!...more info
  • The Master Remastered
    Blow By Blow has been among my top 10 guitar albums since its original vinyl release, and yes I have purchased a copy in each of its incarnations (including the Mobile Fidelity release).
    I didn't think it could get much better than that, but thanks to advances in digital mastering technology, the 2001 remaster does offer noticable improvements. The separation of different instruments seems more pronounced, and the increase in the overall levels causes the music to virtually leap from the speakers.
    I wish all remasters delivered the satisfaction that this does (for me anyway).
    What's next? Perhaps an extended 2-disc remix of the entire session? I'll set a few sheckels aside, just in case....more info
  • Influences
    I used to own the vinyl LP of this album, later the CD, then it was stolen. I must replace it. I saw a concert of John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra back in 1975 when "Visions of the Emerald Beyond" was just released. Jeff Beck was the warm-up act (ha!). At the end of the concert both guitarists jammed for a half-hour together and blew us all away. I think that collaboration rubbed off on both of them for subsequent albums. What a night!...more info
  • A masterpiece, pure and simple!
    This CD blew me away 25 years ago, and still does today. Despite the number of 'guitar heroes' (whom all of which I admire very much) out there, 'Blow by Blow' was THE one to get the guitar-rock-fusion thing going.

    This CD is FAR from dated - it has hooks, jumps, jams and all sorts of other stuff to put it ahead of the pack. Beck, already a 'classic guitarist', outdid himself on this one. The variety of tones and intensity on all the compositions are awesome. 'Freeway Jam' is a classic, as well as the mellow 'Cause we ended as Lovers' - just these 2 are worth price of admission. 'Scatterbrain' and the other gems on 'Side 1' displays Beck's ability to make his way around a guitar like no guitarist could...

    This has to be one in your collection if you are a 'guitar-rock' fan (eg Satriani, Vai). Even if you are not, this CD would appeal to the non 'guitar-rock-music' fanatic......more info

  • Amazing Differences...
    I've read the reviews here, and one thing becomes apparent as I do... amongst those who truly love this album you will notice that everybody seems to cherish different songs on it. That to me is the hallmark of a classic recording. I myself have been listening to this album since 1976, and I've never tired of it. Each time it reveals something new to me. There is so much I could say, but don't have the words. In the end, for me my favorite (if I had to pick one) would be Diamond Dust, although I love every song on this album, and it will always be one of my all time favorites. Give it a try, because it will change you for the better. ...more info
  • Brings Back Memories
    Wow I had this on an LP and this brings back great memories of hanging out with my buddy and listening to real rock and roll!!...more info
  • some great instrumental/experimental from Jeff Beck
    This album is very interesting. It is a blues,rock,jazz and funk guitar album. The songs are all instrumental and feature some great guitar work from one of the greats, Jeff Beck. Jeff Beck explores many different types of music and blends them together and the results is fantastic. The best songs are "Freeway Jam", "Diamond Dust" and his tribute to the late great master of the Telecaster Roy Buchanan, called "Cause We've Ended As Lovers". Monumental guitarmanship from Jeff Beck....more info
  • Four of his best
    This special album has survived the test of time and mainly for four songs: Scatterbrain, Cause We've Survived As Lovers, Freeway Jam, and Diamond Dust.

    These are among his best and provide Beck with the framework to be the next "king of fusion guitar" after John McLaughlin....more info
  • Blows You Away
    This is the best place to start when it comes to Beck's solo work. The material is top grade (including Stevie Wonder compositions like "We've Ended as Lovers" and Beatles' "She's a woman), with great production by the legendary George Martin, a top notch band, and most of all: tasteful, brilliant guitar by Jeff Beck. Each and every track--yes all of them-- is a fusion/instrumental guitar classic. Those who play guitar have probably seen every track transcribed in a guitar mag at some point. It's hard to pick a highlight from such a monster album, but if I had to, I'd say the emotion drenched guitar on the superbly executed "We've ended as Lovers." Ever wondered why Beck is mentioned in the same breath as Hendrix, Clapton, Gilmour etc.? Check this out. ...more info
  • Genius.
    The word above and similar ( e.g. trendsetting, awesome!) has been overused and wasted on artists who lack inspiration/imagination. For me Jeff Beck is as instantly identifiable as Django Reinhardt.(i understand that Reinhardt was one of Jeffs heroes)There are lots of things that he infact shares with Django e.g. his total nonchalance towards formal musical theory, which in itself makes him fearless and without boundaries.He knows of NO restrictions but also doesn't take his talent too seriously. Another thing he shares is his incredibly good ear for music and his complete unpredictability.
    BECK TAKES CHANCES!! Perhaps his lifelong fascination with fast cars and his near death misses have spilled over into his musical arena?? Whatever. Whilst other guitarists try and play 30 notes a second Beck can hold one note, bend it, add sustain, feedback & harmonics and drive you to the edge of insanity. Jeff does use the WHOLE guitar and if there's one thing alone that really impresses me about Beck is that on every song he changes his guitar tone sometimes after every few bars. In this way his guitar takes on it's own personality and at times it's like six different people having a conversation with you at once. I can't stand it when guitarists use just one tone throughout their whole album(very boring and a waste of the instruments capabilities)
    This is a rare aspect. I don't know of anyone else in the rock idiom who can accomplish this...not even Hendrix could go from pure tone to mid range to fuzz to reverb all on one song ( listen to "She's A Woman"). It's also like a painter using different textures and colours to create a masterpiece.In the early days Les Paul was the only other person to colour his songs with various tones but Jeff has taken it much further.
    Personally i didn't know a Strat, Tele or Les Paul could acheive so many different sounds and nuances but Jeff can go from screaming psychosis to lyrically poignant beauty all in the space of seconds.("Constipated Duck" is another example).
    "Freeway Jam" became Jeffs anthem and Stevie Wonders song to Syreeta " Because We've Ended As Lovers" is very popular from this c.d. There was one tune from this record that i skipped the stylus past when i was a youngster back in 1974 and that was the last track "Diamond Dust". I preferred to hear Jeff tear down walls with feedback.
    Today, as i'm alot older, this song is my all time favourite of Jeffs.
    It has to be one of the most haunting and mesmerizing songs ever written.Almost from another Planet. The chords cycle is augmented and obtuse ..sort of unresolved in a Stravinsky/George Russell fashion evoking the vision of a real diamond dust sheen across the Austrian Alps. The timing seems to be 6/8 and the song is so complicated harmonically that it would make Thelonius Monk shudder.
    If you are looking for the all time best guitar c.d please don't look any further. But also if you are a drummer you'd be astonished to know that the guy for this session was only 18 yrs old at the time (Richard Bailey). His overall contribution to this classic album is beyond words.
    Is it any wonder why this album is still considered to be a landmark even after 34 years? ...more info
  • Pure Virtuosity From the Best Ever!
    Amazing. This record is almost thirty years old, features ancient effects like the 'Talk Box' and an old raspy fuzztone, and contains none of the million-notes-per-second 'shredder' mentality that became so common in the post-Eddie music world. And yet I've never heard a more brilliant display of guitar genius in my life than what Jeff Beck delivers on 'Blow by Blow'. A bit more satisfying, in my opinion, than 'Wired', every song stands strongly on its own merits ('Thelonius', with its truly badass funk riff, is my personal favorite), with no 'filler' material whatsoever. The emotion and soul of his technique here is staggering. Any Beck-head in the world can tell you in detail why he ranks above his fellow Yardbirds alumni, but this is the record that makes a strong case as to why he's the best ever. A must have!...more info
  • From 'Hi Ho Silver Lining' to this?! Magnificent!
    I first heard this album 24 years ago, after I left school with a pile of tapes made for me by a friend. I knew it had a strong reputation with the school cognoscenti, and yet I still virtually ignored it. I blame my crummy cassette deck. Listening now in 2001 to the gloriously re-mastered CD, I realise what a treat I've been missing.

    Jeff Beck has always been much better appreciated in the States than in his home country. In the UK, we know him largely for the 60's nostalgia singalong single, 'Hi Ho Silver Lining'. Play that next to BLOW BY BLOW and you can only conclude that either his has been a hugely under-acknowledged talent or he has been the master of reinventing himself.

    Here he suddenly invades jazz-rock territory and asserts an immediate claim to the crown. There are touches of Return to Forever's Al diMeola, but the benchmark album for Beck's sound here is Larry Coryell on Eleventh House's LEVEL ONE, a remarkable LP which has never been reissued on CD.

    Beck is first and foremost an instrumentalist rather than a composer. Having decided on Beatles producer George Martin for this solo LP, it was no great surprise that he should end up doing a Lennon/McCartney number as well as a couple of Stevie Wonder songs. The band throughout is Beck on guitars, Richard Bailey (not Billy Cobham) on drums, Phil Chenn on bass, and the amazingly versatile Max Middleton on keyboards -- he was also a linchpin on John Martyn's GLORIOUS FOOL and Chris Rea's ON THE BEACH, for example. My favourite tracks are the two Wonder songs, 'Thelonius' and the soulful 'Cause We've Ended as Lovers', but the band's playing is outstanding throughout. It's extraordinary that they existed for this one LP.

    As the other reviewers say, you have to get both this and WIRED....more info

  • If You Like Jeff Beck's.......
    Cause We Ended As Lovers. You may want to check out Cheili Minucci's version of the same song. If you can find a better guitar instrumental, let me know. Other great albums for the guitarist would be Joe Pass Virtuoso and George Bensons Breezin

    Without a doubt, Jeff Beck's Blow by Blow is one of the finest jazz fusion, blues, contemporary rock instrumentals of all times - a must have for all guitarist....more info
  • Speechless...
    How can anyone rate this album any lower than 5 stars? This is one of Jeff Beck's finest albums. Although you probably already know that.

    Cause We've Ended as Lovers doesn't even need to be mentioned that it is wonderful...just hit play! Same with the rest of the CD. Give it a listen. And, if you're a man of good taste, listen to it again....more info

  • Overshadowed for too long...
    For years it seemed as though "Wired" was continually put forth as Beck's masterpiece when for me there was never any comparision with "Blow By Blow", not in terms of arrangements, the color in his playing or the overall production. I didn't think you could improve on the original LP's sound until I heard the 24-bit version through headphones. "Virtuoso" can be misleading when referring to Beck. For a lot of people, the term implies speed, complexity and perhaps an excess of notes. For myself though, Beck has always been about touch and tone and expressive playing. What's obvious to hear now that I didn't realize listening in the 70's was how much he picked with just his bare fingers. You'd have to go back to vintage Leslie West to find a guy who can say as much with a single note as Beck does here....more info
  • Best Beck Song...
    I agree with the other posters. This is a great album. But I noticed that one person said that 'Constipated Duck' was the only weak spot. I couldnt disagree more. That is my favorite song on the album!! It is completely skewed and very experimental. My best friend and I both play guitar, and in college, we would get lit up and listen to this album, and the first time I heard it, I was blown away. It appeals to me on the same level as the Beatles "Only A Northern Song". Sort of atonal, but not. Its very musical actually. I also reccomend the Live Beck album with Jan Hammer. Thats really great too....more info
  • Highly recommed as a first step to exploring jazz
    Given the already vast number of 5-star reviews for this recording which generally echo my sentiment towards this masterpiece, I will simply add that I highly recommend Jeff Beck's "Blow by Blow" to anyone who wants to make a seemless transition from the world of pop/rock to that of jazz, and instrumental music in general. Growing up I was raised on top 40, funk, and rock, and found it difficult at first to appreciate music that was made for the sake of music (as opposed to social/political agendas, club dancing, making $$$ for music execs, rebelling against parents, etc.). But "Blow by Blow", along with Coltrane's "Giant Steps" and Miles Davis's "Kind of Blue" sent me in the direction I was looking for. For me "Blow by Blow" represented everything I enjoyed about rock (soloing, improvisation, the drums/guitar/bass/keyboard paradigm) with most of the nonsense (the howls, rants, and raves of lead singers, cliche lyrics, monotonous rhythms, and clownish attire) discarded. Moreover, Beck's guitar work on this recording pretty much closed the books on Jazz fusion as people had perceived it back then, simply because he did it all on that one record! It would take other musical geniuses, e.g. (Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays,
    and Weather Report) to expand jazz in different directions....more info
  • Excellent example of Jeff Beck tone
    I think this CD is a good example of the famous Jeff Beck tone. I recommend it to those who want to dive into that world of guitar tone and having a whole album contain material that makes you want to play the entire album....more info
    If Jeff Beck was lucky enough to be a Dog, he'd probably be a Whippet: fast, intelligent, dangerous, and highly strung.
    He came to prominence in the mid-Sixties. Then, his guitar slinging capabilities were put to the test when he successfully replaced Eric Clapton in the Yardbirds. After blowing his mind (and everyone else's) whilst on tour in America, Mrs. Beck's Bad Boy spent the next few years searching for his musical kennel. First of all there was the Blues rock of the Jeff Beck Group which sensationally contained Rod Stewert, Ronnie Wood, and Nicky Hopkins on keyboards, (who turned down Led Zeppelin to join this outfit). Then there was a second edition of the band, with Cozy Powell, which went nowhere. After that he forged a union with ex-Vanilla Fudge rhythm section Tim Bogart and Carmine Appice (British Dogs & American Cats obviously don't mix!).After which he made this all instrumental album, which was an incredible success all over the world. Supported by Max Middleton on Keyboards, he also had the fifth Beatle, George Martin, producing the whole thing.' Blow By Blow' finds young Mr. Beck with a bass-drums-keyboards outfit, which was augmented by some tastefully unobtrusive string arrangement. But don't let that fool you, the guitar is right up there in your face throughout. All his trade mark licks, fierce attacks, thick tones, micro-tonal bending, distortion, screaming feedback, vibrato, sustain, sonic hoodoo, and splatter blasting are all still there.Within the concept of Martin's superb production, Jeff Beck is still let loose on such crazy workouts as "Air Blower", "Scatter Brain" and the supersonic "Freeway Jam", where the sound effects department are put to the test.Jeff Beck also proves that he can structure a melody and turn it into something of great beauty. "Cause We've Ended As Lovers", written by Stevie Wonder is Beck's gorgeous tribute to his own guitar hero, the sadly departed Roy Buchanan. The final track," Diamond Dust" is the guitarist at the absolute peak of his powers, clocking in at nearly nine minutes. It's guaranteed to send shivers up and down your spine. Blow By Blow was certainly Jeff Beck's finest hour but, to get the full blown story, you should also buy the 3 C.D. Beckology, which will take you with Jeff Beck from 1962 - 1990. Enjoy.Mott the Dog....more info
  • Studio vs. Live
    Blow by Blow - The CD is what I remember from the past, which is what I was wanting.

    After listening to the CD, I realized that I used to LOVE the LIVE version of some of these tunes... and so, I bought the Jeff Beck/Jan Hammer LIVE CD.

    Blow by Blow is a studio recording which I find a little "dry" when compared to the energy of the LIVE CD... But it's still Jeff Beck!
    ...more info
  • Just to let everybody know...
    This cd is a great cd. I want to let everybody know though that Jeff Beck was inspired to do this type of music after he heard the late great Tommy Bolin (James Gang,Deep Purple). Tommy did a album with Billy Cobham (who is also on this cd) when Jeff heard it he was blown away. If you like this kind of music please check out Billy Cobham's cd Spectrum with Tommy Bolin on guitar. This cd is a great cd in it's own right though. Enjoy....more info
  • Blows me away
    it's about 1980, and I'm working the vampire shift at a local free-format radio station. I play the grooves off of this one, because it's hot. The tracks get into my veins and make my blood smoke. Well, maybe not. Hey. I was a child of the 60's, and Jeff Beck was earlier a member of one the seminal bands of my generation. At any rate, I love this album. Diamond Dust is the best track on the album. Maybe one of the best tracks of all time. And listening to it again, it stands the test of time. You want to update your old vinyl collection? Buy this on CD. Sounds just like being there. You'll never regret it....more info
  • Jeff, the voice in the guitar
    There is no other guitarist I can think of that can make the instrument communicate on such a Vocal level as Jeff Beck. On this album - and particularly on "Cause We're Ended as Lovers" - he plays with such soul and depth, phrasing as if his instrument is really breathing and singing for him.

    As for the rest of the album: George Martin's production (and string arrangement on "Diamond Dust") is sympathetic and always on the right level to carry every part of Jeff and his band's playing.

    Speaking as a singer, I can only rave that Jeff makes the guitar communicate so richly. He's the greatest, and this album offers ample proof. A beautiful album....more info
  • One of Beck's Best
    Blow by Blow is, no doubt, one of Jeff Beck's best albums. I also recommend getting You Had It Coming (2001), Wired (1976), and Guitar Shop (1989) for more of Jeff's best.

    I do not believe there is one bad track on this album. Cause We've Ended as Lovers is obviously the stand out track, but we'll get back to that later. Jeff's cover of She's a Woman is superb, his work with the talkbox is matched by no other guitarist. Too bad Frampton had to go and kill it.

    A.I.R. Blower and Scatterbrain are also very strong tunes. They contain great melodies, and great solos. Each has a long break in the middle for Jeff to really sing with his guitar. Thelonius is a fun tune, and Freeway Jam is one of my favorite rock tunes, this is classic rock indeed. Diamond Dust contains more of Jeff's emotional playing.

    As promised, I will now get back to Cause We've Ended as Lovers. This track is beautiful, emotional, and tasteful. It can be compared to Nadia (of You Had It Coming). It contains a great solo from Jeff, and allows Jeff to really open up and show us what he can do. The best of the album, and one of the best of Jeff's career. Really beautiful. Jeff uses a hot rodded Telecaster, appropriately named the Tele-Gib. A nice tone....more info