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All-Clad Stainless Open Stir Fry Pan
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Product Description

Smaller than the original wok, the stir fry pan's flat bottom allows for easy stove top use. Good for cooking smaller amounts of vegetables, rice, seafood, meat, and poultry, using a stir fry technique.

The bestseller among All-Clad's renowned cookware collections, the Stainless line provides serious and professional cooks with all the virtues that make All-Clad's worldwide reputation unsurpassed. Key to its high performance is a three-ply, bonded construction. Sandwiched between the exterior and an 18/10 stainless-steel interior is a thick aluminum core that spreads heat evenly across the bottom of the pan and all the way up its sides. The interior is 18/10 stainless steel, highly polished so it's stick- as well as stain- and corrosion-resistant. The exterior is gleaming, magnetic stainless steel that works on induction as well as conventional stovetops and, with care, remains beautiful during this cookware's lifetime warranty against defects--and beyond.

This rounded, wok-like pan with a narrow, flat bottom makes clear why All-Clad's Stainless line is so popular. It's 10 inches in diameter and 2-1/2 inches deep, perfect for stir-frying pad thai or asparagus in black-bean sauce on the stovetop. Its long, polished 18/10 stainless-steel handle is riveted to the pan for strength, grooved on the top and rounded on the bottom for comfort, and holed in the end for hanging on a hook or peg. Like the pan's helper handle, it stays cool on the stovetop but won't be harmed by an oven's highest heat. Although Stainless cookware is dishwasher-safe, hand washing is recommended. --Fred Brack

From the Manufacturer
All-Clad Stainless Construction
Each piece of All-Clad cookware features a unique metal bonding construction. All-Clad Stainless cookware sandwiches a thick core of three separate layers of aluminum between an easy-to-clean, highly polished 18/10 stainless-steel cooking surface and a magnetic stainless-steel exterior. The aluminum core retains heat and evenly distributes it along the bottom and up the sidewalls of the cookware. The stainless interior is stick-resistant and cleans easily. The magnetic stainless-steel exterior gives the cookware a gleaming finish. All-Clad Stainless also features the company¡¯s signature "stay-cool" long handles, lids fashioned from gleaming 18/10 stainless steel, and highly durable stainless-steel rivets. All-Clad Stainless cookware is one of five collections from All-Clad Metalcrafters. Designed to work on conventional gas and electric ranges, as well as induction cooktops, All-Clad Stainless cookware is the best-selling collection in a full line that includes All-Clad LTD, Cop-R-Chef, Master Chef 2, and Copper Core.

Features and Benefits
All-Clad pans with a stainless interior cooking surface are oven-safe up to 500 degrees. All-Clad pans with a non-stick cooking surface are oven-safe up to 400 degrees, but should not be used under the broiler. We recommend using a low to medium temperature when cooking with All-Clad. Higher heats are not necessary and may cause discoloration (see cleaning instructions below). Other features include:

  • Beautifully polished, magnetic stainless exterior layer.
  • Pure aluminum core that not only covers the bottom of the pan but also extends up the sides. This allows for great heat conductivity as well as an even heat distribution so you won¡¯t have "hot spots" when cooking.
  • Stainless-steel interior layer/cooking surface.
  • Long, polished stainless, stay-cool handles.
  • Sturdy, non-corrosive stainless-steel rivets won't react with foods.
  • Polished stainless-steel lids fit evenly with the pan¡¯s edges to seal in flavor of your foods.
  • The All-Clad Stainless collection is compatible with an induction stovetop (with the exception of a few pieces) in addition to gas and electric stovetops.
  • The Stainless collection is dishwasher-safe, excluding pieces with a nonstick cooking surface.

From date of purchase, All-Clad guarantees to repair or replace any item found defective in material, construction or workmanship under normal use and following care instructions. This excludes damage from misuse or abuse. Minor imperfections and slight color variations are normal.

Cleaning Instructions
For daily cleaning, warm soapy water is sufficient. Clean your All-Clad thoroughly after each use. Food films left of the pan may cause discoloration and sticking. To get rid of stuck-on food or discoloration and stains from using too high of a heat, we recommend cleaning your All-Clad with a product called Bar Keeper¡¯s Friend. To use the Bar Keeper¡¯s Friend, simply use a soft cloth or sponge and water and make into a soupy paste. This can be used on the interior, as well as the exterior of your All-Clad (excluding the Cop-R-Chef). The Bar Keeper¡¯s Friend can also be used on the exterior of the All-Clad Stainless collection, LTD collection, and MC2 collection. For cleaning of the Cop-R-Chef exterior, simply use a brass/copper cleaner. If your water has a high iron content, you may notice a rusty discoloration. Use Bar Keeper¡¯s Friend to remove it.

All-Clad Stainless Selection
In recent years, a professional-size 14-inch fry pan was added to the Stainless fry pan assortment, as well as several popular specialty pans, including: the small-size petite brasier with a dome-shaped lid; petite roti roasting pan; and the beautiful, large-capacity Dutch oven and French oven oval roasting pan with roasting rack. Both of these one-pot comfort food specialty pans comes with All-Clad¡¯s popular high dome-shaped lid. Other specialty pans include a larger brasier pan with domed-shape lid; a complete family of round-shaped saucier saucepans for versatile stove-top cooking; a flare-sided Windsor pan in two sizes, designed for reduction and the creation of rich sauces; and a contemporary "Soup for Two" 3-1/2-quart soup pot; casseroles; an open stir fry; a versatile wok-style chef¡¯s pan; and a "Pasta Pentola" 7-quart stockpot with colander insert and lid. All saucepans, casseroles, saut¨¦ pans, stock pots, and specialty items come with lids. Double boiler and steamer inserts, including the large steamer insert for 6-quart, 8-quart and 12-quart stockpots, are available as well. Stainless cookware sets are available in various sizes, from a starter 5-piece to a complete 10-piece set.

About All-Clad Metalcrafters
Based in Canonsburg, Pennsylvania, All-Clad Metalcrafters markets premium quality cookware to department and specialty stores in the United States, along with premium All-Clad bonded bakeware, All-Clad All-Professional kitchen tools, and a growing assortment of kitchen accessories, including All-Clad¡¯s upscale tea kettle, measuring scoop set, stainless-steel mixing bowls, kitchen colanders, and 1-cup measuring cup. Featuring a unique metal bonding process, All-Clad cookware is used in many of the finest restaurants in America, and is sought by serious home cooks seeking all-professional cookware to enhance their cooking experience.

  • Rounded, wok-like, 10-inch pan with flat bottom pan for stir-frying
  • Three-ply: stainless-steel layers sandwich pure aluminum core for even heating
  • Long, comfortable, stay-cool handle riveted for strength; includes helper handle
  • Dishwasher safe, but hand washing recommended
  • Lifetime warranty against defects

Customer Reviews:

  • Workhorse in a pan
    This wok-like pan is perfect for small to small-medium batches of stir fry; since I purchased it I find myself getting my large wok out less and less.
    Like other All-Clad pans, it has even heat conduction, has non-stick qualities without the non-stick finish-- non-stick finishes seem to impede browning-- and is easy to clean. This pan is a workhorse in my kitchen!...more info
  • Too small...
    It's All Clad quality, but the size is just too small to do anything substantial with it....more info
  • Perfect all-in-one pan
    I do a lot of stir frying, using one pan to do many dishes. As a result I needed a pan that had non-stick quality for quick and easy cleaning and one that could take high heat from my professional stovetop. When pan and oil are heated to the right temperature the interior 18/10 stainless steel surface behaved as if it were nonstick. The heat was evenly conducted bottom through the sides, this due to the aluminium core sandwich being continuous from the bottom up the sides. The sides are high enough to not have food spill out in the process of vigourous stir frying. The height is also good for small item deep frying. The steep sloping of the sides enabled food to rotate well, falling back easily into the pan. Quality pans tend to be heavy, All Clad without exception but this size is perfectly manageable for tossing ingredients if need to. It also cooks a generous portion for one to two persons. All types(including metal) of utensils can be used with it. This is a solid, handsome and versatile pan with wonderful easy care and use. It is a total joy to cook with and one that gives you confidence that it will last a long, long time....more info
  • Can't live without it!
    Definitely not a replacement for a standard fry pan but this is a great addition to your established cookware set!

    I love doing stirfry in this pan. This pan heats up fast and evenly, even on my old stove. I really enjoy tossing food in this pan, the rounded wok-like sides really makes tossing food easy and mess free.

    Can't say enough good things about this pan.

    One thing though, if you don't have a lid that fits this pan I would consider looking at the pan with lid included (or purchase a tempered glass lid from Amazon). I find myself requiring a lid for quite a few of my stirfry dishes....more info

  • great but small
    I love this pan is so non stick and cooks extremely well. I don't like a larger wok because if you try to cook too much food in a larger pan it will cool down and your food gets boiled not fried quickly enough. This pan being smaller ... does not allow you to try to cook too much, it's great really ! Pricey but i think worth it, it doesn't have a lid . I have a lid from another pot, that I use occasionally and it is fine ,( who wants another lid to store? ) And i do not want to pay for a another lid from all clad with the price they charge !...more info