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Black & Decker Lawn Hog 18-Inch 12 Amp Electric Mulching Mower, Flip-Handle #MM675
List Price: $421.14

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Product Description

Bravo to Black & Decker for two great innovations on this electric mower. First, the flip-over handle! You get to the end of a pass, flip the handle and head back the other way in an instant. Next, users will especially appreciate the one-touch lever that raises and lowers all four wheels at once from 1 inch to 3-1/2 inches, saving the trouble of adjusting each wheel's height. It's about time. In addition, the electric 12-amp motor means hassle-free starting, no gas/oil mixes, no fumes, less noise, and no battery to charge. The cushioned handle adjusts for the user's height, another nice touch not available on most mowers. It mulches beautifully, but if you prefer, you can purchase a side bag. Electric mowers have their naysayers, but if you're in the market for one, you can't beat this.--Kris Jensen-Van Heste

Light and easy to push, the Black & Decker MM675 Lawn Hog 18-inch 12 Amp Electric Mulching Mower with Flip-Handle is an ideal mower for yards where an electrical outlet is within 100 feet of the furthest area to be cut. It has a flip-over handle feature that allows the cord to remain conveniently out of the way and out of the cutting path. Other features include an 18-inch polymer deck that mulches, discharges, or side-bags with an optional bag (sold separately), a powerful 12 Amp electric motor, and a 1-lever height adjustment that adjusts all four wheels at once from 1 to 3-1/2 inches. With no gas, oil, or tune-ups to worry about, this mower is easy to maintain. With a lightweight design (only 46 pounds), this mower comes with a limited lifetime warranty on the deck and a limited 2-year warranty on everything else.

  • Powerful 12 Amp motor
  • 18-inch cutting path; 100-foot range
  • 1-lever height adjustment that adjusts all four wheels at once from 1 to 3-1/2 inches
  • No gas, oil, or tune-ups to worry about; weighs only 46 pounds
  • Limited lifetime warranty on deck; 2-year limited warranty on everything else; includes attachable side-chute

Customer Reviews:

  • First Electric Mower
    I am very pleased with the mower in general. The flip handle is a "must have." After two uses the blade seemed dull as it was shredding the top of the grass blades. I have noticed a slow down in the mower in thicker grass....more info
  • This mower is GREAT
    I just purchased this mower to replace a Black and Decker electric mower I bought 19 years ago. This mower is 10 times better than my original mower. Everyone has told you all the positive things about this mower, so I won't list them again. The thing I like most compared to my original is the ease of changing cutting heights and the fact that it can be used as a mulching mower or as a side shooting mower. This is great when you want it to throw leaves and not mulch them. ...more info
  • A fine mower
    This mower is well thought out. The flip handle idea really works well, and I don't now why anyone would buy a gas mower when there are good electric ones. My lot is 100'x100' and I have no problem running it. I like it!...more info
  • Manageable under non-ideal mowing conditions
    My yard is hardly ideal for a corded electric mower. It's about six-tenths of an acre, and it's also divided into a half dozen smaller areas separated by walks, fences and flower beds. To reach out-of-the-way spots with a 100' cord, I have to plug into three different outlets. In several places the ground is uneven. There are shrubs and trees to work around, and various obstacles (like low shrubs) on which an extension cord can snag. I hesitated before ordering an electric, particularly one with a cord.

    I mowed the lawn this morning with the MM675 and found more to like than dislike. I've been spending about 1.5 hours with a 22" gas push mower, catching grass in high-traffic areas (where my wife doesn't want grass tracked into the house). This was my first time with the MM675 (18" cut), and it took me about 2 hours. But next time will go much faster. Under my yard conditions, cord management is a nuisance, but won't be hard to master. Despite my first-time inefficiencies, I finished the job less tired than I have been after pushing around the much heavier mower this one replaced. (All the points people make about the general advantages of electricity over gasoline seem true to me.)

    I'm baffled by one reviewer's comment that the flip handle is awkward. I'll have to unlearn some habits (like starting to turn the mower at the end of a row, which defeats the purpose of the handle), but this is a good feature, easy to use. I have only a few areas big enough to get the full advantage of flipping, but it's great for those.

    In small, awkwardly shaped areas, I don't flip. I just move back and forth, the way I'd vacuum around furniture. Going backward, you have to be careful not to hit the cord, but the mower can be manipulated with one hand, so in tight places it's not hard to hold the cord out of harm's way.

    Bagging grass is a nuisance with any mower. I'm not wild about a side-bagger, but this one is OK. The mower mulches so well that bagging is hardly necessary. (I still caught clippings in my highest traffic areas, but the rest of the lawn looks as good or better than it did after bagging with my old mower.)

    Power: more than adequate. The mower labored once, when the bag filled with damp grass. Easy height adjustment: terrific.

    I began this as a four-star review (reflecting a few difficulties) but will go back and change it to five stars since my problems were all site-specific. I don't regret buying this mower, and if I had an easier lawn to work with, buying it would be a no-brainer.

    ...more info
  • Excellent compromise
    I wanted a cordless electric, but it seems that the batteries just aren't reliable enough. I used a gas Toro mulcher for many years and enjoyed its maneuverability, but I wanted to get away from the oil and gas and starting hassles. So, the MM675 was a compromise, and, after using it for two months, I am very happy with it.I mulch every six days at the 2 inch height and used it to mulch the leaves (while they were dry and crispy and not all at once) from a good-size maple tree. It did fine. The flip handle is very useful and helps to keep the cord out of danger. Finally, it is light and easy to push, even one-handed.

    As for lifting it out of the box; try putting it on its side, cutting the tape, folding back the flaps, gently lowering it while supporting the contents with one hand, and lifting the box off the machine. ...more info
  • Black & Decker Lawn Hog with flip handle MM675
    We purchased this lawn mower because I wanted a higher amp mower. I did not think I would use the "flip handle". My old mower had cut one strip and died so we ordered this one. The grass (weeds) was already high when we purchased the mower because we had had rain (we live in dry West Texas). The purchase arrived very quickly, the mower works beautifully (weeds were very high), but the best part was the "flip handle" that I did not think I would use. I really like that function of the mower. Saves me time and the cord does not get in the way of mowing. This mower is great - would recommend it to anyone. ...more info
  • Buy this Mower!
    Did you know the average lawn mower emits as much smog-forming pollution as eight new cars traveling at 55 miles per hour? That's right. So, do something, buy an electric lawn mower. This one works great. I've had mine for two years and I love it. No issues whatsoever. No gas. No oil. No loud motor. Jeez, why would you want a gas mower? Plus, electric mowers can be 50 percent less expensive to operate over a 10-year life span because of lower fuel costs.

    ...more info
  • No More Gas Cans
    The cord took a little getting used to but the flip handle makes it easy to get the hang of. Cuts great, lightweight, easy to store....more info
  • Perfect for my needs
    I have been using this model for 6 years. I am a small female mowing a relatively small yard. I love the flip-handle and don't understand why they aren't easier to find. It makes it so easy to go back and forth without having to manhandle the thing around or pull it backwards. I also love the electric aspect because it is so quiet and instant on. It also requires zero maintenance besides a sharpened blade every couple years. You do need to use it on a dry day. I live in California where it is either raining all the time or sunny for months on end, so electric works great. ...more info
  • Really Nice Cut!
    I am really happy with my purchase. The mower does an amazing job of cutting. I have the flip-handle mastered and can mow one handed because the machine is so light. Does a great job mulching. Easy to assemble. The only negative is for those who try to get by with the 2 or 3 week between mows or on wet days(because sunny days are for golf), this is not the mower for you. Engine is not strong enough for high grass. This is why I gave it only 4 of 5 stars.

    Starts every time. No gas to buy. Quiet. Environmentally friendly. Well worth the two mows it took to get used to being corded......more info
  • Black and Decker electric mower
    Easy to use, lightweight, better for the environment. Can't beat that. I was so tired of trying to start my old mower!...more info
  • Great mower but.......
    Works wonderfully and so easy to use. The flip over handle feature is fantastic. Cuts grass beautifully. But....

    When it arrived and I was assembling, one of the eyelet bolts to connect the handle was misthreaded. As it was too heavy to try and take apart, and no longer in perfect condition from attempts to attach the nut, I was unable to return and had to purchase new parts from a parts dealer to replace faulty bolt. I am now unable to unattach the old bolt, so a little frustrating but for the wonderful price and the otherwise high quality mower it is worth the small extra expense and aggravation. ...more info
  • Everything and more!
    If your tired of running for expensive gas and mixing oil...then this is definitley the way to go. Very little assembly...sent well packaged and in a timely manner. The flip handle is a neat feature of this mower,which makes manuvering the cord a breeze! The price is definitley right,and I was very pleased how sturdy the mower is built and its performance. Thumbs up for this one!...more info
  • Great mower
    I was hesitant to purchase an electric lawn mower at first, but now that I've had it for a few weeks, I'm glad that I did. It works great. Don't worry about the cord, it's hardly noticeable if you always keep the cord side of the mower facing the house and start near the house and move away. I recommend purchasing this lawn mower if you're considering it....more info
  • I like the quiet
    Its nice not to make alot of noise mowing and not have to get some gas either. The mower really does mulch well. the only drawback over gas is you have to go slower if youve let the grass get a little longer, but i'm happy with it!...more info
  • B&D #2 mower
    Good, effective electric lawnmower. Much better than my ancient B&D. Several features I really like and a few that could be improved. Great adjustable height mechanism with lots of choices, although cord occasionally gets caught on the lever. Mower moves smoothly and cuts well. Seems to mulch well, although sometimes it leaves a tiny strip that doesn't look fully cut.

    Mower is a little bulky with a very long handle; it would be nice if it were a little more compact and maneuverable. There's a very nice slot that you fold your extension cord through to secure it, although it's tight and I'm afraid it may eventually damage the cord.

    The only big problem is the mechanism that allows you to switch the direction of the handle. To flip over the handle, you have to pull a lever on the handle, then walk around the mower. This process is a royal pain in the patootie--so much of a pain, in fact, that I hardly ever use the feature. I just turn the mower around. This feature is especially annoying on short stretches of lawn. ...more info
  • So Far So Good
    I am very happy with my electric mower thus far. I needed something I could put in my car (Firebird) and mow a medium sized area in front of my office and some areas at my home. The light weight mower was easy to lift and the handle comes off to make it compact enough to put in the back seat and hatch area of my car. The electric wire, for my jobs does not get in the way. In fact, it presents no problem once you get used to it.

    The power of the mower is not as much as I would love. When the grass is high (over 8 inches) the mower starts to bog down. But if one simply does not challenge the power by mowing less grass per pass, or by raising the mower as you push to trim back some grass for the second pass, it does the job well and mulches the grass.

    I have had the mower a short time and have only used it three times thus far, but I don't forsee any problems.

    ...more info
  • Excellent mower
    I have no problem with the flip handle or mowing. It bogs down in heavy or high grass but no more than a regular gas mower would. No gas, oil, pollution, or loud noise to put up with makes it wonderful. Pushing it is a breeze and cannot see how anyone has difficulties with it. Even cuts in wet grass without sticking to the deck or bogging down the blade. Definitely recommend it and would buy it again. ...more info
  • Definitely powerful enough. Not perfect
    I love this thing. That's why I gave it 5 stars. 4 stars on amazon usually means a product is mediocre, not "good", so I'm going by that metric. Anyway - it's not perfect. It's like an A-. The bolts to hold the handle together were machined poorly so I had to find a bolt in my garage to put it together. No big deal. The bagger attachment doesn't hold enough but it's the only one they make. Other than that, it starts, stops, doesn't require gas, doesn't make a lot of noise, and works just fine. No maintenance is great.
    ...more info
  • Black & Decker Electric Lawn Mower Great for City Lawns
    I was tired for yearly maintenance on my gas mowers...the noise, the tune-ups, emptying the gas for winter, and the pollution. This electric mower is great for my smaller city lawn. It does bog down a little in very heavy thick grassy areas however, so did the gas mower a bit. But it has not stalled out if I go a little slower in those areas. It is quiet, easy, low maintenance, and I can count on it to start immediately each and every time. No more straining to start. And no carbon emissions. So far I love it! ...more info
  • Great mower for my yard.
    I read all the reviews before purchasing this mower and I appreciated the good and the bad. I purchased it and used it for the first time this past weekend. It was relatively easy to assemble, just need to use some brain cells to get the 2 pieces of the handle with the same cables in the right direction before putting together. My yard was a jungle. I waited until early afternoon when it was dry and started mowing small strips at the highest level of the mower (so easy to adjust and all four wheels at the same time). Then I went back over again at a normal, lower height. I mulched it all without troubles at both heights. The flip hand is great. I had no troubles with it. If your yard is small it may seem like you are always turning off the mower and flipping the handle but that's what you have with a small yard. Moise of mower running was much less than I thought it would be. I wish I had this the last 16 years of forcing the old style reel mower around. That sure doesn't work when the yard gets to the jungle stage. I am very happy with this mower and know I will mow the yard more frequently because it's easy to use....more info