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Microsoft Office XP Professional [OLD VERSION]
List Price: $499.99

Our Price: $84.95

You Save: $415.04 (83%)


Product Description

Microsoft Office XP's empowering document design tools, integration of voice recognition functionality, and impressive network- and Web-based sourcing capabilities should be enough to convince those interested in saving time and consolidating effort to take the leap.

In keeping with Microsoft's much-ballyhooed .NET strategy, Office XP introduces several features that utilize the vast infosphere inhabited by the 21st-century desk jockey. Smart tags beckon underneath recognized objects like misspellings or symbols, offering a stock quote here, a synonym there, or "Would anyone care to configure my auto-correction list?" The task pane looks similar to Microsoft Internet Explorer's Explorer Bar, and acts like an open tool chest pulled up alongside each application in the suite, providing readily configured searches for information or multimedia files. Putting up a team Web site that tracks projects and serves as an information hub requires only the use of one of the included templates, ready to be customized and uploaded to the server.

The Send for Review feature further streamlines the collaborative process by allowing the sender to view revisions made by multiple parties within the framework of the original document. Outlook now features a color-coded calendar and easier meeting management, along with instant messaging and variable e-mail account access. All user system errors can be tracked globally, and then network security settings modified remotely while anti-virus and debugging IT resources are diverted accordingly.

After firing up Microsoft Word, typing "Dear Somebody," and hitting the Enter key, we made a startling discovery. Up popped Clippy, Microsoft's publicly pink-slipped office assistant. Clippy might have aptly announced, "Rumors of my death have been greatly exaggerated," but instead predictably observed, "It looks like you're writing a letter." Once the groans of disbelief had subsided, we quickly right-clicked and banished Clippy to the silicon ether, presumably forever. --Dominic Johnson--This review refers to Office XP Standard Edition

Microsoft Office XP Professional puts the features you need within easyreach at all times. New and improved tools in Access allow you to build andmanage lists and databases, or analyze information from databases such asMicrosoft SQL Server. New context-sensitive smart tags pop up with optionsyou need--right when you need them. No digging through menus. Tasks thatonce required multiple steps are just one click away with the new taskpane.

The new version of Outlook in Office XP Professional condenses all yourpersonal and professional e-mail into one central location, even your Web-based e-mail accounts like Hotmail. With AutoRecover, your work is saved at regular intervals while you work. PowerPoint includes animation effects and custom slidetransitions. An editable print preview assures that your printed slides and documents come out right the first time. Office XP Professional also includes Word 2002 and Excel 2002.

MODEL- MS-CD58213WI VENDOR- MICROSOFT CORPORATION FEATURES- Office XP Professional- Full Product Office XP Professional puts the features needed within easy reach at all times. Working alone, experience a smarter way to work. Working with others, collaborate more effectively. And increased reliability means never looking back - which is perfect, because your best results lie in front of you. Includes Microsoft Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint and Access. * Whether youre working on your PC, company intranet or the Web, new context-sensitive "Smart Tags" pop up with the options you need - right when you need them. No digging through menus! * Now taks that once required multiple steps are just one click away. The secret? The new Task Pane. The bottom line? Youll use more of the software features in Office XP, to get more done in less time. * The new version of Outlook condenses all your personal and professional e-mail into one central location. Even your Web-based e-mail accounts like MSN Hotmail. * Relax. Your work is safe with Office XP because "AutoRecover" saves it at regular intervals while you work. Prone to sudden power outages? Relax again. "Document Recovery" is designed to save your PCs work-in- progress. * The artist in you will appreciate how Office XP programs mesh like nev

  • Includesord, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access

Customer Reviews:

  • Excellent Product
    This is an excellent product designed with the professional user in mind. I was required to purchase this professional version for a class that I am taking. Otherwise, I believe the Standard version would be sufficient for most people. I would have given it five stars, but the price is a bit steep. If the price doesn't scare you, then you cannot go wrong with this package. Also, get a decent microphone if you want to use the speech recognition feature....more info
  • Great software.
    This is great software but the price is too high when you consider there is software available for free that will acomplish the same or simaler things. info
  • The BEST Office suite bar none
    Office XP is perfect, having used several office suites there is only one that is the BEST and that is Microsoft Office.
    It is rock solid, tons of functionality, the Outlook mail client is awesome. I have used Office since the mid 90's and I am still pleased to this day.

    If you want a Office suite to increase your productivity, then this is a must have. You cannot go wrong with Office!...more info

  • The BEST Microsoft Office.....EVER! :)
    Microsoft Office XP Professional is the BEST version of Microsoft Office.....EVER! NEW features like Smart Tags will literally cut your work by 80%, and help you be more efficient, so you can work smarter. NOT harder. :)

    New colloboration tools add to the collaboration experience, as you will attest once you BUY what are you waiting for??


    Add a voice response Features voice recognition - impressive SharePoint Team Services enables instant collaboration on any company intranet---big or small. Smart Tags!

    So GET "eXPerienced" and buy it TODAY! :)...more info

  • Way, way, way overpriced and can only install on 1 PC!
    This software is too expensive, bloated, and requires you to register over the internet. You can only install it on 1 PC or you will get locked out and have to call a phone number.

    Buy StarOffice.

    Dump Microsoft. Get real value for your hard earned dollars.

    What if you have more than 1 PC at home? Do you really want to buy 2 or 3 copies of this software? What happens if you upgrade your PC?...more info

  • help tech
    I want to play an online geme and the administater of the game think that the reason that it keeps booting me out is because of the fire wall that are installed in windows xp I would really like to play this game online so I was wodering if thier is any way to get around the fire walls or to make them inactive when I want to play on the game the game is Americas Army. That might nopt even be the problem though the error that I keep get is somthing about OS:Window xp 5.1 (build:2600) CPU: Grnuinrlnyrl zuknoen ptovrddro @ 1699 MHz with 511MB Ram Video:SiS 300/305 (1160) so on and so on help please...more info
  • Nothing Big
    While there are some appealing tweaks, none measure up to the hefty price tag. If you've got Office 2000, do something meaningful with your money - you can afford to wait on this. Corporate users might want to jump into XP for it's workgroup-related enhancements, but home users aren't going to be too thrilled....more info
  • slicker, smoother, faster & less irritating
    Okay, so here's a 2-minute synopsis of what earned it a 5 for me. I seem to spend half my life doing email, so let's start with Outlook(!) : The new colour-coded calendaring sounds trivial, but it's *damn* handy - makes it easy to fly around your diary and see what's on quickly. The integrated message search is quicker (even with a 2000 messages in a folder!), and Outlook's now smart enough to change the format (rich text, html etc.) of emails on-the-fly without loosing the look and feel of the message (useful when sending emails to people across the 'net, on hotmail etc.). Once you've used auto-complete for addressing, you'll wonder how you survived without it :) The whole interface for Office seems slicker and smoother - less annoying interuptions from pop-up's and easier on the eye. PowerPoint's new animations give ppt's a more professional feel, and the "hit-F1" right-pane help system in PowerPoint (and the other app's) make getting help a snap, and again less annoying / slicker. I've only used the smart-tag capability in Excel so far...I used them to knock up a spreadsheet with my saving portfolio details on in <10 minutes - it get's stock prices from the web and is instantly refreshable anytime I like : cool! The final thing that clinched it was the document recovery feature - if you've ever screamed / swore / pulled-your-hair-out after loosing a critical document in Office, then this is for you .. basically OfficeXP recovers any documents that you were working on but didn't save before the accident happened. For some, this alone could be reason to upgrade. Anyway .. to conclude, Office XP seems well worth the upgrade -- slicker, smoother, faster and definitely less irritating :)...more info
  • Not a good deal
    If everyone were still churning out stock options in their sleep and making money every time they went to the coffee machine, it wouldn't be so much of an issue. And if the licensing were less draconian, it wouldn't be so much of an issue.
    But since we actually need to work to make a profit these days, it's not really smart to spew all this money at software that you're not even using, most of the time, to create your product.

    Have your office sysadmin or techwriter or something try out StarOffice or for a couple weeks, then train the rest of the company on how to switch. Using the same software all your professional life isn't in the bill of rights and the smart decision is to switch to something that works, that you can actually afford.

    If your employees or co-workers are smart enough to make whatever they're making, they're smart enough to switch to a different spreadsheet....more info

  • Best Office Suite EVER.....UNTIL
    Office 2003!

    I LOVED Office XP until I started Beta-testing MS Ofice 2003.

    XP is a killer work-horse, bug-FREE (except FP 2002) and integrates beautifully. I have nothing bad to say about it except it ain't 2003.

    If you haven't been using it you have missed out, but wait until the end of October to buy 2003...Unless MS introduces something to trash it, the Office 2003 Suite is an enterprise level Office Suite priced for the home user.

    BTW if you buy Office XP from Aug 28 to launch supposedly you can upgrade for free to 2003....more info

  • It just gets worse and worse
    I've been using Office since the DOS versions, and I have to say, I have never liked it. Using it professionally in a publishing environment, I have to say that this is probably its worst incarnation yet. The office assistant is gone, but in his place are a variety of pop-ups and warnings which cannot be turned off. Outlook has not become any more secure, it is simply more paranoid, forcing you to save any attachment to disc, regardless. Word remains unstable, ugly, and functionally gruesome. It is one of the few software applications which can routinely crash my Windows XP system.

    If we hadn't standardised upon a number of VBA macros we had devloped in house, some years ago, we would almost certainly ditch this product and use something else. We should never have standardised upon this software: it was one of the worst business decisions we, as a company, ever made....more info

  • Best Office Ever!
    Although this product isn't released until May 31, 2001, I am fortunate enough to have obtained a copy of MS Office XP Professional through my company. This is absolutely the best Office interface ever created. I upgraded from MS Office 2000, and XP is substantially better. The ease of use is astounding. Some minor improvements include the spelling/grammar check. Office 2000 and previous versions had spelling/grammar checks that over-did it, but this version does not tend to that. Many more improvements, but too many to list. Definitely purchase this program....more info
  • Word is worse....
    MS Word's biggest weakness has been style management. In XP, it became even weaker. Word 2000 allowed a user to modify a style after opening a series of dialog boxes. In Word XP, you must first open a side panel that takes almost one third of your screen. Then if you know where to click, you can eventually find the same series of dialog boxes that were in Word 2000.

    If you created a document in Word 2000, don't expect it to look the same in Word XP. In Microsoft's infinite wisdom, the fonts that are provided with XP are different than Word 2000. XP has some new fonts, but deleted some of the old fonts. It can become frustrating.

    Unfortunately, MS Office has become the defacto standard with no challengers in sight. So, stick with MS Office 2000. As a general rule, avoid MS products that have revisions as letters, such as "ME" or "XP." Stick to updates that are named after the numbered year (e.g. 98 or 2000) ;)...more info

  • Nice UI design
    That's all I have to say. Office XP tends to be quite unstable with my workstation (Pentium 4, 1GB RAM, Windows 2000 Pro). Oh, it has its upsides also. It has a nice UI design, the SmartTags feature are nice. But that's it. Just the (not-so-good) same-old same-old....more info
  • Awesome Office Program!!
    I have always used the standard version of Microsoft Office until now, I love Microsoft Office XP Professional!! Great program and would recommend it over the standard version any day.

    Jaime White info
  • Why doesn't Microsoft give you a book anymore?
    How come you spend so much money on a Microsoft Office suite and not get a real big thick 'How to use it" and "reference book" with the software?

    I hate to read anything longer than a few pages online. I like to read a book and be able to mark up the pages with my notes. Is it too much to ask for a big book with an expensive piece of software you buy? Online is great for searching for a quick answer, but I don't know ANYONE who loves to read books online.

    Of course, I guess they do this so you can buy their $$$ books seperate from the software.

    At least Star Office gives you a 460 page book and a 70 page setup guide....more info

  • Way overpriced
    MS Office has certainly become the sort of standard for office suite software, but, it is just too darn expensive! Almost [$$] for the pro edition? No wonder why Microsoft had to start the required key registrations (requires contacting MS with a specific key generated during install and then they provide you with another key to "unlock" their software) - barely any home user can afford it anymore. But we need it because our workplaces use Office. I don't like the way they are sticking it to us. I'm switching to Sun's StarOffice [less$$] which is supposed to be compatible with Word, Excel, and Powerpoint and just as good....more info
  • Another great innovative tool by Microsoft
    This is the biggest change in Office since 1997. With the new "smart tags" cuts your work in half! A "smart tag" recognizes what you are doing by reading the text. Increased security in Access provides a safer more relaxed work place; it helps by using 128-bit security! First comes Word. My most favorable upgrade is being able to combine multiple documents and put them all into one! Collaborative! The voice response feature isn't that great, it needs to be worked on a bit for feature office products. But it still works and saves major time. Next comes Outlook, I think the best new feature is color-coated colander dates, when you set a date it is now in color, rather than having them all in black and white and squinting my eyes to see what the freaking day's appointments are. Then comes PowerPoint, one of my personal favorite office programs. The best thing refined is the smoother, animations that give you a better feel while doing your presentation. Now comes Excel. This also contains the "smart tags". But thing I found was that you could now look up stock prices on the Internet...woooo.

    The system requirements as usual for any office products are large. I am running on a P3 650, 128 sdram, and a 8.4 gig drive. 245 MB of available hard disk space and zn additional 115 MB is required on the hard disk where the operating system is installed. So as you can see it takes a lot of power to operate these innovative tools, its a well worth investment. It'll be interesting to see how Windows XP and Office XP work together!...more info

  • Unlicensed software
    was not told of "not for retail or oem distribution" as stated on the cd. ...more info
  • Over the top, but some great benefits and improvements
    First, count me among the people pleased with the fact that Microsoft Office - and, in particular, Word - has become the de facto standard for document creation. Does anyone remember what life was like before...when we all wasted copius amounts of time sending and re-sending each other incompatible documents? Why anyone would yearn for those days is beyond me.

    Feature-wise, I agree that the programs that comprise Office suffer by trying to be all things to all people. In the excellent book 'Microsoft Secrets,' I recall reading that extensive user testing revealed that the typical user of Word only made use of around 10% of its capabilities. So, in general, you're paying for a lot of bloat that you'll never access and never care about.

    The problem with being Microsoft, of course, is that you've got to appeal to a *very* broad audience. That's because the 10% I use may be completely different than someone else's 10%. So, with that in mind, let me tell you about two great things in XP version of Word that I make use of on a continuous basis that you ought to know about.

    First, there's the 'Track Changes' capabilities. Yes, this has always been present to some degree, but it got a major overhaul in XP. Now, when you turn the 'Track Changes' mechanisms on, Word shrinks the size of the entire text of the document (temporarily) and reflects all add, change and delete activity in an extensive right-hand margin. What this does for you is that you get all your tracking, while maintaining the flow and readability of the proposed new version of the overall document. You really have to see this in action to appreciate just how much this improves the process.

    The other feature to point out is the sheer power and scope of Word XP's multi-language capabilities. I write many documents in Spanish and I am frankly blown-away by my ability to set the 'Language' spellcheck option to any a number of regional Spanish settings (e.g., Mexico, Colombia, Argentina, to name just a few of the many options). Then, as I'm writing, Word catches every little nuance for me - it checks all the many verb forms, even when attaching direct and/or indirect pronouns. Every skipped or misplaced accent is flagged for my attention. In short, using Word XP can dramatically improve your secondary language skills.

    I'll talk about PowerPoint briefly - over the years, Microsoft has made it easier to manipulate and put together compelling presentations. In earlier versions, I always felt like I was locked into not much more than bulletized lists. Now, working in combination with Microsoft's built-in Design Gallery Live (and aided immeasurably by Google's Image search), you can piece together compelling visual scenarios *exactly* as you envision them, with no encumbrance from PowerPoint.

    One final point is that you should always pair any Office product with a copy of Adobe Acrobat (the PDF *writer*, not just the reader). With Acrobat, you can remove any hint of incompatibility with anyone in the world, regardless of desktop platform, version, etc. Just convert any of your Word, PowerPoint or Excel files into a PDF and you've guaranteed yourself unfettered readability throughout the planet....more info

  • Typical windows
    I have Microsoft Office 2000 and was in the process of buying/upgrading to Microsoft Office XP, until I noticed that I would have to buy 4 different programs for my family's 4 separate computers.

    My wife has her own computer, my daughter has her own computer I have mine, and we have a laptop we all use collectively when we travel.

    So with Microsoft's new licensing policy it would cost me a small fortune to keep those in my family using the XP version.

    On top of that... we tend to stay on the cutting edge of the latest hardware available, (I build and upgrade my own systems), so I would be susceptible to going to Microsoft with my hat in hand explaining why I need clearance to reinstall THEIR program again on my computer.

    I know the runaround this involves, plus I don't like the idea of having to play this game with a product I have paid for!
    It is demeaning to say the least.

    Microsoft can keep their programs (I was going to purchase Microsoft Front Page and found similar restrictions), and I will be sure to keep their "Big Brother" mentality in mind when I purchase software in the future.

    This new licensing policy is sure to hurt their sales and is sure to open up opportunities for other software companies not so anal about licensing.

    Microsoft can stick this (and their other programs) up their hard drive, because it's not going on mine!...more info
  • Slower than Office 2000, but still the best
    I bought the College Student version of MS Office Professional, which was $... less than this one. I was pleased with all the programs this had (with the exception of not having Front Page, which is a great program itself), and I think that the version that includes Front Page and Project with a free mouse is the best option if you want it all. However, if you are a student or teacher, check your local bookstore or a website that offers software to students so you can pay less for MS Office XP Professional. However, if you want to pay way less for Office XP, but don't plan on upgrading for a while, get the Standard version that is sold in most businesses like Wal-Mart.

    Compared to Office 2000, this version is a little slower to operate, yet, it does have some improvements. I like the Task Pane on Office XP. It may be included on Office 2000, I don't remember, but it is very convenient. Also, I like that on Front Page XP (which I purchased separately for $..., thanks MS!) you can change fonts easier. Also, you have one button access to putting your page on a blank internet page.

    I am pretty pleased. Not only that it is easy to use, I know that is what my school uses, and it also works VERY WELL with Apple Works....more info

  • the best office pack since ever
    Having reviewed the beta of this product i must say that this Office is one of the best. Used in Win2k/ME and the new win XP. the transpareny is great. New features in all the applications making powerpoint even easier to use. though the beta of Office XP was a memory hog i think the final should be excellent but 128mb ram is definately needed and as ram is cheap why not get 256mb ram :)...more info
  • An annoying hassler
    I have Office XP Professional 2002. The bad thing about it now is it keeps annoying me with a Windows Installer every time I execute
    an Office application or anything with Internet Explorer that pops
    up trying to install FrontPage, and I have FrontPage on my computer. It's trying to configure it / thinks I don't have it and that's why I gave up on Internet Explorer and switched to Mozilla Firefox....more info
  • Great software
    I have to agree with Jared. As one of the beta testers, it does require memory, but the payoff in the design of the software is great. There are new templates and a multitude of other useful tools incorporated in this software....more info
  • Microsoft Office XP
    First I want to say that I bought this cd from comusave. Just wanted you to know that this company is quick to ship and reliable to do business with.
    I rated this product a 5 star for its excel and powerpoint program. I found out one thing. OfficeXP Professional and Windows XP office suite do not like each other and I solved this problem of installation by first removing all the office suite from my computer then load the Microsoft Office XP Professional on it. Worked like a charm! So for all you out there that migh be having a conflict in software you might try what I did. Thanks Mary Oyerly...more info
  • I'm OK with it
    I have this software for 4 months and I love it becouse I have done everything I wanted to do. (ex: For my school assignments, my e-mail,...)
    But the Price is so high! :(...more info
  • Unclear details
    I received my CDs yeaterday. There was nothing wrong with them, except I thought it was to have a manual included with it. I am not sure if my memory was correct or if I am becoming dilusional.

    Vicki...more info

  • Don't pay too much for office productivity
    MS Office is great, but it's way too much money.

    I'm currently migrating to 1.0. I've been using the Writer word processing program for several weeks now, and it works fine. I use it to write papers and other documents. I even used Writer to write up a summary of our reading for a class study group, converted it to Word, and sent it to about 20 people. No one wrote back to complain. When it comes to office productivity, the best, most affordable choice is 1.0. It has the same functionality as StarOffice and has all the core features of Microsoft Office, plus you can covert documents back and forth from Word, Excel, and Powerpoint. It's a fraction of the cost to boot! You can even buy it on CD from through zShops or get this: download it from the Internet if you have the time and understand how to work with zip files. Search for on the main site....more info