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Miss Congeniality
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Sandra Bullock stars as a bumbling female FBI agent assigned to go undercover as a participant in the Miss United States beauty pageant when it is discovered that one of the contestants is being targeted for murder. Benjamin Bratt leads the undercover team, while also playing the reluctant love interest. Candice Bergen and William Shatner manage the pageant and hire Michael Caine to turn Bullock from rough and tumble agent to stunning beauty queen. The physical transformation is impressive, although the klutzy personality remains. Everything seems to be fine once the killer is suddenly caught, but Bullock suspects there is more to this story, and the truth eventually unfolds with an unexpected twist. For her part, Bullock received a Golden Globe nomination for best actress, and heads the star-studded cast in the year's most hilarious comedy.

It's a good thing Sandra Bullock knows her strengths and weaknesses, because without Bullock as star and producer, Miss Congeniality would be an insufferable mess as opposed to being a mildly enjoyable trifle that is custom-made for Bullock's established screen persona. Only Bullock's fans could really appreciate this fluff (even then they'll wish its ripe premise had been more intelligently handled), but it's not without some highlights to accompany Bullock's reliable charms. Here she plays clumsy, nerdy FBI agent Gracie Hart, who is given the horrific pseudonym Gracie Lou Freebush (one example of the movie's juvenile tendencies) when assigned to infiltrate a beauty pageant to investigate threats of a terrorist attack.

Transforming Bullock from frumpy to stunning is a piece of cake (although she gives pageant coach Michael Caine a run for his money), so the movie's premise is trivial at best. More enjoyable is her character's uncouth disdain for pageant contestants and her mistaken perception that they're all a bunch of bimbos. The movie nicely charts Gracie's realization that her own pageant makeover provides a much-needed ego boost. In addition to Caine's effortless scene-stealing, pageant host William Shatner and organizer Candice Bergen are smart choices for comedic support (Shatner's a perfect Bert Parks wannabe), but the movie desperately needs a credible foundation for its comedy to really pay off. Bullock's bureau boss (Benjamin Bratt) is an unconvincing dimwit, and none of the plotting is as smart as say Beverly Hills Cop in combining procedure with laughs. That leaves Bullock to carry the burden of a comedy that just barely works in her favor. --Jeff Shannon

Customer Reviews:

  • Good Movie.
    This movie is one of my top 10 is good,funny,and never has a boring part....more info
  • The best movie
    Miss Congeniality is a very good movie. Sandra Bullock is SO funny! I would for sure recomend this movie. YEE HAW...more info
  • Perfect Transaction
    Went very smoothly. Timely receipt and just as described. I recommend this Seller highly!...more info
  • Bullock and Caine make for one heckofa comedic team...
    `Miss Congeniality' is just another film in the long line of films that help further impress my utter adoration for Sandra Bullock. In fact, she is probably my all time favorite comedic actress, and lord knows no one does a romantic comedy quite like Sandra. `Miss Congeniality' is less a romantic comedy and more, well, a comedy. Sure, there is that repressed sexual tension between Bullock and Bratt, and yes they do inevitably get together, but like the sequel (surprisingly hysterical as well) these are comedic films with the romanticizing a mere undertone. The film focuses on Bullock in all her comedic glory without letting a meddlesome romantic subplot ruin a good thing. Bullock owns this movie and it's thanks to her that the film is so enjoyable.

    The film follows Gracie Hart, a middle aged homely looking FBI agent, as she tries to stop a terrorist attack from happening during the Miss USA pageant. She is beautified and entered into the contest with guarantied top ten placement. To help her seem legit she's given an assistant, or trainer, Victor Melling, who is nothing less than displeased with her. The heart of the film of course is about loving oneself and really learning to be the person you desire to be. Gracie learns this full swing as she enters the pageant believing that pageants in general are pointless and that everyone involved are nothing but bimbos and leaves realizing that these girls are really good people and that there is nothing wrong with loving yourself. In fact the pageant was the best thing that every happened to Gracie.

    The acting aside from Bullock is great. Michael Caine is hysterical as Victor and quite the scene stealer. Together Bullock and Caine are dynamic. In fact my one main quarrel with the sequel was the fact that Caine was not in the film. Candice Bergman is also great as the pageant spokeswoman who has outspoken distain for what Gracie's inclusion is doing to the pageant, and surprisingly William Shatner is perfectly cast. I just abhor his `Priceline' commercials but here he is hysterical. The pageant girls are also well cast, especially Heather Burns who plays Cheryl, the perky baton twirler from Rhode Island. In fact the only member of the cast I was less that impressed with was Benjamin Bratt, but he's not in a whole lot of the film to his lack of magnetism is forgivable.

    In the end `Miss Congeniality' is a great time at the movies (or in the living room, whatever) and will surely be enjoyable for multiple viewings. Sure, it's far from realistic, and far from perfect, but Bullock is spot on and the rest of the cast make this a worthwhile endeavor. ...more info
  • Gets funnier every time I watch it!
    There's a reason why this funny Sandra Bullock movie is the favorite of so many women of various ages. In a very lighthearted way, it makes a statement about having it all and empowering yourself.

    The situations are I-Love-Lucy kind of absurd, most of the characters are charicatures, but I adore this film! Most importantly, Miss Congeniality has stood the test of multiple viewings. I appreciate the talents of Sandra Bullock even more every time I watch this DVD.

    If you don't have it yet, ladies, add it to your collection of chick-flicks....more info
  • So Funny....
    Life is too full of gory movies that make you sick to your stomach, this movie is just funny. Sandra Bullock could have been me when I was young, the klutz in heels. I am glad I bought it so I can watch it when ever I need a lift and a laugh....more info
  • Hilarious comedy of the ugly duckling turning into a swan
    FBI agent Gracie Hart (played by the fantastic Sandra Bullock) is a real tomboy. In her own words, "I don't own a dress, I don't even own a brush". Yet when a letter comes from a serial criminal calling himself The Citizen, threatening the Miss United States pageant, FBI Agent Eric Matthews (Benjamin Bratt) must find an undercover female field agent under thirty-five who looks good in a bikini and isn't on Maternity Leave. His only choice boils down to Hart, who's violently reluctant to take the assignment. She becomes Miss New Jersey, the FBI finding out and ready to expose the original winner because of her appearance in an "adult film".

    They notify the pageant director Kathy Morningside (Candice Bergan) and pageant Master Of Ceremonies Stan Fields (William Shatner) to assist them in fixing the pageant so that undercover Gracie makes it into the top 5. But Gracie needs a lot of polish before taking on the assignment. Kathy Morningside puts Matthews and Hart in touch with Victor Melling (the amazing Michael Caine) who is a long time, respected pageant consultant. Victor has only 24 hours to make tomboy Gracie into a beauty queen. Miraculously, Victor accomplishes his task, muttering to himself, "My God, I'm good!".

    Once undercover, Gracie discovers that both Stan Fields and Kathy Morningside have been fired, the pageant wanting to cater to a younger audience and use younger public figures. When the DNA evidence suggests a woman licked the Citizen's envelope, Gracie suspects Kathy Morningside. But the Citizen is caught halfway through the pageant, and FBI director MacDonald (Ernie Hudson) wants to pull all the agents off the case. Grace refuses, knowing deep down that something is wrong and the girls are in danger. She continues alone, without her badge and gun, to capture whoever it is threatening the girls; who've gotten underneath her tough exterior and become her friends.

    The cast of 'Miss Congeniality' is what makes the movie such a success. Bullock and Caine work well together, each delivering superb performances. The humor is light and frequent, so the show keeps you laughing all the way through. This is one of my favorite comedies, being a hardcore Sandra Bullock fan. It's very difficult to make Sandra Bullock "ugly", and the decision to go with "tomboy" instead worked very well. "Where am I going to put my gun?" Gracie asks, after finally accepting the assignment, and being told she HAS to wear the bathing suit. "Nowhere I want to know about," answers Matthews.

    A little piece of trivia from the IMDB database: the dress that Sandra Bullock wore when she's coming out of the hanger was made out of rubber bands; when it was off, the whole dress fit in the palm of her hand. Sexy! This is a hilariously funny movie with a sweet touch of innocence, yet it manages not to become saccharine. It's a great pick-me-up if you're feeling blue. Even though I'm a horror movie buff, you have to cater to your lighter side every so often. I highly recommend this movie; it's definitely worth a purchase. Enjoy!
    ...more info
  • Great Deal!
    I got a great deal on this DVD. It was delivered in good time and good condition....more info
  • simple put; funny....
    i love this movie. about the tomboy FBI-agent Gracie Hart. who is forced, as the only available female FBI-agent, to go undercover in beauty pageant, which can cause some problems. The actors/actresses in this movie does an exelent job. And both the plotline and writing is good. and the movie is funny.. and it will have you laughing more then once! Michal cain, sandra bullock and william shattner all does a wonderfull job in this well amde comedy......more info
  • A god movie...if you aren't looking for profoundness...
    Ok, first of, I can see that any female who considers herself a feminist will most likely not like this movie. Mainly because it actually seems to make fun of the feminist ideals IMO.

    As a guy, I think the movie is alright. I'm a fan of Miss Bullock, so I initially bought this dvd because it was at a discount and she was in it. It's a chick flick, that ironically enough, might piss off some women, i.e., misguided feminists.

    We have a female FBI agent who's basically a tomboy, who acts like one of the guys, eats like one of the guys, swears like one of the guys, but in a surprising twist !! has no love in her life.

    Then comes the main plot, which is that someone is targeting the Miss America pageant, so the FBI decides to send in a "undercover" agent to protect the contestants. Low and behold, the Bureau is surprised to find that Bullock is not so bad looking and doesn't have a terrible body at all.

    Anyway, not to spoil the entire story, we see Bullock's character transform from beast to beauty, in a rather painful process, as they show you. I guess bikini waxes are that painful? I also found it silly, that they started to make Agent Hart go on a diet. I mean, she has a killer body as it is, and supposedly, from previous scenes we were led to believe she pretty much ate like a pig. So, I don't see why all of the sudden she has to start eating celery to keep that slim body. It's best not to ponder on illogical things.

    Needless to say, she does end up saving the day, and gets transformed into this beautiful agent, and wins the Miss Congeniality title, given by her peers (not the agents, but the beauty queens).

    Should you buy it? Sure, it's a popcorn movie that keeps you entertained. If anything, it's fun to see Bullock in a weird german-like outfit, making music out of wine glasses. She probably can't do it in real life, but I still have always found it fascinating that it is possible to make music like that. ...more info
  • Feminist Fluff
    Fitfully funny romp that suffers from slack direction, sloppy script, and transparent female lead. Sharper editing might have made up for director's lack of comic timing, but there is no finesse for Sandra Bullock's ham-fisted attempt at comedy. It's one of those feel-good-about-everyone movies that first offends and then takes it all back in predictably lumpy finale. Should have been a lot funnier than it is, and compares badly with similarly themed Legally Blonde, a feminist movie with real charm and wit. For genuinely amusing and incisive look at beauty pageant industry, check out Michael Ritchie's 1975 film: Smile. ...more info
  • Miss Congeniality
    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my grandson, who had seen it before and requested it. Apparently, he enjoyed the movie or wouldn't have asked for it for Christmas.......more info
  • I Thought I'd Like This; I Never Dreamed This Would Become One Of My All-Time Favorite Comedies!
    My favorite comedy of all time is the original "That Darn Cat". Always has been, always will be. My second favorite was "Seems Like Old Times" with Chevy Chase, Charles Grodin, and Goldie Hawn. Note the present tense "is" with the first movie, and the past tense "was" with the second?

    "Miss Congeniality" is now the official first runner up on my comedies list. The concept interested me, but the result was beyond what I expected.

    For one thing, the acting was superb. This was the first Sandra Bullock movie I saw, and I loved it. Michael Caine was excellent as always. Will Shatner also fit the part perfectly, as did Candice Bergan.

    For another, the writing was excellent. In fact, I could argue if this really was a comedy. Yes, it had its share of comic moments, but so did Jurassic Park. This movie had such a natural flow that the suspension of disbelief was minimal.

    I won't spoil any surprises, but I loved Sandra's answer to the question at the contest. In fact, that fits my personality as well.

    I love movies about someone who has to rise to the occassion, and this is another that fits into that category. The ending was superb as well.

    Okay, now go get this movie. You got that?...more info
  • it was never delivered
    our whole order from amazon was never delivered for christmas

    a week before christmas amazon customer service stated they would reship order with 2 day shipping and again it was never delivered

    we had to do a desperate last minute mall shopping to get our things for our children's christmas

    it is unlikely i will order from amazon again...more info
  • To World Peace. lol
    I absolutely loved this movie!!!!!!! Sandra Bullock is the best candidate for Gracie Hart. No one else could have pulled the movie off. This movie does have it flaws, such as: wouldn't the people in new jersey say something about her switching the contestants and there are others. But this is defineitly a movie for a group of teens to go and see. My friend I can't stop talking about the zany lines, the cluminess and the warmth feeling that comes from the movie....more info
  • Miss Congeniality
    This was purchased as a Christmas gift for my grandson, who had seen it before and requested it. Apparently, he enjoyed the movie or wouldn't have asked for it for Christmas.......more info
  • World Peace
    The 2000 comedy of Miss Congeniality, directed by Donald Petrie and produced and starring Sandra Bullock as Gracie Hart; Michael Caine as Victor Melling; Benjamin Bratt as Agent Eric Matthews; and Candice Bergen as Ms. Morningside, a Warner Brothers Photograph, Castle Rock Entertainment, is a smashingly funny movie. Gracie Hart a/k/a Gracie Lou Freebush is an FBI agent who has no desire to be a debutante, let alone a candidate for the next Miss United States pageant. However, the pageant is in jeopardy by threats made from a bomber and Gracie is the only available agent who is not too homely or on maternity leave to go under cover. The agency must convince Ms. Morningside, Director of the Pagenant, that the pageant needs protection as well as allowing Gracie to be Miss New Jersey candidate at the San Antonio, Texas, contest. There is one requirement by the agency - Gracie must place in the top five. After due reluctance, Ms. Morningside gives in to the agency's request. She insists that the only individual that could help Gracie is Victor Melling. The first meeting with Victor is he take one look at Gracie's tomboyish actions, lack of make-up and care, tangled hair and horrible manners, he refuses the job. Gracie convinces him that he must help her to at least place in the top five due to the necessity of protecting the pageant as well as catching the individual who may be hidden on the inside of the pageant. Victor accepts the great challenge. Upon complete restoration overnight, Gracie's looks have completely changed from an ugly duckling to a swan. During her entire training and exposure to the pageant, Gracie begins to take a look at herself on the outside as well as on the inside and does not know how to accept the change. Eventually, she finds out that she is a woman. Agent Eric Matthews helps her along the way with the ups and downs of becoming a woman and finding out what a wonderful asset she is to the agency. Every candidate wants to be a winner and they all want world peace. And in the end, so does Gracie. I rate this movie five stars because it has everything in it a comedy should have: laughter, tears, sarcasm, slapstick, romance, and talent. A soundtrack is available. This film is 110 minutes long. ...more info
  • Miss Congeniality? Miss Fabulous!
    I purchased "Miss Congeniality" as a birthday gift for a friend. We had so much fun watching it together. There is action, comedy, romance, and just good clean fun. Sandra Bullock is outstanding! A better gift I couldn't have gotten. ...more info
  • Perfect Transaction
    Went very smoothly. Timely receipt and just as described. I recommend this Seller highly!...more info
  • Forensic Buff
    I have always like Sandra Bullock. I have waited for it to go on sale. I have both I & II. Always enjoyable....more info
  • "You love, me, thank you, thank you so much"!
    This movie was so funny, Sandra Bullock played a wonderful part. She dressed great! Hot man! WOW I love this movie!!!!!...more info
  • Fantastic Comedy With a Great Message
    Sandra Bullock is one of America's best loved actresses for a reason - she is genuine, not fake. I have seen several of her movies, and I love them all. They just wouldn't be the same with another actress in it. Miss Congeniality is a hilarious comedy. It is that rare picture, that although it screams CHICK FLICK, is something men will roar with laughter at, too. My friend persuaded my husband to see it, and he LOVED it.

    Benjamin Bratt and Bullock have *sigh* chemistry. I found myself wishing they could get together in real life. Such wonderful supporting actors, including William Shatner, Michael Caine, and Candice Bergen, make the film even more delightful. This movie has slapstick, action, romance, everything. It is one of the best comedies ever, a true classic....more info