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Jaws 2
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The tourist island of Amity is once again threatened by a giant killer white shark when it attacks a group of teenagers.
Genre: Feature Film-Action/Adventure
Rating: PG
Release Date: 23-MAY-2006
Media Type: DVD

Ushering in the age of the inferior sequel, Jaws 2 was essentially a license to print money. Indeed, the film did very well despite blatantly replicating the plot of Steven Spielberg's original, though to lesser effect. Roy Scheider returns as Martin Brody, sheriff of the small island town of Amity. Just as the beachside resort is rebounding from the previous movie's shark attacks, another great white is snacking on divers and water-skiers. Naturally, the town fathers don't want to confront reality and choose to proceed with a lucrative sailing regatta, resulting in a grisly loss of life. Besides the fact that director Jeannot Szwarc takes an impersonal, workaday approach to the film, Jaws 2 manages to be both stylistically flat and openly cynical about its commercial intentions. Of chief interest here is Scheider's performance, which wisely reflects the emotional fallout from Brody's last trauma in his obsessive behavior here. --Tom Keogh

Customer Reviews:

  • It's not as good as the original Jaws. But, then again, it's not as bad as Jaws the Revenge
    Apparently, lightning can strike in the same place twice. And giant sharks can go on a rampange in the same place twice. That's what the people who made this movie expect you to believe. And so the only way to enjoy this film is not to take it too seriously.

    I wish that they didn't make this movie. The original was so perfect that any subsequent movie could only diminish the great beast's reputation. But while this movie looks crappy compared to its original, it looks brilliant and competent compared to the two sequels that would follow it.

    Anyone who hasn't seen this movie and gets it should not expect to be terrified. What made the first Jaws movie great is that we didn't actually see the shark until the very end whereas in this film we see it in the opening sequence. This takes away the mystery and the fear of the unknown but I guess by now the director figured everyone knew what the shark would look like anyways. The only difference in how this shark looks is that in the early part of the movie the shark gets burned on a side of its face which does give it a cool kind of look. And how the shark is killed in this film is almost as clever as in the original.

    Again, don't expect to be terrified. This movie is a far better action/adventure story than a horror film. Here are my rankings of the four Jaws movies:

    Jaws: 5 stars.
    Jaws 2: 3 stars.
    Jaws 3: 2 stars.
    Jaws the Revenge: 1 and 1/2 stars.

    For most people this film will be a waste of time. Maybe it is worth a rent but you should only buy it if you are a hard core Jaws fan....more info
  • Brody doesn't intend to go through that hell again.
    Roy Scheider, Lorraine Gray, Murray Hamilton, Jeffrey Kramer and Fritz Jane Courtney all return for this second shark-biting film, JAWS 2 (1978).
    Amity Island can breathe a sigh of relief since Police Chief Martin Brody (Roy Scheider) blew the shark to bits out at sea some years ago.
    When Brody sees evidence of another shark attack and some quibbling with Dr. Elkins (Collin Wilcox Paxton), he tries to convince Mayor Vaughn (Murray Hamilton) and Len Peterson (Joseph Mascolo) that their is another great white shark out there.
    When Brody goes after his sons Michael (Mark Gruner) and Sean (Marc Gilpin) who took a boat out, Brody gets to meet this shark face to face.
    Also in the cast: Andy Nicholas, Ann Dusenberry, Keith Gordon, gary Dubin, Susan French, Donna Wilkes.
    Followed by: JAWS 3-D (1983)
    JAWS: THE REVENGE (1987)....more info
  • Not as good as the original
    But still awesome. This is a classic movie. It doesn't attempt to copy the first one (which was really a story of 3 men out at sea and the brotherhood they formed).. This second one is more of a family movie. Not like Disney family movies. More like Chief Brody is acting to protect his son Michael, and ultimately rescues him in the end.

    Very cool how they burn the shark's face to give it personality....more info
  • Worthy Sequel
    As far as sequels are concerned, Jaws 2 is not a bad follow-up to one of the greatest films ever made.The producers of course must have faced a near impossible task to do another segment of an all time classic, for while a sequel was inevitable due to the huge returns that Jaws brought in, the shape, development and style of the film had to be faithful to the original in varying degrees to ensure another commercial and artistic success on their hands and not just a lame imitation.
    And surely they have had their share of difficulties with the sacking of the first director assigned to the task John Hancock, bringing in Frenchman Jeannot Szwarc,doing several rewrites, facing very harsh filming condition, before the final product hit the big screens.
    And to be fair Jaws 2 has a lot going for it,
    Firstly,hiring the same writers, production team,and keeping most of the old characters from the first film ensured familiarity to the viewer.Casting Roy Scheider again as chief Brody and Lorraine Gary as his wife, in addition to Murray Hamilton as Mayor Vaughn, the story of Jaws 2 was in a way a continuation rather than an imitation of the first film , and this alone guarantees a certain appeal.
    The acting in Jaws 2, especially from Scheider is way above average,and the excellent scene when Brody is sacked and comes back to the arms of his comforting wife, is a short but valuable distraction into family drama territory.
    Secondly, Jeannot Szwarc is an able director,who now concentrates on TV work( directing episodes of Ally Mc Beal and CIS Miami) but who has had good films to his name, most notably the underrated spy thriller Enigma and the romantic weepie Somewhere in Time.
    While in Jaws, Quint's speech about the Indianapolis attacks was chilling and a classic, I felt that the last part of Jaws 2 with all the kids trapped in a sea of wreckage at the mercy of the shark was inspired directly by this incident.
    Thirdly, the DVD extras are brilliant! The making of segment is 44 minutes long!! and you get a good insight into the making of the film and the difficulties they faced, while the deleted scenes although just three, are very interesting. For instance we see what happened to the helicopter pilot under water! and the voting of the town's council that resulted in the sacking of Brody.
    Well of course Jaws 2 is not flawless, and what works against it in my opinion is the following,
    First the shark does look more mechanical than it did in the first film. The fact that the writers decided to burn half of the shark's head at the begining of the movie in its boat attack/accident, somehow accentuated the mechanical look of the animal. Morever,the use of real shark footage from the stock of Ron and Valerie Taylor was minimal and not as much as in Jaws, which would have brought more needed authenticity to the look of the shark.
    So Jaws 2 is a good follow up to Jaws, not as great as the first (no film in this genre will come close to that classic), but at least it is done with a lot of dedication from all involved, a movie that will still make you look at the ocean with a sense of trepidation and fear....more info
  • No Masterpiece, But Still Worthwhile...
    To believe that any effort to make a 'Jaws' sequel could compare with the impact of Steven Spielberg's original was a doomed notion even in 1978: the original was and is a cinematic classic of the highest order (despite having spent much of the '90s in almost-infinite rerun on the Turner networks), so much so that no sequel would ever have been able to measure up to its legacy. What happened basically is this: Universal execs saw the budget and schedule for 'Jaws' balloon so badly because of all its production troubles that they told Spielberg he'd never work in Hollywood again, UNTIL the movie was released and broke every box-office record imaginable. As they are wont to do in the face of staggering profit, these moneymongers quickly turned keel and told Spielberg they were behind him 100 percent the whole time and they wanted to know when he was planning to start shooting 'Jaws 2'. Spielberg, being smart, said 'No thanks', so the execs decided to go ahead with 'Jaws 2' without him. BIG mistake.
    Thankfully, though, producers Richard Zanuck and David Brown remained in charge of things, and got the highly-underrated director Jeannot Szwarc to try to pick up the pieces, even going so far as to re-enlist the incomparable John Williams to score the film. The end result is a sequel that is essentially the 'Jurassic Park 2' of its day - critically landblasted, commercially eschewed, yet despite its dramatic idiosyncracies and the impossibility of competing with the original film, proves to be an entertaining follow-up nonetheless.
    Much of the original cast returns, save Richard Dreyfuss (who, like Spielberg, was smart enough to know when to pass) and Robert Shaw (who, apart from his character being killed in the original, had himself died of a heart attack in 1978). But Roy Scheider's return is the saving grace here, as now he's given new dimensions to his character: his growing spite toward his wife's boss, his desperation in trying to prove that a new shark has arrived despite a more skeptical public this time around (since sharks rarely attack the same place twice, you can't really blame them). The acting remains solid in 'Jaws 2' - Murray Hamilton's character is a refreshing surprise, still just as disbelieving yet he can't help but be a little sympathetic for Brody this time - and remains that way even during the straining final hour of the film when Szwarc has to resort to the all-out terror of having the teenage daysailers menaced by the monolithic maneater.
    Then there's the whole aspect of the shark itself. Since there's only so many times you can have a different giant shark attack the same island, the movie stretches its premise to the maximum level of plausibility. The shark's feats this time around are, to say the least, improbable - outrunning a speedboat and being able to sink a mini-copter, in particular - but Szwarc captures them on film quite well, and their absurdity pales in comparison to what we get in the last two entries in the series. And Szwarc and screenwriters Carl Gottlieb (returning from the original) and Howard Sackler (who contributed to the original but turned down screen credit) send their shark out in a death scene that has much more panache than the 'shoot-the-scuba-tank-stuck-in-its-mouth' gag.
    'Jaws 2' has its bland and silly moments, but if you loved the suspense of the original, then this entry in the series is about the only follow-up that you might find truly worth your time and money....more info
  • Jaws 2 IS AWSOME!!!!!!
    Jaws 2 is an awsome movie I thought Jaws was Ok.Jaws 2 excellent,Jaws 3 OK.Jaws The Revenge Tottaly Tottaly BAD MOVIE! I liked Jaws 2 the best becuase it is more scarier then Jaws!The kids being attacked,girl horrorfied after her boyfriend was eaten,girl eaten and Sean Brody screams,shark electricutited,water skier and boat driver eaten.Some people saw it and said it's a bad sequal I thought it was EXCELLENT!...more info
  • Not the original
    I remembered Jaws 2 slightly more exciting. I own Jaws 1 and watch it every year. It never grows old. We love it and it remains my favorite movie. As for Jaws 2 well...I fell asleep....more info
  • Equal greatness
    I am a fan of the "Jaws" series (with the exception of Jaws: The Revenge") and all I can say is "Jaws 2" deserves equal greatness with the original. Although it may not live up to the original (some people say so) it is still excellent to watch over and over again. I liked Chief Martin Brody (once again played by Roy Scheider) in this film because his acting is untouchable. Although this film lacks the greatness of director Steven Spielberg, director Jeannot Swarc did a great job as well. For those who are fans of the franchise, I recommend this to you. Those who hate sequels... I'll pass....more info
  • I have a secret
    To make Jaws 2 a really good movie, you must do what I did. First I Tivo'ed it. Then I recorded it onto a VHS tape. I took out all the commercials and all the scenes with the no talent teens. Also, I drastically edited the boring city council scenes and all the boring slow moving underwater scuba stuff. I cut this sucker down to 1 1/2 hours and it rocks. This is what I do when I am real bored and have some time on my hands. Give old movies my own edit. My kids love this one now....more info
  • A Decent Sequel To Jaws
    While most sequels are truly awful,this one is actually pretty good.What hurts it in most ways,is that it seems like A rehash of the original,with new characters added(A group of teenagers,who picked the wrong waters to sail in.)What is good is the evolution of Martin Brody(Roy Scheider)who becomes increasingly paranoid,and in some ways,loses his mind A little.What is also good,is some great action sequences,the water skying scene,the amazing helicopter rescue attempt;gone wrong,and the final battle between The Shark and Brody.While it lacks the originality,and some of the suspense of the first film;there are still enough good elements,to make this film A good,but not great,sequel.I give it 3 stars.I should also add,this is the best of the sequels,avoid "Jaws 3(3-D)"and "Jaws The Revenge" like the plague....more info
  • The only good sequel in the "JAWS" franchise
    Once the music starts you know your in for a first class ride of the same caliber and quality as the original. John Williams does an excellent original score for the sequel setting the tone right off the bat. Really has some genuwine, jump outta your seat shocks and is overall very enjoyable and suspensful. Roy Scheider returns as Sherriff Brody and is just as good as he was in the first, sinking his teeth into the role and tearin' it up, much like the title character.
    If your lookin for a scary shark movie, stick with the best("JAWS" and "JAWS2") and forget the rest....more info
  • A B Movie, and a C sequel.
    Set four years after the Amity Beach shark attacks in Jaws one, Jaws 2 is a repeat of the original with a few different creative twists. This time around "Bruce" followed in the horror movie villains footsteps like Michael Myers and Leatherface and sought out teenagers for his main coarse. It is definately not as clever and well written as the original, but it is also not a complete and total film disaster. The new restoration is really good on the special edition DVD. If you are a fan of the franchise. If you hate sequals stay away....more info
  • Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water ...
    Well, living in New England you would never expect to see a shark along the beach ...once maybe, but twice ...I don't think so. But thanks to the producers of Hollywood this second film has a lot of charm as the first.
    In fact I watched Jaws I and Jaws II back to back and I thought they were both about the same caliber.
    So if you liked the first movie, you'll like the second. Beyond this, the rest of the JAWS series was aweful.
    ...more info
  • Just What I Wanted
    My mom LOVES the Jaws movies so for Christmas I wanted to get her the set. I looked in every store on this planet and couldn't find them. Finally I looked here on and found them. I was so excited not that I just found them but that they were such a decent price! My mom loved her gift....more info
  • Great sequal, but could have showed more BRUCE !
    This sequal was a good way to bring the hungry but vengeful great white back to the screen ,but they could have shown more teeth and less talk. But yet this sequal certainly has a nasty bite and is much more realisticly scarier than its following 3 and 4 episodes.if speilberg had directed the other jaws sequals they would have been just as legendary as the first one.

    M.W....more info

  • Not the original, but fun...
    This is worth seeing just to see how they get rid of the shark this time. You will probably spend some of your time yelling at the screen, saying things like: "Get out of the water you morons!"
    Oh well. It was fun, as I said. I actually bought this for my father, who is re-building an old lobster boat and wanted to use the boat in this movie as a guide. Heh!...more info
  • Jaws 2
    Jaws 2 pickes up four years after the original,and it's not as bad as some say.While its no where near as good it's predecessor it is far better than most other shark films.
    The plot of Jaws 2 is that another,bigger shark has found its way into the waters of Amity,the same island from the original,.
    After the some boaters are killed police chief Brody,one of the heros of the first film, is sure that another shark is patroling the shores of Amity,but most people think he is just paranoid.
    Chief Brody almost goes crazy trying to get the city counsel to do somthing about the shark,but still they don't believe him.Then one day at the beach Brody goes insane ,and starts shooting bullets into water the because he thought he saw the shark,but it was only a school of fish.The next day Brody is fired for causing panic on a public beach.After all that Brody reaches his breaking point,and just simpily gives up,that is until he learns that his sons have sneaked out to go sailing with some friends,the mayors son is among them,.Then the action starts as Brody his wife Ellen,and Hendricks,his former deputy turned chief, go out to save the teens,and kill the shark.
    I Think this movie was good,yes some parts were a bit stupid,but hey its a sequel.Roy Scheider dose a great job as a man who is powerless to stop the beast because of the mayors love of money. Murry Hamilton also gives a good preformance as the greedy mayor whose only concern is the money,not the people of Amity.I beleive that both Scheider and Hamilton hold this film together in it's weakest moments.Also John Williams score is magnificent,it is ALMOST as good as his score for the original
    The writres and director did a nice job too.
    In conclusion this film would have done better if it was not expected to be as good as the original.I would recomend it those who enjoyed the first or those just looking for a good movie to watch...more info
  • Tolerably Watchable
    I know I said only one a week but I had to post this review as soon as I finished "Jaws: The Revenge" because I know I'm gonna get a lot of hate mail for this. This film isn't even measurable to the third film! The acting is great; Scheider is very believable in his paranoia of the shark and his anger when the council doesn't agree with him. The story is great (I know this film is technically a rehash of the first film but at least it doesn't have a rehashed, copout ending like Richard Donner's Cut of "Superman II" but that's another review for another day), and the music was great (it's John Williams, would you expect anything less?). The action & dramatic scenes were great; the helicopter scene and the shocking ending (sorry for the horrible pun) and this is neither dramatic or action oriented but I like the subtle reference to the non-Jaws rip-off, "Orca: The Killer Whale". And heck even the shark looked great! I'm pretty sure you're wondering when I'm going to get to why I don't care for this movie compared to the supposedly bad fourth film. Well if you haven't read my review for that one, I'll fill you in on what ruined this movie and its one word: (dramatic pause) TEENAGERS!!! Did we really need them, besides Brody's kids? OK, a girlfriend and two, three friends tops for Michael would've been fine but at least it could've made their scenes watchable! The only reason teenagers were even included in the script, from what I've observed and researched anyway, was because of the then rising popularity of the slasher film (Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Halloween particular) They're given way too much screen time and I was begging that the shark was going to eat more of them. Yes, it was sad when the girl who saved Sean's life got devoured right in front of the poor boy's eyes but one heroic act is not enough for me to give this a favorable review. I already don't like kid actors and after this movie, now I have to add teen actors to the list (the ones from Power Rangers don't count, they were pretty much in their twenties anyway)....more info
  • exactly the product that i expect!!
    the dvd is excellent!the "making of.." is surprising! in this dvd you can see many deleted scenes, photographs but the most interesting things of the special features is the "shark facts"!!
    I recommend this dvd to everyone who love this kind of movies!...more info
  • Just When You Thought It Was Safe To Film A Sequel
    JAWS under the firm hand of director Stephen Spielberg and the appealing tri-parte buddy acting of Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw, and Richard Dreyfuss, combined to produce a monster film that was so good that the presence of the monster was almost a secondary afterthought. The huge profits of the novel by Peter Benchley and the even greater success of the filmed version guaranteed a celluloid sequel. Spielberg decided to bow out as director as did Dreyfus as the icthyologist Matt Hooper. Shaw's character was gobbled up so that left only Scheider and the shark to carry the film in a dramatic sense. Scheider tries mightily as does Bruce the shark, but the lack of Dreyfus and Shaw does not permit Scheider to do more than to complain loudly that a man eating shark is back in the waters off Amity. Perhaps if new director Jeannot Scwarc had tried to do more than just reshoot a plot that resonated in the original but fizzled in the sequel, then JAWS 2 might have had more going for it than watching an aquatic version of a teen slasher flick. The only way JAWS 2 might have been significantly different would have involved more human interest and less focus on shark canines. The problem with the sequel of any hit film is to recapture the freshness of the original, or if failing that, to stake out and create a new sense of dramatic interest. In THE GODFATHER 2, director Coppola moved back in time to fill in the blanks of young Vito Coreleone's life. In ALIENS 2, director James Cameron humanized the alien by giving it maternal instincts. Nothing of the sort was done here. The shark was presented in both films as a feeding machine. Coppola and Cameron have proved that if you can't improve the monster at least give it a reason for existence so that as it munches on its victims, the audience can shout out--as Sigourney Weaver did in ALIENS 2--"Leave her alone you bitch!" ...more info
  • Doesn't Come Close to Original, but What Film Does?
    After the blockbuster, record breaking success of the original Jaws, it would seem any sequel would be doomed to failure. Well, this sequel made quite a bit of money for the studio, however critics bashed it left and right.
    Let's look at the most obvious reason. Without Dreyfuss and Shaw, we are left with Schieder and a bunch of teenagers who are barely able to act (with the exception of Keith Gordon later of "Dressed to Kill").
    Next: the story. The town is still not capable of believing Schieder's shark alert after the events of the first film? Also, there is a lot of unnecessary filler, like the dedication of the new hotel. The script also picks at Sheriff Brody, making him a drunk when he's under pressure.
    The saving grace of the film is the abundance of effects. The director wisely realized that since his actors are weak, he must shift focus onto the shark, which is seen a lot more in part 2. The shark is scarred by a fire early on in the film. It's as if producers wanted us to know this is a different shark than the one used in the first film.
    The film is basically geared toward a younger audience. There is less blood, less dialogue, and more action.
    Jaws 2 can't touch the original, but it's far better than the countless imitations that followed....more info
  • He's Coming
    This movie rocks!! It's awesome! There's so much action and adventure in this one of a kind movie! The best shark movie ever made except for maybe Deep Blue Sea. This movie rocked!! I hope you enjoyed this movie!...more info
  • Unnecessary Sequels.....Gotta Love Em
    Jaws is one of those films that needs no sequel. C'mon, how the hell do you make a sequel to Jaws? The story was told and there's no more to tell! Sequel? The Exorcist fell victim to this as well. Some movies you can make sequels to because you can actually take the story somewhere else. The Terminator's a good example. But when you get a simple open and shut premise like Jaws, the only thing a sequel will do is rehash the plot of the original film in one way or another coz there's no new territory to take a story like Jaws in. Friday The 13th is a good example of this. So, what we get with Jaws 2 is basically the same plot as the first one, so immediately the suspense is down a notch coz you know what to expect. Personally I can't buy the concept of another giant shark invading the same area for no reason. People say it's an offspring of the original shark. Yeah, right. Now I'm sold on it. Kind of like Son Of Dracula, eh? Roy is back and is a saving grace for the film. There's some gruesome shark attacks as well as a few fairly suspenseful ones. The movie isn't THAT bad, it's just unnecessary. It won't kill you to watch it, but you'll be wishing you were watching Jaws....more info
  • blegh a waste of two hours
    All right, the only reason why I watched this movie is because my uncle thought it was better than the first.
    It's totally unrealistic, and the scar thing is totally stupid. WAY too many attacks. The shark looks even more stupider. And the fact that Matt Hooper wasn't in it upsetted me (the actor was probably too busy with Close Encounters of The Third Kind). And the way that the shark dies was WAY too predicatable.
    Jaws 2: A waste of 2 hours....more info
  • Do we really need these JAWS sequels?
    Well, Jaws 3 was decent. Jaws: the Revenge was literally a disaster. Jaws 2 . . . well, it's a notch below J3, but it's way better than Revenge. Here, Roy Scheider returns as Chief Brody, who discovers there's another great white shark on the loose. And you guessed it, the shark is terrorizing Amity Island. So this film isn't very enticing as the original (to me, J3 was better than J2), but it still gives good thrills. But try not to laugh at the shark attacking a flying helicopter (VERY stupid to look at).

    And it's too bad Hooper isn't in this sequel. It would've been more exciting. ...more info
    In retrospect, it's more than likely that JAWS should not have had any sequels. The three followups pale in comparison and offered nothing new. Without Steven Spielberg, Richard Dreyfuss or Robert Shaw, this second JAWS is lacklusterly directed by Jeannot Szwarc, a Frenchman who should stick with low key films like his SOMEWHERE IN TIME or his stints on the NIGHT GALLERY tv series. His pace is so languid, there is little suspense generated. It doesn't help that too much time is focused on a bunch of teenagers who are merely whiny and plot devices. Roy Scheider tries gamely to recreate the passion of his original role, but even he seems tired and bored with the whole thing. Even John Williams score is uninspired and redundant. If you like shark attack movies, you may be able to tolerate this...just don't think it's as good as JAWS....more info
  • The Best (In My Opinion) Of The Jaws Films
    The original Jaws is one of those movies that pretty much everyone has seen and it is well known for being one of film's scariest movies of all time. So scary that it sent people who were avid ocean lovers desperately shrieking back to shore, never wanting to swim again (Cmon, you know that if you are swimming in the ocean and that jaws theme pops into your head that you are going to FREAK out and want OUT of that water fast!).

    Jaws 2 is one of the best sequels ever made (The only other better one I can think of off the top of my head is Aliens) and it hasn't gotten the credit it deserves. The shark in this film is angry and out for blood.

    Where the predecessor won viewers over with suspense and pacing, this film takes off out of the gates like seabiscuit and doesn't relent. There are a lot more shark attacks and although the "cheese" factor is higher and the tone is less serious than the first, this movie really, really works!

    This is certainly the best of the films, in my opinion. It is way scarier and far more entertaining. The first was groundbreaking and had some of the best characterization in cinema history...but if you want a little more fluff and a lot more fire-power, watch this one! It's worth it!...more info