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Empire Earth
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Product Description

An epic conquest spanning 500,000 years! Battle on land, air, and sea in addition to armies, you can build wide varieties of ships and aircrafts.

Unlike Age of Empires, which takes on a single slice of history, Empire Earth offers you the whole darn pie! You'll start a civilization, directing your cavemen to gather resources such as food, wood, gold, iron, and stone. Eventually you'll advance through every era of history, all the way to the far-flung future where giant robots armed with lasers dominate the battlefield.

Empire Earth is the first game from Stainless Steel Studios and Age of Empires co-creator Rick Goodman, and is everything that hard-core fans who conquered the Age of Empires games could want. Stainless Steel Studios managed to pack more sheer gameplay, units, options, and replayability into Empire Earth than any other real-time strategy game had before it. Best of all, the game is very much based on the interface and gameplay concepts that made Age of Empires and its sequel so much fun, so players of the earlier games can jump right in.

The core concept should be familiar to any real-time-strategy fan. Empire Earth has your citizens (called peasants in Age of Empires) gather resources so you can build various buildings and units. You have to gather wood, gold, stone, and food, as in the earlier game, but Empire Earth adds iron to the mix. Food is gathered from various colorful animals dotting the map, wood from forests, and the minerals from deposits scattered around. Gather enough stuff and you can advance through the ages; there are 16 of them here, from humankind's prehistoric past all the way to the future some 200 years hence. At the beginning, you'll be fielding club warriors, and at the end, massive robot tanks. In the middle you'll build archers, knights, infantry, tanks, etc. All told, the game features 20 buildings and some 200 units.

One major innovation is the full 3-D graphics engine. The engine lets you rotate and zoom in anywhere, which yields some impressive visuals. More strikingly, the game engine can showcase huge numbers of units in full conflict, and you will see massive battles throughout the ages. The game offers full multiplayer, several historical scenarios, a campaign mode, and a random map generator that can be tweaked to play in any age against any number of opponents, which is a great option.

There are other key differences that set Empire Earth apart from the pack. You can build prophets, who can then summon mighty calamities on your enemy. Think of them as divine spells. You can start a plague, call a rain of fire, or summon a massive earthquake, for example. Artillery, aircraft, and naval powers are also represented. You can staff your outposts with citizens to make them grow into more efficient town centers, thus increasing your power over the map and control of resources.

This complexity is the game's greatest strength, but also its biggest weakness. This isn't a game for the timid, the new, or the slow. If you thought Age of Empires was complicated when compared to other real-time fare such as WarCraft, you haven't seen anything yet. This sophistication can be a bad thing for new gamers, but Age of Empires players looking for a new challenge are in for a treat. --Bob Andrews


  • Plenty of units and ages to explore
  • Impressive new 3-D graphics
  • Too complex for casual gamers
  • High difficulty

The creator and lead designer of Age of Empires has conceived Empire Earth as the premier historical real-time strategy title, offering players the freedom to customize both the historical scope of their games and the character of their civilizations. Improving upon the Age of Empires interface, Empire Earth promises to be as accessible as Age, but with far more excitement and depth.

In Empire Earth, you'll command history's best-known civilizations, such as those of the Greeks, English, French, and Germans, or evolve your own as you choose from more than 100 unique attributes. You'll colonize or conquer surrounding territories and establish new settlements; plan and build walled towns and city-states; and construct temples and hospitals to protect and enhance your growing empire. Your town centers inspire defenders to fight harder, and can be transformed into powerful capitals. Wood, coal, oil, and other natural resources provide raw materials for expansion. More than a dozen technology tracks offer numerous opportunities for further advancement.

Train more than 200 types of combat units from every era in history, including the future on earth. Instantly improve the combat abilities of your troops with specific upgrades. Lead your armies to glorious victory with the help of Charlemagne, Churchill, and other great heroes from not only yesterday but also today and tomorrow. Fight in good weather during the day on an open plain, or carry out surprise assaults in the black of night or the dead of winter. Attack unsuspecting enemies with stealthy submarines and aircraft. Soften up an enemy position with artillery fire, carpet-bombing, or offshore shelling, or launch ballistic missiles. Wage epic sky battles with more than 30 types of aircraft, such as Sopwith Camels, Spitfires, F-15s, Apache gunships, and B-2 bombers. Fight massive naval engagements with more than 40 different ships, from 16th-century ships of the line to modern aircraft carriers. Board and capture enemy vessels. Train colossal and intelligent mechs to fight the battles of the future.

In Empire Earth, the military option is just one possible path to victory. Surreptitiously convert an enemy's citizens with furtive priests. Instruct a prophet to invoke devastating calamities, such as volcanoes, earthquakes, and plagues. Pick away at opponents' populations by taking over their citizens. Construct wonders of the world that endow your civilization with special abilities while demonstrating its superiority.

Customer Reviews:

  • This is a great game!
    Don't listen to those folks saying the computer cheats and you can't win. I won today, after several attempts (I think five). This game is far more complex than CIV III, it requires patience and strategy and planning. If you don't measure out your troops to your citizens and follow through on advancements at the university and within all the other elements, the computerized opponent will come in and wipe you out. One key is building secure walls around your town as soon as you're able, so that the computer opponent can't get through (and repairing them when your opponent attacks). There are many different elements that you need to pay attention to throughout the game to keep on top of things, but that makes the game so much more intelligent and challenging than CIV III (and I liked CIV III too). I found in CIV III I could win the game almost too easily, and could do so without fighting. In Empire Earth you HAVE to fight and you have to consider your military, along with your citizens' harvesting of food, minerals and wood. I particularly like that your priests can "convert" enemy troops and have them turn around and fight against their former allies. It's a great game, really; if you're interested in complex strategy and excellent graphics, try this game. There are so many options, it's infinitely playable over and over again....more info
  • Not too complex, and very playable.
    Sometimes older games can be more addictive then latest photo realistic battle royale.

    The game is a standard RTS game where you civilization evolves from prehistoric up to a nano age. The game is quite addictive, since it doesn't use an overly complex set of unit behaviors, and left to them selves most units can handle enemy recon and scout probes.

    The game has priests that can convert enemy units (great when you can get an entire battleship to convert and defect), and prophets who can bring on plagues, quakes, fire storms, and such. A boat full of well place prophets can save your butt if the AI team sudden advances to WWII tech while you're still driving around on horses.

    The stock maps are kind of bland, but there are hacks for the game that make the maps more random. max sized random island maps are fun.

    population and resource management are pretty simple. The Civs don't need infrastructure (homes increase morale, but aren't need for population). No long supply lines, etc.

    Being an older game, you can run it with multiple AI enemies, 600+ units and no lag. Only glitch is that game will crash if you task switch or accidentally hit the windows button.
    ...more info
  • RE: Justin Hawthorne's remarks
    I played this game using a router which has a built-in firewall and had NO problems with single player OR multi-player online (your comp does NOT go online to play single player as I've played it when my ISP was down for a whole weekend). I'm sure there are others that have the same problem as you do but I suspect most don't. Unfortunatly, this makes you part of a small minority and software developers can't address every single issue with every single system. Don't get me wrong. I'm not defending Sierra here as they do have a bad reputation with gamers out there for customer support (or so I've heard the rumblings). They took a very long time to release a patch to address problems that others where having and none since, but the expansion pack just came out (see Empire Earth; The Art Of Conquest) which probably has updates. I just feel the game itself shouldn't be trashed for the unresponsiveness of the developer's support staff. It's an AWESOME RTS if you can play it. The expansion, by the way, is by Mad Doc Software so maybe they'll have better support....more info
  • Age of Empire lovers will play for months
    Designed along the lines of Age of Empires, with some of the same programmers, Empire Earth stretches from prehistory into the far future. Think of it as the standard build-a-civilization game with a timeline that encompasses all of mankind's history.

    The graphics are really great. It seems that every new release raises the graphics bar a bit, and Empire Earth falls into that category. It's a fully 3D version of Age of Empires, with little farms, temples, stables, trees, airports, towers, and more. The water ripples, the trees sway in the wind. There are different terrain types, from snow to desert to rocks and jungle. The plants and landscape features match the terrain properly.

    There are all sorts of great units matching the various time periods. There are frigates and battleships, galleons and triremes and catapult ships. The fully customizable scenario editor lets you mix and match the forces in one giant time-warp map, or construct your own historic scenarios. Drop an iceberg into the water, and you see the water lapping up against its edges. You can zoom fully in and out to admire your work!

    The game campaigns are a fun trek through history. Start out with sticks and stones, and just a few units. Take care of your goats, and soon you'll be progressing along through the Greeks, Romans, middle ages, Renaissance and all the way up to the far future.

    The range of units, cultures and timelines available is truly amazing. The campaigns are just to whet your appetite and get you started. When you're sure you understand the commands and tactics, it's time to go on line! You'll find thousands of maps, thousands of players, and a truly infinite number of scenarios to play out. Design any historical situation and see how you do in WW2 or in the War of the Roses. Try various combinations in the war against Cleopatra.

    A truly great game for any strategy fan, and one that can keep you occupied for months - or at least until a new version of the game comes out!...more info

  • sucky
    this product was the worst and shouldn't be purchased if you don't want to throw 20 dollars down the drain. HORRIBLY DONE. sierra should have been disposed of and a better company like the creators of Medeival total war should make another game. SO THINK AGAIN IF YOU PLAN TO BUY IT. it is boring and nothing is realistic especially the graphics, for example the people are larger than the house. so don't buy this...............for your own sake!...more info
  • Empire Earth from Sierra
    Total sucess! Brilliantly molded into a masterpiece. All missions life-like and realistic, single player is a gem of computer animation. Recomended to the highest extent. Will not dissapoint you in the least!...more info
  • Dont Listen to Other Reviews
    Don't listen to the other people reviewing the game. They obvious dont know how to run the game the right way. If it is to slow, turn the resolution down. This makes it run faster and it still has great graphics. This game is the best real-time strategy out there. There are tons of units and epochs to travel through. Empire Earth has the greatest replay value ever because the maps and computer is different all of the time. Also, the multiplayer invironment is the best it can be. You can challange people from all around the world. The people who are saying the game is too hard obvisously shouldn't be gamers at all. My advise is to definately BUY this game. Try it and you will see how much fun it is.

    P.S- If you are going to review a game, make sure you play it first instead of bashing it without trying it....more info

  • Worsest Game Ever
    This is a horrible game of the year. The graphics are good but the units, and chalenges are bad, and I will explain right now, why.
    1. The Musketeer suppose to have a sword not a gun.
    2. Priests are being converted easily. Infact, if you have one and computer have three, he will take away not only your priest but a whole army too. That means that the army that have been conquered by your opponent will defeat you. Even if you will be creating and upgrading your troops, computer will win in any case.
    3. B-52's and Titan bombers attacking viciouslly. They can destroy with 1 atomic bomb 3 buildings and kill more then 15 troops.
    I lost a game to Germany when I was playing Atomic Age-
    -WW2, atleast 3 B-52's attack me and I lost. The attack continued for about 1 min. I had atleast 10 buildings before the attack, now I have 0, this is outrageous!
    4. Priests can't convert buildings before Imperial Age. Thats like for 8 levels without power to convert. In AOE I began to convert buildings in 3rd level, but what they have here is outrageous!
    5. Priests can't convert ships from Middle Age- Industrial Age. Even if I have 3 priests I can't convert even Frigate-Royal (Industrial Age).
    In AOE I have converted all ships (exept for demolition).
    6. The computer likes to cheat.
    Let I tell you what I mean by that, example: when you are playing Imperial Age-Industrial Age you have a barracks unit called the sharpshooter, while your guy have 535 hit points your opponent with the same guy will have 575 hit points.
    Infact your Sharpshooter can kill the guy with two shots, while your opponents Sharpshooter can fire only one shot, plus the opponents Sharpshooter can take away 400 hit points, while yours can take away only half of it.
    7. When you creating hero, he will not do aNY damage to your oponent. Why then Sierra created such kind of a dull machine?!
    8. Carriers carying from 10-12-14 units, while in AOE from 5-10-20.
    Thats it for today, I hope that many people will understand that they are waisting money on this game. I paid for this game $....and I don't recieved any fun from it, only disappointment.
    I sugest to all customers buy games like Age of Empires,
    Starcraft, and Red Alert 2....more info
  • Caveat Emptor
    I would like to say how much I love this game. However, I am unable to do so due to the arrogant nature of the customer disservice and the irresponsible attitudes of Sierra and its programmers.

    If you use a firewall, even one other than Zonealarm, you will be unable to run this game without first DISABLING your firewall, or giving the game indiscriminate access to your internet connection. I mean you MUST do this for SOLO play.

    I can understand that you need to allow a program to access the internet in order to have a multiplayer game over the internet, but given the number of titles that support and encourage multiplayer over the internet (both those of this and other genres) that do NOT have this bug, it is my recommendation that you play some of those other splendid titles and allow this one to fade away into the ignominous fate that should await all examples of bad programming, regardless of what former luster their publisher may have had.

    I have contacted Sierra concerning this bug, and their official stance is to ignore it, claiming that EE does not attempt to access the internet unless multiplayer is selected, it merely makes certain system calls that cause firewalls to THINK they are accessing the internet, even though the game crashes when you allow your firewall to block access to the internet.

    They consider this a user problem. I consider it an invasion of my privacy and a security risk. The necessary steps to secure my computer (disable DSL connection and firewall) and have solo play are an offensive and unacceptable intrusion, and Sierra's attitude towards this bug is intolerable so I encourage you not to tolerate it. As I pointed out to Sierra, there are lots of other games of this type without these problems, play them instead, and be sure to let Sierra know why....more info

  • One of my favorite games
    EE is one of the best "civ" construction games I have ever played. Unlike the Civilization series (which is a bit complex for me) or the Caesar series (which is a tad archaic at times), EE is really fun and very interesting. Never the same game twice, I highly recommend Empire Earth....more info
  • Over-Compensation for Poor AI
    BOTTOM LINE: This game has tremendous potential that it simply does not live up to.

    The Age of Empires series is a tremendous testament to what can be done with real time strategy. Microsoft stuck with their level of excellence in the realm of computer games with this series. Empire Earth is an obvious addition to this series of games, unfortunately, done through Sierra this time. Sierra is notorious for enforcing release date deadlines with their developers, and quality is usually the first thing to suffer. This game remains virtually unpatched (a patch was released to fix a problem with multiplayer, that was it)

    However, to state the positives. The graphics are excellent. As far as design, the potential is excellent. It's the familiar resource-collecting, structure-building, population-growing, military training sort of game that the AoE series created so well. Basically, gather resources to build up a good empire, and take out the other players (human or computer) The tech-tree is good, the potential for strategy is good.

    The AI is ridiculously stupid. A huge advantage has been given to the computer players (i believe building costs for computer players are around 5% that of a human player) and the computer is given the default ability to cheat.. ie, advance in epochs at whim, because it is losing. This leads to a game that is unbalanced, with the computer playing doing things tremendously impossible in relation to the human player.

    Through some tricky maneuvering you can disable the computer cheating, and then the game becames amazingly easy and unchallenging.

    Overall, good concepts, great graphics, good to play once or twice, and then quickly becomes either boring or stupid.

    Stick with the "Age of.." games...more info

  • Prepare to be frustrated...
    Take my advice: DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! I had heard no end of praise(at Amazon especially) for it and I know it would have been great. But the units take quite a while just to start moving after being told to move!!! And don't start thinking "oh,the CP was too slow". I upgraded to a 1.7 gHz computer, and it didn't help.
    We got a graphics card with an nVidia Ge Force 4 processor, which is the latest thing, and it didn't help,either. All my other games, which had been working fine, got better. ... it only works on Windows ME, which was discontinued some time ago.
    In summary, the words I would like to use to describe this game would get this review banned from the list. ... EE is a total rip-off ......more info
  • The greatest strategy game on the face of the earth
    If u think Age of Empires or Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds is the best RTS game on earth, THINK AGAIN! Empire Earth is one of the best, if not, the best, RTS game. Instead of being confined to 1 age like in Age of Mythology of Age of Empires, you command ALL 500,000 YEARS OF HUMAN HISTORY, FROM THE DISCOVERY OF FIRE TO THE DISCOVERY OF NANO TECHNOLOGY! You can take on a civilization wit hordes of cavemen, bring a grand army of swordsmen to fight to the death, bring on a lethal arsenal of Penzer Tanks and Talon Fighters to battle against China, or take on cyborgs, Cybers, and laser turrets. Reenact all 14 ages of human history!

    Pros: 3 historically corecct campaigns (actually 4, but one's in the Digital Age)
    14 ages, reenact human history
    Can make multiple settlements quickly and turn them into Town Centers, then Capitols
    Very cool display, (can zoom in a lot)
    Cool graphics
    call on calamities with Prophets
    people talk normally (in later ages)

    No marketplace like in every other RTS game
    They could work harder on the campaign cinematics...more info

    Ok, if you have a good system and are looking for the best real time strategy empire building game ever, then you should get Empire earth! with 14 epochs, excellent graphics, and many awards, this is really a great game if you have a good system...more info
  • The best in depth RTS ever!
    Empire Earth is probably one of the most realistic RTS (and best)games to date. You can play and fight at the beginning of time, or in the future, or anytime in between. The units are very realistic and acurate to each time period, and in this game, it is very important to stay ahead technology wise. Remember capitalism 2? It has the same idea, but it's a RTS and MUCH more fun. One thing I really like is that you can't mass units. You have to have a good mix of units to win because ever unit has advantages and disadvantages, so a good army will have 3-10 different types of units, or maybe even more. Although the game is harder to learn than most other RTSs, it is a well worth it, and a great addition to anyones collection.

    +Many different units with their own characteristics.
    +14 epocs with it's own set of units and buildings, and look.
    +Very customisable.
    +Doesn't require and extremely fast computer to play but takes full advantage of really good computers.
    +So many stratagies are possible.
    +Fun for many hours.
    +The better the computer, the better the graphics.(Looks awesome on awesome computers).
    +Great sound effects.
    +Deffinently not another generic RTS.

    -Big battles get jerky on computers barely meeting system requirements.
    -Online laggy without broadband.
    -AI good but could be better.

    If you have a computer that can run this game, get it. It's worth it....more info

  • Empire Earth is awesome
    Fun and easy. I think that it would be more fun if different nations had different units....more info
  • A must have game 4 1/2 rating
    The Age of empires games were good but the only had certein time periods. Like Rome and the middle ages but this game lets you take control of armies in all time periods. from Prehistory wit cavemen and dinosaurs to medieval knights to world war 1 & 2 to moden times to 200 years in the future. letting you take control of a varity of units cavemen with clubs Knights with swords US and germans soldiers with rifles to mechs and infantry with lasers and u get sea units of boats subs battleships aircraft carriers being able to control aircraft is cool from biplanes to jets to antigravity air units this game is a must have...more info
  • Really fun for Everyone (man that was corny)
    I'm not really an RTS guy, in fact I stink at them. I have only beaten the computer on my own on easy twice to put it in perspective. I still like the game. Why? 2 words: cheat codes. I also like the variety the game offers, but the AI is ridiculously difficult, even on easy. All in all a fun game b/c of the codes though.

    P.S. while i'm a noob at RTS, i'm pretty good at FPS games ;)...more info
  • Don't buy this game..even at this price
    EE is a classic example of an over-engineered game. A couple of reasons:
    1)While some people might like the appeal of the massive time line it encompasses, it just seems cheezy to me to have jet fighers facing off against cavalry.
    2) The AI is devious. That would be a good thing if you had all the time in the world, but actually hunting down a single unit to win the game is annoying. Also, when you are playing against two or more AI players, once you attack one the other(s) comes in and hammers you. The manual discusses this explicitly and warns of the impending consequences, but it still doesn't make any sense. It is almost like you are playing all the AI players at once from the very first nanosecond of the game. Some players may find this a challenge, but I feel cheated. At least in other games the AI players take time to realize that you are progressing too quickly and then band together. EE's approach is unrealistic and nonhuman.
    3) Units. Three words to describe - rocks, scissors, paper. Yawn. It makes sense, but EE emphasized this to the point of absurd across the timeline (other reviewers joke about bowmen taking out a tank or somesuch folly - it really isn't funny if the tank is your unit.) And the controls are fickle and not terribly intuitive. For instance, I never figured out how to effectively use the modern artillery cannon,
    4) Graphics and gameplay. (Warning - conspiracy theory alert.) I have this theory that whenever a computer game is about to be improved upon from a graphics perspective the game studio and its programmers rally around a new graphics technology that differentiates their appproach from the past product. It simply must be better because it is NEWER. Well, IMO the graphics are annoying and lack certain elements to give you the geewhiz 3D that you don't even need. This slows down everyone's PC (read all the reviews) and doesn't make a difference towards gameplay. In some respects, it may hamper the gameplay.

    In summary this game was frustrating and annoying after about three weeks. I still find myself playing AOEII more than any other game on the market. And that really is the major point, once the novelty wears off, what game do you want to own. Not this one, IMHO....more info

  • Complex Game with Limited AI
    Being a big fan of the Age of Empire series, I didn't hesitate to buy this game. Although there's a certain level of complexity in having the game evolve through different ages and technology, I found that the AI in the game had similar shortcomings as with Age of Empires.

    If one is playing through ages, the game is pretty tough with 7 other AIs playing against you. As with Age of Empires, however, the game gets pretty dull if you're playing a fixed time period. The highlands terrains are always the most difficult because you have porous frontiers but, once you establish your territory; the AI seems to lose its will to fight pretty quickly. What you have then is just hours of expanding your territory without much resistance; the time taken is just to move your units and finishing off what's left of the AI.

    The graphics are great and the game is difficult in the evolutionary mode: but the advantage is in the overkill of the technology and not the AIs sophistication: this is made evident in the fixed period games. The graphics are great though and the weaponry is extensive....more info

  • Empire Earth Rocks
    I don't own the game yet but I had a lot of fun playing it at my cousin's house. I haven't gotten the feel for it completely yet so you might want to check out some other people's reviews before making your decision to buy it. So far, I've had a great time playing it.
    You can choose multiple civilizations and eras.
    Weird tribal leader guy in the first Greek era in story mode who walks funny!
    You can control multiple characters at once.
    You can tell them to attack, gather materials, or just walk.
    Pretty difficult
    Less advanced graphics
    They kill you in the second Greek era in like 10 seconds
    Poor story line
    CPUs are strong when you are weak
    Mildly confusing...more info
  • Possibly the GREATEST GAME EVER
    This game is one of the most magnificent and well rounded games ever. Firstly, I would like to warn a certain audience of gamers. This game IS NOT IN ANY MEANS for people who don't like to "think" in their gaming. This is for those who love to MASTER something, and it takes a long time. The graphics are amazing, even in 2003, two years after its release, its playability is nearly endless- as long as you love it. I can sort of see it as a cult game- those who like it, love it; and those who dislike it, hate it. The AI is decent enough to play constantly, but it really shines in Humanvs.Human play, where the over 120 units can create COUNTLESS strategies. Land, Naval, Air combat is amazing. Using the zoom, you can view battles from an amazing point of view. Nuclear bombers, aircraft carriers, cruise missile subs, all this is included. There is 5 resource types, and tons of buildings and technologies. The only thing that is slightly disappointing is the diplomacy(AI), which is really non-existent. However, features like the Civilization creator and the in-depth campaigns easily make up for it.

    I suggest this game for a gamer who loves to play games intelligently, who is a perfectionist, and who likes multiplayer gaming. It is in my opinion the greatest computer game ever created. Thank you Sierra!!!!...more info

  • The best rts ever!
    If you'r an age of empires fan you'll love this game!!! insttead of 4 ages that span mabey a few hundred years you get 12 epochs that span 500,000 years!!! Its only weak spot is, heck it hasn't got any. The one thing thats puzzleing is that the upgrade of the grenaider, the doughboy is worse than the grenaider. The graphics are great and it's very relistic. I give it 5, 10 if I could....more info
  • Empire Earth from Sierra
    Total sucess! Brilliantly molded into a masterpiece. All missions life-like and realistic, single player is a gem of computer animation. Recomended to the highest extent. Will not dissapoint you in the least!...more info
  • Review from the Tribes 2 Gamer
    I had never played a RTS game until EE, but let me tell you, after the detailed tutorial and a few random maps(skirmish mode) I was all set. Unlike what some people say, the game is n00bie friendly if you pay attention to certain balances(i.e. F-117's trash everything but AA's, towers, walls, and F-15's).

    Three of the Campaigns are historically correct(the fourth one, Russia, is in the future). You can play as the Greeks and fight the Battle of Troy and actually make the Trojan horse. There is also the English Campaign where you must help young William in his struggle to power, later on you must fight Napoleon and his army. One of my favorites is the German Campaign where you will fight with Allied forces for control of Europe(you even get the Red Baron). After WWI, you get to try out some of the early stages of WWII. Finally, you have the Russian Campaign in which you must help a young man named Grigor to evade pursuit by the Russian government, then reconquer the former states of the USSR.

    This has got to be one of the best games I've ever played, if you don't have Empire Earth yet, you should seriously consider buying it.

    *Note* One reviewer said something about sharpshooters with different health, that was probably because the AI either upgraded the health or got the ranged infantry health Civ bonus....more info

  • solid
    It is just an all around good game from an educational standpoint and a action and strategy player standpoint. It covers so many years you get to see how the world reletively developed....more info
  • Great Game! Absolutely Stunning!
    I played the demo of this game and it just blew my mind at first I thought another Age of Empires game but it was even better! I can't wait until I get the real game then I'll fill you all in on what I think of the REAL game....until then i'm leaving you all hanging!

    So Long......more info

  • Great Game Real time empire building
    Empire Earth is a cross between Warcraft and Age of Empires. Build an empire and take over the world. Great funny for the whole family. I saw a copy for $5.50!!! Buy it. Enjoy it. Many hours of game play. Great Yule gift, and since it is an older game it is cheap now. Wyatt Kaldenberg...more info
  • !The Best Game I Have Ever Played!
    -Good Graphics
    -Zoom in on things
    -learn real history
    -play in many differt ages
    -Tons of differt men
    +much much more...more info
  • Even after so many years this game is a blast!
    A real time strategy game. That allows your 'people' to evolve through the ages. From Pre-Historic age up to Cyber age. People who love WarCraft 2 will probably like this game.

    You can play scenarios built into the game, or even more fun start your own LAN game and play with friends, with and against computers of various difficulties. You cut your own wood, gather food, mine stone, gold, and iron using peasents. With every age the voices and sayings of your 'people' change and evolve.

    You can build walls. Setup towers and anti-aircraft for defense. You can wage battles on the high seas.

    You can choose custom Civs to give your team an advantage at certain tasks of your choosing, be it farming, or archery, you have a certain number of points to purchase these benefits and it makes the game more interesting.

    You can configure your game to start and end in whatever era you like. (we usually cut Cyber out and stop at Atomic).

    I've been playing this game since it was released and we still find it to be our favorite. A family get together isn't complete without my 3 brothers, my husband and myself enjoying a day long game of Empire Earth....more info
  • hours and hours of game play :-)
    this game is awesome!!! a ton of people make bad comments on it but, those aren't true! here are some good stuff abut this game

    spanning 500,000 years from the prehistoric age to the middle ages to the WW2 age and to the nano age of the future!

    lots of different units from rock throwers to swords men to archers to tanks to atomic bombers to bazookas and robots!

    different maps like highlands, mediterranian and small islands!

    some bad things are...

    4 different campaigns are litterally impossible

    when playing against the computer it is impossible to win unless you use cheats

    EMPIRE EARTH ROCKS!(...)...more info

  • Great opportunity to SAVE MONEY!!!
    Just don't buy this one. You will have more fun watching your money sitting in a savings account. And for goodness sakes, don't let your kid waste his/her money & YOUR time!
    Seriously, this stupid game has wasted more of my family's time than any other software product we have ever purchased. It runs like molasses on a top-of-the-line processor, with a top-notch video card, tons of memory, lots of disk space. From scanning reviews, I'd guess you might possibly manage to get it working if you happen to have the exact same system as some of the early testers...probably means some out-of-date version of Windows. But don't count on it.
    There are so many recommendations in the handbook for speeding up the program, that it's obvious they knew on release that this would be a problem. Half of the recommendations basically involve turning off and/or crippling the promised attractive features of the game. To release a program like this which does NOT reliably run on any machine meeting recommended or better system specifications (and you are out of luck if your system only reaches the "minimum" specs) is totally unprofessional....more info