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Judy At Carnegie Hall: Fortieth Anniversary Edition
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The late 1950s were tough on Judy Garland, but this live recording, cut on April 23, 1961, at Carnegie Hall, would (rightfully) bring the legendary icon back into the spotlight. Live would go on to win five Grammys, be Garland's bestselling record, and confirm that, yes, on certain levels, she still had it. Her vocals are as strong as ever on these tunes, and Garland has fun with an audience obviously enraptured by her charms. She's self-deprecating where necessary--on "You Go to My Head" she "forgets" the lyrics but pretends to improvise. Mostly she just shines, especially on tunes she made famous, such as "Come Rain or Come Shine," "Stormy Weather," and "Over the Rainbow." This is easily one of pop music's greatest live recordings and a fine testament to Garland's recorded legacy. This two-CD set has been remastered for EMI's 40th-anniversary reissue to coincide with the ABC film based on daughter Lorna Luft's memoir Me and My Shadows (and is also available in a 24-karat-gold audiophile format released in 2000). --Jason Verlinde

Customer Reviews:

  • Ladies and Gentlemen, Please Rise
    Without a time machine, this 2001 remastering of Judy Garland's April 1961 concert in Carnegie Hall is your best chance to attend that legendary performance and roar from the stalls. You may want to retain your pre-1989 set for quickest access to the songs, but for Judy in all her thrilling range--diva, clown, raconteuse--this is the clearest bell. Bravo!...more info
  • One of the great show business nights of all time
    'Wikipedia' says that this is considered by many to be the Greatest Show Business Night of all time. Anne Edwards in her biography of Garland gives an almost song- by- song account of the night. The overwhelming love of the audience to Judy Garland was returned in her giving everything she had. Her greatest numbers were performed on this night, and her voice was at her best.
    Garland is not simply a great singer because of the distinctive quality of her voice but also because of the unique power of emotion, of true feeling he conveys.
    This is a classic performance at the highest level....more info
  • Jazz lovers will appreciate this album too -- it's not just show tunes!
    I had long ignored Judy Garland because I unjustly assumed she only did campy show tunes. Big mistake. Yes, she does do some obligatory Broadway hits (e.g. "That's Entertainment"); but her performance here is much more versatile than I expected. Most of my musical collection favors singers like Ella Fitzgerald, Billie Holiday, Sara Vaughan, and Nina Simone, etc. but Garland is a comfortable fit.

    Best example: on disk 2 she sings "Stormy Weather" - a song made big by the likes of Ethel Waters and Lena Horne - both phenomenal singers themselves - but their versions are easily dwarfed by Garland's performance of Mort Lindsey's* arrangement of this classic blues standard. Garland's voice is a torrent of emotion that transforms the song from one of common heartache to one of profound and inescapable despair. (*Lindsey and his orchestra are impeccable and deserve a lot of credit for letting Garland shine at her brightest and making this show so unforgettable.)

    Going back to Disk 1, there is another song - one I had never heard before, which is surprising because it is a masterpiece that can not be ignored: "Do it Again". It is one of the sexiest songs ever written and Garland sings it with irresistible seduction - it's a sort of refined and romantic alternative to Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On."

    I played "Stormy Weather" and "Do It Again" over and over for weeks - those two songs alone are worth the price of this CD set. So, if you like jazz and big bands - folks like Frank Sinatra and Tony Bennett - don't hesitate to add this to your collection. It really is a brilliant performance you will enjoy again and again....more info
  • Best Judy Garland album ever
    If you like Judy Garland this album will send you over the top. It is the ultimate "must have" for Judy Garland fans. Her voice is strong and clear. She takes the audience to emotional heights and leaves you wanting more. After listening to this album you will agree that Judy Garland was one of the best singers of all time....more info
  • As thrilling now as it ever was!!!
    If you're a JUDY fan (and who isn't?) this is the CD you MUST have. Her voice is at it's best on every song. Fabulous back up band. You will listen to this for years to come....more info
  • "We'll sing 'em all and we'll stay all night!"
    If there has ever been a better live album than Judy at Carnegie Hall, I'd like to know what it is. Simply exhilarating in audio, one can only imagine what it was like to be in that audience in 1961. How did they manage to not spontaneously combust? There are so many spin-tingling moments that one is hard-pressed to choose a favorite. From the subdued and sublime ballad If Love Were All to the raucous tributes Chicago and San Franciso, Judy covers all the bases and hits a home run every time. Even when she forgets the lyrics, as she does in You Go To My Head, she does it brilliantly and with charm. I've owned this album in one form or other since I was a kid in the 1970s and I never get tired of it. Even if you think you don't like this kind of music it is an amazing experence. Buy this. Buy it now....more info
  • Incredible concert!
    I actually have not listened to the CD myself, yet, but it was a gift to my sister, and she really loves it. This was at the very top of her Christmas list, and she's not the least bit disappointed. Very easy way to make a Judy Garland fan extremely happy! ...more info
  • Classic Garland!
    This is a must for all fans of Judy Garland, it really captures what she was all about....more info
  • The reissue does justice to - and improves on -the original
    I've had the original 1960s reel-to-reel tape release of this album for years. The original sound engineers did such a spectacular job that I was nervous about how this completely remastered and reengineered CD might sound. Would Mort Lindsay's Orchestra sound as full and lush? Would the live, concert-hall feel survive all the digitizing and remixing?

    The CD engineers got it very right. The concert sounds great, *and* they reinstated all of Garland's banter between songs (much of which was missing from all of the previous tape, LP and CD releases). It gives this two-CD set a unique, you-are-there feel.

    Admittedly, half a century after the fact, one or two of the lyrics might seem culturally insensitive. But put yourself in the era, sit back and enjoy. Garland's passionate rendition of so many classic tunes and the dynamite orchestrations make this one of my favorite concert albums in any genre....more info
  • Great Memories
    Its really nice to hear Judy sound so good. Those of us who went through life with her are aware of the changes in later years. Though no longer with us in body the sound of her voice brings Judy back to life....more info
    Listening to Judy Garland's "Judy At Carnegie Hall" album, listners have the chance to experience the sensation of a genius at the apex of her career. This 1961 five-time Grammy winner (including the prestigious Album of the Year) boasts the dramatic Garland in powerful voice, unflinching emotion, soaring to sensational highs during the twenty-six song concert.

    Beginning with an overture combining Garland's "The Trolley Song", "Over the Rainbow", and "The Man That Got Away", Garland arrives onstage to great applause as she launches into "When You're Smiling." The next two hours is a thrilling ride with Garland as she belts out trademark numbers like "Come Rain Or Come Shine", "The Man That Got Away", "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart", and "Over the Rainbow", while combining in showstopping numbers like "That's Entertainment", "San Francisco", "Swanee", "The Trolley Song", and "Chicago".

    Through these songs, Garland's artistry and emotional intensity sear through her performances, proving that she doesn't even need an orchestra to be great: several numbers are performed only with piano accompaniment, like the bittersweet ballads "A Foggy Day" and "If Love Were All". Yet the orchestra, led by Mort Lindsey, features predominantly in creating the magic of this concert. The exciting overture is one of the greatest you'll ever hear, while shrill trombones, oboes and clarinets set the mood for "The Man That Got Away". Violins and violas introduce the dramatic "Alone Together", and the whole orchestra seems to have fun with reckless numbers like "You Go To My Head", and "Just You, Just Me".

    The whole concert is clear as crystal to the ear, and even offers listeners the chance to experience Garland as a witty and delightful raconteur as she remembers past escpades in Europe: "And he took one look at me and was, uh, quite discouraged and he said, 'Now, the first thing we must do is you must look NOTHING!, nothing like Judy Garland, nothing like yourself!' So the night of the performance, he came backstage with about nine assistants, and my hair... it just got taller, and taller..." And: "And the zipper in the back wouldn't stay zipped, so i stuck a great big safety pin over it... and the pin came undone and right in my derriere; I've never sung so high and so fast!..."

    Garland commands the applause of the 3,165 attendee audience from start to finish; in fact the audience is begging for more at the end of what was intended to be a ninety minute show. Garland quips, "You really want more; aren't you tired?" "NO!" they scream clearly, begging for more.

    Called "one of the greatest nights in show business history", by those in attendance that memorable night, this is the closest anyone can get now to a live Garland performance. And luckily, the album is so clear, and the sound quality so good, a front row center seat at Carnegie Hall wouldn't have had any more impact.

    A masterpiece of showmanship and entertainment, and one of the last really great performances given by one of THE greatest entertainers of all time, "Judy At Carnegie Hall" is a genuine, still sparkling gem in the crown of popular entertainment.

    As an avid Garland fan, I could not believe this CD. I was overwhelmed... for years, I'd listened to the original recording on the double-CD set, and I bought this for posterity. But the second I plugged it in, I was blown away... this is a recording REMASTERED, and you can actually tell it, and you KNOW from the first seconds that this is infinitely superior to the original recording. Mort Lindsey's incredible overture was more exciting than I'd ever heard it... and Judy... oh... she REALLY DOES SOUND LIKE SHE'S STANDING RIGHT NEXT TO YOU. She sounds beautiful, crystal clear, and her dramatic abilities play through her numbers like never before. Every song becomes a whole new experience on this remastered edition. I am so grateful that this restoration has been done... this is "Carnegie Hall" as it was meant to be heard. The orchestra doesn't sound tinny anymore, but polished and ebbulient all the way through. This is the definitive Judy Garland performance. This is what we've been waiting for. And for those of us who were never lucky enough to see Judy perform live, well, this magical concert is truly the closest we'll ever get. Funny... Judy's never been gone... in fact, Judy's just been reborn all over again....more info

  • Judy in her prime!
    This legendary album by Judy Garland was cut on April 23, 1961 at Carnegie Hall, New York City. In this 40th Anniversary set, she sings all her famous tunes, including some new numbers, and fills each song with emotion. For example, listen to "The Man That Got Away," "San Francisco," "Over the Rainbow," and "Swanee." These songs truly show Judy at her best, and, like all of the songs she performed that night, show little or no hints of her troubled, hard personal life. Remember, she was tragic, like many superstars of that era were, put she pulls out all the stops and sings at her very best....more info
  • Buy It Now!
    No lover of popular music should be without this album. I wish I had purchased it years ago myself....more info
    I am always rather reluctant to admit that if I could go back in time for three hours and be at any place in might be front row center at Carnegie Hall at 8:30pm on Sunday evening, April 23rd, 1961. Around this time of the evening is when Mort Lindsay's band struck up the legendary Garland Overture (including the Trolley Song, Over the Rainbow and The Man That Got Away.) Minutes later Garland herself stepped out from the darkness and into the spotlight where she greeted thousands of fans and thundering applause (a lengthy and continuous wave of applause I have since read about and which has certainly been edited due to length for this live concert recording.) Soon afterward, Garland launched into what has been hailed during her time and in subsequent years as the greatest evening in show-business history.

    So if I can't be there, I certainly feel front row center with this recording, now remastered and on CD. It is impossible to list favorites do you determine and assign an order to greatness when every performance is genius? Garland's voice is unbelievable, unstoppable, unrelentingly powerful. After an incredible opening medley of "Almost Like Being in Love" and "This Can't Be Love", she rises to power with song after song culminating in "The Man That Got Away" and "San Francisco"...then serenades the audience with the equally-powerful soft melody of "I Can't Give You Anything But Love." Again, why make a list here? Any omission of songs, performances and silly banter here would be a tragedy. This is pure joy and pure excellence. Don't miss it!...more info

  • OK for rabid fans, but everyone else beware!
    This historic event in Garland's career is a must have for rabid fans, but these CDs do not feature Garland's voice at its best. I felt embarrassed for her just listening to her voice fail to hit the right notes on so many songs, not to mention she sounds very raspy throughout. The last four or five songs are the best (she had over an hour to warm up, I guess). After hearing all the hype, I really wanted to buy the gold edition when it came out some months ago. The $40 or so seemed too steep for me, until I recently received a gift certificate to Tower Records. : ) I wish I had spent the money on something else -- even a better recording (or two at this price!) of Garland taped in studio. Casual buyers beware!...more info
  • The best there is...
    What else can be said about this album that hasn't already been said. If you have ever enjoyed this album in the past then this cd will certainly be a contains the entire concert from unedited start to unedited finish. It is wonderful to hear the banter and to listen to Ms. Garland work the room. Just amazing....more info
  • Stop what you're doing and buy this CD now!
    I admit, I was never a great fan of Judy Garland prior to listening to this CD. Well, I'm a huge fan now, and with very good reason. Judy at Carnegie Hall is without question the most exciting live performance I have ever heard. Judy is flawless, the orchestra is amazing, the music selection is perfect, etc. etc. What I like most about this CD, though, is that its sound quality is so clear and balanced that you can't help but feel you are right there in the crowd with her. Favorite tunes? A second-place tie between the energy of "Who Cares," the swing of "Zing! Went the Strings of My Heart," the excitement of "Rock-a-bye My Baby," and the transcendence of "Swanee." They're all fantastic, amazing. I challenge you to listen to the Carnegie Hall crowd go nuts after Swanee and then say this isn't the best live performance ever recorded. But the heart of this performance is "Over the Rainbow." The last "somewhere" Judy sings is incredible; in one word, one note, she captures the innocence of the life she once had as a young woman and the weariness she now feels in middle age. If you're even reading this review, it probably means you care about great music. Do yourself a favor and buy this CD. You will not stop listening....more info
    Don't get me wrong. I love the pure sound of the CD and it thrills me every time I listen to this album through headphones. The added Judy chatter is wonderful and funny. But being a live album, I always wonder why the sounds of the audience are pushed back so far in remastered CD'S?
    On the 2 record set, the audience cheers and applause are right up there, and gives the performance an even more exciting feel, especially on That's Entertainment, San Francisco, Swanee, and when Judy says: "I'll sing 'em all and we'll stay all night!" The cheers and roars are incredible! Isn't this what a "live" recording is supposed to be about? The same thing was done to Shirley Bassey's Carnegie Hall album.Why tamper with a masterpiece? Let the audience get involved and stop pushing them back!
    ...more info
  • Wonderful!
    Bought this for a gift to my parents for their 62nd wedding anniversary. They love it!...more info
  • The Greatest got Better!
    I always thought Judy at Carnigie Hall was the greatest album ever made. Finally it is produced in all the technical splendor it deserves. The voice, the orchestrations, and the rapport with the audience is as magical, as it is timeless. Twenty five of the greatest songs ever written are sung by the greatest performer ever born. Her voice was never better, and the recording of it, along with Mort Lindsey's gorgeously arranged orchestra produce a unique blend of sophistication and funk that I can only describe as magestic. I can't think of any album that makes your stereo sound this good. The overture alone is worth the price of admission. Hail to Dorothy! Long live Judy at Carnigie Hall!...more info
    Judy Live At Carnegie Hall is an amazing achievment in the career
    of Judy Garland. This double C-D is filled with over twenty heart stopping songs such as 'The Man That Got Away','San Francisco',
    and many more. A definite , definite must for any Judy Garland
    fan....more info
  • Fortieth Anniversary Edition IS Essential
    This is an essential live recording and one of the best CDs issued for Judy Garland. Her voice is robust as ever and her performance here and delivery is exceptional and among her best ever. Her essential standards are here and are so endearing. Godspeed Judy, you voice remains forever. ...more info
  • One of the Best
    There are several releases of "Judy at Carnegie Hall". First is the 1961 LP. It excluded all the between track chatter and the pitch was set fast so that it could be made into a 2Lp set. Great recording. Second, a single CD was released by Capitol in 1987 to voluminous was incomplete. Third, a two CD set was released in 1989 by Capitol to compensate for the single CD that didn't include the whole concert. It was mixed, and complete, except for "Alone Together" for which a studio copy was inserted. A SMASH!!! but it still wasn't the exact concert... In 2000 DCC released the two CD GOLD Disc set that was the ACTUAL CONCERT. It was un-mixed, un-edited and pure..a dream for the Judy fan. But, dreams aren't always reality. Mixing sometimes helps a there is Judy at Carnegie Hall Remastered. It is mixed, with the original "Alone Together" and in proper track order and with less alteration than the 1989 or 1961 releases. The best bet for anyone interested in the best live concert ever recorded. The DCC release IS the purest, but it is expensive. As for this CD, "there's none better"....more info
  • Good Example of Judy
    This is a great group of performances by Garland. However, the audience in the background is annoying at times. Some tunes are much different that later in her life. All in all I enjoyed this album....more info
  • Judy's greatest concert triumph to be re-lived over & over!
    Judy Garland was undoubtedly the greatest entertainer of her time, probably of all time. This Carnegie Hall concert was a triumphant comeback for her, and thank goodness Capitol Records recorded it. It became a best selling LP and won many awards, and now it's back in a stunning remastered edition. A must-have for any fan of great American music.

    My one quibble (and a major one): Why the moronic additional liner notes? So poorly written, they read like a bad elementary school book report. I guess any obsessed fan can pass him or herself off as a professional writer to clueless record label employees nowadays. A terrible insult to the presentation of one of the all-time classic albums in the history of recorded music. Surely they could have gotten someone else to cast a little well-written perspective on this great classic recording. Judy deserves better and so does the buying public. Shame on you, Capitol!...more info

  • The Greatest got Better!
    I always thought Judy at Carnigie Hall was the greatest album ever made. Finally it is produced in all the technical splendor it deserves. The voice, the orchestrations, and the rapport with the audience is as magical, as it is timeless. Twenty five of the greatest songs ever written are sung by the greatest performer ever born. Her voice was never better, and the recording of it, along with Mort Lindsey's gorgeously arranged orchestra produce a unique blend of sophistication and funk that I can only describe as magestic. I can't think of any album that makes your stereo sound this good. The overture alone is worth the price of admission. Hail to Dorothy! Long live Judy at Carnigie Hall!...more info
  • How could anyone miss the splendor of this concert?
    After reading Paul from DC's review, I felt compelled to write an addendum to my original review (Judy Becomes a Legend at Carnegie Hall)....

    I don't think you need to be a "rabid" fan to enjoy what I feel (and about 39 other reviewers feel up to this point) is perhaps the best live performance ever by any entertainer in the history of live music. This concert is more than just a singing success, this concert epitomizes Judy Garland's lifelong victory over obstacles and struggles that faced her seemingly every day of her life. She's not just singing the songs, she's proclaiming to the world that there isn't anyone who can stop her from doing what she loved to do the most--and that was entertaining her fans.

    This concert features Judy at her "best" voice and while Paul from DC laments Judy' failure to hit "the right notes", one wonders which concert he was really listening to. From the very first song ("When You're Smiling"), to the very last ("Chicago"), Judy's voice is strong, stable and incredibly forceful--not even close to Paul's "raspy" description. At the same time, she sings the softer songs ("If Love Were All", "Do It Again") with emotion and care, with the kind of sensitivity only Judy could give to a song.

    I'm sorry, Paul from DC, but you completely missed this one. This is a wonderful, magnificent, victorious concert for Judy and one that I have listened to over and over again. It was an amazing night at Carnegie in 1961, and I urge all those who have not yet purchased these CDs to purchase them now. You won't come away feeling "embarrassed" for Judy at all. You'll come away feeling her happiness, her love for the audience, the audience's love for her, and you may just shed tears for this wonderful woman who ascended above so much adversity to claim yet another victory in her life....more info