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The French twosome behind Daft Punk, Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo, get away with an awful lot. They go around impersonating aliens and robots in their interviews, they put records out only once every three years, and they make music that evokes a million other artists--while not really sounding like any of them. The keyboard noodlings of Jean-Michel Jarre are in there somewhere, along with the otherworldly imagery and giant hooks of '70s rock icons like Boston or even Electric Light Orchestra. There are dashes of 1999-era Prince and oodles of new wave and disco cheese, from Harold Faltermeyer and Gary Numan to the Bee Gees, all set off with efficient house beats. So how have they managed to position themselves as electronic music's next great crossover artists? On Discovery, the follow-up to the 1998 worldwide smash Homework, the answer is obvious: they have no shame, and they know how to make us dance.

Starting off with the irresistibly hummable "One More Time," the record blows through a head-spinning array of styles and samples, creating a pop-culture stew of funky loops and dance-floor anthems. "Aerodynamic" eschews breakbeats for an Yngwie Malmsteen-ish guitar interlude that somehow ends up meshing in a crazy blend of stomping bass lines and hyped-up harmonics. "Digital Love" starts off silly and gets sillier, but the monosyllabic lyrics lull the senses just right, allowing the song's summery groove to grab hold with authority. "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" is a resounding standout amidst the retro/Vocoder deluge that transpired after Cher's Believe turned the kitchy disco device into a worldwide pop music trend, spinning a clever groove around an ever-escalating string of computerized seduction. Everywhere on the record, gigantic beats are dropped with pinpoint precision, giving songs a momentum that transforms repetitive melodies into sudden revelations. The record's only misstep, the aptly named "Short Circuit" utilizes a keyboard riff that is nails-on-a-chalkboard awful, but it can't keep this from being one of the best records of 2001. --Matthew Cooke

Customer Reviews:

  • My ears! My brain! My Soul!
    Interesting that the two French DJs known as Daft Punk would imitate robots, because their music is as mindless and repetitive as something that would come from an automaton.

    I've listened to a lot of bad albums, but Discovery stands out as one the most uniquely unpleasant listening experience I've ever had the misfortune of enduring. Not being satisfied with one listen, I instead subjected myself to the entire CD's length at least three times in the vain hope that it would somehow grow on me. Quite the opposite, as I found myself despising it with a greater and greater passion with every listen.

    Can one honestly tell me that any effort was put into this CD when nearly every track is repetitive and cylical to a downright ludicrous degree? With the exception of "Digital Love" (the only halfway decent song on the album), each and every song consists of a single hook looped fifty to a hundred times over a simple beat for nearly the entire length of the song. Tracks go nowhere, build to nothing, and only if you're very lucky will they ever change at all. Take "Superheroes" for example, where a single vocal sample repeats for nearly three quarters of the song's duration. This wouldn't be so bad (at least, not nearly as unbearable) if the songs were at least somewhat catchy, but they're not. There's nothing remotely memorable, and at a later time I had difficulty remembering anything about any of the songs. This isn't minimalism; this is music at its most lazy and uncreative. The only circumstance in which the songs on Discovery would be remotely listenable would be if I were high out of my mind, and even then that would be doubtful.

    As if maddening repetition were not enough, Discovery is replete with irritating synth samples that sound like they were dredged out of the worst of 80's synth-pop. Vocoder vocals are used throughout, and only create further irritation and disgust. The whole album comes off as sickeningly cheesy and unaware of it. If Daft Punk had conceived this album as a mockery of Dance and House music, it would be a downright brilliant satire. More cynically, Discovery sounds like it was tailor-made for television commercials; each song containing just enough material for a half-minute jingle, and repeated over and over to stretch it out to a full album.

    Your tastes might vary from mine, but I don't recall ever disliking an album as much as this one. Most bad music makes me feel either disappointment or boredom, but Daft Punk's Discovery is the first to inspire outright loathing and disgust. To my amazement, I have heard that Daft Punk's latest album "Human After All" is even more repetitive in nature than this.

    How is that even possible?...more info
  • Generic Asian Techno with STUPID guitar solos!
    Boy, the Asians are at it again. From the people who bring you Honda racing, Rice, and World of Warcraft...

    This is generic and pointless techno at its worst! Not only does it have silly beats and love songs, but they also have a guitarist who plays solos! And the solos are disgusting!

    For good techno listen to anything on MTV or the Spice girls!...more info
  • Not Homework. Did not like it. 70s Disco Revamp music
    This is NOT in the least bit like "Homework". It is almost devoid of any of the Techno that "Homework" had to offer. "Homework" is an ace album that is virtually flawless.

    Here Daft Punk have decided on a 70s Disco revamp. If that is your thing then you will love it, but this is NOTHING like "Homework". You have been warned. Many people who like Daft Punk hate this album through and through because it is just so 70s Disco and not Techno orientated at all. It did not deliver on what I expected from the team who brought us "Homework". Just check out the variation in tunes by listening to it here on Amazon and you will see exactly what I mean.

    I give it three stars for the fans of 70s retro music but for me this was a 1 star album, seriously....more info

  • A very solid album
    Daft Punk's Discovery was released in 2001, and serves as the foundation for the Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem anime film. While Discovery was recorded before the animation was ever worked on, this can still be considered a soundtrack for Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. All fourteen tracks on the album are used in the anime, and the songs appear in the exact same order on both the CD and in the anime.

    When I listen to Discovery, I can't help but see the images from the anime as I'm listening to it. In some cases, having the visuals in your mind (or seeing them in the anime) can help you better appreciate a song on the CD. This is especially true for the final song, "Too Long." Not only does it clock in at ten minutes, but the last half of the song is rather repetitive. This is a case where having the visuals of the anime help a listener to make it through the song and have a greater appreciation for it.

    However, many of the songs on the CD are just as enjoyable with or without the anime visuals. The singles "One More Time," "Digital Love," and "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" fall into this category. I also have an appreciation for "Aerodynamic," "Crescendolls," "Superheroes," "High Life," "Something About Us," "Short Circuit," and "Face to Face," regardless of whether or not I have the visuals to accompany them.

    Overall, Discovery is a well-produced and solid album. I already had an appreciation for Daft Punk and the songs I had heard from the Discovery album before seeing Interstella 5555: The 5tory of the 5ecret 5tar 5ystem. However, after seeing the anime, my appreciation for Daft Punk and the music on Discovery was greater than before I had seen the anime....more info
  • high cheese factor
    as far as french robotic funk dance music goes, it doesn't get much better than this. the songs "One More Time" & "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger" are so infectious that you can't help but want to dance in a silly robotic sort of way. they are not only good goofy dancefloor anthems, but they are well crafted pop songs. the rest of the album is here and there. i like the haunting 2001 Space Odyssey style electronic moods of "Crescendolls" and "Verdis Quo", but there are plenty of songs that just sound like Daft Punk by the numbers such as "Digital Love", "High Life", and "Too Long." yes...just a bit too long. an appreciation of high cheese factor is needed to properly go along with the flow of this album, but when that flow is there, most of these songs seem pretty unstoppable....more info
  • Embarassing and horrendous
    This music is HORRIBLE. Okay, so 'Homework' had some quirky, fun tracks, (some cheesey tracks too), and some surprisingly hard tracks. The French aren't known for their music, but I was very impressed.

    When this came out I hoped it would offer more of the same: A few cheese tracks, but a few great ones thrown in. Apparently not. These guys must have had a change of taste in music. This album is one of the worst things I've ever heard.
    The first time I heard 'one more time' I thought it must not be the same band. Once I realized it was the 'Daftlies' I was still hoping that track was just the bad song off the record and the rest were better. No..... they are all as bad. I mean, this album is BAD....more info
  • Daft Punk : Androides Con Sue?os Galacticos
    Daft Punk - Discovery
    Este es el disco clave de Daft Punk... despues de Homework, un trabajo excepcional pero aun con algunos tropiezos en su desarrollo. Llega Discovery. Este no es solo un disco dance, sino que es una vision galactica que trata de contarnos a traves de sus videos "one more time", "aerodynamic", "harder, better, faster, stronger" y "something about us" que si existiese otra banda lejos del universo seria increiblemente raptada y lavada del cerebro para hacernos felices a los adolescentes y porque no adultos terrestres. El disco es una obra de arte, ingenioso, aunque con mucha influencia de los a?os disco de los 70's y 80's, aunque con una base de rock alternativo difusamente alterado postmodernista electro funk y secuencias de raros paisajes galacticos. Si lo escuchas detenidamente te daras cuenta de la historia y momentos que te relatan con la musica, me fascinan discos como este puesto que llevan una secuencia entre la musica y no termina una cuando ya empieza la otra. Entre los tracks contamos con algunos sonidos clasicos y basicos que se hallan en la historia de la banda, si es que sabes de ellos, y para los que no, pues lo siento. Pero se encuentran joyas preciosas y de tipo ambient muy muy gozables como "aerodynamic", "something about us" y "voyager", las oscuras como "night vision", "veridis quo", las bailables como "one more time", las suaves romanticas al estilo funk 70's como "digital love", "crescendolls", las expresivas emocionales como "face to face". en fin es un disco increible. no le hace falta nada a este disco. es perfecto. Podria decir que es el mejor disco de Daft Punk....more info
  • Great album
    This album is just great. It has a theme, the cover looks cool, and every song is amazing. "Discovery" is THE perfect title; It's very disco influenced and Discovery was the name of the space ship in 2001: Space Odyssey. There's a lot of samples but they added so much around them that you can't complain about sampling on this. I remember first watching this CD go into my car CD player and being completely blown away. I didn't do any of my homework that night. Just laid on my bed wandering around in a colorful crystal clear paradise. This album will make you want to send a long nasty letter to Rolling Stone Magazine for not including it in the Greatest 500 Albums of All-Time issue. ...more info
  • The best power walk cd thus far for me!
    Ah, this is delicious music for moving the body and getting a great workout! This is my best walking cd thus far, I am looking for more that has the right beat. With my MBT's and this CD,I am set for a great power walk. I love Daft Punk! Okay some of the songs gather a minor blush from me because it sounds so disco but One More Time is simply an awesome party song! I just wish Nightvision was much much longer, very sexy and reflective!
    I will definitely buy more Daft Punk! Vive Le France! ...more info
  • Don't Judge Music
    There's a quote by Daft Punk that I will always remember:

    "As a child, you don't judge music. You just like it or don't like it. You don't ask yourself if it's in good taste or bad taste."

    That's pretty much what their message with this album. It would be wrong to dismiss this CD from simply hearing "One More Time" on the radio, and (as countless other reviewer have said) no two songs sound the same. There's alot more depth to the album than people give it credit for.

    Can't wait for their new album, due March 21st!...more info
    Just how good is DAFT PUNK's DISCOVERY? Over 4 years later the music is still so fresh that Hollywood/Celeb shows on channels such as MTV and VHI consistently play these songs in the background. What can one say?....simply the best electronica/dance record ever released.


    1) DISCOVER (2001)
    A Classic

    2) HOMEWORK (1997)
    The album that propelled DAFT PUNK into worldwide stardom with tracks such as AROUND THE WORLD. For those who think HOMEWORK is better than DISCOVER - don't try it, you will not win. I know many DAFT PUNK fans loyally worship this album however to me DISCOVERY is much better. HOMEWORK sounds a little dated, like it "sounds 1997".

    3) HUMAN AFTER ALL (2004)
    I have to say I was disappointed with this one, with PRIMETIME, MAKE LOVE, and EMOTION the only decent songs. For those looking for DISCOVERY part 2 steer clear of this album. Also the songs are VERY, VERY repetitive. One could make an argument that DISCOVERY is repetitive also, however the the songs are so phenomenal you hardly even notice....more info
  • This album is the greatest album ever
    I didnt really consider myself a fan of Daft Punk, let alone techno music at all, until i was at a party and everyone who was in the "cool crowd" who danced just amazing, said "time to bring out the classic" and they brought out Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. I know this album is more than that one song, but that song is a huge part of the Discovery foundation. One More Time is the greatest song cuz it shows me that you can never have too much fun when you are just with your friends out on the town having a great time. Aerodynamic was weird at first, but then i heard the guitar solo that lasted for more then a minute. it just amazed me from then on. i remember rewinding that pert in particular in that song. Digital love, is the perfect song in the position it is on Discovery. one more time is about celebration, aerodynamic is about the actual nightlife, and digital love comes on and just calms you down until you get towards the end when you hear the amazing advancments in beats, rhythms, electronics put into music. The rest of the CD is the same. Nightvision is like a cool and calm moment to just remember where you are, to sober up if you will. and another great song is number 10, Voyager, just has an amazing tune to it. This album is truely one to go into the history books. It is the album with every song that you will hear once, then HAVE to play them all over One More Time....more info
  • Wow!
    Truly, after Daft Punk's huge smash, "Around The World", no one knew what to expect from these guys. That video was all-around strange, and the song was entrancing and addictive. They followed it up with the eclectic "One More Time". There really isn't much to the song, but it's marvelously poppy house music. One of the best forays into the genre, actually, because it features just about every aspect of what makes house music fun. The soulful lyrics, the engrossing bassline, and the thumping 4/4 beat. This song is so beautifully simplistic that you can't help but bop along and sing to it. And then there's the video...who could forget the video? A futuristic world, complete with happy small people, flock to a concert featuring aesthetically pleasing band members (and a small person on drums) playing, you guessed it, "One More Time". Did I mention this video is drawn anime-style? The slow bits are all 80's montage style, and it's just funky and fun. But wait, what's this? Invaders, right at the end? And yeah, that's where it appeared to have stopped.

    Now I have to take a moment and talk about something else. I cannot actually review this album without taking a few minutes to talk about one of the coolest musical experiences of my recent past. Interstella 5555 is the anime completely drawn to the album Discovery. This movie follows the travels of this aesthetically pleasing band, as the invaders come and capture the stars and remove them to a far distant planet: Earth. Security at the invaded planet has just enough time to send out a distress call in the shape of an electric guitar, which gets to a ship shaped like an electric guitar. Not before we get a chance to meet the pilot, who, it seems, is obsessed with the pretty lady guitarist. He follows the ship, and crashes on earth. The band members are taken and systematically made human (they were blue before), given sunglasses with sensors that appear to be mind control devices, and set to become the next huge thing in the world market, musically speaking. Even their memories have been reconditioned so they believe they truly are human. It's an amazing experience, and I recommend it to anyone and everyone.

    So back to the album. The general feel-good feeling continues across the 14 tracks, whether through lilting melodies or nigh-grunge power chords. Some tracks have vocals, others do not. But the overwhelming feeling throughout the CD is definitely, "HAPPY". They define themselves with songs like "Something About Us", "Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger", and "Digital Love". Actually, the middle track is something of a precursor for the strange song "Technologic", which is featured on their most recent album. It's such a strange song, it features fragmented lyrics that eventually blend together to create coherent sentences and melodies. The song is composed of almost mechanical beats and sounds, and it only compliments the creepy robot-like vocals. The album continues into the overwhelmingly exciting "Crescendolls", which features a rising crescendo and an all-too-happy crowd going, "Yay!" "Woo!". Other great songs are "Face to Face", and "Too Long" which is actually 10 minutes long. It is absolutely engrossing though, the 10 minutes never seeming long *enough* by the time it is done. I cannot rave about this album enough!

    A, hands down....more info
  • Point of view from someone who isn't a big fan of techno
    I am personally not really a fan of techno. I am first and foremost a rock fan. However, my girlfriend is in love with techno. So naturally I've listened to some techno since then and then I looked to this album, as I found One More Time and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger to both be good songs, so I gave the rest of the album a chance and was in for a pleasant surprise, as this ended up being one of my favorite albums.

    This album is full of excellent music, both with and without vocals. A great CD overall with catchy tunes.

    A song-by-song review:

    1. One More Time - The main single of this CD. Everyone's no doubt heard it. And with good reason, a good song overall with well-done vocals. A great song to start off the CD. 8.5/10
    2. Aerodynamiac - No doubt the most rock-influenced song on the CD. An excellent beat to start with an amazing guitar solo entering the song to mix in with the beat to make one great sound. No vocals but excellent music. 9/10
    3. Digital Love - A ballad, not something you see all the time in techno. This is an amazing song, with excellent vocals to fit the soft mood of the song. The fantasy-romantic lyrics fit so well, starting with "Last night I had a dream about you" and lines like "I don't know what to do/My body's dreaming of you/I hope this dream comes true". 10/10
    4. Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger - Another single from the CD, a lot of people have heard this one. Excellent song to dance to and one of the most catchy songs on the CD. Just good overall. 9/10
    5. Crescendolls - The most repetitive song on the CD, sounding like it came right out of a big party. A decent enough song, but one of the weaker points of the album. 6.5/10
    6. Night Vision - Not so much a song as a transition. I don't see much point as it slows down the beat before Superheroes, but eh. 5/10
    7. Superheroes - Possibly my favorite song. It starts out slowly getting louder with a drum beat and repetitive vocals. It hits full-force and then goes into an amazing synth beat at the end that is hypnotizing. Great song overall and one of the best. 10/10
    8. High Life - A decent song, but too repetitive. Catchy song. 6.5/10
    9. Something About Us - Another one of the great songs on the CD, obviously a love song like Digital Love. Excellent bass used in this song with a good use of vocals. It then trails off into a good beat. 9/10
    10. Voyager - An instrumental song and an interesting one at that. Very space-y futuristic feel to the song. Good to chill out too. 6/10
    11. Veridis Quo - A very soft instrumental that pairs well with voyager. However, at nearly 6 minutes long it tends to get a little boring. 6/10
    12. Short Circuit - The best instrumental song on the CD, just sounds very cool. It's one of the more fast-paced songs on the album and just has a cool beat with good synthesizer rhythms. Excellent all around. 9.5/10
    13. Face to Face - The vocals sound like a pop song, but that doesn't necessarily make it bad. With an excellent beat and good vocals in the song, this is one of the better songs on the CD. A good song leading into the end and one of the best on the CD. 10/10
    14. Too Long - Like Face to Face, another vocaled song that ends the album. The title is somewhat fitting, at 10 minutes long. However, with good reason, it goes on and switches to something different in each verse, giving it an "epic" feel. A good way to end the album and a great song all around 9.5/10

    Bottom line, this is a good CD. If you're not much into techno and want to give it a shot, this album would be a good way to start as it has something for everyone. With 14 songs, it has a good amount of music and is definitley worth listening too. This CD shows the good part of the techno genre....more info
  • Curving ahead
    4 1/2

    Discovery is the OK Computer of House music. Instantly and consistently transcending that genre, offering quite simply the closest thing to urban-middle-class-party-and-after-party-experience-via-compressed-audio to date. Admittedly I can see the case being made for a weaker second side, but it seems more a matter of sequencing since nearly every minute of this hour length future-flow brims with signature studio mastery.
    ...more info
  • One of the best 'disco' house cd of all time...
    Homework. Alive. All those were cool, esp. homework which I highly recommend. But NONE of them have the impact of discovery. People have criticized this for not being modern enough as far as electronica as a genre--but some people just don't know what they're buying or listening too. Being a fan of both disco and vocal house this was all love for me; all admirers of the genre: do not miss this album!...more info
  • Love the Daft Punk CD
    The CD sounded great!!! At first I thought the first song was scratched but then I realized it was a feature of the song! It's a great album!...more info
  • The History of Popular Music circa 1970-2000 is Magnified and felt within this album every Listen. Past,present,future classic.
    There is something to be said about the detail and perfection that went into producing this album. Whether it be the samples or the layering or the hooks and song structure reminisent of previous classic albums from past Generations, Daft Punk needn't make an album this perfect again...unless they want to. I don't doubt they couldn't but why?
    There's a reason we haven't had a New Full-fledged album treating from them since Human After All...they obviously are still drawing in their ever growing fans through the distillment and exposure to their past 3 albums and only albums to date. I think they are going to either blow us away or open us to a new retracing like they have with their newfound filmmaking mastery. If you haven't seen ELECTROMA, by all means do, it is essential for all fans and anyone born in the Gen X/Y bracket (for me, Mid 80's)...I totally see why now they are masters of anything they grace.
    They have made absolute masterpieces with complex simplicity and far-reaching pop culture statement. Reveiewing their career at this point, I believe they have always been following the truest Artist's path, and through Dance Music to Avant-Garde Film Making, they are excelling and reaching new artistic levels.

    All of the songs here in Discovery are classics, of course!

    And since we are reviewing let's bring it up to date...
    as we've noticed since their debut, the Daft trend of album releasing...

    Homework (March 1997)
    Discovery (March 2001)
    Human After All (March 2005)

    A four year in between pattern had assumed the format, but as for this year, 2009, we have yet to see what will happen in Daft Punk history...
    For now we know the Concerts are Legend, seen by all over the World,
    The Movie, internationally received, panned by many as a startling beginning of(?)...what will be the 2009 Daft Punk Odyssey...

    As they would like it...patiently wait and see...

    Oh yes, and one of the Members does Live in L.A. and they have indeed signed to a NEW, INDIE label and are working with an unspecified Los Angeles Management Group. So they have settled, mostly in the Southwestern United States, much like their Movie has hinted at (?)...
    California should be grateful and appreciative, that we have the privilage of Daft Punk possibly making the West Coast their new workplace (will they record in the U.S.???)...more info
  • Dancing my face off...
    After the huge excitement and then equal disappointment I went through with the release of Human After All, I find myself falling in love all over again with the duo's classic records. Discovery is easily one of my favorite cds from the last decade. The blend of house, vocoders, and spot-on production makes this on of the funnest dance records in my collection.

    It opens up with one of the catchiest beats I've ever heard... "One More Time" is a VERY appropriate title, as it's hard to listen to it only once in a sitting. "Aerodynamic" keeps the dance floor moving, and "Digital Love" is an electro-pop masterpeice. "Harder, Better" is one of my favorites; so many memories of packed parties grooving to that tune. And the next track, "Crescendolls", is one giant house freakout. Other favorites include "Superheroes" (so cool) and "Face to Face" (tied for my favorite Daft Punk track with "Indo Silver Club" from Homework).

    This album comes out at just about every party we throw; it's just one classic tune after another. With this record and Homework, Daft Punk have produced some of the funnest dance tracks in the world... and while their new album has a certain charm, it's got nothing on records like Discovery....more info
  • Highly underrated
    This is a classic example of an album which is more than the sum of it's parts (read: tracks). Listening to Discovery is a journey, an atmospheric one. A little cheesy maybe, but it doesn't spoil the fun with this one. From the opening "One More Time" to the 10 minute during "Too Long", I can't stop myself to run to the stereo again and pressing play once more to take it all in. Ok, honestly, I'm not that into "Veridis Quo", yet it's of enough quality to not have me skip it. That said, any other track is outstanding, unique, and is filled with moments where you can tell Daft Punk have had a blast creating it. You can feel the joy and energy, and that is what seperates good albums from bad ones.

    As I said, I pretty much adore every single track, but the highlight of the album must be whenever Discovery reaches track number 10 "Voyager". It sums an immense intensity of emotion, capturing the entire journey of the album in an 3,47 minute during fantasy. This song does something to me, something no other song has ever done.

    Another thing I like my albums, is diversity of tracks. And Discovery got that with loads. Although some tracks tend to look a like, the complete package is best summed up as a joyfull rollercoaster, reaching highpoints of happyness and dancing joy, followed by moments of slower, yet highly melodical points of sadness.

    Sure, if you're a high demanding listener who can criticize every single drum when listening with full attention, you may find the cheesy-ness disturbing. Yet, it doesn't deserve the low ratings I've seen flying around everywhere (not just here). It must not be compared with their debut Homework, which was packed with one after another moments of pumping beats. Discovery is here to please us in a completely different aspect. Lay down, close your eyes, and experience the journey which is called (clearly for a reason) Discovery. You'll memorize it as one of the best journey's till date....more info
  • As good as techno gets
    Okay, the fact that I am even writing this review surprises me a little because, I am a rock fan through and through. There as only been two other techno albums that have caught my attention like this before, "Legion of boom" and Dirty vegas's last one. So the fact that I stumbled acrossed this one and like it enough to write a review about it suprises me a little. I really think the appeal of this album is the fact that it is just fun. For some damn reason, I'm not sure why, they can get away with doing some of the weirdest crap that I have ever heard, and it comes acrossed interesting. I would definitly reccomend this if you are a club-hopper and like this kind of music, but I would even go so far as say that if you have an open enough mind to even look this up, at least pick up one of their albums, they're all good. Thank you for your time....more info
  • A Rock fan salutes this dance and disco album
    I've been a rock fan my whole life so far. And I've got to say, for being a dance music kind of group, this stuff is pretty darn good. Daft Punk has some of the best vocals that I've ever heard.The synthesized music is great too. So, I'm begging those merciful rock fans out there, give this album achance. You might like it. I recomend this CD to Dance music veterans and new comers too....more info
    OK, this (in my opinion) is the best Daft Punk album I've ever heard! It's a must buy for all of you Daft Punk fans!...more info
  • So WILD!!!!!! but still so NICE!!!!!!
    This has got to be the best "dance" CD around! Much better than the other "dance" CD's I heard before like Underground Resistance and Calyx. My favorite song on this CD is "One More Time" because it really makes me get up and go wild! This song is popular and I heard it on the radio before!

    You should really listen to this CD when you get the chance! Trust me, you're going to like it as much as I do!...more info
  • Rock on!!!...
    This has got to be one of the best dance cd's ever! I listened to three songs on this and knew it would rock! Ever single song is different and unique. Each song is worth listening to. BUY THIS CD! YOU WILl NOT REGRET IT!...more info
  • If you like dance music or just music, this is the CD to get
    If you like dance music or just music, this is the CD to get. Blinding jazz and techno, this CD open a new view on dance music.
    The Discovery album by Daft Punk, is "off tha chain." Not to force you to buy it but, it is surely worth the money. If you don't believe me check out the samples. I've done all I can do to convence you, so now it's up to you.......more info
  • What A Discovery!
    I picked up this CD by chance more than anything else while I was looking around the back of my local record store. What a find it was! This is amazingly fresh music some types of which I have never been exposed to before. The daring beats and weird vocals are just some of the dazzling features of this album.

    Daft Punk keep out of the public limelight by wearing robot masks during interviews and this was the first I had heard about them. The whole album suggests nothing of mysteriousness as the flaunt their dance-hall grooves. The album on the whole is really enjoyable and some of the songs are classic....more info