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The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (BET on Jazz)
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Product Description

Discover your sense of jazz with extraordinary acoustic guitarist earl klugh as he performs live on jazz central at bets studio 2 in washington d.C. Its classic klugh in concert playing contemporary jazz soundscapes & melodic ballads in his trademark style. Studio: Image Entertainment Release Date: 06/01/2004 Run time: 73 minutes Rating: Nr

Ever since George Benson discovered him in the '70s, acoustic guitarist Earl Klugh has been a major force in contemporary jazz, thanks to his Blue Note, Liberty, and Warner Bros. recordings. On this segment filmed at the BET on Jazz studios in Washington, D.C., Klugh is backed by a superb combo consisting of drums, electric bass, keyboards, percussion, and saxophones, and he delivers a scintillating hour-plus set of quiet storm jazz. Klugh's Chet Atkins-inspired solos provide the melodic seasoning on his hits like the light funk numbers "Wiggle Wiggle" and "Mount Airy Road"; his Latin/Caribbean tunes "Livin' Inside Your Love" and "Dr. Macumba," and his bebop-like swing composition "Take It from the Top." Klugh's romantic side comes through on the beautiful ballad "Rayna," and his radio-friendly grooves illuminate the catchy "Private Affair." Shot in crystal-clear color, Klugh and company look good and sound good with their cutting-edge music for the heart and the hips. --Eugene Holley Jr.

Customer Reviews:

  • want more!
    This is an impressive DVD/audio. I have never seen him perform, just have several of his CDs.

    The picture-video is satisfactory, the sound is excellent, anyone know of any other recorded concert by Klugh?, now mywife wants to go see him live when he swings nearby...

    gychang...more info
  • A must-have selection
    First of all, Earl Klugh's style is original, his technique is awesome, and his melodies melt in your heart, not in your ears. Secondly, the quality of the DVD is great. I watched it on my PC monitor and found smooth video graphics. Whether you like jazz or not, you'll enjoy this selection. The only thing missing is the credits for the band members. They're awesome performers and a pleasure to watch, be it in improvising or backing. I hope the producers won't forget to include them next time....more info
  • Excellent Jazz DVD - Just buy it
    One of the best music DVD I have so far. I got around 15 in my library at the moment. The music is so good and the band is just excellent. The video and the audio is also 5 stars. The only thing I didn't like is that Earl didn't have a chance to talk to the audience. I wish the producer would gather all the smooth or contemporary jazz players such as David Benoit, Dave Grusin, Kenny G, Rippingtons, Fourplay etc. and let them play in a similar enclosed environment. Just buy it you won't regret it. It is cool and smooth.......more info
  • Thoughts from a member of the band
    My name is Lenny Price. I have been touring and recording as the saxophonist with jazz legend Earl Klugh for more than three years.

    I purchased "The Jazz Channel Presents Earl Klugh (BET on Jazz)" DVD and discovered that the members of Earl's band are not credited for our performance. It seems this detail was omitted during the complicated process of preparing the packaging and end credits for this product. ...

    David Spradley - Keyboards; Lorenzo "Spoons" Brown - Percussion; Ron Otis - Drums; Al Turner - Bass; Al Duncan - Synthesizers; Lenny Price - Saxophones, Yamaha WX5 wind synthesizer

    And of course ... Earl Klugh - Acoustic guitar

    Performing with musicians of this caliber has been both my pleasure and privilege. It was great to finally be able see our show from the audience's point-of-view. And, the outstanding image and audio quality made the experience even more rewarding!

    Hopefully, this information will help you all connect a little more intimately with Earl's music.... Enjoy!

    NOTE - Please be advised these remarks were neither made on behalf of nor endorsed by Earl Klugh or Image Entertainment....more info

  • Awesome DVD
    I'm a fan of Earl Klugh for over two decades. I first saw him in concert in San Francisco in the early 80's and was blown away with his melodic sounds. I have seen him live many times since. I purchased this DVD about three years ago and loved it. I recently bought a Home theater system and decided to listen to this DVD for the first time on the system. I couldn't believe the sound! If you think this concert is good on a regular system you need to hear it on a Home Theater! I hope Klugh goes on tour again soon. I am ready for another fix!...more info
  • A collector's item by an incredible guitarist and composer!
    I heard Earl Klugh for the first time in college of Architecture in 1980. I was so thrilled about the quality of his renditions, and the incredible musical arrangements. I never thought I would get to see him play live someday. But this recording is as good as it gets close to a live participation.

    This performer/composer happens to be one of the few I call the best in their genre. Wow. To not own an Earl Klugh recording, for a contemporary jazz music lover, is like living in America without a car!

    His compositions give you every penny's worth of your investment. He executes his works of art in a manner revealing an artifice of representation. I am a collector of music over the last 29 years. My tastes are wide, just make the composition and execution good, and you got me.

    Earl Klugh is my idea of a perfect work of art. Add nothing, lest you spoil its beauty; remove nothing, lest you dilute the goodness in the taste. Just take it raw, the way it is, for maximum enjoyment.

    Isnt that why we listen to music; for maximum enjoyment? You will be glad you experienced this music in your lifetime....more info
  • garnet
    This DVD by Earl Klugh is at the top of my play list. It is that GOOD. Jazz is a fairly wide genre with many moods. This is the kind of jazz that I like best. Excellence in musicianship, flawless selection, and an uninterrupted flow of music brings unabated delight. Beyond 5 stars definitely....more info
  • Any Fan Should Get This One!!
    Excellence is the word that describes this DVD the best. The picture quality, the sound quality, the band members and Mr. Klugh are all top notch on this one. I've been a fan of his for awhile but I really never had a desire to go see him in concert until now!! Any smooth jazz fan should get this DVD!!!...more info