The New Adventures of Pippi Longstocking
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Studio: Sony Pictures Home Ent Release Date: 06/01/2004 Run time: 102 minutes Rating: G

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  • The New Adventures of Pippi Longstockings
    "The New Adventures of Pippi Longstockings" DVD arrived in the mail quickly and my children have watched it daily. It was a great gift!...more info
  • My favorite childhood movie!
    I was so excited when I found this on DVD; I bought a copy for my future children and one for my sister as well. Although it is a little corny at parts, the music is great and the story is watchable for kids and adults....more info
  • will not order again
    I ordered some movies from dvd legacy and when I received the movie it was scratched and I tried to contact them and I did not hear a response from no one. I am very dissappointed with them and will not order from them again....more info
  • Cute, Entertaining
    This was a cute update of an old favorite. It takes a few liberties with the original story, but still a pretty good show. It was purchased for my 8 year old daughters who have recently become fans of Pippi after we read the books togetherThe Pippi Longstocking 4-Book Set: Pippi Longstocking, Pippi Goes on Board, Pippi in the South Seas, and Pippi on the Run. They were thrilled to see the movie depicting their favorite character. Pippi is supposed to be the strongest girl in the world and in this movie, rather than physical strength she has what is more like magical powers and that was slightly disappointing, but still entertaining. While this movie is a must have for Pippi fans, my daughters seem to prefer the older version with it's sequels (all dubbed in English) because they were truer to the original stories.The Pippi Longstocking Collection (Pippi Longstocking / Pippi Goes on Board / Pippi in the South Seas / Pippi on the Run)...more info
  • Ageless!!
    My daughters loved the VHS when they were small; they would watch it for hours. I ordered the DVD for my granddaughters and they love it just as much, perhaps even more. This is a wonderful movie filled with comedy, love, and adventure. If more movies were based on these values, a child would have many more choices....more info
  • What were they thinking?
    I first saw this movie during its initial theatrical release in 1988. Even then, as a 5th-grader, I could tell from the opening scene that this movie would be a horrible disappointment. I was actually ashamed for that 15-year-old girl who tried to pass herself off as Pippi. In the books, Pippi was a quick-witted, harmless trouble-maker (who was, by the way, supposed to be 9 years old), but in this movie version she is a brainless ding-dong who instigates a countless number of harmful schemes. While trying to elude the truant/social worker, she selfishly convinces her two "best friends" to leave their parents and run away with her on a mindless "adventure." When Tommy and Annika begin to have second thoughts about leaving home, Pippi consoles them with a bar of chocolate to be shared by the three of them. The simpletons are actually cheered up by the offering, as if any kid would rather have one-third of a chocolate bar over a warm home-cooked meal. And just when I thought this movie couldn't get any worse, the characters actually begin to sing songs that sound like they were written by a 5-year-old contest winner. You'd think that the adults involved in the making of this movie would try as hard as possible to please young fans by staying true to the books, but while watching this heartless sacrilege unfold in the theater that day, I had the awful feeling that Astrid Lindgren (author of the Pippi books) had rolled over in her grave....more info
  • be just like pippi!
    Pippi Longstocking is a great movie for kids of all ages it shows that you can do whatever you wanna do if you use your imagination and if you believe in yourself. I enjoy the movie very much because it shows adventure, fun, and more fun. pippi is a very responsible girl who walks on ropes to save kids from a burning building, takes care of her friends when they run away, looks after whatever and whoever comes into her life, and brings many people joy and happiness, and still teaches a good moral lesson to do things your way as long as their not to irresponsible. This movie is a great adventure and its a shame that tami erin (pippi) dissapeared because i think that another movie would be awesome. this movie is also a good example of three kids with a great relationship that cant be broken up by anything. My personal opinion is that the songs are fun and great to sing along to. I highly recommened this movie....more info
  • Amazing Find!!
    I have been looking for this movie for 6 years and have never found it until now. I saw this movie when I was younger and thought it was absolutely amazing. It has so much emagination and is apealing to the younger generation. This has always been my favorite movie and when I recieve it i am determined to never put it down! This movie lets me escape back into the days when everything didn't matter and lets me be a child again....more info
  • Best Movie Out There!
    I remember when I was in Kindergarden and my teacher would always bring this movie in when we were going on a field trip. This movie is so fun! I may be a 15 year old boy, but I will admit that I still love this movie and the music is great too. I will once in awhile get this song phrase in my head "Pippi Longstocking comin into your town" and I say in my head 'oh yeah I forgot about that movie.' I finally bought it on DVD. I've heard a lot of people older then me still love this movie, but if you've seen this movie when you were little you would like it, but you may not if your my age. Check it out though if your willing!...more info
  • weird weird girl
    I remember seeing this version as a kid. This Pippi is "rawther annoying" as Eloise's Nanny might say. It was still interesting to watch, but still, it always annoyed me. There are two kinds of weird, one is cool and one is annoying like this portrayal of Pippi Longstocking. The bottom line? This movie is short on Stocking....more info
  • This is the BEST film ever.
    I LOVE THIS FILM. When I was little and I got to pick a video from the video store it usually was always this one. I must have made my Mum and Dad rent this about 30 times! The upsetting thing is that I could never buy it because it wasn't in the shops. If there is anyone that has a version of the video that would work on a British video player then please email me. I recommend this to anyone with young kids. Pippi Longstocking is so cool and she's better than all these modern kid's characters like the Teletubbies. The theme tune to this film is great too! Ooh please someone out there sell me a British version of the video! I could go on and on about her but I've already been sad enough so just buy it!...more info
  • fun movie for kids of all ages
    My 8 year old daughter Hannah wanted to see a Pippi Longstocking movie after reading the book. We rented this film and Hannah and her little brother James (19 months old) absolutely loved it. Hannah is saving her money to buy the video. Both kids watched it 3 times over a long weekend and loved dancing along with Pippi to the great songs. My husband and I also enjoyed it, especially since we had recently shared the book with Hannah. Pippi is great in any form....more info
  • Great childhood memory
    This is rather funny and strange... I'm an 18 year old Senior now, and I can still remember seeing this movie, as a 9 year old kid lounging on my couch. The scary part is that all my friends remember this movie too. I could be bored in calculus, and start hummin' "Pippi Longstockings is comin' into your world," and within 10 seconds at least 10 other kids are singin along. None of us understand how or why we remember it, (maybe it had to do with the fact that every guy had a crush on Pippi when he was about 10. Her and Punky Brewster) Anyway, I just wanted to write this to say it could definately be a great thing for your kid, it made an impact on about 1/5 of my high school graduating class. (by the way, if anyone knows how to reach, or knows how or find out what happened to Tami Erin,[she was so cool]send me an E-mail pleeeze) ---thanks...more info
  • This movie encourages young minds
    I gave this video to my neice when she was 4 yrs old.From that monent on,her creativity has grown. She is now 6 yrs old and is getting A's in school, she says it was the best movies she has ever gotten from me.Please get this movie to spark you're childs imagination....more info
  • An enjoyable film for kids
    My kids love this movie. COnsidering all the other garbage out there for kids to watch, this harmless, fun movie provides some wonderful entertainment....more info
  • Well Deserved
    This product was cheap and brand-new. I have no complaints. The service was quick....more info
  • Pippi Still Rocks
    I couldn't find this movie anywhere. I had decided to dress up as Pippi for Halloween, and my children didn't know who I was talking about. When it arrived, I was so excited to share it w/ my children. They loved it. My oldest was singing the songs for days. I am so glad that something that I loved so much as a child is now loved by my children....more info
  • an old favorite
    This was one of my very favorite movies as a kid. I watched it every time I went to my Nana's house. I was so excited to find it on dvd. I love it as much now as I did as a kid and now my nieces watch it every time they come to my house. It's a bit cheesy of course but that's part of what makes it great. ...more info
  • Children's Fantasy
    Pippi is a magical girl that seems simultaneously wise and na?ve. When you begin to watch this film you wonder whether Pippi makes up all the things she talks about, or whether she can actually do them. When Pippi flies, you know there is something about her that is magical.

    Pippi is an outcast because she behaves strangely, and yet everyone quickly accepts her because she is so self-assured and has wonderful faith. Pippi is simply unafraid to try. While some of the things she does are socially bizarre, she also makes a role model for young girls and boys. How often do we tell our children that they should not be afraid to try something new? Pippi's life is has one constant, and that is always trying something new.

    Besides being willing to try something new, Pippi revels in being a child. She enjoys food fights and walking up and down walls. Her tales of pirates and cannibals lend a tinge of Peter Pan to the proceedings. Eventually you want to believe everything she says is real and has happened to her. It is impossible to prove they have not happened to her.

    My children loved this movie, and watched it several times. I suspect that Pippi was able to break rules that my children could not, and Pippi's unwillingness to accept convention fascinated them. Whatever the reason children love this movie, it is good harmless fun.

    ...more info
  • timeless
    This was my absolute favorite movie growing up. So much that I made my parents rent it so much that I wore out the video stores copy :). I am so excited that I can now get it for my children....more info
  • A Leap!
    This movie takes me back to a time when life was carefree and simple. I really enjoyed the imagination and wonder this film brought. The simple humor was a real stretch, especially with the donkey. It was about forgetting the everyday reality and leaping to a world of fun and play. Pippi has a big heart, despite the personalities of the characters. She even helped the orphans to treats and games. I can't think of another character who's so loving and adventurous at the same time. It's great for kids and adults!...more info
  • My daughter's love this movie.
    This is my daughter's favorite movie. They like me to skip through the hurricane scene in the beginning, because they find it scary, but they sing along through the rest of the movie. I can put this movie in and they are glued to the screen until the end which is helpful when I am trying to clean....more info
  • Great pipi fun
    This pipi movie is the best. The acting and the special effects, not to mention the fantastic music. The swedish ones are good but this pipi has a better story and children and adults love it....more info
  • Girls love singing the song!
    What a fun movie for my girls. I have a six-year-old and a five-year-old who want to watch this movie over and over. They love singing along with the catchy theme song, and also love the crazy adventures in which Pippi partakes. Pippi shows so much love for her friends, which sends a positive message that we should also display the same love. The only disturbing scene comes near the end where a building catches fire and Pippi saves the day. Pippi seems to be the only one who can re-enter the burning building to save the children, leaving the firefighters in a stupor on the ground below. Otherwise, this is a cute (yet very unrealistic) film. The girls want to watch it again and again, which is just fine with me. ...more info
  • Great
    I've watched this so many times, I've got bored of it. But I still loved it. Though, it confuses me at some times....more info
  • I Prefer The Swedish Movies But This Is Ok!
    This American remake of the old Swedish Pippi Longstocking films is cute but nowhere near as good as the Swedish Pippi films and despite the fact the actress playing Pippi in this remake looked like she was too old to play Pippi I think she did a pretty decent acting job and I would recommend this movie as a rental for kids who read the book and liked it but I think that kids and parents should be aware that this movie takes liberties with he book that include making Pippi much older then she is in the books and the fact that she is living in America instead of Sweden....more info
  • Mr. Alfonso
    My 2 yo is obsessed with this movie, she watches it 5 times a day! She loves Pippi's horse Alfonso but I don't really appreciate the way he is so dismissed as a character in the movie. He isn't listed in the credits however Mr Neilson her monkey is. Alfonso talks almost as much as the monkey and yet no one even knows anything about him (plus he's much cuter and cleaner than the monkey, he takes bathes by himself). Does anyone know who does him voice over? I've looked everywhere and I can't figure it out....more info
  • Laughter and fun for the whole family!
    I watched Pippi as a child and really treasured it. Now at age 25, I still love watching Pippi Longstocking. My 6 year old daughter and I watch it together. We love to laugh and sing the songs along with the characters and my daughter even gets up and dances to some of the songs. This movie is so much fun for the whole family. I would recommend it to everyone....more info
    When I saw this movie years ago,I liked it so much.It was funny.
    I am definately going to be buying this movie.PIPPI RULES!!!!1...more info
  • My daughter loves this movie!
    I rented this movie to watch with my two daughters, ages 5 and 8. They both enjoyed it. However, my 5 year old liked it so much that she watched it over and over. I bought her the DVD for her birthday a month later. She continued to watch it. She was trying to take it out of the case to play it today when it accidently broke. She cried and cried. I will be ordering another for her.
    My daughters do not watch a lot of tv or movies. There was just something about this that she loved!...more info
  • Strange but Good
    This is a rather weird production:

    * casting an uncomfortably nubile 14-yo for the title role;
    * bizarre gymnastic stunts with tinkling fairy-dust sound effects (just in case you missed the "Magic";
    * funky-pop musical numbers that are as annoyingly catchy as they are awful;
    * cardboard characterization, choppy editing, hammy acting;
    * Scooby doo-like voice-unders for the horse and the monkey;
    * added uncharacteristic weakness and insecurity, detracting from Lindgren's strong, supremely self-confident Pippi.

    That said, it's pretty okay for the 6-10 yo girl set. I vet all movies before presenting to my 7 yo, and though this one has its good and bad points, it's mostly harmless. Recommended.

    Actually the best acting is by the girl who plays Annika, who is sincere, refreshingly unforced, and seems to have had a good time in the production. Whatever happened to HER?...more info
  • i love this movie
    i loved the pippy movie is is so great! this girl can fly, walk on walls, and the music is cute. everytime i watch this movie i love it when she flips and does back hand springs im like you better work do some flips and kicks she worked it out for the kids...more info
  • The Psychotic Pippi
    I saw the Swedish Pippi Longstocking movies and I liked them but this American remake is a real stinker!Pippi Longstocking is susposed to be about 9 or 10 years old and Tami Erin the actress who played Pippi in this reamke looked like she was at least 14 years old and instead of coming across as spunky and fun-loving like in the books and Swedish movies this Pippi came across as a psycho!...more info
  • Bad Acting Bad Directing
    No charm, no plot, just bad acting. Give me the original Swedish movie versions any day....more info
  • What words can describe Pippi Longstocking?
    Arrogant is a good one. Another is rascal. Other ones that fit rather well are show-stopper, shameless, unrepentent, metahuman, Goddess, and powerful almost to the point of being menacing but not quite. You need only fear her if your life depends on NOT having fun.
    Oh, yeah. And she's probably older and smarter than she pretends to be, and she's definitely MUCH wiser.
    All these things have made her one of my favorite fictional characters ever.
    So why is it that in this movie, she is none of those amazing things?
    As a child, I was a fairly poor individual, not at all like Pippi, but I did have a library card, and so I spent much time reading. Naturally, when this movie came out, I couldn't go to see it, however, I did read the book, and I was immediately swept up into a childhood crush on its main character that lasted for years and years.
    At the age of 18 or so, I finally got the chance to see this movie, and I was apalled! This film makes a mockery of everything Pippi is.
    For about 70% of the film, Pippi behaves completely out-of-character, and much of the rest of it is consumed by lousy characters who have no substance. Pippi does get to rough up a few people, but unlike in the books, she only does it to three bad guys that act like the Curly, Larry and Moe.
    Additionally, this movie is plagued by the curse of having way too many unnecesary songs. It could have been so much better.
    If you want to speak kindly of this movie, however, you won't be entirely without ammunition. It does contain a few scenes of pleasing metahuman powers, and several of Pippi being a brat which ALMOST threaten to drag the movie out of the gutter it made for itself.
    If you still don't understand what I'm griping about, read all three Pippi books, then carefully review the scenes in the children's home. You should be able to tell quite easily that none of them should have happened, especially the one where Pippi flinches at the striking of a ruler, as opposed to her book incarnation, whose skin was about the consistency of a brick wall.
    Long and short, as a movie, it's only marginally bad, but you definitely don't want to watch it because frankly, you're better off reading the books by about a billion times....more info