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KidCo Center Gateway
List Price: $237.96

Our Price: $79.95

You Save: $158.01 (66%)


Product Description

KidCo's premiere Center Gateway is a pressure mounted gate that installs quickly without tools or hardware, leaving no holes to damage walls or woodwork. The U-shaped frame remains firmly installed while the center walk-through door opens in either direction.

The basic Center Gateway fits openings of 29.25" to 37.5" wide. Optional Gateway 5.5 Extensions are available for openings up to 48 1/8" wide. Constructed of strong tubular steel, it stands 29.5" tall. It's great for kids and pets.


  • Pressure mounted gate
  • Easy to install without tools or hardware
  • Walk-through door opens in either direction
  • Fits openings of 29.25" to 37.5" wide
  • Optional extensions are sold separately

Unlike most of the metal safety gates on the market, the Center Gateway does not permanently attach to walls or banisters with hinges and screws. Instead, this 29.5-inch-high steel barrier uses a pressure-mounted system to hold it in place across doorways and halls in your house. Although it may lack the complete strength of a permanently mounted gate and probably shouldn't be used in front of stairways, the Center Gateway is far more versatile: after installation you can easily detach and move it throughout your home to block off-limit rooms and spaces as needed. The Center Gateway also eliminates the need for drilling holes into the wood and metalwork around your home. The gateway is designed to block spaces from 29.25 to 37.5 inches wide, and you can purchase optional extension kits (sold separately) to extend the gate's length to almost 49 inches. Adult assembly is required. --Chris Burns
  • Kidco #G15 WHITE White U Child Safe Gate

Customer Reviews:

  • great product - works wonderfully!!!
    Great product - is perfect for most any staircase including ones where the banister and wall do not match up. We use the y spindle attachment to have this as a tension mount instead of in wall. Sturdy enough for 3 toddlers to pull on it without collapsing even when tension mounted. would recommend to use with y spindle and extension kit....more info
  • Great Gate & Reasonable Price
    I purchased the Center Gateway gate for our son's upstairs bedroom door. Our bedroom is downstairs and we wanted an extra barrier to protect him from the stairs at night. We also have another gate at the top of the stairs, but you can never be too safe in my opinion. The Center Gateway was easy to build and install and we're completely happy with our purchase. It's extremely sturdy and durable and worth every penny for the extra peace of mind it provides us....more info
  • Kidco Center Gateway - functional and attractive
    We have owned the gate for just a few months, but so far it has been everything we had hoped for. It is attractive enough to use in-between two formal rooms, it opens effectively and easily with one hand, and, most importantly, it keeps the pets where we want them to stay. All in all, I'm very pleased with this product. ...more info
  • Watch where you place this gate!
    We originally purchased this gate for use at the bottom of our stairs. Unfortunately, it put a hole in our wall from the tension. Would recommend placing this gate only on reinforced walls or doors. Works very well in the door frame, as long as the bottom "ramp" is installed to keep it from shifing with each opening and closing. Difficult to replace the "ramp" when it breaks. Difficult to adjust the tension, especially the lower nuts with carpeted floors. We replaced this gate with the "Soft and Wide" by Evenflo (much gentler on our walls, doesn't leave marks and adjusts to fit various size openings).

    Would not buy this Kidco gate again, but we would definitely buy the "Hands-Free Gate" by First Years. Similar idea to Kidco, but a cinch to install, very easy to use and much more secure in the openings we want to block. We bought the First Years gate for use at my in-laws house and they liked it so much they wouldn't let us take it home!...more info

  • Gate Works Great
    We just bought this gate a couple of weeks ago and it works like a charm. We installed it properly, it fits snugly in the doorway, and our 9-month old has pulled up on it many times with no problems. And our 5-year old is able to operate it so that he can get through the door with ease....more info
  • Has some problems
    This gate was very easy to install and is very sturdy once installed. It is somewhat difficult to open since you have to press a little button, and pull the lever up in order to swing gate open. It also has a rail across the bottom that we trip on constantly - I assume that the rail is there to add stability....more info
  • love this gate
    This gate is my favorite baby gate. Easy to install, no screws in the wall required, and it feels very sturdy. I use it at the top of my stairs and have no worries that it will not hold up. My 15 month old likes to hold on to the gates and shake them, this one doesn't budge like another one we have. I think technically it is supposed to take two hands to open the latch (a safety feature) but after you get used to it there is a way to do it with one hand.
    I would definitely recommend this gate, we have 2 in our house....more info
  • Best thing I ever got for my home!
    I absolutely love this gate! I bought it to be used in my home because of our new puppy and it's been a godsend. We have it placed at the foot of our stairs and it opens so easily, that it's not even a hassle. Only issue I had with this product is probably my own fault. The sides of it that are placed on the wall/doorway/what have you, put indentations in my walls after an extended period of use. I'm assuming that perhaps they're too tight, but in may want to put some sort of hard plastic or something behind it for support....more info
  • Safe & sturdy but a PAIN to open!
    Easy to install, sturdy gate providing excellent security. However the opening mechanism is EXTREMELY unuserfriendly! You have to push a button (which is only on 1 side), pull up the handle, then pull up and hold the middle of the gate door and swing open. I can only assume the pulling up part is a sort of secondary safety to keep the gate closed even though the handle is not engaged. Guests and babysitter have a HECK of a time figuring out how to open the gate. One of my late arriving family members "forced" it open (didn't do the pull up and hold) and it came crashing down in my hardwood hallwall at 4am .... it was NOT appreciated....more info
  • center gateway in platinum
    the gate was easy to install. took a few mins to adjust the gate. but once it's in the door way it works ok. the only to things i do not like are the latch to open and close can be difficult. also there is a metal threshhold across the floor. thats the support so you have to remember to make a step over.which took my son some time to get used to. also in the late night i've stubbed a few toes. but over all it a good swing gate....more info
  • Only two disadvantages
    We bought this gate because my toddler son figured out how to undo the cheap wood dog gates. We're very pleased so far.

    -Looks great in black. Lots of compliments
    -Wide entry. Others are not as wide
    -Low step height
    -Easy install. I didn't even need the instructions (which were missing in one of my gates)
    -Very secure. My son can shake it and it won't budge.
    -Requires three steps to open which makes it difficult for my toddler to figure out. 1) Push button on handle, 2) Rotate handle, and 3) Lift gate slightly and rotate

    -In order for the handle to work properly, the gate requires A LOT of tension on the wall to push the handle closed. If you are not mounting this at a stud, it may very well damage your wall. (It damaged my friend's walls) Without this extreme wall tension, the handle is not used at all and it to open the gate you just need to lift the entire gate and rotate it.
    -Cost. Must be one of the most expensive, but so far to us, its worth it!...more info
  • Excellent gate
    We have this gate (and one extension) in a doorway between the kitchen and foyer and it is excellent. Unfortunately, the directions were very difficult....more info
  • excellent item for items without screws
    Pros: we have it on top and bottom of stairs. no screws required since pressure mounted. holds up well with 2 toddlers, good mechanism for opening and closing. very sturdy white metal. neutral color. Cons: does shift over time - so watch it/adjust it. pricey. Overall: recomment this product again. ...more info
  • reasonable gate
    I have a fence and a wall where the gate was installed and it took me quite a long time to get this gate well installed. This is the second brand I have and the best so far but I haven't really found something I could easily install....more info
  • Advise people how to use when in your home!
    This is a fantastic gate, however people who do not live with you are not familiar with locking mechanism & if used wrong will break. There is a button on far side of gate lever which has to be pressed in order to open lever properly, opening gate. If this button is not pressed & someone just pulls up on lever, they break one of the safety features of this gate. This button prevents children from eventually learning how to open gate. Once button is broken, gate is still operational, but just have to hope child doesn't figure out down the road how to lift lever on their own -- no button safety feature anymore.

    ****Note: Even though you have advised people how to use the gate -- the button being hidden on far side, people forget it's there when going up the steps & tend to just do what's natural & pull up on lever w/o pushing that button. I suggest to maybe mark top of lever with perm. marker to push button first. Lever is wide enough to do that. ...more info
  • We love it!
    This is an awesome gate! It works very well to keep my 15 month old from getting into the kitchen. It is very sturdy and it only took about 15 minutes to install.KidCo Center Gateway...more info
  • Solid performer!
    This gate is one of the best I have seen. I searched through as many as I could find online. It is made from heavy gauge metal with a plastic locking mechanism. (There are also a few other small plastic pieces.) It is very sturdy and simple to use. It uses pressure points for installation on the wall so there are no holes or marks made on the wall. The adjustable screws for installing are very thick and not easily bent which is important when you have them fully extended. I use it to keep my large Labrador Retriever in his area. I also have 4 children, 4 years through 9 years old, and they are able to navigate through the gate easily. Although, we don't engage the lock usually. Works great and I have had it for a month now. Worth the extra $$$ when looking for a product that lasts....more info
  • A very good gate for pets
    We have 4 dogs.. all indoor dogs..
    When we leave the house we put the dogs in the laundry room and
    use this gate to keep them from running all over the house.

    I bought this unit to replace the wooden "scissor gate"..
    We constantly were having to take the scissor gate up and down, what
    a pain in the butt..

    The installation was very easy.. didn't even read the instructions
    until I found that it was about 2" to small for the door..
    I had to add the extension to a "normal" (32" inside) door..

    Also.. you have to really tighten this thing to use the handle for
    locking the gate..
    I chose not to tighten it.. and there is a small gap where you
    can see the locking pin.

    By not tightening it we can just leave the "handle" in the "closed" position and just lift the gate to open/close.. IMHO this was "good decision" as the handle is plastic and would probably break easily..

    All in all I would definitely recommend if you have pets, it looks good and is very secure..
    ...more info
  • Great for dog...
    I bought this product after I bought the Kidco Elongate. This gate is just as great as the Elongate. I wish it was a bit easier to remove and put back up but that is really not a problem. You have to use a little tool to untighten the "nuts" on the sides so that you can take it down. However this method of screwing the gate into place holds it firm... even when my dogs are trying to jump over it! Everyone comments on the gate and asks about it, I have had two other friends ask for the link so they can order it themselves. I researched lots of gates before buying the Elongate and the Center Gateway. They may seem a little pricey but they are well worth it and really right in line with what others are priced. ...more info
  • Very satisfied
    This gate is perfect for the doorway in our 1 year olds room. Her older sister can operate it also, which is nice for her to be able to come and go from little sister's room. Very pleased with the product....more info
  • The bets gate ever!
    I absolutely love this gate. We were going to get two, but only got one to make sure we'd like it. We didn't want to drill any holes and our gate sits at the bottom of the stairs just like in the pictures, only on the floor not the first step. It's great. All four points where the gate touches the wall are different depth and I also used the extension kit and it works perfectly. It is very stable and my little boy can't open it or pull it down. I'm about to order another one for the top of the stairs....more info
  • Sturdy Child Gate
    The strong yet attractive steel construction and ease of setup without permanent wall marks are the positives for this product. The main negative is the need to order extension kits for wide openings such as stairways. Extension kits are hard to find....more info
  • wouldn't do it again
    We got this for a one step down into a den. Well, this gate has a metal plate across the bottom which becaome the cause of many trips, baby included. Also, the handle mechanism actually fell open/aprt. the first time, dh just screwed it back together. It did it a total of 4 times before we just took it down. THe opening is VERY NARROW. I have many scratches and bruises on hip from that gate. DH too. If you are REALLY skinny with no dh, okay, maybe. Also, when walking through, when you turn to close and push down, sometimes the plastic didn't go under the red tab, totally defeating the purpose of the gate...more info