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Product Description

These straps will keep your child safe next to furniture and prevent accidental tipping.


  • Ideal for bureaus, book cases, shelf unit and armoires
  • Durable canvas straps help secure furniture to wall
  • Easy to install
  • Sturdy webbed straps mount between wall and furni
  • 2 per pack

Customer Reviews:

  • Great
    I am so happy to have these. My husband said they were easy to install, too....more info
  • Screw head snapped right off!
    The screw head snapped right off, causing the strap to fall off as I (lightly) tugged on the strap to get in position to screw the second screw. These straps are worse than useless if the screws are sub-par and will not stand up to the weight of the furniture - in fact it can lull parents into a safe sense of security and then the dresser or book shelf may still just as easily fall on your little one's head. IF YOU BUY THIS PRODUCT MAKE SURE YOU USE YOUR OWN SCREWS!!!! I'm done with Safety 1, I bought 6 different products from them recently, 3 just plain did not work AT ALL, 1 fell apart after a little while, 1 was OK (so far), and the 5th I will return as it has not been opened yet....more info
  • Easy to install
    This is a good thing to make your home safer for your kids. This is a pretty boring product, but everything worked just fine.

    ...more info
  • Good product, reasonable price, relatively easy to install
    Sold in pairs, you should use both on a single piece of furniture. Comes with all necessary hardware, including screws. Once installed, you can't really tell they are there. However, it takes a little bit of space to get your hand behind the furniture to tighten the straps on install, so it's difficult to get them fully tightened. In other words, with furtniture pressed up against the wall, you (or your kids) will still be able to tilt or lean the furniture, but only a couple of inches -- it shouldn't tip over. Overall, a good product that is reasonably easy to install.

    Amazing to me that such a necessary product is so hard to find locally -- thank goodness for Amazon!...more info
  • If you have children (or earthquakes) consider this!
    We have these straps all over our house (on every piece of furniture taller than two feet), because we have two "climbers." There have been two occasions that I know of where these saved my eldest daughter from injury, as she climbed large pieces of furniture.

    The hardest part of installing these is finding them. We searched several local stores, with little luck - and a few odd looks, as salespersons didn't understand why we would want to strap our furniture to the walls when we don't live in an earthquake zone. But trust me, once you find somewhere that sells them, buy them up. Once you see how well they work, you will become addicted to testing to see if you can tip your furniture - and will want them everywhere.

    ...more info