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Linksys WPC11 Wireless-B Notebook Adapter
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Product Description

Attention notebook PC users: put the "mobile" back into mobile computing! Whether you're at your desk or in the boardroom, the Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC Card allows you to share printers, files, and more anywhere within your wireless LAN infrastructure, increasing your productivity and keeping you "in touch".The Instant Wireless Network PC Card gives you the freedom to work your way, from where you want - letting you take full advantage of your notebook PC's portability, while providing you with access to all your network resources. A high-powered built-in Diversity antenna means that you're covered - at a distance of up to 500 m. And since it occupies only one Type II PCMCIA slot, you're free to use your other slots for additional accessories. Ready to run in any Type II or III PCMCIA-equipped notebook PC, and compatible with Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT and Millennium, the Instant Wireless Network PC Card from Linksys is truly a "must-have" for all notebook PC users.

Whether you're at your desk or in the boardroom, the Linksys Instant Wireless Network PC card allows you to share printers, files, and more anywhere within your wireless LAN infrastructure, increasing your productivity and keeping you in touch.

The Instant Wireless card gives you the freedom to work your way, from where you want--letting you take full advantage of your notebook PC's portability while providing you with access to all your network resources. A high-powered built-in diversity antenna means that you're covered--at a distance of up to 150 meters (492 feet) inside and 500 meters (1,640 feet) outside. And because it occupies only one Type II PCMCIA slot, you're free to use your other slots for additional accessories.

See a comparison diagram of the different wireless technologies.

Wireless networks are rapidly becoming more popular and coming down in price. Because they don't require cables, you can use the devices anywhere in an office or home, even out on the patio. There's no need to roll out an Ethernet network cable to each room of a house; you can network anywhere--without wires. Outside the home, wireless networking is available in hotspots at coffee shops, businesses, and airports--great when you're on the road and need to get some work done. For convenience, wireless networking is the answer.

Which Wireless Standard Is Right for Me?
Now that you've decided to create a wireless network, the next step is to figure out which wireless standard to use.

Basically, a standard is a set of specifications for a device. All devices that follow a specific standard share operating characteristics, such as the radio frequency used and maximum data transfer speed.

For wireless networking, there are three standards to choose from at this time:

  • 802.11b
  • 802.11a
  • 802.11g

To learn about the differences between the standards and select the right one for your network, click here for an easy-to-understand chart.

  • 11 Mbps high-speed transfer rate
  • Advanced Power Management features conserve valuable notebook PC battery life
  • Compatible with Windows Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP
  • Rugged metal design with integrated antenna
  • Works with all standard Internet applications

Customer Reviews:

  • Wireless Nightmare!
    My housemate had purchased a Linksys wireless router and this card, so I purchased the same one in the hopes that it would ensure compatibility. In retrospect, this was foolish after having seen the problems she had in setting up the router and her card. I attempted to install the card on my Dell notebook, which runs Windows ME. The Utility Monitor icon never appeared in my system tray, and attempts to open the utility monitor file were futile. My first call to Linksys tech support reached a representative (after 15-20 minutes on hold) who just had me uninstall and reinstall the software twice--to no avail. She then told me that the problem was Windows ME--and that I needed to go to the Windows website to update it. The fact that the reason I needed the adapter was to access the internet seemed to escape her.

    A couple of days later, after noticing that when uninstalling I received a message that two program files were "locked" and could only be uninstalled after rebooting, I called tech support again. After another 20-minute wait, I explained what I had noticed and asked how to "unlock" the files--which were the same files that control the WLAN utility monitor (which still wasn't opening at all). The tech had no idea what I was talking about. Following several more uninstall-reinstall roundabouts, the tech concluded that the adapter was bad. I know this isn't the case, as I attempted to freshly install my housemate's identical card on my computer, and I had the same problems. It works just fine on her system, so it must be a software glitch.

    In sum, I am returning the adapter, which isn't worth the cardbox box it arrived in. I bought the Microsoft Wireless Notebook Adapter (MN-520), and installed it in 10 minutes without ANY problems. I was skeptical of Microsoft hardware, but it proved itself and surpassed wireless "leader" Linksys by far. Stay away from Linksys if you have Windows ME....more info

  • Excellent
    I donno if this is the best in the market but go for it if its still cheap. I use it with my 7 yr old 'monster' Dell laptop. Works perfect....more info
  • Why Amazon Delivery Sucks for Linksys Wireless Adaptors
    I ordered a Linksys Wireless Router and the Linksys Wireless Adaptor Card on Nov 9. The router arrived in < 5 days. The Wireless Adaptor Card has not arrived. It is the 18th of Nov 8 p.m. w/ an Amazon promise date for the 19th of Nov. What good is a Wireless Router without the wireless card ????

    My first and last purchase from Amazon... they said in stock!...more info

  • Efficient seller
    I blinked and the item was at my door step; fast transaction. The item arrived as expected and in great condition. Good job... ...more info
  • Un producto estable bien elaborado
    Este producto y marca son lideres en el contexto de las conneccines wifi...more info
  • Average capabilities
    This unit worked as advertised but short on distance. I have 98 SE and this unit was the only one that worked for me. I tried others but 98 would not run them. I'm satisified with the results but wish it had more range....more info
  • Don't expect any support when it stops working
    I bought version 2.5 of this card to run on XP. Linksys claimed that they really support XP, although the install told me to ignore the warning that XP was not supported. After a few months, the card suddenly stopped working, I tried downloading the drivers, uninstalling and then reinstalling. (The only download available was the 3.0 version, which I think may be a prolem.) The setup program would not even run! I then spent an hour and a half doing on-line chat with a support rep. His advice had the same results -- the set up would not run. He had me try the card in another laptop with the same downloaded drivers. Same result. After all that time, he just told me that something must be wrong with the card and to buy another one. There was no diagnostic that I could run to determine if the card was indeed defective. I would not advise anyone to buy this card. Linksys clearly does not care whether the cards work or not, as long as they can continue to sell them to unsuspecting buyers. ...more info
  • WPC11 ver. 4 TOTALLY different from ver. 3
    Be very, very careful when buying this card! It is totally different hardware from the WPC11 ver. 3. I thought I was buying the ver. 3 card, which has both linux and wince drivers posted on Linksys website! The ver 4. card is a cardbus (32bit) card with a RealTek chipset inside of it, while the ver. 3 card has the prism 2 chipset and is only a 16 bit card. I think it is very shady and very strange the linksys would market totally different hardware with the same name (WPC11). I very much dislike this buisness practice, hence the two stars. The product works fine in windows, and seems to perform well, but getting it working in wince and linux (which is why I bought it) is next to impossible.

    Thanks to amazon's wonderful customer service, I can return these for a refund since I thought I was getting the version 3. Thanks amazon! No thanks linksys!

    BTW, as of right now, amazon still lists this as a '16-bit' card. This is not true, it is the 32-bit, cardbus, version 4 of the WPC11 (at least that's what I got)....more info

  • Linksys can['t make it work
    I would strongly advise against purchasing this item. I just bought one and spent nearly five hours trying to get it working. That includes 1.5 hours on the phone with a Linksys representative. When he said I had to reformat my hard drive, I terminated that conversation.

    Then I tried email support. After following two or three links they sent me, which essentially had me repeat what I had done over the phone, I gave up.

    Then I got a call from Linksys and spent another 45 minutes with a representative. In the end he said he couldn't make it work on my computer and I should return the item.

    I have used this same computer with a "generic" USB wifi stick for over a year. After the representative gave up, I borrowed a D-Link wifi and installed it without any problem.

    ...more info
  • Works with Linux!
    It's not without a little pain, but it does work. You have to pull down the Windows driver for the card, then use your distro's 'ndiswrapper' to emulate the Windows driver to the Linux OS. With that done, it works just dandy.

    On top of that, it's a nice card. Whatever, it works. Nothing special, but worthy of a positive review....more info
  • Signal strength fair -- when it works
    I've had a WPC11 ver. 3 for nearly a year. I'm fed up and switching to a new company. Linksys has been my network hardware manufacturer of choice for over 6 years, and this product has dropped them right off my list.

    First of all, the installation is finicky. I tried several combinations of Wireless Zero service configuration, the Linksys supplied wireless connection manager utility, and drivers supplied by MS & Linksys. The best installation permutation I found for WinXP Professional was: Wireless Zero service running, Linksys connection software NOT installed, latest drivers from Linksys website. (However, even this was far from an ideal situation, as you'll see below.)

    At first things seemed okay. I had to fiddle with the placement of my access point in order to get a signal on the other end of the apartment, but once my monitor was not interrupting the signal path, I was cruising along.

    I started to notice a few dropped connections when I was in the middle of playing online games. I quickly discovered that the fastest way to restore the connection was to remove the card, let it sit for a while to cool down and discharge any residual voltage, then replace it. This method worked well for several months. I also fiddled with several installation methods while trying to debug the dropped connections, finally settling for Wireless Zero OFF, Linksys software installed, latest drivers from Linksys website, as suggested by a post from a forum I found through Google.

    I then moved and didn't use the card for a few months beyond ensuring that my access point was in a good place to reach throughout the house. (It's in an outside corner on the bottom floor. I get a Low-Very Low signal in the opposite corner on the top floor.) When I started using my laptop again in earnest, good lord was I in for a surprise. Not only did dropped connections become more frequent, I also experienced the following random additional problems, steadily increasing in frequency and magnitude over time:
    * Inability to detect access point
    * Inability to contact DHCP server (not experienced by any other machine on my network)
    * Code 10 - Device Could Not Start error when inserting card
    * Complete computer freeze requiring hard reboot

    Sometimes I could resolve these issues by inserting and removing the card a number of times. Sometimes if I restarted the computer they would resolve themselves. Sometimes disabling and re-enabling the network adaptor would fix the problem. Sometimes uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers would be the ticket. Most often, some arcane combination of these would work after each individually had not. On occasion, letting it sit for a couple hours was the only way to fix the problem.

    At this point I switched to the installation configuration Wireless Zero ON, Linksys software NOT installed, latest drivers from Linksys website, as suggested by a short statement buried in a text file deep in the directory structure on the Linksys install CD and by Linksys support.

    So I started contacting Linksys support. What I remember most about my experiences talking with them are long hold times and ridiculous suggestions. One guy tried to tell me "the card doesn't talk to the computer, the computer talks to the card -- therefore you need to contact your computer manufacturer to determine why your computer freezes only when the Linksys card is inserted in the PC card slot." The last woman I talked to told me not to use Windows' "Safely Remove Devices" icon to remove the card -- instead, I should disable the device in Device Manager. Also, I should never insert the card while the computer is on. In other words, she flat out told me, "Our product does not work within the specifications of the operating system and hardware for which it's designed."

    Based on this last juicy tidbit from Linksys support, I've switched to a Proxim Orinoco a/b combo card. I've only received it today, so the quality remains to be seen. However, the installation process went exactly as the manual suggested it would, and the signal strength in the corner of the house opposite the access point now gets Good-Low signal. These two indicators are already a gigantic improvement over the Linksys WPC11....more info

  • Good for compatibility of older notebooks
    this is wireless-B - and is good for older notebook compatibility on a mixed wireless system....more info
  • Works well on windows, has driver problems in Linux
    The card does a pretty decent job on windows box. No installation problems. Works very well.

    This card is WPC11 v4... this means it has a different chipset than the older versions, so it is not identified on Linux box. But there are ways to get it done...(thats the fun in linux :) ) with some difficulty and lots of googleing. I finally did it.

    Although Linksys does replace your WPC11 v4 with older WPC11 v3 if you send it back to them requesting the same....more info
  • Beware of WPC11 ver 4 PC cards!!
    I purchased a Linksys BEFW11S4 wireless router and a WPC11 PC card.

    In short: No problems setting up the router with the default configuration using the CD based setup program. With no security features (WEP, MAC address filters, etc.), I was able to get two wired PC's sharing the same cable modem with VPN connections. Installing the WPC11 PC card worked without so much as a system reboot!

    So far, I'm impressed... Until I tried the VPN connection over the wireless connection. Within less then 15 seconds after establishing a VPN connection, the connection was lost! However, the same VPN connection worked when the same laptop was hard wired in the same router!

    I checked the Linksys web site for the latest drivers, and to my surprise, the driver that came with the card was (5.158.1001.2003 Driver date 10/10/2003) was more up the date than the one on their web site (Driver Date: 4/21/2003)!

    Trying to debug the problem was made more difficult by the simplistic router log files that did not have as much as a time stamp or a way of clearing the file. Nothing on the Linksys support page helped... I then noticed in the stack of useless paperwork that came with the products, a flier that stated:

    "The Wireless-B Notebook Adapter, WPC11 ver.4, is a high-performance CardBus product. Therefore it will not work with Windows NT. It will also not work in the following Linksys wireless-ready products:

    - BEFCMUH4, Cable Gateway
    - BEFDSR41W, ADSL Gateway
    - BEFIR41W, EtherFast Cable/DSL Wireless-Ready Router with 4-port Switch
    - BEFSR41W-RN, EtherFast Ricochet Router
    - PPS1UW, EitherFast Wirless-Ready USB PrintServer

    If you need product support for the WPC11 ver. 4, or you want to exchange it for a WPC11 ver.3 which will work with the devices listed above and Win NT, then call Linksys Technical Suport"

    I called, and they quickly informed me that this card has some known issue with VPN connections, and I can either try a beta version driver, or exchange the card for a vers. 3!

    How can you trust a company that is willing to ship products with known issues like this one? I promptly returned all Linksys products....more info

  • Works well
    I had no problems installing the drivers and bringing this card up under Windows 98SE, and had good connectivity with a Linksys wireless router. Some minor complaints: The status LEDs on the card are very dim, especially outdoors; the Link LED gives no indication that activity is happening on the link; and the drivers don't bring the link up at boot time until you've logged on. This means network drives configured to reconnect at login fail with an error.

    I have no VPN problems with the V4 card -- I'm composing this review through the standard Windows PPTP VPN for about an hour....more info

  • Good cheap wireless card
    Although it is based on the old 802.11b standard, it works well when web surfing. It it a little slow when transfering large files or printing, but makes up for this with excellent range. ...more info
  • Doesn't work well with XP
    If you thought the Windows 2000 install and performance were bad wait until you try it under XP!

    I should have spent the extra dollars and gotten a decent card.

    ...more info
  • I have loved my wireless card!
    A good friend of mine encouraged me to buy a wireless card for my new laptop, so I shopped around and chose this one. I spent $10 more than my friend had, but I get a signal in many places where he can't, so I definitely think it was worth the cost! The drivers weren't as easy to install as I hoped, but overall it has been very beneficial....more info
    I never received this item from Amazon. Amazon website was telling this product is available . But I received an email from Amazon telling this item is no longer available and they cancelled the order...more info
  • does its job but not worth it
    For the price that Linksys charge this adapter is a can-do-without. Priced at 40 bucks, you can buy yourself a way better card. I already had a pc card (an airlink wireless g one $13) but this card was put on sale at staples for 5 bucks, without rebates. If you see this deal again and your network is wireless-b, I say go for it. Being so expensive elsewhere, I thought I'd go for it as a backup, or a main one if the quality is near its price (my network was -b so the -g from airlink was not needed). It was worth five dollars, but no where near 40 or even 20. When upstairs connecting to my downstairs network, the signal was poor or good at 2 bars, while my airlink could go at 4 bars without very good signal and fast speed. The speed was not needed for internet because my dsl only goes 1.5 mbs, but I transfer large files through my laptop, mostly vids, and the slowness was just not tolerable. Plus, I thought that this card could go on linux and run airsnort, but this failed me too. For five dollars, this may be a worthy investment for connectivity, but if you buy it for anywhere near what other stores are selling it for, you should go back, demand a refund, and slap the spit on the salesmen ;)....more info
  • OK at first, then took a major dump
    2 years ago, bought the WPC11 card and the BEFW11S4 router for my home laptop running WinXP. Worked good at first, but then things went downhill fast.

    I think the driver has issues with WinXP. When you install the driver, WinXP notifies you that the driver has not been certified with WinXP. The Linksys manual tells you to click the "continue anyway" button. (this *should* scare you) As my WinXP changed (via automatic and manually pulled in updates), my card became more and more finicky... to the point it is basically unusable.

    Current set of problems:
    a) dropped connections.. inconsistent on how to solve. Sometimes I boot up and the card can't find the DHCP server and get's an unusable Autoconfiguration IP address.. which you have to reboot (ipconfig /release; ipconfig /renew does not help). Sometimes, I have to completely reinstall the driver. But, then things go ill later that day. Sometimes, the DHCP server is contacted, but no IP address is obtained (though the router says it served one up to the card). Sometimes, when the machine goes into standby or hibernation, the connection is completely hosed, and the card says it can't see any signal whatsoever. SOmetimes you can pull out the card, and reinsert, and an IP will be grabbed.. sometimes not. Sometimes rebooting helps, sometimes not. VERY FRUSTRATING.

    b) configuration utility does not tell you which networks are available. I use my laptop all over Stanford's campus, which has several different networks (ie EE building has a different network with unique SSID than the CS building, etc). It would be nice to choose from the network of your choice... but, you have to know the SSID (even though the SSID's are broadcasted). This is a pain.

    c) poor reception. On campus, folks with laptops sitting right next to me will get great reception, while my signal strength teeters from 0-10%.. incurring lots of dropped connections. So, I'd get slow response.. plus when remotely logged into some UNIX boxes.. I'd have to completely reconnect. Now, I have a new Dell Inspirion 5100 with a built in receiver.. and my signal strength in my own home blows away my HP with the Linksys WPC11... and the Dell's antennae is internal, which typically reduces reception.

    Anyway, my card WPC11 is hitting the garbage can, and I'm spending the extra dough to get a Cisco card. Saving 2 hours a day in reboots, hangs, dropped connections, and driver reinstallations will more than pay for the extra $40 bucks i'll spend on Cisco. (BTW- unless they fired all the Linksys employees and scrapped the Linsys designs, I think it will be a while before teh Linksys/Cisco merger trickles quality into the Linksys product line....more info