PRIMO EuroBath Pearl White
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Product Description

Safety, style and function merge in PRIMO's EuroBath - the ultimate smart solution for bathing your baby. PRIMO's EuroBath makes bath time safe, fun and convenient for both baby and mom. It's like gaining an extra pair of hands for mom! It's the first "smart" bath because its unique anatomical shape keeps baby in the ideal bathing position and prevents baby from slipping under the water. The extra large 38 quart capacity and double position make PRIMO's EuroBath perfect from the very first day up to baby's second birthday. The patented European design is stylish, reliable and safe. The newborn to six months old infant is safely cuddled under baby's arms and between the legs to help prevent the baby from slipping under the water. As the baby becomes a toddler, the baby can change positions. The toddler can sit in the bath with a safety post between baby's legs to hold on to for fun and security. It also helps to prevent the toddler from slipping under the water. The EuroBath is the largest baby bath available. It measures 36" long by 21" wide by 10" deep and could hold up to 38 quarts of water. It has a built-in drain and two areas for soap, shampoo, sponge, etc. An optional metal stand is also available to lift the EuroBath up to Mother's easy reach. The EuroBath can be hung on a wall hook when not in use to save on storage space. The EuroBath is made of durable polypropylene plastic and is available in white or mint green.

Although full-size bathtubs may be just the right size for Mom and Dad, your baby will need a smaller tub to bathe in during the first few months of life. This sturdy EuroBath fits the bill quite nicely, and can be used for babies and young children ranging from a few weeks to up to 2 years of age, depending on your child's size. The EuroBath is large for a baby bath, measuring approximately 9 inches deep in the middle, just under 3 feet from end to end, and approximately 21 inches wide. A raised section in the middle is designed to cradle infants and smaller babies comfortably, with ample space around it for splashing water on baby as you bathe them. The EuroBath is surprisingly sturdy, while also being lightweight and very easy to clean. --Chris Burns

  • 2 Position baby bath for ages 0-24 months.
  • Unique anatomical shape with safety supports for arms and legs keeps infant and toddler in the ideal bathing position and prevents baby from slipping under the water
  • Largest baby bath available so your child won't grow out of it. It measures 36 long by 21 wide by 10 deep.
  • Built-in drain and two areas for soap, shampoo, sponge. Can hang the bath on a door hook for storage with the addition of a plastic looped tie from a hardware store.
  • Easy to clean polypropylene non-toxic plastic.

Customer Reviews:

  • Love It!
    As stated, not only do I love, but the true stamp of approval comes from my son Amir. It was instant splash and fun for him the first time and every time he gets in. Wish I would have bought it for him sooner!
    (BTW I think the drain works well enough-dispite some complaints I read)...more info
  • Great tub for a baby that is sitting up!
    I absolutely love this tub. My daughter is 13 months and we have been using it since she was 6 months. I don't think it would be a very good tub for a newborn, but is just perfect for a baby that is sitting up. It is very large and if you are short on storage space I would not get it. We actually store it in her bathroom tub and it takes up almost the entire tub space. ...more info
  • Best bath yet...
    Without question the most well-designed and well-functioning baby bath I have yet tried. My daughter is 9 months now, and we have gone through four different baths during the past few months -- one doesn't keep her stable; another doesn't have enough room; yet another does not stay stable, etc...This tub is roomy, yet holds the child safely in both the reclining and sitting positions. My daughter is 27 inches long, and can still fit in the reclining section, securely held in place, when she prefers to recline for her bath. She can also sit upright at the other end, with good support around her torso and at the pommel between her legs with enough give to splash around. Simply put a rubber bath mat under the tub to keep it firmly in place in your larger bath tub. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Roomy but SUPER SLIPPERY for older babies
    This tub is roomy and well-contoured, but I wish I had used it only when my son was younger. Now that he's nearly one and can stand up and walk, he wants to stand up, turn around, etc., and this tub is too slippery for anything but a sitting baby. In fact, I don't think there's anything more slippery than a wet baby butt in motion meeting the sides and bottom of this tub. I've seen him slip and slide up the side and to the bottom again almost like it's the sides of a waterslide, and that's with me having my hands on him the whole time. I was so scared he was going to hurt himself. (The crotch post doesn't help b/c he gets both legs on one side of it.)

    To help fix the problem, I had to buy some self-adhesive non-skid appliques from Amazon (amazingly, I went to about 6 local stores, and no one had them!) to put under where that slippery little booty goes. I still have the problem of him standing up, but at least when he tries to sit down again he doesn't slide around.

    I hope in the next "revision" of this product that it's made to be non-skid. This is supposed to last until a child's 2, but once they can stand up, look out!...more info
  • Well Designed
    This is a great concept ... it will hold baby in the correct position for bathing. My only problem at this moment is the tub is so large that my baby won't go anywhere near it. I tried to placing the baby in the tub with correct temperatured water and my baby's eyes became enlarged and started screaming murder. So we will try again later :)...more info
  • Finally!
    Finally we found the perfect baby tub! Third time is a charm. This tub is perfect for the wiggly 4 month old that still can't sit up, but like to splash and play in the tub. We are so glad that we found this tub! A+!...more info
  • Nice bathtub
    I love this tub, it's great for infants and toddlers. I do recommend but it does take up alot of room. Worth the money. Great design!...more info
  • Great product.....follow the reviews
    I am so glad that I read reviews for several products. I never would have bought thisd except for the reviews. The ones I was looking at all got so-so or negative reviews. I LOVE this tub. My son is 6 months and absolutely loves this tub. He always loved the water but now he doesnt have to do half the work so he can enjoy himself and it shows. He plays and splashes so much more than before. Excellent buy and worth every cent.
    Happy Splashing!!!!...more info
  • The only baby tub you will need!!!
    I bought this tub under the recommendation of a friend. It has been fantastic - the infant side is great for when they need that extra support. My 8 month old now uses both sides & fits great. Spacious enough for them to play & have fun, while being more contained than they would be in the bathtub.
    I HIGHLY recommend this tub, and have been recommending it to my friends and family that are expecting. ...more info
  • perfect for infant
    We started using it when my daughter was newly born. at first we put a sponge foam on top to give her the soft support. not sure if it's necessary though, it's just my idea. when she reached 2 month, we removed sponge foam. now my daughter is 7 month, we're stil using it. the size fits her very well throughout the 7 months. she seems very comfy sitting in there and always has a wonderful time at bathing time. it's also very durable, easy to clean. after 7 month's use, it still looks like new! my daughter is at 97% height. from what it looks, we can continue using this one until she can sit in the big real tub by herself! definitly a good buy!...more info
  • great product
    I just LOVE this is really great and i recommend it to all my friends who are currently prego :) I am just mad that we spent $$ and time with the other tub we purchased before our son was born!...more info
  • Great Product
    Well designed. Holds babies of different ages. Nice bright color. Drain with plug. ...more info
  • FINALLY!!!
    Someone was really thinking when they developed this tub. It's by far the BEST tub EVER!!! Perfect for large babies and small. I store mine in the tub. I had another one and my baby grew out of it before I could blink. This one will last and last. FYI Babies r us sells it for about $10 less....more info
  • Super tub
    Get this first and you can have it well in to the 2's from birth. I did buy a nice little bath pillow for it and my 2 yr old falls asleep she is so comfy. The white tub is the best....more info
  • Using this bathtub for almost TWO years now
    We got this bathtub at our baby shower and still use it over a year later. It was great when my son was a newborn - he just relaxed on the "newborn" side and it was really easy to give him a bath. He is 22 months old (and tall for his age) and he STILL climbs into this thing. Even at 22 months, I feel more comfortable having him in this tub than filling up the entire "real" tub and he can still kick around and play with all of his bath toys in it. He'll outgrow it soon but this tub was excellent! ...more info
  • It's okay
    I like this tub, but it's huge and it's hard to keep a newborn in place when washing. I might use this more when my son gets a little older. ...more info
  • Primo Eurobath tub
    This is my 2nd tub, ordered it after my 2nd baby was born. Both the 22 month old and the 4 month old love their tub. It's plenty big to play in and I especially like that the baby is well supported and it's easy to wash her hair w/o me holding her head! Wish I had bought this earlier!
    Also appreciate a quality product MADE IN THE USA!!! Hooray!...more info
  • great keeps baby warm and happy love it
    water covers baby keeps baby warm and happy tryed alot of other bath tubs the eurobath works the best ....more info
  • Happy Bathing Baby
    My baby is 3 mo old and likes to kick and squirm when in the tub. The PRIMO bath tub is fantastic with it's moldings. He can kick and splash and I can bathe him without fear of him slipping under the water. With this tub you are able to fill water a little fuller than regular tubs so your baby stays warm. It is the best bath tub for babies....more info
  • pretty useless
    A lot of people recommended this to us, and we coughtit, but next time we definitely won't. when your baby isn't sitting yet, you are better off with a smaller tub that has a better surface for the baby to lie on. When you kid is sitting, all the shaping of this tub is in the way of his legs and his toys! Better to use big tub or ikea baby tub. Very bulky too :((...more info