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Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition
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Product Description

Shogun: Total War Warlord Edition is a complete collection of the award-winning strategy war game. The Warlord Edition contains the complete Shogun: Total War game, plus two expansion packs: Invasion of the Mongol Horde and Campaigns of the Three Unifiers. These expansion sets include new military units, terrain, buildings, and scenarios.

Discover new buildings, upgrades, maps, and units like the battlefield ninja and Mongol cavalry. Engage in epic-scale, real-time battles with up to 5,000 warriors. Master skills like diplomacy, economics, subterfuge, battlefield tactics, and strategic warfare. Clash with others over the Internet or via a network.

Customer Reviews:

  • Delays, delays, delays...
    I'm sure that this upgrade will be one of high magnitude, however the production and development for this product is not. The first upgrade was posted to be out a month ago and they decided that we would want the full expansion pack at one time. Personally I would have enjoyed being entertained by the first upgrade while I waited for the larger expansion. Now they have delayed the release yet again. I'm sorry but this is not how you run a successful company. When you set a release date you had better make it even if this means overtime for the crew. To delay causes desertion in the buying population and not as many people will buy now than before. Also I do concur that they need to keep the original game separate from the expansion. Thanks....more info
  • 900 men ready to frag another 900 men
    Okay, i know that most of you that are going to buy this game know that you can control like 900 units at once. If you have played Age of Empires, then you know that only 40 units in that game can be selected at a time and the population limit is usually 200. Shogun's combat system is much more complex, thus making the learning curve steeper.

    Shogun has 2 different main interfaces when you are playing the game. though i am quite new to this game, the "strategy map" section, which shows all of the provinces under your control and lets you build units and buildings in that province, is very simple to understand. it is regular turn-based strategy where every 4 turns, you get the report of your yearly harvest, which is your income. Now the unit system is not as complex as AOE (age of empires), but the battle system makes up for that. when you send an army, shown on your strategy map, into a province that is not ruled by you, the next turn the game will ask you if you want to commence the battle by yourself, let the computer decide, or just run away becuase you do not want to fight. usually, you want to do the battle by yourself so then you are taken into the "battle mode". battle mode is not turn based. instead it is Real Time, just like AOE. the "tutorial" gives you a first hand look in battle mode, but tutorial has a problem where they tell you to click on a flag, you click on the flag, and the program calls you a fool for not following directions. so thus, tutorial is basically useless. anyways, the battles in Shogun are HUGE. you may find youself running away, just to come back with a bigger army. or you may find yourself fraggin the computer cause your army is 2x the size of his.

    Shogun comes with some bugs, thus reducing my rating of it to 4 stars. the first is the one that i mentioned about the tutorial. the next is about the Geisha house. i can never find the option to build it, even though i have all of the requirements. also, patching the game is confusing. i downloaded the most recent patch, and installed it. what i got was a menu that was so messed up that i couldn't even exit the game from it. Overall, buy Shogun: Total War Warlord edition. it will get you ready for Medieval: Total War the next game coming from the same developers!...more info

  • Info You Could Use
    This is not a review, but a response to the first entry: Dude, don't worry, you can buy the expansion exclusively if you already own Shogun. It will be available from Electronic Arts the same day the full release is set to come out. And it will be priced significantly lower than the full release....more info
  • reviews all wrong
    Notice that all of these reviews are referring to the wrong game??? I'm looking for reviews on Shogun Total War and these reviews are about Medieval Total War. Hey, Amazon, get it together!...more info
  • Watch Out! The Purchase could be tricky
    This is certainly on my must own list. I have been playing this game for many years and although the graphics are out dated the game still plays great. It has a turn based element in it much like Master of Magic with a real time battle complete with units and tactics. All the elements are here for a great gaming experience, wonderful historic back drop with the warrior mystique created by Ninja, Samurai, and the Geisha cultures molded into a superb gaming package. I rated it a 4 overall because the graphics are a little dated, but for a great time it's worth the investment. The real issue here is that this is the real "Warlords Edition". The Shogun Total War Gold and Shogun Total War editions both seem to have fatal errors on my equipment. In the Warlords Edition there is a different opening video and there is no Thrown room and I suspect that the errors are based on the programing around this "Thrown room". Make sure that you are buying the Electronic Arts version "Warlords Edition" without the Thrown room interface to get a smooth running program. I had to go back and purchase the Warlords Edition after first making the mistake of buying the gold edition. Although the game would have been better had the Thrown Room actually worked, having to constantly try and trick your computer into playing the game past the fatal errors is tedious and time consuming, taking away much from the playing experience. This version rocks!
    My homebuild is as follows: 32 bit prescott core intel p-4 at 3.06ghz, 1 gig of 400mhz (2x512 dual Channel)memory, onboard sound 5.1 surround, Intel 865perl motherboard, Nvidia 6800extreme 256 meg agp, and Windows XP professional. This machine is a budget gamer but with over 50 game titles in my library, from Call of Duty 2 to Dos titles like Ultima 7 The Silver Seed,I have very few games that have problems running on this machine in some fashion. Make sure you get the right version.
    ...more info
  • One of the best Games now better
    I've always enjoyed the Shogun Games and this new one is no exception. It has very cool military tactics, and several combinations of battle set-ups. For example you can play up to seven different clans. Each with different locations and advantages, also you can select from three different time period with different technology advances, and lastly you have the Mongol invasion. It is a real barbarian blast.

    If you enjoy good military turn-based strategy games I think you'll like this one....more info

  • this sucks
    I agree with that guy. THe expansion packs should be sold seperatly so those of use who already own and love the original....more info
  • Dont Buy this Garbage
    You've spent hours building a massive army...
    You've finally forced the A.I. into a descisive battle...

    Your calavry is set to out flank the enemy Archers...
    Your spearmen are set to take the charge of the enemy horsemen..
    Your bowmen have taken the high ground, ready to rain death on your foe...

    This game is RIDDLED with random crashes. Go to fight a battle..crash..go to save a game..crash..go to load a game..crash..

    Even after patching it, it crashes more often then the stock market.

    Dont buy it. It makes me a little unsure of buying Medevial total war if they left this product so under supported....more info

  • What's up with the reviews?
    Why are these reviews for Medieval Total War, while the picture and description is for Shogun Total War? Am I the only one that notices this?

    ...more info
  • Age of Empires, move over!
    Somewhere in the course of the video game industry, strategy games lost the strategy involved. The games became races to retrieve materials and build massive armies. Lost was the skill in commanding troops, stratigically placing men on the battlefield, overthrowing your openent not by your physical superiotity but by tactics.

    This tactical aspect of strategy games returns in full force in Shogun Total War, which pits you as the Shogun of Japan, the ultimate military rular, bent on ravaging the other shoguns and uniting Japan as a single force.

    In your quest of doing so, Total War combines the battles of Age of Empires with the tactical and stratigic fun of Risk. When defending in a battle you have time to stratigically place your troops, place them within trees and your opponents can't find you, place them atop a hill and you have better bow and arrow range, place a brigade behind and a brigade in front and trap them between two giant forces. Sign treaties, assasinate with your ninjas, but you must continually watch your rescorces.

    The game is not simply stratigally superior to its counterparts, however, it is also graphically superior. You don't train one horceman at a time, or a single bowman, now its sixty at a time. Zoom in to watch individual conflicts as your foces colide with your opponent's or watch the battle as a whole as over 1000 troops go head to head in battle.

    If you happened across this game I imagine you are searching for a strategy game, if that is the case, I can guarentee you, Shogun Total War shall not disappoint!...more info

  • Great game and expansion!
    I will keep this a short as I can. This game can be described in 3 words: Really really good. It has everything you can expect in an RTS game. It has a nice mix of real time and turn based action. While the graphics may not be the best, they are good for a game of this scale. The single player is great (especialy with the addition of the mongols.) But don't count out multi-player, infact it's even better than before (thanks again to the mongols.) This game is a must get for anyone who likes any of the following things in a game:

    1. Turn based action
    2. Real time action
    3. Japan's history
    4. MONGOLS...more info

  • best game ever
    Amazing game with realistic variables that make it compelx but learnable lots of fun amazing graphics best game of its kind and in some ways the only game of its kind...more info
  • Might and deception
    This game does a fantastic job of re-creating the look and feel of the fight for control of Japan in the 'middle-ages'. You control one of the great clans of Japan (or, the invading mongol hordes in the Mongol campaign) and must plan, structure, deceive and fight your way to gain overall control. It is also quite historically accurate - even your generals and heirs have the names of their real-life counterparts.

    The game operates at two levels: turn-based strategy level across the whole of Japan, and real-time strategy on an individual battlefield. There is great diversity in the units you can employ and the way you can build them up to gain an advantage over your adversaries.

    At the strategic level you can also send out spies, ninjas to assassinate enemy generals or envoys and make and break alliances with the other clans.

    There is also a multiplayer game, which is fun for a while but lacks depth. The single player game is much better.

    Shogun:Total War looks impressive and is fun to play. Be warned though - it's very absorbing so may take up a lot of your life if you get hooked.

    Enjoy....more info

    This game is extremely fun to play. You can have a HUGE army and fight more HUGE armies in a tottaly realistic battle. You can send ninjas to kill Generals, or emmiseries(messengers) and more. You can do a LOT of stuff in this game.
    The only problem is that the graphic requirement is tottaly high. I have a Rage PRO 32 Mega bytes graphics card, and in a battle with 3000 people fighting, teh screen moves slower and skips some images. I really hate that.
    But you don't have such big battles a lot, so you can live with it. Anyways, the game is really, really fun to play. I play this game more than UNREAL TOURNAMENT. It is just fun.

    GET THIS GAME, YOU WILL LOVE IT....more info

  • Even better.
    You won't believe the different add-ons this game supplies compared to the first edition. From little differences to big differences. Some you notice right away, others may take awhile. Great, especially if you are a fan of the first edition of Shogun....more info
  • This is worth every penny
    If you thought the original Shogun was as good as gaming got, welcome to the Warlord's version of medieval Japan. The expansions have truly done Shogun justice. If you were sick of starting out with the same Japan before, you now have four different time periods to choose from, as well as the Mongol scenario. New units are the battlefield ninja, the kensai warrior, the crossbow ashinguru (only in the Mongol scenario!)and the naginato cavalry. A big plus is that the buildings are cheaper to build and go up much quickly--no more 16-season citadels! The rebels are slightly more aggressive. Hojo isn't the Big Bad anymore. In many of the scenarios I've played, this clan gets bumped off early. The emassaries are much more useful now. They not only can propose more effective alliances, but can bribe other units! Ports now appear visible on the map so you know which clans have sea power or not. This is pivotal, because you can send a spy, shinobae, or ninja into someone's port and then invade next turn. As far as the tactical goes, I never had a problem with it before, since I'm not that good at the tactical part anyhow--so I have no complaints. If anything the graphics are more colorful and improved. As for the Mongol scenario, it was kind of disappointing for me. If you play the Mongols, it will be easy to win, even on hard level. If you play Hojo, prepare to get b***h slapped across the country. I would have liked to have seen the Mongols get integrated into the regular game and get made as part of a clan choice. Still, y
    u can't have everything, can you?...more info
  • Can't get enough of it!
    This game is my type of game. I control an army of thousands and I get to decide who is in my army (Archers, Samarai, Heavy Cavalry, Monks, etc.), who I will be attacking, and how I will be attacking. Sounds simple...Sort of. If you like strategy games, here you go. This game takes some thought, but not too much too rack your brain. I have been looking for my type of game since I got my computer last year and this is it. I have been bored with the RPG games, which are basically the same over and over and take hours upon hours just walking around, wasting MY time. I get bored with the sports games because they just get so monotinous after awhile. Play one, you play 'em all. This is different. You command your land and your people. You increase your peoples way of life and in turn you will slowly take over the world. Build an army, with some sword dojos and legendary armory, and you got it made. At least you do if you play on the Easy and Normal levels. Play difficult and this game just gets more fun. Making you think harder and making every decision on where you are attacking next a crucial one. It's so hard to explain why I like it, I could, but I do not have the time to do so. Take my word for it, this is a game worth the money. I stayed up all night playing this game already, just me and my buddy. I haven't done that since High School....more info