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Medela Nursing Stool
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Product Description

The NursingStool relieves stress on your legs, back,shoulders and arms. Its scientific design elevates your lap to help position the baby more comfortably for breast or bottle-feeding. The stool can also help to ease pain after an episiotomy or caesarean. The NursingStool is one of those little tools that make a big difference. A choice of natural oak or white finish complements any nursery decor.

  • Designed specifically to improve moms breastfeeding position
  • Helps eliminate stress on legs, back, shoulders and arms
  • High-quality construction with attractive oak or white finish

Customer Reviews:

  • Good for nursing and far beyond
    For years after I no longer needed it as a nursing stool, I have used this stool to rest my feet on while working at my computer. This allowed me to raise the height of my chair to reduce neck strain when my monitor was a little too high for comfort. The angle reduces strain on the back and makes the whole setup so comfortable. Terrific product....more info
  • Great space saver - no need for ottoman
    I purchased this nursing stool to use with the glider rocker we have in our baby's room. The room is small so the ottoman that would have matched the glider was not practical. This nursing stool is great. It is just the right height, and is sturdy and not bulky....more info
  • Not Just A Nursing Stool
    I haven't nursed for years! And back than we didn't have nursing stools. I love my stool for everything from cross stitching to crocheting, or just plain relaxing. My husband kept stealing it from me. Guess what he got for Christmas! He loves his too! The stools are so light, an portable, so you can stick them out of the way if you have to. A friend is having a baby in May and she asked me to get her one. Don't give up nursing and use your stool daily....more info
  • Handy little stool and not just for nursing!!
    The Medela Nursing stool has been a lifesaver. It comes in handy when trying to prop baby at the right angle. Which also means this is not just a handy item for nursing, but also for bottlefeeding too! I wish I had invested in this item with my first child, would have saved me from some aches and pains. I was lucky to get this item on clearance at another baby retail store for $9.90. Great bargain and money is well spent on a terrific and useful stool. ...more info
  • Great buy
    This nursing stool was very comfortable. We were able to put a loveseat in the nursery so I wanted something to prop my legs up with. Great buy when you compare it with those rocking ottomans....more info
    Our baby was in NICU for about a week. These Medela nursing stools were everywhere and for good reason - it was crucial in helping ensure my wife nursed well and without pain. Here are my findings:

    1. Promotes proper back posture. This simple item helped her maintain good back posture when breast feeding.
    2. Sturdy. This item will last a long time
    3. Stable. The rubber footings ensure a secure grip

    1. My only gripe is the wood is so hard that it was somewhat difficult to screw the screws in properly.

    Invest the money for this item. Also recommended is a Boppy pillow. Do not let my "con" listed above deter you. Just be patient and use a bit of strength and the screws will seat themselves just fine....more info
  • Great- But not the same as pictured ~
    I ordered it based on the picture ... the one that came is a little differnt... But it works great...

    ...more info
  • Breast Feeding Must Have!!!!!!
    I have to say I am a mother of 3 my youngest is 10 weeks old, I wish I would of had this when I had my other two, and had it for all three of my C-Sections at the hospital. I have been using it now for almost a week, and it definately makes a diffrence. Although when you look at it, it doesnt look like much. Well there isnt much to it but the design is what makes it so wonderful. I am only 5ft 1in in height and I have to say it pretty much accomodates everyone, if you have longer legs you just set the stool further out from what you are sitting on. If you have shorter legs like me you bring it closer to what you are sitting on. It does make you more comfortable while nursing, after nursing 2 other kids and now nursing my 3rd child I can tell the diffrence. It doesnt really matter how big you are on top either or if they are droopy. Which is something a great deal of women experience when they have breastfed, including me. Sorry about the description of that but just want to give the most accurate comment I can, telling about benefits of using this with normal problems.Overall I would definately recommend it to anyone who breastfeeds. I will definately be using it after I am done even....more info
  • A must have for shorter nursing mothers!
    Love it! I'm 5'4" which is just on the border of being short for a woman. I found this stool to be very useful and help with some of my nursing back issues. I honestly didn't realize I needed one until I tried on at my lactation consultant's office. This is a very good gift for any nursing mother who is 5'4" or under....more info
  • Couldn't have done it without it
    A friend recommended this product to me. It helped out tremendously while breast feeding. It helped me to get comfortable and to position the baby. I had a c-section, so I also used the stool for helping me to get in and out of bed. I highly recommend the stool. ...more info
  • Not Just For Nursing and Not Just For Adults
    I love this stool! I found it essential for nursing my first and my second child. It's also great just to make it more comfortable to rock, hold, or read to children. My 4 year old loves to use it to stand on to see her baby sister in the crib, on the changing table, or just to sit on and talk to me while I take care of the baby. A must have!...more info
  • A must for nursing moms
    This stool is awesome! I used it daily while I was nursing my son. It really helps and is a "must" for nursing moms along with your boppy or other baby proper. It takes the stress off your back and legs and really puts your feet in the perfect place so that your whole body is comfortably aligned. IT really helped me get through those long days of nursing a young infant and beyond. I loved it so much that I have given it as a gift at baby showers....more info
  • You'll NEVER want to nurse without this stool again!!!
    I got this as a gift just before my second child was born. I can't believe what a difference it makes in the ease and comfort of nursing. It makes any chair the perfect nursing chair!! Once you try it, you'll never want to nurse without it!!...more info
  • a nursing must-have
    This stool is essential not only for nursing, but for rocking and bottle-feeding as well. My son is almost three now, and we used the stool with our rocker long past the time when I quit nursing him. It has now been transferred to the bathroom, where he uses it as a stepstool to wash his hands. It's sturdy, durable, and immensely helpful - overall, a great product!...more info
  • For a bad back and knees - i have 3 of them
    Tricky back and knees require strategies. I often buy things that don't work out. This one did. I switched from my 2 rockers to gliders and the back pain got worse. I realized the seats were too high, and, just as important, it had a subtly different seating angle. The stool made all the difference. I also have an adjustable, ergonomic desk chair, but guess what, the footstool helped relieve the keyboard hunch. I've got 3 now. But I keep wondering if that pesky floor angle on the passenger side of the car, painful on knees on a long drive, wouldn't be helped with one of these great stools. ...more info
  • Would recommend to anyone with newborn!
    Purchased this item for use with my glider and love it! It eases the pressure on your hips and knees because you're not stretching on tippy-toes to rock. I would definetly recommend this to anyone who has a newborn and will be spending A LOT of time nursing or feeding. The quality is good...very durable. I have a three year old that has given it quite a few durability tests!...more info
  • Saved my lower back and knees
    Icouldn't have nrsed without it. Even my mother-in-law stated, "wow, this really works" as she was rocking her granddaughter to sleep. a bit of a pain when you are vacuuming, one more thing to move, but, otherwise, a great idea. ...more info
  • Just right
    I was having trouble breastfeeding but this product along with some essential help from a lactation consultant helped me tremendously. It is just the right height and your legs do not get tired at all. I use it with my glider chair (much better than the ottoman) and now recommend it to all my friends, especially those that are apprehensive about breastfeeding....more info
  • Great During Pregnancy, Too!
    Though I intended to use this only during nursing, I'm glad to have it during pregnancy - WONDERFUL. I have had pains in my hips/feet, and I have found this item useful in alleviating my pain.
    I can certainly recommend you purchase this stool early and use it during pregnancy, too! It doesn't take up too much space so you can easily put it away (or dismantle) if needed. Simple and helpful. Great product. ...more info
  • Worthless
    Although this is a very nice wooden stool, it has been worthless for me. It adds nothing to my comfort during nursing, and I trip over it every time I get up from my chair! For me, it was a waste of money....more info
  • A very sturdy stool
    This works great. It was very simple to assemble, is a good height, and I feel I got my money's worth....more info
  • Good, but tips easily and is a safety hazard
    I registered for this stool when pregnant, thinking it would be a nice position-helper while breast feeding, and it is, with one drawback: it tips easily if you put any weight on the edges (top edge or either side). So far, this hasn't been a huge problem, except for making a loud THUMP every time I do it, which sometimes startles the baby. I would just suggest that you avoid ever using it as an actual stool and never step or stand on it, and keep any little kiddos away from it too.

    Other than the potentially dangerous tipping thing, it is a nice wood piece and went together very easily. As stated before, I would not use it in place of a safer flat stool, but it would be absolutely great under a desk to prop up your feet while working....more info
  • Great nursing stool
    I nursed my baby in a glider without a stool for a few weeks. I didn't think I needed to spend money on a stool. However, after enduring the lower back pain that ensued as a result, I caved in & bought this stool. It's been well worth the buy! No more back pain. I now nurse my baby comfortably. The stool was easy to assemble & is the perfect height for me (I'm 5'2"). I am very happy with this stool....more info
  • For me it was a must-have
    Before my daughter was born, I knew I was determined to breastfeed her. I read several books and asked a lot of moms what their breastfeeding must-haves were. Several people mentioned this nursing stool. I was doubtful about how helpful a little stool could actually be, but I also wanted every resource possible available to help my breastfeeding relationship go smoothly, so I went ahead and bought it. In the weeks prior to my daughter's birth, my husband assembled the stool and I would use it to prop up my aching feet after a long day at work. After my baby was born, I set up a little nursing station in my living room, and I found the stool to be an essential item. Basically it lifted my knees to just the right angle to help prop the baby in the correct position. I also used a nursing pillow, and between the pillow and the stool, the whole experience was actually very comfortable. I was able to nurse for long periods of time without feeling any pain or stress from holding the baby in the right position. I am definitely holding on to this item for use with future babies, and I would recommend it to any new mom who plans to nurse her baby....more info
  • Perfect stool
    This stool is perfect for nursing, it helps add comfort and good posture. ...more info
  • Necessity!
    I highly recommend this stool if you breast feed (and have it before you get home from the hospital!). I borrowed a glider that did not come with a stool and my back was killing me when breast feeding. You can easily take the stool with you from room to room and use with any chair. Now all you need is a Boppy and you're all set to feed!

    *****December 1st 2007, It's now over two years later and we still use the stool but now it's under our computer desk. it relieves back pain when sitting for long periods of time. I am now expecting my 2nd child and will move it back to the rocking chair when the time comes. Even if you don't nurse it's still prefect for sitting with the baby and rocking it to sleep or bottle feeding it. The stool is also washable. It got very dirty while under the computer desk from our shoes and dirty feet so I put it in the shower and with a sponge rubbed off the dirt. I love this product! ...more info
  • great alternative....
    Of course, I had to have a rocking glider for my nursery. However, when we were shopping for one, the rocking ottomans all seemed really awkward. Trying to rock with my feet up and on another rocker didn't make sense to me. Also, we were on a budget, and another couple hundred bucks for a footstool seemed like alot. This stool is the PERFECT alternative. It puts your feet and legs in the perfect position for rocking and nursing. My baby is 6 months old now, I'm still nursing and use this everyday. What a great value, and dramatic savings over the ottoman. The only thing is, I wanted white, so had to search, because only natural was offered here at the time. Hopefully that has changed?...more info