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Evenflo Position and Lock Wood Safety Gate
List Price: $19.99

Our Price: $16.68

You Save: $3.31 (17%)


Product Description

Gerry, Plastic Mesh Security Gate, Pressure Mounts Securely Without Hardware, 24" Tall, Expands From 26" To 42" Wide.

This wood-and-mesh baby gate is a quick, light, easy solution to those gaping doorways through which baby can crawl. It isn't a substitute for semipermanent metal gates--especially at the top of a stairway, for which it is not recommended. And it can't really be opened and closed with one hand: there isn't a frame independent of the gate itself, so releasing the pressure releases the entire unit. On the other hand, its sheer lightness makes it ideally portable, and its simple pressure mechanism will safely fence off any doorway or opening between 26 and 42 inches wide. The four rubber bumpers on the sides are positioned to miss baseboards. And the plastic mesh is more durable than it looks. --Richard Farr

  • Pressure mounted wood gate
  • Completely assembled
  • Hardwood frame with plastic mesh panels
  • Easily movable
  • Expands from 26" to 42" wide

Customer Reviews:

  • Does what it is supposed to do.
    It does what it is supposed to do. We use it to keep the dogs separated from the cat food & litterbox. It did come apart once & was hard to get reassembled. I would like it better if it were put together with screws rather than brads, but overall a good gate....more info
  • Great for infants, not good for persistent toddlers
    I highly recommend this for younger walkers and crawlers because it really is a strong gate. As your child gets to the age where he learns how to climb, however, beware because the mesh gives little ones a good foot hold. Even though my nephew learned how to climb over the gate, it never fell over (due to his weight) - proof that it is an extremely sturdy product despite the fact that it latches on due to pressure alone! So I give it a four. It's a great product for the price you pay but it is not perfect in design. Oh, and another thing, try not to let your little ones watch you set up the gate... they learn real fast once their problem solving capabilities kick in!...more info
  • Great Gate for Active Baby
    We use this gate to contain our 10 month old son. He likes to play in the hallway so we set it up at the end of the hallway and close all the doors. He spends a lot of time standing and pulling on the gate but it doesn't budge. It's easy to use and it's a design that has stood the test of time; I worked in a daycare 15 years ago and this is the gate we used!

    I will say that this gate did not hold up well to our very active schnauzer. He could easily jump over it. When we stacked the gates, he destroyed the plastic screen and escaped in less than an hour.

    Good choice for baby, bad choice for dogs....more info
  • Security Gate
    I really like this product. Its lightweight and takes seconds to install. At this price, I bought several to keep in different parts of the house and also in my car for travel....more info
  • Keeps the dog out of the cat box too!
    If your 4 leg little one has suddenly developed a distasteful interest in the cat box, this is a quick / cheap solution. The cat easily jumps it to do his business; the dog can only watch from a far. No more of those "gee, I hope that's a Baby Ruth bar" moments and it gives the cat some much needed alone time....more info
  • Difficult to use, easy to climb
    I found this gate very difficult to use, no matter how many times I did it. I don't like that the notches are set so far apart. When I tried to use it in one doorway, one notch made the gate too big and the next made it too small. When it does actually fit in the doorway, it does seem to fit snugly. However, my son (who had just mastered climbing) made over the top in under 5 minutes. I don't use this gate anymore....more info
  • just awful
    No matter what we do, we cannot get this item to stay firm against the wall. I can get it to secure against the wall, but put the slightest pressure against it and it moves.

    My little ones are determined. They knocked it over with very little effort.

    Don't purchase this item. The low cost is a disguise for its ineptness....more info
  • Great Buy!
    I bought this baby gate not for a baby but for my puppy. It works better then I could have imagined. She doesn't jump over it even though I know she could. Mostly because I think she is scared of it. I would totally recommend this for any dog owner trying to confine their dog to a room without putting them in a cage....more info
  • Easily knocked down by puppy...
    We bought this gate to keep our puppy in the kitchen while we were away, and even at five months he could easily knock it down. The gate works well as a barrier, but does not stand up to much pressure. If you are looking for a sturdier gate, you may need to spend more money......more info
  • OK for me, not for everyone
    This lightweight gate is OK for a situation like mine where I have a small house and my child is very rarely unsupervised but it is not heavy duty; a good shake from an energetic toddler can work it loose, and a direct hit by a ride-on toy will take it down. I imagine it would be excellent for a younger child who is crawling, cruising or just starting to walk but to be on the safe side it's better to regard it as an obstacle than a barrier for a toddler. Also, as an older (and not especially tall) Mom who is not as agile as your average 20 year old I sometimes find it hard to step over, especially if I am carrying something. However, it has served me well and I can't really complain, especially at the discounted price one can often find this type of gate available for. ...more info
  • Highly Recommended!!
    When installed properly, this gate is extremely sturdy. Our 14-month old son often pulls up on it and it doesn't budge. Furthermore, because this gate is portable, it has been very helpful in a variety of situations.

    I have used this gate to keep my son from trekking onto a wet kitchen or bathroom floor. With practice, it installs in seconds. And instead of closing the door to the office, where there are wires galore, we use this gate. By using this gate (as opposed to closing doors) we have been able to more safely take care of practical tasks, while at the same time, maintain some contact with our son and the rest of the apartment.

    The price is reasonable and the quality is excellent. We highly recommend this gate!...more info

  • Affordable, sturdy and highly recommended.
    We bought this gate to block our 10 months old son. It's very lightweight and easy to essemble. It only took us not even a minute to figured it. For the price, this is a really sturdy gate, my wife wasn't convinced at first (because it is soooo light), so, we highly recommend this gate for parents who's looking to buy one. You can buy few gates for this price compared to the expensive ones....more info
  • Easy & Secure
    My son was walking at 8 1/2 months and never slows down. These gates have been invaluable for containing him in the family room. Easy up & easy down. Adults can step over them but he can't "escape." They are just tall enough for him to throw his balls over but not his body. We even take it with us when we travel....more info
  • Not That Sturdy
    I purchased this gate a few years ago for my new 3wk old pug and she knocked it over amediately. Now that I have a son I might use it when he firsts starts to crawl but only long enough to find a good one because I know as soon as he starts trying to pull himself up it will not stay....more info
  • So Helpful!
    This gate was hard for me to figure out until I read the instructions (duh). Now I have 3 of them and they are a breeze. They did mark up my doorways a little, despite what they claim, which is why I give this gate 4 out of 5 stars....more info