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Medela Single Deluxe Battery/Electric Breastpump
List Price: $64.99

Our Price: $52.75

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Product Description

Lightweight and easy to use. Features adjustable suction. Plug-in and battery power options (batteries not included). Includes a single deluxe pump, Medela breastshield, stand, valve, AC transformer, container, lid and 3 membranes.

Breastfeeding mothers, especially those who need a night off or who work outside the home, know how essential and personal a breast pump can be. Like most breast pumps, this Medela model mimics a nursing baby's sucking motion, and it comes with numerous attachments that make it easy to transfer a mother's milk into a standard baby bottle. Because of its compact size, the pump is discreet and highly portable. It comes with a companion transformer, so it can be plugged into an electrical outlet, or it can be powered with two AA batteries. --Hannah Reynolds

  • Autocycle pumping technology automatically simulates baby's suckling
  • Features adjustable suction control
  • Designed for occassional use
  • Lightweight and compact - ideal for on the go use
  • Use with batteries or plug in with the AC adaptor

Customer Reviews:

  • A Great Pump - A Great Buy!
    This pump says it's rated for only occasional use, but I used it every day for six months. The main thing I like about this pump is the ability to use it in any situation. My husband and I traveled quite a bit with our son and I was able to pump in the car with the battery pack. I use it so much that I doubt it will make it to our next child, but it's much better to buy this one twice for $80 than to buy one for $350! ...more info
  • Loud and weak
    I bought this pump primarily due to Medela's excellent reputation, but even my lactation consultant said it was horrible! It sounds like an electric shaver, and while I could have handled the annoying buzz, the suction was so poor that I developed scabs and sore breasts after only one use. I imagine there is a safety guideline on how strong these pumps can suction, but it was extremely painful to feel the sloooow (and not very strong) suction tighten and release. Due to hygenic reasons, Target cannot return used breast pumps, which left me in a quandry. Thank goodness my laction consultant knows the local Medela dealer, so she took back my used one and gave me new, unopened box to return to Target. Have not done so yet, but there shouldn't be any problems. I think if you are going to go with Medela, do not go lower-to-middle end range, as I did. Go for the best Medela has to offer, or go with a different brand all together. Endnote: talked to Medela on the phone, they said since this is for occasional use only, I would need a higher end pump, which is why I had problems, but please remember I only used this pump ONCE and with such disastrous results, so I don't know how much more occasional I could be!...more info
  • Wonderful!
    I had originally bought a cheaper breast pump with my first child that was horrible and broke very quickly. I then purchased this pump after being released from the hopital when my son was in the NICU. The staff recommended that I pump at home and bring my expressed breast milk to the hospital. I was reluctant to spend the $80, but also would not buy the cheaper brand again. This pump was wonderful! I could adjust the suction and it pumped on its own. I was able to play with my 17 month old while pumping. Yes, the pump itself is loud. But as a stay home mom, I only planned on using the pump once in a while after my son returned home, in the privacy of my own home. It held up great and is packed away in hopes of having another baby in a few years! ...more info
  • Ouch
    I bought this pump before leaving the hospital and it was a waste of money. It hurt like heck and did not express enough milk to relieve my engorgement. The motor cycles very slowly so when it's tugging on me all I can think is ouch...ouch...ouch... I ended up buying a used Pump-in-Style online and love it. I can pump both sides at once in less than 10 minutes and have a good-sized bottle to show for it....more info
  • definitely only for OCCASSIONAL use...
    I bought this pump back in 2003 when I was pregnant with my 1st...I used it VERY rarely as I just did not like to pump, period, regardless of the type of pump I worked fine for the occassional bottle when I was not going to be near my son...I used it the same way with my second son, and had no real complaints for occassional use. However, now with my 3rd, I have run into the problem of very sore, cracked nipples and needed some relief for a day or so until they healed to fully resume breastfeeding. This pump has totally lost suction after only about 3 days of pumping for relief of sore nipples. I am rather disappointed, but I guess when they say for "occassional" use, they really mean it!!!...more info
  • Great Pump!
    I have been using this pump from the moment I left the hospital with my baby 3 and a half months ago. I used it every day for the first month to establish my milk supply and now I use it only when I am going out and have to have a bottle ready for the babysitter.

    I have to say that it is VERY loud but it does the job. I use it in the privacy of my home so it doesn't matter how loud it is. I recently went on a 7 hour road trip and used it in the car as well. When not plugged into an electric outlet, the pump is a little bit slower but it still helped me excrete 4 ounces in 15 minutes with the battery option. That's not bad at all.

    If I were going back to work full time, I would invest in the $250 Medela double pump. But for my lifestyle now, this pump has worked very well. My maternity nurse reccommended this pump to me.

    I have gotten so well at pumping that I could nurse my baby on one breast, pump the other and talk on the phone at the same time!! =)...more info
  • Works great at an affordable price
    Five years ago, I nursed my son and when I returned to work, I needed a pump that was small and portable for pumping at work. Initially, I used an Avent pump but could never get enough milk and it took a long time. I switched to this pump and it worked great! I never had a problem getting enough milk and it didn't take any longer than I expected. Unfortunately, I got rid of the pump thinking that I'd never need it again. Well, five and half years later I find myself pregnant again and have added this pump to my registry so I'll get it again! Worth the money, light weight, portable and does the job!...more info
  • Worked great at first, but loses suction quickly
    This pump sounded like a good fit for me - I only needed to pump occasionally to have some extra milk in the refrigerator. And at first, it worked great. I have a steady and plentiful milk supply, and I had no problem pumping 10-12 ounces of milk at a time.

    However, those easy days only lasted a few weeks. After 2-3 weeks of using it perhaps 4 times a week, I noticed I wasn't able to pump as much. My milk supply is still going strong - the problem is the pump. The motor seems to have weakened gradually over the two months I've had it, and now I'm lucky to get three ounces of milk first thing in the morning. It pumps so little milk later in the day that it isn't even worth hooking up.

    The pump is loud, as other reviewers have noted, but I don't think it's all that bad. If you're going to be pumping regularly at work, this isn't the pump for you, anyway, because the motor is so weak.

    I would NOT recommend wasting your money on this pump. You won't get more than 20 or so uses out of it before the pump is so weak as to be useless. If, like me, you can't really afford $300+ on a "good" pump, look into renting a hospital pump from your hospital or lactation consultant. That's what I'll be doing....more info
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
    This breast pump is easy to use. I use it occasionally when I need relief when my son is full but my breasts are not empty or when I know that I need to leave milk for a sitter. I use it with the Playtex breast milk storage system. I love both products! I like the fact that you can adjust the suction to fit your comfort level. It is easy to clean as well....more info
  • crapoola
    This is the biggest waste of money. I am so ticked that it costed as much as it did and doesn't even work. It's obnoxiously loud and I'll will never buy another medela product again. This product should be taken off the market immediately.I've said my piece....more info
  • Not even worth $80
    I'm a first time mom who needs to pump occasionally, and will be working soon. I bought this pump because the recommendations on the box say if you're going to work part-time, this would be the best pump. I wouldn't even recommend using it occasionally. The suction on it was VERY slow, and it took 15 minutes just to pump an ounce. It's also VERY loud...I couldn't even hear the TV while pumping. My air conditioner is more quiet than this thing. Another problem I had was that it hurt, even on the lowest setting. My manual Medela pump works better than this; it's quieter, more comfortable, and pumps more milk. I'd recommend renting a hospital pump....more info
  • Love It!
    I tried a hospital pump & a highly advertised manual pump before this one and it was a nightmare. When I tried this pump I couldn't believe how comfortable it was, and how much milk I pumped so effortlessly in such a short amount of time. My baby is 11 days old, and last night I pumped 3 1/2 ounces in 5-10 minutes. It is louder than my manual (obviously), but not nearly as loud as the hospital pump I used while my baby was in the NICU.

    I think many mothers are trying to pump before their milk supply is established & that is why it hurts & why they aren't getting any milk. That is what happened to me in the hospital...even with the hospital grade pump you won't get anything if your milk isn't ready to be pumped!...more info
  • Great pump
    I bought this pump when my daughter was 2 weeks old because she was always hungry. I made enough milk but I wanted to have a little extra and so my husband wouldn't have to give her formula when I went out for a few hours. I think it is a great occasional use pump. My supply increased just by using it once a day. I do however wish I would have purchased the double pump for those times when I needed to pump in a hurry. The pump is great but it does take a little while when you're engourged....more info
  • Great pump for occasional pumping
    This pump is perfect for those who occasionally pump. The suction is great for me, in fact, it can be almost painful if I have it up too high. It is very easy for me to pump while I am nursing too. The noise might bother some babies, though....more info
  • Practical, convenient, and good price point
    I use this pump with my first daughter, now 5 and I am now using it with my newborn. I use this pump daily at least once a day, sometimes two. It takes me about 10 minutes per breast and get 4 - 5 ounces. I have tried another brand manual pump (takes too long) and electric pump. I always came back to this one. For a few dollars more, go with this one. You will not be dissapointed. It is great for work. It is small enough to put in a fashionable lunch box, practical, the price point is great. ...more info
  • Not a good buy!
    I purchased this produce and the device started to fail just a few months after the purchase. The device was used maybe a few times per month so it wasn't overused. I called Madela and I was able to get it working again through troubleshooting the problem. I used it a few times after that and then maybe 4 months later I needed to use it again and could not. I called Madela to trouble shoot and the woman told me that after the 1st troubleshoot call the motor started breaking down because of the method of troubleshooting so now that the warranty is up (6 months) all they could do was offer me a 20% discount from what they charge which would make the purchase price the same as buying it on The person who initially did the troubleshooting should have told me about the motor so I could get another pump within my warranty. Now, I have to spend money on another pump. This product is unreliable and the company has terrible customer service. DO NOT BUY IT!...more info
  • Just Not Worth it
    I am a mother of 2 and decided to get a pump for outings without my youngest baby (now 3 months). At first, the pump worked pretty well--even in the beginning when my milk supply wasn't fully established I would be able to get about 4-5 oz in about 15-20 minutes. I can say that this is a decent pump to use in the beginning before your milk is fully established to help increase the volume of you milk--HOWEVER--the pump wore out on me with just a few uses. I must say I used it less than 20 times (which is nothing if you need it for emergencies or to go out and you can forget WORKING!!) and the suction was just so weak that nothing would come out at all!!! I am very dissapointed because who has the time to replace motors on a regular basis--especially at this price.

    I reccomend that if you need a pump (especially ona regular basis)--either invest in the expensive hospital grade that will last longer and take more abuse and allow for exchanges should anything go wrong. Or--use this pump in the beginning to help produce more milk, then after your supply is established go out and get a manual pump. They work very well--no motors to break down--very quiet--and easy to clean and reliable. You can take it anywhere--use it anywhere and never have to worry that if you need to run out without the baby--whether you pump is going to be working or not!!

    Keep in mind that most electric pumps--espcially THIS ONE--does not allow any manual assistance. It just pumps on its own rhythm--so when your milk comes out it doesn't even give it the chance to fully excreat. Which can really mess up your flow and production. Also, even though it has a switch to increase the intensity--its not even that strong whereas a manual allows YOU to control the length of the pump allowing you breast to totally empty the milk with each pump, and also the intensity of the suction. In other words--it more closely mimics your baby's suction and pattern better than an electric. What pump knows your baby better than you--a manual gives you the control to assist in mimicking her feeding patterns. ...more info
  • Marginally good pump
    Purchased this pump as alternative to an expensive pump. While I found it works well when you have not fed for a long period of time and are engorged, it did not work well for pumping in between feedings. Having rented a double pump (Medela) so that I could compare, I found that the suction on this pump does not stimulate let-down; additionally, the suction is so intense that it does not work as well for that mid-day pumping session and actually was a bit painful. I found that this pump would not pull one drop out yet the Medela double pump would. I would purchase this model only if I had very little use for a breast pump at all and was not planning on using it on a regular basis. I would spend the money on the more expensive model and not waste the money on this one. ...more info
  • dont buy it!
    Dont buy it! I used it for 2 weeks and it worked just fine -- was able to get 4 oz within 7 minutes, then all of the sudden, it stopped working. It would still pull at my nipple but nothing would come out -- I would constantly have to readjust the sheild to get more. I called customer service and they said that it was a lactation issue but with another pump I have no problems. DONT GET IT! Buy a hands-free one so that you can walk around the house - you dont want to be tied down to the machine. ...more info
  • PESIMO!!
    Pense que era una muy buena compra ya que la marca es bien reconocida. El primer defecto que le note fue que era muy ruidoso, pero trate de ignorarlo confiando que iba a resultarme bueno por su marca. A las dos semanas de usarlo a la copa para el seno se le abrieron grietas en el plastico, haciendo dificil poder succionar bien. Luego que logre conseguir el repuesto de la pieza, me sucedio que tres semanas despues no se por cual razon, dejo de succionar con fuerza y a dura pena lograba sacarme en 15 minutos 1 y 1/2 onzas cuando normalmente me sacaba 4 onzas en 10 minutos. Siento que para el valor del producto $79.99 fue una terrible compra ya que termine comprandome uno nuevo de distinta marca. Espero tener mejor suerte pues mi bebe apenas tiene 5 semanas y me falta mucho tiempo por delante de usar este aparato....more info
  • Waste of money
    I purchased this to pump for the very brief periods I would be away from my daughter. I would get enough pumped to relieve engorgement. The suction was random at best, sometimes very hard, other times practically nothing (suction level was always set at the same level). I ended up using it once a week for two months before the motor completely died and no suction at all, ever! $80 is way too much to get to use it only 8 times before it breaks! A dead motor has nothing to do with possible lactation problems, as Medela would like you to believe. Do not buy!!...more info
  • Don't bother !
    The problem with this pump? It is only designed for occassional use! You can't use it everyday. Don't buy this pump if you need to pump on a daily basis. If you use this pump all the time, you will burn the motor out! I purchased this pump shortly after my son was born(June) and the pump stopped functioning in July. Why spend $90 on something you can't use everyday? If you need to pump everyday, buy the travel in style. It's expensive, but it's better than spending money on something you can't use. ...more info
  • Great choice for compactness, low cost, function
    I thought the "mini" was an excellent breast pump. As a collegiate athletic coach I usually used it for 2 days straight while away from baby. My milk would decrease when I would have to pump a third day, but I was never close to drying up like some testaments here. I would get 3-6oz each time, and it would take about 10-15minutes. Milk supply is individual, I wouldn't blame this pump.
    I used it on away trips from 4th - 11th month, as well as twice during a "normal" work day, and I think I eventually wore the motor down!
    What was great was that it was so small, and battery powered, so a mom like me could use it in Stadium bathrooms etc. You just have to get over it being a little noisy. It is about as loud as an electric razor, so if you don't mind poeple hearing you use one of those then don't get put off by it.
    Altogether I pumped and stored and breastfed for 13months and my litte girl had formula less than a dozen times TOTAL. If you want to, you just have to make the commitment and the "mini" is a fine low-cost alternative that you can carry around in a nice little cosmetic bag....more info
  • LOVED IT!!!
    I am sad to see such bad reviews of this breast pump, I wanted to share my opinion. I loved it!!! I had a preemie, and was unable to even nurse her for 6 weeks. I used this pump, and only this pump, to provide milk for my child until she was able to nurse. I, myself, pumped 6-8 oz of milk from each side using this pump. Remember in reading the reviews that each person's experience is unique, I however, loved this pump! I chose a single over a double because, let's face it, I only had one baby, and I only wanted to feed from one side at a time. I didn't want my body to let down on both sides at once. I loved this pump so much, I used it throughout my 10 months of nursing for "extra" bottles, and then again when I had my second child. I would also like to add that the NICU recommended the Madela breast pump to me!...more info
  • overexceded expectations
    I have overused this product and it's still going! I pumped probably twice a day for a month and a half to create a supply in my freezer for when I go back to work. I have never had a problem with suction and the motor is still going strong. I would have to give this a five star rating....more info
  • what a break
    i was a bit nervous about buying this because i have had the manual pump with my first child, and it hurt soooo much. To my surprise I have been quite comfortable, and it has actually increased my flow. I use it occasionally, but it has been a life saver. ...more info
  • Worked Great!!!
    I have been using this pump for 8 mos now and still think it works great. I used the plug-in at home and the battery when I was at work or on the road. I got rechargeable batteries that helped a lot. If your battery is not charged the pumping is a little weak. I could get about 4 oz in 10-15 minutes. My only complaint is that it is a bit noisy....more info