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A Hard Day's Night
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The Beatles star in this film about a \""typical\"" day in the life of the Beatles.
Genre: Musicals
Rating: G
Release Date: 6-JUL-2004
Media Type: DVD

The Fab Four from Liverpool--John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison, and Ringo Starr--in their first movie. Nobody expected A Hard Day's Night to be much more than a quick exploitation of a passing musical fad, but when the film opened it immediately seduced the world--even the stuffiest critics fell over themselves in praise (highbrow Dwight Macdonald called it "not only a gay, spontaneous, inventive comedy but it is also as good cinema as I have seen for a long time"). Wisely, screenwriter Alun Owen based his script on the Beatles' actual celebrity at the time, catching them in the delirious early rush of Beatlemania: eluding rampaging fans, killing time on trains and in hotels, appearing on a TV broadcast. American director Richard Lester, influenced by the freestyle French New Wave and British Goon Show humor, whips up a delightfully upbeat circus of perpetual motion. From the opening scene of the mop tops rushing through a train station mobbed by fans, the movie rarely stops for air. Some of the songs are straightforwardly presented, but others ("Can't Buy Me Love," set to the foursome gamboling around an empty field) soar with ingenuity. Above all, the Beatles express their irresistible personalities: droll, deadpan, infectiously cheeky. Better examples of pure cinematic joy are few and far between. --Robert Horton

Customer Reviews:

  • Treasure
    These are "My Boys". I don't know what else to say. I loved them then and I love them now. This movie transports me back to a wonderful time when they were everything to me. I still watch it with a big smile on my face and laugh at the ease with which they toss off a "comeback" line at each other.

    They look beautiful. The sound is great. The music is amazing still.

    If you were ever a Beatles fan, the ownership of this film is a must....more info
  • The Beatles "Hard Days Night"
    It was great to see this dvd presented with excellant picture quality and (caution: lower the volume on your sound system) booming but great sound. You can tell a lot of pride was put into reproducing this dvd.It's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring on "Let it Be"! ...more info
  • Takes me back
    I first saw this movie at a drive-in when it first came out. I loved it then and it has stood the test of time....more info
  • A Hard Day's Night
    I absolutely love this movie! I wasn't sure that I was going to like it before I had watched the movie. (I thought that it was going to be just another boring black and white movie.) The cover does not do the movie any justice. . . But I was hooked from the very beginning: The song "A Hard Days Night" started playing, and one of the Beatles members tripped running from a crowd of obsessed fans. From that point on, I laughed the entire time it was playing. Watching it was the reason that I fell in love with the Beatles in the first place. John, Paul, George and Ringo are such witty individuals, and I think that every person should see this movie . . . . at least twice!! I don't consider myself to be a movie critic by any means, so as far as acting abilities, plot, ect. are concerned, I would not be the best person to give a review of that nature. But I do know a good movie when I see one, and this is definitely one of them. . . . ...more info
  • Hard Day's Night Classic
    I'm middle aged so I guess thats why I liked this from the first time I saw it. Being a Beatles fan from the beginning of time. However this purchase was for my 16 year old Daughter, who is a bigger fan of the "Fab Four" than I ever was. I'm assuming that this is the "Retro Phase" that today's youth are experiencing, and I'm glad in a way because I've always been of the opinion that yesterday's music is much better than a lot of the recent trends that is considered music today. Some of these current artist's scare me a little with their lack of musical talent, and their constant re-recording of earlier artists/true musicians works, and making money off of someone else's efforts.
    I will always love the Beatle's work, and am glad to see their early
    creations recorded for todays technology. ...more info
  • Beatles Hard Days Night
    The last time I saw this movie was when I was 12 and sat thru it 15 times with my best friend... I enjoyed it this time just as much (Only with no screaming)...more info
  • A great classic!
    This is a great classic Beatles video - it really gives you an idea of how crazy the Beatles mania was....more info
  • Quality Time with the Fab Four
    I just watched A hard Day's Night on DVD. The quality of the sound and video are average at best. It is still the Beatles; however, and any time with the Beatles is quality time. This movie was fun because of the interaction between the band members and the silliness of John. This is required viewing for a Beatles fan. There is little here for non-Beatles fans. The music is still as wonderful as ever, I just expected the sound to be much better. I was disappointed in the extras, or lack thereof. This was a three star viewing experience... not bad but not what it could have been....more info
  • A Hard Days Night
    This is my favorite Beatles film. They were so young and full of life. The music is classic Beatles....more info
  • For it's time...
    For it's time this was cutting edge cinema. I couldn't begin to count the breakthrough shots. It has lost little to time. The music is infectious, and while a tribute to teen idols it is never cloying. Probably the most startling thing about it is how tame the Beatles and their music are now. When the film was shot, many in this country considered them dangerous radicals. You can't go wrong buying this DVD. The smile won't leave your faces for days....more info
  • the fab 4 are still fab!
    I first saw this film in 1964, just after its release in the U.S. The comedy and music are as fresh and funny and exciting and touching today (33 years later!) as then. From a devout beatles fan....more info
  • classic
    very good beatles dvd. i don't know why some reviewers say the sound quality is bad, my dvd was perfect. the extras were a nice touch, to bad we didn't here from paul or ringo. ...more info
  • A Hard Days Night
    I own this dvd and watched it a dozen times I like it. You never realize how funny they can be until you have seen them in a movie acting. It reminds me about funny flashbacks of hotdogs and yellow submarine and other strange hallucinations. If you look at some of the actors in the background you might think of other influences like FZ or Bo Diddly. I thought the bonus stuff was mostly lacking though in the movie there was a lot of live and concert footage anyways. It was very dreamlike to watch in a sense it was unreal probably because it's totally black & white. Very revealing if you ever find yourself emersed in BeatlemaniaYellow SubmarineThe Wizard of OzEnsemble Modern Plays Frank Zappa: Greggery Peccary & Other PersuasionsBob Dylan - Don't Look Back...more info
    They tidied it up technologically maybe(?) but the music was ALWAYS great anyway. The abundant extras are wonderful bonuses, but the gist is, here is THE original rockumentary, still unsurpassed, every bit as good as you remember or could expect to find in some pale imitation otherwise now and in the future. Richard Lester and George Martin, working with the Beatles? WOW... A MUST HAVE for all Beatles fans, veterans and novices alike. This package is a BARGAIN. Enjoy!...more info
  • Charming film, bad DVD
    Having not watched this film in about ten years, getting reacquainted with it recently was almost like discovering it for the very first time all over again. The cinematography is beautiful (the early Beatles just seem to exist in black and white; it's very hard for me to picture them in color at this point in their career), the songs are terrific, the film really brings to life just what Beatlemania was like, with those hoardes of screaming young girls chasing their idols, and in spite of not having that much of a plot, the story is carried through very well by its young stars. In spite of not having been professional actors, The Beatles just have so much charm, wit, and vibrancy in this picture, back before they became weary of so much touring and all of those screaming fans, back when it was still all new, fun, and exciting to them. They were all so young and good-looking in this film! And being from this early stage of their fame, one gets a genuine sense of them being almost like four brothers who care about one another and enjoy one another's company, a far cry from the tension and acrimony present in LIB. At times it doesn't even feel like they were using a script, but that they were just ad-libbing most of it and acting like they would have in real life, four crazy, fun, and ultimately caring good young men dealing with the pressures of fame as best they could.

    However, this DVD release leaves a whole lot to be desired. Disc one has a documentary of sorts, which is nothing more than a collection of interviews from people involved in the making of the film, and disc two is entirely taken up with interviews from all sorts of people who were involved in the making of the film. While there are some genuinely nice interviewees, such as George Martin, Klaus Voorman, David Jaxon (who played the young boy), and director Richard Lester, most of them aren't from such high-profile people; indeed, some of the interviews can be rather boring, and don't give us any real new information. Who, for example, wants to see an interview with Betty Glasow, their hairdresser, over, I don't know, an interview with an actual Beatle? Some of the interviewees mention deleted scenes, but we're not even shown any of them. While they're interesting to watch once, they're not something that most fans are going to want to see over and over again. Where are actually substantial bonus features like trailers, newsreels, the making-of documentary "You Can't Do That," the aforementioned deleted scenes, photo galleries, galleries of PR material, or an audio commentary? It's inexcusable that such a wonderful and famous film gets the short end of the stick in this rereleased format. The lacking bonus features aren't the only downside, either; the film is shown in phony widescreen, with the wrong aspect ratio, and therefore portions of the picture are cropped out. And while I normally find excessive complaints about audio quality to be sheer pedantry, complaining about relatively minor things that normal people don't really notice or care about to such a huge degree, even I noticed that there was something a bit off about the sound, particularly when it came to the songs. Additionally, the front cover almost looks like the cover of a bootleg. Whatever happened to the original cover design?

    This is still a fun charming film after all of these years, but it really deserved better packaging and treatment. One would be better-served searching out the original DVD release, which had better bonus features, sound, and aspect ratio, or, if one can still find it, the older CD-ROM which I feel lucky to possess, which also gives the film the respect it deserves. How is it that such a classic rock musical gets such shabby treatment while the music videos and movies put out by modern day no-talents are treated with more care and concern?...more info
  • Beatles A Hard Days Night
    This is a story around the Beatles'fame. A Humorous entertaining story with the Beatles' music which is well loved. I love this two volume DVD which includes interviews on the making of the movie because I love their music and their humor and always loved them since being a little girl. Their music is intriguing, inspiring and entertaining. They are musical geniuses....more info
  • Hard Day's Night
    Great product! Attractively packaged 2-disc set. One with interviews of production team / cast. A real hoot, if you're into the film. And the movie itself. A little time capsule!...more info
  • Beatles at it's best!
    This movie brings back the memories. It is high quality. I find myself singing along. Love it!...more info
  • Can't buy 5 stars!
    You don't need to be a Beatles fan to love this movie--but you will be after seeing it! It's beautifully shot, funny, fun, and full of some of the best pop music in history. I've watched it repeatedly and will for the rest of my life....more info
  • Classic Movie About a Classic Band
    I can't believe that there are actually people who haven't seen this movie and would need to read a review. A Hard Day's Night has been a part of my consciousness since I was little, but considering the Beatles' fan base is so wide and varied by age, I guess there might be some young fans who have not seen it. Whether you've never seen it or you've seen it 20 times, this is essensial viewing for Beatle fans and also people who are studying the art of film. Many famous directors sight this film as the first one they ever studied and even say it made them want to be directors. I remember studying it in college film classes. It is noted for it's quick cut away camera work, and innovative lighting.

    But of course I am a hard core Beatle fan so I bought this dvd because I just love it. It's their first film, and most people,( I think them included,) think it was their best. But I also like Help because it's in color and it's a beautiful film.

    Made in 1964, it features the Beatles at the youngest that most American people remember them.(Paul and George were barely out of their teens at this point) It is still very funny but I think the Beatles were a lot funnier when they were just being themselves in a documentry (like The Maysles Brother's The First American Visit dvd), or in interviews. The diologue is sort of contrived and even though the screen writer traveled with them for months in order to get their speech patterns, I don't really think he was paying that much attention. I don't think he really captured them all that well. Or maybe they were too nervous to be natural. John and Paul come across as nervous and unatural. But they are still wonderful, and the music is really wonderful. This dvd has been remastered and restored of course, so it looks and sounds great.

    I remember when A Hard Day's Night was still being shown on tv, so I'm a veteran but you will want to own this and watch it many times. What Beatle fan should be without this?

    ...more info
  • A Hard Day's Night
    The first Beatles song I heard was "From Me To You." I thought they were black. By October, 1963, I knew something was going on around this British group. In January, 1964, I saw a clip on the Jack Paar show. It was unbelievable! The Beatles were going wild! Girls were screaming and throwing jelly beans! It was their sound! It was the long hair! I started growing my hair that night. Beatle records flowed into America. The Beatles revived the rock 'n' roll of the late 1950s. John Lennon sang Chuck Berry. Paul McCartney sang Little Richard. They took it to the next level. They wrote their own songs, incredible songs! When cousin Larry and I saw "A Hard Days Night," the theater was packed with teenage girls. They screamed for 90 minutes! We could not hear a word of dialogue. It did not matter. This was Beatlemania, and there would never be anything like it again! You Can't Do That was cut from the film. John Lennon's jealousy and possessiveness were too potent for the young audience. The Beatles made great records. Each album was a development with Lennon leading the way. After the split, Lennon joined the peace movement. He was gunned down on the street in New York City in December, 1980, by a deranged fan named Mark David Chapman. He was finishing his first album in five years, an album which showed his domestic side.

    ...more info
  • 5 stars for Beatles, 2 star for playability
    The Beatles of course are always great and I love Hard Day's Night, but for some reason it won't play on my dvd player in my living room. The only place I can play it is upstairs or on the computer which is a real bummer....more info