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Depend Underwear, Small-medium, 20-Count Packages (Pack of 4)
List Price: $51.96

Our Price: $45.95

You Save: $6.01 (12%)


  • Moderate to Heavy Loss of Bladder Control
  • Underwear-like design
  • Absorbent core with ABSORB-LOC? protection
  • Provides a high level of absorbency while maintaining the thin, discreet profile consumers want
  • Dispose in sanitary manner; do not flush

Customer Reviews:

  • My 90 year old mom-in-law loves this item.
    I have Amazon ship this item to my mom-in-law in Boston. She is very satisfied with this item. ...more info
  • My father-in-law, who had a stroke last year, ...
    My father-in-law, who had a stroke last year, prefers these to all others. He has the use of only one hand. These are like underwear and he can put them on himself. They're just the right amount of protection for small accidents. They aren't filled with a lot of stuffing and don't give the appearance of a diaper and can make the person wearing them feel a lot better about their appearance....more info
  • This product did the job. What more could ...
    This product did the job. What more could you ask for? So far they're the most comfortable item of its kind that I've come across....more info
  • I liked this product very much, and found ...
    I liked this product very much, and found it to be much better than the regular Depends. It was comfortable to wear and gave me that added security I need when going out in public. I'd recommend this product to people who need it....more info
  • This is a very well made and useful ...
    This is a very well made and useful product, and is much easier to use than most products made for incontinence. It absorbs well, and seems to be odor free. The only drawback is its cost. I wouldn't spend the money for this type of product when a similar solution can be had for a lot less but with a little more inconvenience....more info
  • I Use It Along with Pads for My Heavy Menstral Cycle!
    I know this is going to probabbly going to make me sound like I'm weird because Depends Protective Underwear is susposed to be used for adults who have pooping and peeing accidents but I actually HAVE to use them when I have my menstral cycle. One of the companies that makes menstral pads and tampons used to make a very good protective under panty for girls who get very heavy mentral cycles and they were smaller and a lot less bulky and alot more fitted then Depends but unfortunately because of the vanity of alot of women they didn't sell because most women were too embarassed to use them so they stopped making them and I get a very heavy menstral cycle so someone recommended I try Depends and when I get my cycle I have to wear these Depends undergarments along with menstral pads so I don't wake up in the morning and find that I have totally stained my under panties, pajamas and sheets which is very embarrassing and it also keeps me from getting yelled at for staining my sheets and pajamas. I will continue to keep using these at night during my cycle but I wish someone would make ones that are actually for menstral cycles again. Oh, the curse of having a extremely heavy menstral cycle!!!!! It's a major bummer! Okay, it's embarrassing to have to wear protective under panties at night when I have my menstral cycle but it's way, way way more embarrassing to stain my sheets, PJ's and cotton under panties so that is why I use these Depends! I now will only use the Pull up Ones though and will not use the ones with the tabs....more info
  • auto shipping
    Having the product shipped to the Assisted living facility directly is wonderful. My mother inlaw will never be without. Life gets busy. We live in a rural area and this takes the hassle out of shopping time for her so we can spend more time visiting her. To get a reasonable price on this item in a store is over thirty minutes away. The price is great here and free shipping along with the auto ship will make her happy ,the assisted living aides happy and us, so that she is never without. It is a win win on an item that is so personal. ...more info