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Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
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Product Description

Brand new. Unmistakable Display of your personal level of fertility every day. 100% Natural - Non-invasive and easy to use. 99% Accurate. Unipath Research - Quality Tested. Clearblue. The only technology based solely on hormone monitoring.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor helps reduce the time it takes to conceive your baby. Trying to get pregnant should be an exciting time for you and your partner. The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor provides an advanced monitoring method to maximize your chances of getting pregnant.

The Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor is simple to use, and helps reduce the time it takes to conceive your baby. Detailed view.

Test stick monitors hormones in your urine.

The screen displays three levels of fertility -- low, high, and peak (shown).

Use the "M" button to tell the monitor your monthly cycle has begun.
This Clearblue monitor is very simple to use. The unit is equipped with a test stick that is used to monitor hormone levels present in your urine. Briefly, a test is completed by wetting a stick for three seconds, placing it in the test stick slot, and waiting for results. The monitor can be programmed to follow the days of your monthly cycle to help maximize your chances of getting pregnant. In addition, each test displays a fertility status reading on the screen. Based on the results of your test, your chances for conception are displayed on-screen using three bars that correspond to the three different levels of fertility -- low, high, and peak.

The monitor also comes equipped with a handy "M Button." When you press the M Button you tell the monitor that your period has started and a new monthly cycle has begun. When you press the button you also establish the six hours each day during which you can do a test. This is called the "testing window." The testing window should be set so that it is convenient for you to test the first urine of the day both on weekdays and the weekend. At the start of each new cycle you can either press your M Button at the same time as you did on your previous cycle, or if you wish, you can change your testing window by setting the M Button at a different time. Remember, your testing window must be convenient for you to test the first urine of each day.

Your Changing Fertility
This device more accurately identifies a greater number of fertile days than any other method. During the early days of your menstrual cycle, you have a low hormone concentration, i.e. low fertility. It is during these days that your chances of getting pregnant are significantly lower. At 10-12 days into your cycle, you experience a rise in Estrogen (E3G) that signals high fertility. Your chances of conceiving are increased during these days before ovulation because sperm can survive for up to five days.

During this stage -- the Follicular Phase -- a follicle containing an egg develops in the ovary. A surge of Luteinizing hormone signals peak fertility, and it is here that your chances of conceiving are at their highest. This peak moment of fertility only last a couple days, but the Clearblue helps you pinpoint this optimal moment for conception. It is at this moment that ovulation occurs, and the follicle containing the egg bursts releasing the ovum. Of course, the egg can be fertilized for up to 24 hours, therefore you have a short duration of time within which you can optimize your chances for conception. The fourteen days after ovulation is called the Luteal Phase. During this time, the remains of the follicle forms the "corpus luteum," and, again, your chances of getting pregnant are significantly lower. All of these phases can be monitor with the help of the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor.

Performing a Test
The Clearblue monitor is easy to use. To perform a test simply switch on the monitor every morning within your testing window and before you go to the bathroom. On the mornings when the monitor requires further information about your hormone levels, a test will be required. Tests must be performed with the first urine of the day. First remove the test stick from its protective foil wrapper and use immediately. Hold the test stick pointing downwards in your urine stream for only three seconds. This is long enough to ensure the sampling end is sufficiently wet. Keep the test stick pointing downwards, take the cap off the handle, and place it over the wet end of the test stick.

You will see a red light flashing in the test stick slot. This is the monitor checking to see if the slot is ready to receive the test stick. You should not place the test stick into the slot until the red light has gone out. Holding the test stick by the cap with cut corner pointing downwards, insert it into the slot. Push the test stick down until it lies flat and clicks in place. Once you've correctly inserted the test stick, the display will flash the test stick symbol for about five minutes while the monitor reads and interprets the information in your urine. At the end of five minutes the monitor will ask you to remove the test stick which should be thrown away. Your fertility status will then be displayed. It's that easy.

What's in the Box
Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor and instructions.

  • Fertility monitor reduces the time it takes to conceive your baby
  • Test stick us used to monitor hormone levels present in your urine
  • Monitor can be programmed to follow the days of your monthly cycle
  • Screen displays fertility status reading -- low, high, and peak
  • "M" button makes it easy to reset the monitor when your period has started and a new monthly cycle has begun

Customer Reviews:

  • Very Helpful
    I used the monitor for three months and got pregnant on the third cycle. The second cycle, I completely missed the ovulation date due to being sick and not expecting it so early! So, the monitor really worked for me getting to know my cycles. We also used Pre Seed this last cycle too. Worth a shot!...more info
  • It works!
    I bought this monitor after about 8 months of casually trying to conceive. I had used the Clearblue Easy Digital Ovulation test and had never had any luck, I never got a smiley face. But the first month I used the monitor, I got my high and peak fertility days, and I got pregnant that month! Coincidence or not, I certainly think it works !!...more info
  • I posted July 21 w/1st ever pos-after 16mos ttc--now I am pregnant again!!!
    I posted July 21 b/c I was thrilled to FINALLY have a pos preg. test after 16 mos of trying and never having a pos test in my life...but I also explained that I miscarried very early. This week I confirmed w/several diff brands of preg tests that I am in fact exactly 4 weeks pregnant again already--only 1 month since miscarriage! I am praying this time I will not m/c...but I wanted to share that Clearblue came through for me again (along w/preseed and mucinex per pharmacist friend advice--maybe that info will help someone). Its not recommended that you use Clearblue monitor like I did right after m/c, but since it was a chemcial pregnancy (meaning ended so early) I set it for the day I started to m/c and it worked great for me, miscarried july 21 and got peaks on Aug6 and Aug 7 on my monitor. Good Luck! Used Clearblue 2X = Positive Preg Test 2 times...I would have saved far more on doctor visits if I had invested in this 16 mos ago!...more info
  • It worked in one month for #4.
    We were trying 9 months to conceive our 4th. Within a month of buying this product, we conceived our baby....more info
    This product is much better than the sticks. I was actually ovulating 3 days earlier. The great thing about this product is also that it measures your estrogen levels as well. Definately more accurate and takes the guess work out of getting pregnant. ...more info
  • Waste of time and money
    I really wanted to be an advocate for the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. After reading all of the reviews on here, like many mom-to-be hopefuls, I was ecstatic to purchase something that can possibly take all of the guess work out of figuring out my ovulation dates, thus increasing my chances of getting pregnant right away. My hopes had slowly diminished after 4 months of faithfully using the monitor and running into a load of trouble. The first issue I had was with the "peak" reading. Considering that I followed the instructions to the letter, out of the 4 months I used this, I never once received a peak reading. At first I thought it might have been because I was off by a day, or that my urine wasn't concentrated enough. Nonetheless, the highest I ever got on the monitor was a "high" reading with never seeing that blessed egg. To this day, I still can't figure out why I couldn't get the "peak." My second issue with it is that its very difficult to catch your first morning urine. I know I'm not the only woman who sometimes has to pee in the middle of the night. Ruling out that I don't have an overactive bladder, I can't just stumble in the bathroom and take a quick pee. Some nights when I had to do the test, I would have to be fully awake, make sure I had the right position, make sure to have the stick positioned for EXACTLY 7 seconds, and make sure that the monitor was nearby. Furthermore, you had to pee during the window of 6 hours, which I know sounds like a pretty wide window. However, if you have to pee about 2 hours before your window opens, are you supposed to hold it in your sleep, or pee right there and then get a diluted pee later on in the morning (with you window open)? I know I'm not the only who had experienced this! My third issue was with their customer service. After the 3rd month, I had been so frustrated about not getting my peak that I wanted to know if I was doing something wrong. As most couples know, when you're trying to get pregnant, it can't happen fast enough! I called Customer Service to see what they had to say, and I spoke to someone who was completely clueless on how to use the monitor itself!! She kept asking me questions that were unrelated to my problems, and I finally realized that she was reading off of some script that prompted her to ask more questions based on my yes or no answers. I totally felt like I was talking to a computer! To make matters worse, she told me that she was opening up a "case" (whatever that means) and that she would be sending something in the mail to calculate my monitor's data so that I can send that back for them to investigate. I certainly received her materials in the mail within a week, and I again, I followed her directions to the letter, then mailed back my data with a note indicating for someone, anyone, to call me back and let me know their results. Needless to say, I did not receive a call back. After the 4th month of this machine completely disappointing me, I started to wonder if it was me health-wise and if I should see my doc about why I can't pinpoint my ovulation. I decided to not see my doc but to quit using the monitor, and by the 6th month (2 months after tossing the junk), look at that, I'm pregnant. I'm now 7 weeks pregnant and I'm definitely relieved that I know, now, that I'm fertile. I'm only bummed that I paid all that money for something that is completely a waste of time. I would not recommend this product....more info
  • No Data Read out Available
    I bought the clear blue easy fertility monitor because it seemed to be the more advanced way to track ovulation. To me, the monitor is much simpler than charting and tempting everyday. However, in the instructions that I received from my monitor 5 months ago, it stated that the information in the monitor's memory would be stored for 6 months. It states,
    "The monitor can retain data from your last six cycles to help it learn about your body. This data is constantly overwritten as you continue to use the monitor to ensure that it has the most up to date information available. When you stop using the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, it will retian the last set of information indefinitely. Unipath now offers a Datacard Reading Service. This service provides a printout of your monthly cycle information stored in your monitor. For further information, please call the Helpline."
    Well, after 5 months with the monitor and 11 months total of TTC, I have decided to contact my OB for more help. I called the CBE helpline today to inquire on how to get the read out from my last 5 months and the customer service rep says that they no longer provide that service. What? I just bought this expensive device because of the way it can track my ovulation and menstral cycles. Now, the last 5 months of data, gone. I have nothing to show to my doctor.
    Since I already own this monitor, I will keep using it. However, I now know that I MUST chart the daily read out myself from it. In my personal opinion, I don't know how much different the monitor is from the ovulation kits. Since you can't get the read outs electronically, I wouldn't waste my money on it! ...more info
  • Fantastic!
    After reading lots of reviews for this product, I decided to buy one. My husband and I had been TTC for 8 months. This past month was the first month using the monitor and I just found out we are expecting! It really does work. ...more info
  • still awaiting a miracle/blessing after 3 years...
    The product is easy to use, small enough to be brought along on trips, uses batteries that are readily available at any store (4 AAA batteries), and the instructions are detailed. A friend was able to conceive after just 3 months with the use of this we were very excited to purchase it. She and her husband spent an entire year working with a fertility specialist, to no avail. After terminating her treatments with the doctor's fertility clinic, she became pregant and walked into his office with the monitor and said, "You predicted my ovulation time wrong. This thing got it right." The doctor's response? "Huh, maybe we should get some of those for the clinic." On our end, we're in perfect health, have had fertility work-ups to beat the band and tried pretty much every fertility avenue with a slew of doctors who identified our issue as "unexplained infertility" (which is a euphemism for "we don't have a clue")...and then we bought this monitor. We have used it for 3 years, religiously, and we're still hopeful that it might work for us...someday. However, I am thinking that we may need to replace this one since I suspected that it was beginning to read incorrectly after so many years of use, so I inserted a blank test stick (fresh out of the wrapper) and the monitor read it as "high", which was erroneous since it should have been "low." I hope this review is helpful to you...and wish you a speedy and joy-filled conception!...more info
  • Well, it works!
    I bought this because it took 9 months to get pg the first time, and that ended as an early miscarriage. I couldn't stand the thought of taking that long again! So since I have a longer cycle, I thought I would give this a try. I'm so glad we did! We got pg on the 2nd month of using it!!
    I was surprised and doubted the reading, because I have a longer (32 day) cycle. It said I o'd on day 14, just like all the 28 day girls out there. I thought, no way, this thing doesn't even work... What do you know! It was right!!!
    I would recommend it to anyone that is TTC and needs a little help! ...more info
  • monitor
    It took a while to get here. They said the address was not good, but it was. It was returned to shipper and I had to buy another one to have it shipped in time. Of course I got credit for the original once it showed up.
    OVerall I like the monitor, but since I'm a bad sleeper and get up a few times a night I worry about when I should actually get out of bed to pee and what counts as the first time in the morning. I wish I knew if I was using it correctly. The box says if you don't register a peak during a cycle that you could be using it incorrectely...Or not. Hmmm....more info
  • Thank you Clearblue Easy!
    After 20 months of trying to conceive by charting, taking my temps and using OPKs, I bought the Clearblue Easy fertility monitor. I assumed I'd have to be patient for at least a few cycles while the monitor "learned" my cycles. After just one month of using this monitor, I am pregnant!! Thank you Clearblue Easy!!...more info
  • Totally worth the money!
    I finally bought this product after two months of ttc just winging it and using OPKs. My cycle is too irregular for the OPKs and I wasn't sure when I was ovulating. I was skeptical but I decided to splurge on the CbEFM and it was so worth it - I had a positive pregnancy test after just one month! I reccomend this highly to anyone that has unpredictable cycles. It showed me Day 21 as high, Day 22, 23 as Peak and Day 24 as high. I never would have known I ov'd so late in the cycle without this machine. I had to use 20 sticks but since it worked the first month that is all I needed! Buy it!!...more info
  • Didn't get a chance to use it
    The product arrived quickly and intact. I was going to use it on my next cycle, but wound up getting pregnant during my current cycle using OPK midstream tests. I was able to return the product (I hadn't opened the packaging yet), and was impressed at how smoothly the return went with Amazon. Even though there was a minor error with the shipping costs during the return, Amazon resolved the issue within 24 hours. Amazon is a great vendor that stands behind its products and truly cares about customer service....more info
  • This product is GREAT!!!
    In May of 2007 I decided to stop taking the Pill because I was sick to death of how they made me feel. My husband and I were newly married and were not ready to have a baby yet, so I started to chart my cycles to avoid pregnancy. Right from the start charting made me a stress case. My cycles seemed incredibly long and they didn't seem to have any rhyme or reason. Fast forward to this year and I found out in Feb. that I was pregnant. We hadn't been trying but decided we were ready when we found out, but unfortunately I had a miscarriage. I had a battery of tests done to check my hormone levels, thyroid, etc. but there wasn't anything wrong. After waiting one cycle, we started trying again and I used the OPK test strips, charted, but we had no success. I went on-line and read hundreds and hundreds of reviews for the clearblue easy monitor and decided to bite the bullet and buy it. Since my cycles are longer than the average I wasn't sure how long it was going to take for the monitor to "get to know" my cycles. I had read plenty of reviews from women who had gotten pregnant on their first cycle using the monitor but I thought there was no way I'd be that lucky. I couldn't have been more wrong because that's excatly what happened. I got pregnant on that first cycle! I am now 5 weeks pregnant and have had 2 beta tests with great results. This monitor completely takes the guess work out of trying to pinpoint your most fertile days, just wait for the egg to appear on the monitor! I even accidently skipped testing one day and it still read my cycle with total accuracy. I still in my 20's and after getting off the Pill and having weird long cycles, I was seriously starting to think there was something wrong with me, but it turns out we just weren't timing things right. This monitor made things a lot less stressful! I highly recommend this product because it works! ...more info
  • My first positive pregnancy test ever 16mos ttc-1st month using Clearblue
    I've only used the monitor once and it was super easy to use. I had used opk's for over a yr, but they are hard to interpret, this monitor is clear blue easy just like it says, and it took a lot of stress off us. I got my first BFP ever in my life (I'm early 30s) after using this monitor in combo with preseed (as advised by some other reviewers). We'd been ttc for 16mos, so I took 8 tests-diff brands all being pos before I believed it. Unfortunately, I got u/s and blood tests this a.m. and the dr. confirmed a miscarriage (4wks2days). Yes, its disappointing, but strangely not as disappointing for me personally as getting my AF again, and it helped that it happened early..I actually have more hope now b/c at least I know something more about my situation for a change--and I don't want to just be pregnant, I want a healthy pregnancy...God knows what is best, not me. So as odd as it may sound, its comforting for "infertile" me to even just have a dr confirm that I had actually had a preg after soooo long! God has a plan for each of us and He blesses us all in different ways at different times. Good luck, I highly recommend this product, I can't wait to use mine again! ...more info
  • The product that gave me back my sanity...
    On Mother's Day 2008, I experienced a miscarriage. It goes without saying how devastated my husband and I were. Our doctor told us to wait at least two cycles before trying again. Naturally I didn't want to wait and I convinced my husband to start ttc after one cycle. Here is where my craziness began. The first month of ttc and not getting pregnant was mostly spent feeling sorry for myself and crying when no one was looking. Yet of course my husband would know that I was crying. On top of that I was in denial that I wasn't pregnant and spent a small fortune on hpts. Also, my cycle would vary by three to four days so I had no idea when I ovulated. I called my doctor to help me figure out when I ovulate and she recommended that I get fertility strips. I read that strips don't won't as well as this monitor for people who a) have irregular periods, b) want to be as certain as possible to know when they ovulate.

    After a day of reading as many reviews as possible, I went to our local pharmacy and bought the monitor. I also promised myself when reading the reviews that if I got pregnant quickly I would write a review. So here I am after using monitor for two cycles, pregnant! I found out yesterday on my mom's birthday. I am not saying that that monitor is magical, however I gained my sanity back with the monitor because I knew exactly what was going on with my cycle. I was able to relax and enjoy the beauty of ttc. My husband was also able to feel less pressure because I was myself again.

    I wish all of you reading this review trying to decide what to do, all the best!...more info
  • Easy to use once understood,,
    I didn't realize at first that you don't set the time window with any clock inside the machine yourself. It does this itself when you set it for the first time. So make sure to set it at the most convenient time as possible for you. If you set it to start on the first day at 9am, you have from 6am to 12pm to test. It asks for your first sample on day 6 so make sure and buy the test sticks too. Its that simple. Anytime before that window or after it, and the machine will not ask for a sample.
    My ovulation is irregular and comes late so I start my first day about five days after the last day of my period. It will all work out the same....more info
  • Most accurate
    This is one of the best things invented for women who wants to get pregnant. It is extremely accurate in predicting your fertile days. Don't waste time anymore using ovulation sticks. This is the best investment. No more wasting time playing the guessing game. Highly recommended. ...more info
  • They were right!
    My husband and I had been trying to conceive on our own for 1 year with no luck. Irregular periods made it extremely difficult to pinpoint ovulation. I am 32 years old and was getting very impatient. But before consulting a fertility specialist I decided I would give this monitor a try. After reading all the reviews on this site I was hopeful, but cautious. Well, it took only 2 months using the monitor and I got my first positive pregnancy test! I am now almost into my second trimester! I just wish I hadn't waited so long to buy this monitor. But it was worth the wait and worth every penny....more info
  • Highly Recommend
    My husband and I had been trying to conceive for nearly 7 months. After no luck, we decided to give the monitor a shot. Come to find out, my cycles were really irregular. The first month we had the monitor, my cycle was 35 days long. The second month, it was 24 days long. We conceived the third month of using the monitor. I highly recommend the monitor - especially if you have irregular cycles. It really helped to take the guess work out of when I was ovulating and put my mind at ease to let me know that I was, indeed, ovulating. Good Luck!...more info
  • not working and confusing
    I was really dispointed at this machine. First urine in the morning does not work for me. And the way the machine is programed is very restrictive. It does not allow any mistake. I was using it for 6-7 months and the machine just kept giving me misleading readings. So I gave up. Guess what? The very first month after I throw this thing away, I was pregenant with my boy!...more info
  • This monitor works!
    My hubby and I tried getting pregnant for 8 months before we finally tried this monitor (we even used ovulation sticks to no avail). We got pregnant on our first try with this monitor because we must not have been timing my cycle right. If we hadn't used this monitor we might have never realized that I had a weird cycle. I highly recommend this monitor. REally easy to use. I felt like I had my own personal fertility specialist telling me how to make things work....more info
  • Not so good
    Would not recommend it to women who do not have predictable cycles. it confuses the monitor and in turn us....more info
  • Must Have to TTC
    My OB recommended this product and it took all the guesswork out of trying to conceive. It is wonderful!!! I tried using the Ovulation Predictor sticks but never felt confident I was gettting the correct reading. My husband and I have gotten pg twice in seven months using the CBE FM. (we had a m/c the first time.) I would tell anyone that is TTC to buy this the first month. It is worth every penny... plus, you can use it for future pregnancies....more info
  • BUY IT!!! Worth it's weight in gold!!!!
    Trust me, trying to conceive is stressful and can take some time! This is my fourth pregnancy (two miscarriages) and I've tried most of the methods out there to get to know my cycles. This monitor is easy to use and I got pregnant on THE FIRST CYCLE of using this! ...more info
  • Pregnant after the FIRST MONTH
    This is an AMAZING product. After almost a year of unsucessfully trying to get pregnant, I began using this product and after the first month I was pregnant. Amazing! Highly recommended...more info