Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks, 30-Count Box
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Product Description

Nearly all couples who conceive do so as a result of having intercourse during the six days leading up to and including ovulation. The Clearblue Easy? Fertility Monitor is the first and only technology based solely on hormone monitoring that provides you with personalized daily fertility information for pregnancy planning.

  • Box of 30 fertility monitor test sticks
  • For use with the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor, which is the only monitor to detect two key fertility hormones, luteinizing hormone and estrogen
  • A 100-percent natural, non-invasive way to increase your chances of conceiving; identifies up to 6 fertile days each cycle
  • Simple and easy-to-use, monitor stores your personal fertility information and displays your level of fertility every day
  • Clearblue Easy is manufactured by Inverness Medical Innovations, Inc., the world's leading provider of home fertility/ovulation monitoring products and pregnancy tests

Customer Reviews:

  • Great Deal!
    I purchased the item about a month ago, and so far so good. I have high hopes for the upcoming months. Best price out there as well!...more info
  • worked like a charm
    They were easy to use and fit right in to the monitor. I think I used about 9 the first month, because that was all it asked for. I had 2 very fertile ovulation days and 1 peak day, but I've also been on BC pills for 10 years - so I'm sure that will eventually regulate! They say they can predict up to 2 ovulation days and 3 separate peak days. Over all I'm very satisfied....more info
  • great price/fast service
    product was as described and shipped very fast. I liked this clearblue product (needed to be used with the monitor) as it takes guess work out of conceiving process....more info
  • the monitor and test sticks work like a charm
    i got pregnant with my first and second child using the monitor and test sticks. both times only required me using the monitor and sticks for 2 months....more info
  • Wonderful!
    This is a great product! I have a strange cycle since I have PCOS and this helped me find exactly when I was ovulating. What a wonderful product, highly recommended. ...more info
  • Good
    I have used this item in the past with success. However, nothing is a sure thing when dealing with mother nature....more info
  • I would order these again
    Shipped quickly and well within the expiration date. I would order again from Amazon....more info
  • Good product, just expensive, cheaper on Amazon
    We use this product for natural family planning and for trying to concieve. It has worked great. It is a big help. The sticks are pretty expensive though!!!...more info
    Product delivery was prompt. The product is good and very effective. ...more info
  • Didn't get a chance to use it
    The product arrived quickly and intact. I was going to use it on my next cycle, but wound up getting pregnant during my current cycle using OPK midstream tests. I was able to return the product (I hadn't opened the packaging yet), and was impressed at how smoothly the return went with Amazon. Even though there was a minor error with the shipping costs during the return, Amazon resolved the issue within 24 hours. Amazon is a great vendor that stands behind its products and truly cares about customer service....more info
  • amazon is the perfect place to buy test sticks!
    Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor has taken away the anxiety I get from trying to figure out when is the best time to conceive. I just relax and wait for the results each morning. A good purchase for me as I have very irregular periods. ...more info
  • they work
    good product in conjunction with the monitor...a little pricy though. i did my reasearch online & in is the best price you will find by a landslide...same with the clearblue fertility monitor...i bought them bundeled together & saved about $95 after shipping costs....more info
  • Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Sticks
    I was pleased with this product. I received a "peak" reading very clearly and didn't have to interpret lines like with a traditional OPK. ...more info
  • Awesome product, worth the money
    If you are trying to predict ovulation, this monitor and sticks are the only way to go. Most of the other cheaper ovulation tests out there are so subjective. I could never tell if the line was as dark or darker etc. This monitor and strips are so easy to use and really takes any guess work out of knowing where you are in your cycle. ...more info
  • Great Product But Not Pregnant Yet
    I am 34 and went off the pill December of '08 so my husband and I could TTC. I had been on the pill for 5 years. I also suffer from Vulvodynia, which makes intercourse painful. So knowing when to "do it" is better/easier for me than trying all the time.

    In January, I realized my cycle was about 36 days. I had no idea when I ovulated, but my period happened on day 36.

    In February, I tried OTC OPK tests, but they were hard to read and didn't give me any warning that I was about to ovulate-- only that I was ovulating. So, it was like we had one "shot" at making a baby. Obviously, I didn't conceive. Oh, and that month, my cycle was 35 days.

    So, I purchased this device after reading SO MANY SUCCESS STORIES. Of course, I planned to be one of those women who bought the monitor and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case.

    I love this monitor. It helps me keep track of my cycle (which is now down to 28 days). It's easy to use. I love that I also get several days a month of "trying" time as it gives 1-2 days of warning that ovulation is near and let's me know EXACTLY when I'm ovulating. So, though I'm not pregnant yet, I do know what's going on and when it's happening.

    There's just some kind of security in knowing that I do ovulate and when each month I have the best chance of conceiving. It has taken some of the guesswork out of the equation. I still have lots of questions like "Why Not Me?" and "What's Wrong With Me?" and "When Will It Be Me?" but these are answers only time and fertility testing will give. For now, at least I know I can count on not having to ask when I'm ovulating and when I should TTC because of this monitor. It really is worth the money.

    5 Months and Not Pregnant But Hopeful

    ...more info
  • Works great in reverse too.
    My wife & I use this as product in reverse as an aide in avoiding pregnancy as part of Natural Family Planning. Worked like a charm until we decided to have a baby... then it still worked like a charm. Personally, I MUCH prefer the NFP method to all the other contraceptive plans out there... makes me feel like I'm going organic. :). ...more info
  • Review for Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor Test Sticks
    I received these in a fairly quick manner. They were new in the original box, just as the description stated. I was very happy with this product. One of the least expensive places I've found to purchase these.
    I would purchase from this buyer again....more info
  • Not what they promised
    There are a lot of vendors that sell the fertility sticks, but I chose this one because of the 2 free pregnancy testss. What I got was a few pregnancy strips that I will never use. They are the kind where you have to collect your urine and then dip the strip in. I feel that was misrepresented when I bought the package. I will buy from a different vendor next time....more info
    You have to dhave th sticks to use the monitor. The sticks are too expensive.......more info
  • Easy to use, but a little expensive
    These products are easy to use with the monitor and seem to be very accurate. The costs of products are high, but if your cycles are irregular and you have the extra money to invest, it is a great way to be sure everything is working the way it should be. I find it very difficult to monitor my BBT, so this has been a great tool for me....more info
  • Great Product
    The Clear Blue easy fertility monitor takes the guesswork out of conception. I think this is a highly valuable tool and work the expense. You must try this for at least a few months before going to see a fertility specialist!...more info
  • Fertility Monitor
    It definitely works. I used the OTC kind that come 5 or so to a pack with no luck, but the monitor works great!
    ...more info
  • The best price around for this product !!
    I have purchased these sticks many placed and have yet to find them for less than $50.00. They are just like the ones sold in stores and are about $15.00 less !! You cannot beat that. You just have to plan ahead to be sure you always have enough sticks to use when the monitor asks for a test. If you are short, you will either miss the test and mess up the monitor or go to the store and purchase them for $15.00 more !!...more info
  • this monitor seems to work great
    These test sticks go with the electronic fertility monitor and both seem to really be much better at tracking my cycle. I do not have regular cycles, they are long, but the monitor has helped me determine when I am actually about to ovulate. I am on my 3rd month of using the monitor and have already been able to keep track of everything better. Using normal ovulation sticks was confusing and difficult, this monitor simplifies all the signals....more info
  • Great product
    These are great. Just what I expected them to be. Much better prices than at the local pharmacy!...more info
  • Clear Blue Fertility monitor.
    This is completely opposite to what claimed by manufacturor. We were relying on the guidance provided by this monitor (As it is cliamed to be 100% accurate), but, after using for 8 months, once by conincidence we found out that: when this monitor showed there was no ovulation, the hormonal analysis from blood test and the sonogram suggested that there was ovulation. We lost 8 months of our struggle/stress because we relied on this stupid monitor alone.
    ...more info
  • Usually a good purchase
    I have lots of experience with the Clearplan sticks - every cycle for 4 years. This particular box had 17 of the 30 that were defective which meant that the most important part of the cycle the sticks didn't work and after you have peed on a stick and have no more pee you have lost the opportunity to do it again for another stick. No peak days detected last month which meant last month was a bust in the whole attempting to time a baby department. I'm sad - I did keep the box lid so I could write to the company and include the lot and production information....more info
  • Easy to Use; Cheaper Here Than Elsewhere
    These are the test sticks for the Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor. They are quite a bit cheaper here than at our local drug store.

    The monitor itself is easy to use and aids in the planning involved with determining peak fertility....more info
  • Speedy delivery. Good product.
    Everything arrived quickly and was sealed. The pregnancy tests are not Clear Blue Easy tests, so that was misleading...and I had to go online to find directions on how to use them because it didn't come with any. Regardless, this price can't be beat on the test sticks. ...more info
  • Great Product
    This is a great product I would recommend it for those who want to conceive or just monitor their fertility. I know the fertility monitor to use with this product is very pricey but the combination is great, if you are trying to conceive this is a great product to help you in the right direction....more info