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Linksys BEFSR81 Cable/dsl Router with 8-PT Switch
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Product Description

A network router that let's you connect your network to your high-speed Cable or DSL modem / For PCs and Macs AC adapter included Includes - 60-day trial of Norton Internet Security 2003 (if not in the box, check

A simple and inexpensive way to share your one IP address over your entire network, the Linksys EtherFast cable/DSL router connects up to 253 PCs to a high-speed broadband Internet connection or to a Fast Ethernet or Ethernet backbone. Configurable as a DHCP server or client, the EtherFast cable/DSL router acts as the only externally recognized Internet gateway on your local area network (LAN). The router can be configured via SNMP to filter internal users' access to the Internet and serve as an Internet firewall against intruders.

The router features advanced functions such as dynamic and static port routing, DMZ hosting, filtering, forwarding, and quality-of-service capabilities. All of these functions can be easily configured through any networked computer's Web browser.

The Linksys BEFSR81 router comes with a one-year limited warranty.

  • LAN Ports - 8 10/100 Mbps RJ-45
  • Package Content - Router, AC Adapter and Power Cord, User Guide and Registration Card
  • WAN Ports - 1

Customer Reviews:

  • No Brainer
    This Cable/Router with 8-Port Switch is a breeze to install, configure and use. I had my computer up and running within 10 minutes of unpacking the product. It took about 5 minutes to configure each of the other 5 computers on my home network to see the local network and connect to the Internet.

    When my son wanted to connect to on-line games and needed to open some non-standard ports, it was easy to do through the web-based interface.

    This product works as advertised. That's the best endorsement I can give to any product....more info

  • Limited lifespan
    I bought this router and it worked perfectly out of the box. However after about 9 months the router failed with the Diag Light on solid. Unpluging and a hard reset did not correct the problem. I shipped the unit back to Linksys and they promptly replaced the unit. This unit also worked perfectly out of the box. However after about 5 months this unit has also failed with the same problem. The Diag Light is on solid. This time I'm out of warranty. I fear that this router has a limited lifespan and plan to buy a different brand....more info
  • Does what they say it does...
    Linksys products, particularly this one, offer good features that are not difficult to implement. Except for poor customer service, it's hard to go wrong....more info
  • Good for about 9 months - then flaky - then fialed
    I set up a fairly comprehensive home network with all linksys gear. Three 8 port switches, a BEFSR81, a BEFVP41, and Linksys cable modem. All worked great for about 1 year.

    After that time I started losing my internet connection. The problem was the BEFSR81. Only unplugging it/replugging it would clear it. Sometimes the diag light would come on, most of the time everything looked normal. It worked well for a year, but I had it in a very comfortable environment (in my dry basement with fans cooling all - cause I thought all this hardware ran a bit hot.) It seems from all the reviews here that this is the usual way this device goes. As a last ditch effort I was going to reload the firmware and see if that helped, even though I had reset the device several times. When using the linksys firmware install program the install died in the middle of the process and now I can't communicate with it or reset it at all.

    I'm done with it. Don't waste your money or time on this product. So far my other linksys hardware has been OK, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed....more info

  • BEFSR81 Causes Packet Loss Problems
    I have had this router for 18 months when I first experienced packet loss problems. I confirmed that the problem is with this router by connecting my PC directly to the DSL modem and pinging When my PC was connected directly to the DSL modem, I had zero packet loss. Next, I returned the BEFSR81 to my network and connected my PC to this router. Pinging resulted in 25%-50% packet loss.

    It took a while to figure out the problem with this router. Web pages would load very slowly, which I initially thought was due to network congestion. Only when I lost connectivity today did I realize that this router was making my Internet access unstable and slow.

    I would not recommend purchasing this router.

    ************** Update on Linksys Tech Support

    I contacted Linksys Tech support using their website. It has been over 4 weeks and they have not even bothered to respond....more info

  • Buy it.
    Runs great. Every 6 months or so I have to unpplug it because it loses the connection....more info
  • Nice price, great product
    If you need to connect moren than 4 pc's (max 8) to the internet (e.g. (A)DSL at your home or office) this is a very good solution at a great price. Lots of features that you may or may not need but might come in handy after all. Some providers for example use the hardware address of your computer's network card to allow you to connect to the internet, and luckily this router has a built-in feature to manually provide this address. Configuration is very simple and it's cheap compared to other 8-port routers....more info
  • Good product, support bad
    Well I bought my router in December and around May I was having problems with the router and imo it needed to be replaced. I have tried on numerous attempts to contact linksys to get help to see if they could fix it without replacing and if not issue a RMA as their support procedure goes. I have yet to get a response from any of my emails I sent and it is now july.

    If you want to buy this product, just realize the warranty means nothing and you could easily be out a chunk of cash should it cease to function properly....more info

  • Throughput problems
    I bought this router so my wife could share our cable connection.
    She works from home, and often participates in online "webinars"
    with a live audio conference feed. The throughput was terrible,
    with audio dropouts rendering the presentation unintelligible.
    Bypassing the router and using the modem directly proved it was
    the router, since all other computers on the network were off.

    Amazon sold us the latest v3 version of this product, which had
    the latest software from late 2003. After complaining, Linksys
    replaced the router with another, which had NO throughput. They
    then replaced that one with an older v2 model. That model has
    given us no problems, but we essentially got no work done for
    two weeks....more info

  • Worth the money.. has some ipsec/vpn issues
    I bought one of these for my home network. My house is wired with cat5e and I have att broadband cable.

    The unit setup quickly and the NAT stuff worked great. It took me literally 10 minutes to have it all working.

    The trouble is with my companies vpn software (cisco). The 8 port unit has some fragmentation issue that causes some problems so I have to disable ipsec through NAT. (this is fixed in the 4 port version). Additionally, this unit only supports one active ipsec session, so I can only have one machine connected to the office at a time. :(...more info

  • Linksys BEFSR81 Cable/dsl Router with 8-PT Switch
    Nice router, once I got it working. Instructions would not allow me to go past the software trying to find the router. Fortunately, I am experienced in Linksys routers and knew the IP address and password (there was no printed instructions) and configured the router without the buggy software....more info
  • Buyer beware...
    The box works well, both a switch and broadband router. Setup was simple and worked seamlessly with our network and DSL (Verizon) connection. However...

    ... we purchased the box primarily to support connecting to a LAN via a VPN and had trouble from the get-go. It appears that the box only supports one concurrent VPN session. There is nothing in the product literature to warn of this, only that it supports VPN and IPSec (amongst other) protocols. Further delving into the product support pages on the web reveals the rather ambiguous statement that it 'supports at least one VPN session'. Linksys technical support have not had the courtesy to respond to any requests for information....more info

  • Lynksys Cable/DSL Router cannot be topped!
    Lynksys makes well built products. But more importantly, Lynksys has excellent customer service. My experience with Lynksys has been so good that I only buy Linksys routers and switches. ...more info
  • Linksys Router
    Easy to setup and have your home or business network up and running in just a few minutes by just following the simple setup instructions. I have found the product very reliable....more info
  • Good for off campus college savings
    I hooked the router and it works great. Saves me and my 4 housemates 40 dollars a month on internet bills and shows little sign of drag from the use of 5 computers on one Roadrunner web connection....more info
  • Worked First Time, Couldn't be happier
    I ordered it on March 12th, arrived March 16th. I had researched and decided that I wanted this particular router because I wanted 8 100mb fast ethernet ports. I opened the box, followed the instructions and within one hour I had it up and working on 8 pc's and VPN (Virtual Private Network using IPsec to connect into my work network) working on one of them. I had a speed improvement of about 100% from using my main pc as a NAT router using Win98Se Internet Connection Sharing, which is why I went to a dedicated router. All 8 PC's are sharing the net with no problems. I admit I am very experienced at this, but it was still very easy....more info
  • Great initially - flaky after a year
    I've had this router installed in our home network for almost a year. It installed quickly and easily and performed flawlessly for nearly a year.

    However, recently we'd started to experience frequent connection drops to the Internet. Down for 3-5 minutes, then back up, several times an hour. Network troubleshooting pointed to the router, and after reading some of the comments here and other places, I replaced the Linksys with an SMC Barricade. Our connection has been solid ever since.

    Most of the components in our home network are Linksys products, and they've always installed easily and worked great. It does worry me though that they too might have a limited lifespan....more info

  • Excellent Product
    I received it last night and it was up and running with NAT capability within 30 minutes. Very easy setup and good documentation. It is working with wireless LAN as well as VPN. Extremely simple, yet powerful. Good product....more info
  • Router
    Very good router. It was up and running in just a few minutes. I have always trusted the Brand Linksys. I would highly suggest this model to anyone looking for a router....more info
  • throughput problem...
    I liked the specs on this device so I picked one up today. I was especially looking for the QOS abilities as I often have a download in progress (ftp, scp, etc) and I want to give my web and ssh connections priority so I can do real work while the downloads are in progress.

    Set it up, nice interface. Set the QOS to the way I wanted it.

    Did some web browsing, file transfers, ssh connections.

    Then after about 5 minutes I noticed that ftp's would suddenly 'stop' for 10-15 seconds, then resume (using hash mode so I could see progress). This is a linux to linux xfer.

    It got really bad, then my web pages started slowing down. I was using MRTG to plot the traffic flow on graphs since the router does SNMP. Traffic showed an average of 56kbps on a 1.54mbps dsl connecting to servers one hop away!

    I rebooted my pc, the dsl modem, the router, my flourescent lights and the the kid next door. (ok, I'm kidding about the lights. And the kid) Still jerky downloads, even when NO other traffic on the link.

    After about a half hour of frustration, I put my 'old' SMC Baricade (about 2 years old) back. All the issues disappeared.

    Sure wanted the QOS, but getting it meant I lost QOS. I hate to say it but I have had problems with other linksys stuff (56k wireless).

    Taking it back to Best Buy, sorry guys you'll have to make Linksys pay...

    Cisco Makes great stuff. I hope they can apply some of their abilities to Linksys. I hate to put in a negative review, especially since there (may be) other positive reviews. This is just my experience. Also, I am not an 'average consumer' but someone who has experience with 'real 'Cisco stuff, especially ds3 and gigibit routers. Please Cisco, fix these guys stuff!...more info

    I bought a BEFSR81 and worked fine for about month and a half.
    Then begun to experience connection drops 2-3 minutes, every day more frequently. One night it dropped connection 3 or four times within an hour and then WAN port stopped working. It was connected to a Cisco 575 VDSL provided by my ISP. Extensive check out with ISP tech support pointed to the BEFSR81 router.
    I returned it to my supplier for tech support but couldn't make it work.
    I bought a second BEFSR81 and guess what...never worked either!
    Then I bougth a D-LINK DI-604 and a BEFSR41.
    BEFSR41 had again a connection drop at the fourth day, I had to reset it.
    D-LINK is been working solid, not even a glitch. Hope this be useful for Linksys buyers, since, for worst, Cisco -now the owner- said not to support Linksys gear.
    I emailed LINKSYS support at
    No replay at all....more info
  • You could do better
    I owned this unit for about 2 years and it worked but as mentioned in some of the other reviews it locks up every so often. Because there is no reset button easy to access (there is a tiny recessed button on on the back) we ended-up unplugging the unit a lot. Eventually the power connection became flakey and the unit began powering down randomly. The software is also not that nice--they released few new features in the firmware and a few releases back they tried to add firewall capability that they yanked out in the next release, never to return.

    I replaced it with the SMC Barricade 8 Port 10/100 Mbps Broadband Router which is a superior product (see my review for brief comparison)....more info

  • Works great, except...
    The BEFSR81 works great on my DSL application. I do note two problems with the unit. It doesn't keep an accurate list of the DCHP clients. If I reboot a PC on the network, the DCHP list will show both the former and the new IP address. It also drops the PPPoE connection for no apparent reason. The latter occurs even when the keep alive box is checked. Don't upgrade your flash code without checking versions. My unit shipped with a newer version of code than the "latest" version on the webpage. Overall, I'm happy with the unit. Linksys customer support is top notch and they bend over backwards to get you on line....more info
  • Cable Router
    The speed in delivery and proper packing was offset by the sender not packing the setup CD with the router. I lost four weeks waiting for Cisco to ship the CD to me....more info
  • Switch to the Best!
    Been using Linksys routers for several years. I am network engineer, and while these are by no means Cisco routers, they are very affordable and perfrom great for home or small business networks.

    **Be careful of the new security/filtering feature for AOL. This option is worded strangely and the wrong choice will block Internet access. Suggestion--don't waste your time with AOL, get a real ISP....more info

  • Disappointed
    I had bought the Linksys BEFSR81 8 port router to replace my aging 4 port Dlink DI-704P router + additional 4 port switch. I had previously installed a Linksys wireless bridge without any problems, and was quite pleased with its operation. So I thought the Linksys router would be the same situation. I was soon proven wrong.

    The DSL WAN connection worked right out of the box, no problem. This is usually the tricky part, but turned out to be quite easy to set-up. When I checked all of the computers on the net (4 of them), each and every one of them could connect to the internet. So far so good, and I thought I was done. Wrong!

    Although the computers were obviously communicating to the DSL modem via the router, it turned out that this was all they could do. I quickly found out that they couldn't see each other, my network drive, or my print server. This was a complete surprise to me, and very unexpected! I could hook-up any generic router with no configuration required, and have communication with every network connected device, something that the Linksys BEFSR81 was refusing to do. I then entered the configuration menu via a browser, and after much frustration with no success, decided to give up, and sent it back to Amazon for a refund.

    I can only hope that others don't experience the same problems I had....more info
  • Great Product, Abyssmal Support
    Product Rating: 5
    Support Rating: 1 (just because i couldn't rate it lower)

    Trying to reach support is a waste of time and when you do, all they will tell you to do is take the linksys box out of your network and hard connect to your cable modem... There are known problems in the user community that their technical support will not fess up to.

    It is sad because this is a stellar product....more info

  • Linksys is the only way to go!
    If you are looking to purchase a home router and want to do more than just browse the internet, the Linksys routers have a very flexable firewall which is easy to set up. I recommend it for anyone wanting to access their computer from other locations or run a server from home. It works great!...more info
  • Unreliable to the point of being unusable
    BEFSR81 features are great, such as port forwarding. However, for a year or so this router has crashed unpredictably, on the order of once/day, requiring a trip to the basement to reset it. Linksys tech support was useless if well-intentioned. Note that Linksys hasn't updated the firmware for this product in years, it's effectively an orphan. After the router crashed five times in a row within a half hour recently, I broke down and bought a new 8-port "Barricade" router from SMC (SMC7008ABR). Installation was a little tricky but now it's up and running fine. Too early to claim success....more info
  • Tough Install
    Unless you have the simplest of hardware configurations, this product is going to be difficult to install. I had to return one defective product, download the correct firmware version for the second one, and reprogram parts of the router to work with my odd hardware configurations. Linksys customer service was clueless and very rude. Total install time was probably greater than 10 hours. On the positive side, the product does appear to give good protection from outside intrusion, and Amazon was fabulous about accepting my defective product and getting me a new one in a timely manner....more info
  • Linksys Router review
    Received sooner than anticipated. Easy hookup and eliminated probelm we were having with other router/switch hookup. Recommend to anyone looking to connect multiple pcs/laptops to cable connection....more info
  • Terrible throughput
    Apparently some have success with this unit and some don't. I bought the V3 unit and put the 2.50.2 firmware on it and 50k is the best download speed I can get. Spent time on the phone with LinkSys and they said take it back. Weird thing is, my upload speed is over 200k, about what it should be....more info