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Verdi - Aida / Levine, Domingo, Millo, Metropolitan Opera
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Customer Reviews:

  • Hard to beat this Aida
    Oh my gosh what a spectical with nothing to fault. Aida cannot be better performed. For what room there is on a stage utterly unbelievabale and with live horses as well. 20 or so years ago I saw a performance at the Hartford Civic Center with a lot of animals Elephants, Tigers etc. etc. This is a star studded cast in depth. The costumes , effects and staging are without par. The visual and aural senses keep one glued to their seat. All in all well done. The singing is first rate Domingo is in great form but it would be meaningless without all the other principals. In total all were outstanding contributing to a synergy unrivaled anywhere or in any House. The final scene and the final words of the Princess, her face superimposed to the right of the tomb scene sent goose bumps cascading through by being. Magnificent....more info
  • Breathtaking
    Disconnect telephone and doorbell, sit back and be transported to ancient times in a symphony of splendid decors and music, sung by performers who know how to tear your heart out with perfect renderings of Verdi's well known, but always moving, melodies....more info
  • Needs Remastering
    With the Metropolitan Museum of Art not far from the Metropolitan Opera House, this production exudes authenticity. One thing to watch for: does the high priest have a beard or not? He is the first person to sing onstage, and he should NOT have a beard. Egyptians could not grow beards, but the king wore a fake beard as a sign of power--even the female pharaoh Hatshepsut wore a beard! Unfortunately it has become clich¨¦ for the high priest to have a beard, and I give high points to the stages where this practice is shunned: New York and London.
    This was one of the first Aidas to appear on DVD, and it needs some work. The sound could be modernized, and the range of subtitle options expanded. In fact, this would be a good title for blu-ray release because, although it is 4:3 aspect ratio, the part of the screen that has something on it is worth looking at. The principal singers are also well worth hearing, all in their prime. Domingo is a bit baritonal for the part of Radam¨¨s, but he survives the experience, unlike many a lyric tenor who has been destroyed by it. His musical timing is flawless, entering the flow of the musical drama right on the beat and on pitch. He has an ear for the ensemble....more info
  • Good performance
    Domingo is a little too old for the role as a young captain but his voice is still good. Millo's Aida is not what I expected since I was told that she was great before I bought this DVD. I like Zajick's Amneris and Burchuladze's Ramfis the most in the whole play because of their incredible voices. In general it's a very good performance....more info
  • THIS Got Me To Appreciate Opera
    I'm a lifelong devotee of instrumental classical music, but not opera. For the last several months, I've been getting together with some opera-loving friends now and then to watch an opera DVD. While I was entertained by the first several spectacles, I didn't really get into them like a true opera lover because I was distracted by the weirdnesses of opera... bizarre stories (Magic Flute), singers mismatched to their parts or to each other, cultural anomalies. (In Lakme, Indians and Englishmen singing French was weird enough, but the Hindu priest behaving un-Hindu-like really threw me. I was told that in an opera the passion and beauty are what matters. But I couldn't get past a Hindu calling people infidels.)

    Then we watched this DVD of Aida. Never mind that Egyptians and Ethiopians sing Italian and the herione wears blackface. By the end of Act 2 I was paralyzed with conflicted emotions. I finally got the true opera experience. I think this transformation was caused partly by the greatness of the music, but also by this production's awesome stage sets and the perfection of all the performers' singing, acting and interacting. The whole package.

    Go ahead. Watch it and weep....more info
  • Wornt out voices, and new ones too
    This Aida is not the best choice, but surely is not the worst. Placido dont sung very good, i am not sure if he was singing at all. "Celeste Aida" was a collection of shouts that lasted what they could, but was obvious that Placido cant sing this kind of roles anymore. Aprille was a good Aida, tough lacking of the carisma, Dolora was a perfect Amneris, with a beatifull dark colour and powerfull voice. Sherril Milnes was horrible, i hate to hear beatifull voices fade away, but what can I do... Paata Burchulazde was great, with a power and a stage presence that make Ramfis a very interesting character. I really love Paata singing this kind of roles. My favourite scene was the duet between Radames and Ramfis, when Ramfis gives the young hero the sacred sword. The chorus is great too....more info
  • Buy the VHS tape instead
    I'm reviewing primarily for the DVD production quality (not performance). Great performance but picture/audio quality comparable to VHS. Doesn't utilise any of the enhancements offered on DVD. The picture quality has not been remastered nor the sound -it is Dolby Stereo! A real disappointment, what a wasted opportunity. DG could have really showcased opera on DVD. If you must, buy the video instead (you'll get 90% of the audio/video quality). I for one will not be wasting any more money on DG's DVDs. I hope they get their act together soon -I'm sure I'm not the only classical music fan who has spent thousands on home theater just to play movies....more info
  • Brava Ladies, brava Metropoliten!!!
    Let me start with what I like on this DVD. First of all this is magnificent production of Verdi's masterpiece in great traditions of Metropoliten Opera. Nothing is knew about it. One can see huge decorations, splendid, brilliant second act and of course amazing performance buy Met's chorus and orchestra. What is knew on this tape is two female performers, who now are very well known but in 1980 not much was known about them: Aprile Millo, Aida, she is really fantastic, I can say that I've never seen such a convincing performance of Aida from the times of Price and Caballe, she is the Aida of last two decades. What about Dolora Zaijick? This dramatic mezzo-soprano is totally outstanding, her singing is so great, so dramatic, full of passion, people can not stop shouting 'brava, brava' at the end of the judgement scene... really wonderfull, makes you cry. Her voice gives you impression of both Fiorenzza Cossotto and Elena Obraztsova, two in one. I think she is the best mezzo of modern opera.
    The weakeness of this night is Domingo's singing, every time he sings, you want to hear more, his voice is so sweet, so passionate, but it won't make you cry. For me if performer doesn't make you cry, it means that something is not quite correct. Maybe that night Domingo's voice was not in the best condition.
    In Total, I give to the performance 5 stars, and I should say that it is must have, I saw it on VHS too, but on DVD it is much better....more info
  • Buy it for Act IV
    Dolora Zajick's "Amneris", and Aprille Millo's "Aida" are a stunning combination. I teach music to elementary students, and my 5th graders upon watching Act IV of "Aida" asked if we could watch the entire opera. Anything that could have 5th grade boys asking to watch opera has got to have something going for it!!! Domingo is too old (facially) for the role of Radames, but vocally still strong. Watching Sherrill Milnes (Amanasro) is always a treat. He is the consummate professional. Staging, sets and acting are carried out to a "T". It is unlikely that a better video recording of "Aida" is out there!!!

    5 operatic stars!!!!...more info

  • Almost completely perfect!
    Truly a wonderful performance. I'm not going to repeat all the great things everyone has already said about these people, though I completely agree. The only problem is that Sherill Milnes, despite his superb interpretation and acting, is vocally past his prime. However, his acting and the overall production more than make up for that....more info
  • Just a fact.
    The 1980 videotaping date on this opera is incorrect. I believe it was taped 1989 or 1990. Since moving I have no idea where it is, but do know that it was not 1980 for sure.
    Enjoy!...more info
  • So so performance.
    I know that this my opinion will distract out but I don't think this one is the best "Aida" available on DVD. I like Alla Scala's the "Aida" with Pavarotti much more. Despite of everything, despite of terribly fatty Pavarotti hardly moves on the stage, despite of overloaded stage with huge pieces of noising decorations moved by "slaves" over all performance, despite of everything I like it more. Domingo is not on his best, his voice in many places on the edge his abilities, he breath too loud, in some places he just almost shout etc. He moves too much, he is looking in the "uniform" like Turkish policeman on the beach. He doesn't look strong, he doesn't sound strong, and he is not convincing. I think he got this role this only by his name: there were a lot of singers who had been able to sing much better. Sorry, it is Aida, it must be the perfect Italian "belle canto", but it is not.
    Pavarotti does make his Radomes perfect "belle canto"!
    The stage decorations make me think that somebody has tried to cover the empty places with something. Everything is flat, no deepness like with Alla Scala, and no fantasy.
    Sorry, the ladies sound very nice, but forgive me again I don't think that such Aida would be the lovely women that I will fall in love so much that would betray to my "Patria". Sorry but Aida must be performed by young and attractive women, except for the case it is production was labeled "for senior audience" but it isn't. I do like enjoying the performance, other way I would buy the CD.
    The only person who on his place is Milnes: he always is brilliant, convincing and wonderful....more info
  • A Keeper!!
    I have just ordered 2 additional videos! I RARELY do that! If you want Grand Opera at its Grandest this is the video for you. I reviewed Aida with Loren playing Aida but Tebaldi singing the notes. This video contains ALL the notes - every gorgeous one. I have been searching for a soprano who could do pianissimos like Tebaldi to no avail - UNTIL now. Millo is ravishing! The end of "Oh Patria Mia.." is just what I had in mind. You really have to hear this!! And "..Padre a costoro schiava non sono.." will tear (double entendre) you up!! The entire cast is far above average! I saw this first on PBS while channel surfing in 1990. I heard a voice that reminded me of Tebaldi - so - of course I had to stop and listen (to see if what I thought I heard was true - it was!) At the end of the performance(TV) I was disappointed I hadn't heard it from the beginning. Now, with this video I get to hear ALL of this beautiful opera over & over. To those Tebaldi fans out there who have been bemoaning the fact that Renata is no longer singing and long to hear a seemingly effortlessly done pianissimo, Aprile Millo is the voice that delivers "that sound" we've been craving. It's a pity she doesn't seem to have done many videos or records/cds. Does anyone know what Millo is doing now??? The Amneris in this offering (Zijack) is fantastic! For the first time I found myself crying more for her than Aida!! The trial of Rhadames and Amneris' reaction to it was/is simply spellbinding!! Truly a valued addition to any collection of top notch performances of this opera....more info
  • Brava Aprile !
    This 1989 Metropolitan production conducted by James Levine is visually stunning with its massive sets by Gianni Quaranta, in a palette of cream, gold and brown.
    Domingo's Rhadames is robust and masculine, and his performance is well acted and heartfelt, and Aprile Millo, beautiful in ebon makeup and with her marvelous profile, looks every inch the Ethiopian princess taken slave; her sound is rich, full of emotion, and with wonderful pianissimos. For me, her "O patria mia" is the highlight of this opera, and she shines in every scene she is in.

    I have a special fondness for Act One, Scene two, the "Temple of Vulcan", with "Nume, custode e vindice" one of the loveliest of the opera's melodies. Here it gets a stately treatment, and though it does not come close to the musical power of the Domingo/Ghiaurov/Muti CD, it is still good listening. Act Two, Scene Two, the Victory March, has some well behaved horses, a simple but pleasant ballet choreographed by Rodney Griffin with attractive dancers, and the entrance of the great Sherrill Milnes. Though well past his prime vocally, he looks fabulous, and is believable as the conquered King Amonasro. The cast is rounded out by Dolora Zajick as Amneris, Dimitri Kavrakos as the Egyptian King, and Paata Burchuladze as Ramfis.

    Though the stage direction is on occasion a little static, and the singing not always quite up to par, this is one of Verdi's grandest operas, and makes for very enjoyable viewing, and every minute spent with Aprile, is time well spent.
    The subtitles are legible and helpful, and it comes with a small booklet with the synopsis in English and French; total running time is 158 minutes....more info

  • Millo is INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    For many years the pomp, pagentry and beauty of Met operas like Turandot, Nabucco and Aida have been among my favorites. The music is always superb, the sets simply amazing and the orchestra without rival. Unlike some of the other reviewers, I have never found any fault with Levine or the Met orchestra or chorus in any production I have heard or seen.

    This performance of Aida is no exception. I loved everything about it but I was simply blown away by the incredible voice of Aprile Millo. I honestly don't think I have ever heard any role in any opera sung to more perfection than this and her acting was superb as well.

    This is a five star recording of a VERY enjoyable live performance. Millo's curtain calls should have gone on all night!...more info
  • Good...but nowhere near great.
    Aida is certainly one of my favorite operas. However this is not a great recording.
    Domingo has been a truly great tenor, but is not in this recording. He is stiff, as usual, and too old for the character. Millo in blackface is absolutely ridiculous, and while she may be the "best Verdi soprano of the last 25 years" she is no Price or Tebaldi. On the bright side Zajick is VERY good both vocally and in character.
    The videography is truly horrendous. Either the characters are so far away that they are indistinguishable or so close and shot from such an odd angle that it looks ludicrous. The sound is simple stereo (an in places in need of serious remastering).
    I have shelved this recording after forcing myself all the way through a couple of times. I am not greatly impressed....more info
  • Horrible performance
    5 stars for this DVD? You can't be serious! The production and stage settings must have cost millions, but the artistic content? I was a great admirer of Domingo when he was at his best, like in the video of La Traviata. Here in Aida his voice is flat and lacking in warmth. I can accept a fat Aida with shoe polish in her face if she sings like a goddess, but such is not the case here. And if you have heard Cossotto sing Amneris, a performance such as we have in this Aida falls flat on it's face. There is a feeling of coldness in this production and you feel strangely dissatisfied after only a few minutes of viewing. I was a bit disappointed after reading the reviews here because I somehow trusted the taste of the reviewers. If I see 5 stars awarded to another opera DVD, I can no longer be sure that it is a DVD I can order with confidence. Sorry....more info