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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer
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Product Description

SQL Server Developer Edition is a version of SQL Server with some restrictions on functionality, and is designed for development and testing purposes. It is ideal for those developers who want to get a taste of the Enterprise Edition before purchasing the full product. The description following applies to the full product.

SQL Server 2000 is a fully Web-enabled database product, providing core support for XML and the ability to query across the Internet and beyond the firewall. Its features include a data-mining feature called Analysis Services, which lets anyone with SQL and Microsoft Visual Basic programming experience use OLAP tools to create custom analysis applications. Using a middle-tier server, SQL Server 2000 can perform complex analyses on large volumes of data with exceptional data-retrieval performance. Two new features, linked OLAP cubes and HTTP access to cubes, offer powerful data analysis over the Web. In addition to enabling you to extend your analysis capabilities to partners outside the firewall, these features deliver new value by creating opportunities to sell access to your database to new customers over the Web.

SQL Server 2000 extends your e-commerce functionality through rich support for XML, easy Web access to database information, and powerful analysis tools, coupled with high availability and tight security. This means that Web developers can access data using XML without having to do complex programming, and database administrators can manipulate data easily in XML format using Transaction SQL (T-SQL) and stored procedures. Secure HTTP database connectivity ensures that data can be queried--even by relatively inexperienced users--through a URL and intuitive user interfaces. SQL Server 2000 also makes querying from the Web relatively easy. The enhanced English Query tool allows developers to build natural, English-language interfaces to SQL Server in Microsoft Visual Studio. In addition, English Query can now generate Multidimensional Extensions (MDX) to query against OLAP cubes.

Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition English North America CD MODEL- MSCD-46993WI VENDOR- MICROSOFT FEATURES- SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition Microsoft SQL Server 2000 Developer Edition English North America CD MANUFACTURER WARRANTY:andnbsp;andnbsp;90 DAYS

Customer Reviews:

  • Good product, smart licensing
    Choosing a database server is largely a matter of personal preferences. I've been using SQL Server 2000 & 7 for more than 5 years for large scale applications, and I'm quite happy with this product's features, performance and value for money. Compared to other database engines, it's main limitation is SQL Server's weird implementation of triggers. One more thing: I have entered C# programming thru Visual C# 2003 Standard (cheap & powerful). If you want to access SQL Server from this Standard edition, you will have to install a local MSDE copy, and only then, SQL Server's client tools. At runtime, however, you can change the connection string content to access any other server or instance. And don't forget to install Service Pack 3, to protect the engine against the Slammer virus....more info
  • For developers
    SQL Server has proven to be very reliable. This is the version I develop with and it has been good. Looking forward to Yukon....more info
  • SQL Server for Windows XP
    SQL Server does work for Windows XP (Home), contrary to another review. I never was able to get the default Windows authentication mode to work. I needed to use mixed mode instead. This is an irritating requirement, but works fine otherwise....more info
  • Microsoft SQL 2000
    All software programmers are aware of SQL.. this is the real deal. A must have for databases..and servers....more info
  • Double-check the description Product Description says:
    "SQL Server Developer Edition is a version of SQL Server with some restrictions on functionality, and is designed for development and testing purposes."

    That is partly correct: In fact, Developer Edition is designed for development and testing purposes. That's why there's NO restriction on functionality. Only restriction is on LICENSE.

    "Developer Edition is designed to let you build any type of application on top of SQL Server. While you'll enjoy Enterprise Edition functionality, there is a special development and test end-user license agreement prohibiting production deployment." .. (...)...more info
  • Really worth the money
    I have been fighting with "FREE" tools, and this is the best $44 dollar investment I could have made. It makes working with the (MSDE) Microsoft Desktop SQL Engine very quick....more info
  • Great Product....
    I agree with others on this "There is NO restriction on functionality. Only restriction is on LICENSE." Great product....more info
  • SQL does work on Windows XP
    This Devloper edition is running great on my Windows XP machine with SP2. I have no problems at all with it. It is feature rich and is restircted to a testing enviroment as opposed to a produciton enviroment. Well worth the money! If you need free, Microsoft has other SQL alternatives such as MSDE SQL desktop engine and a downloadble fully functional SQL Express 2005 verison of CTP (community Technology Preview) So many reasons to convert from Sybase there is not room here to list them.
    ...more info