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Tiffen 67mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit
List Price: $167.99

Our Price: $46.14

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Product Description

Protect your camera lens from ultraviolet light while boosting your artistic possibilities with the Tiffen Photo Essentials filter kit. The kit--which includes an ultraviolet filter, circular polarizer, and warming filter--is an ideal accessory for photographers with 67mm filter diameters. The ultraviolet filter prevents UV light from reaching the lens, helping increase clarity and reduce haze. As a result, your photos look crystal clear even in mountainous and coastal areas, where ultraviolet light is particularly strong. The circular polarizer, meanwhile, is essential for outdoor photography, as it deepens the intensity of blue skies and reduces or eliminates glare. (Note that the circular polarizer is designed expressly for autofocus cameras.) Finally, the kit offers an exclusive color-warming filter that improves the color of all skin tones. Ideal for portraits, the color-warming filter absorbs the blue cast often caused by electronic flashes or outdoor shade, adding warmth to pale, washed-out flesh tones. As a bonus, the kit includes a pouch for filter storage.

The prepackaged assortments provide a range of artistic possibilities.

  • UV protector
  • Circular polarizer
  • 67mm diameter
  • 812 color warming filter

Customer Reviews:

  • Tiffen Filter Pak
    The pak was excellent. It was very reasonable in cost, and, although not the fanciest filters you can buy, are good quality and very reasonable....more info
  • Appears to be used not new
    The UV filter was scored and all the filters had fingerprints on them. The item was advertised as new.
    ...more info
  • Further Insight
    I own the 52mm version of this kit, and found it a shame to see this kit only received one star. Below is my review I wrote about the 52mm kit, I have recommended this kit (in several different sizes) to fellow photographers, they all have been very happy with their purchases, baring in mind Tiffen's quality control problems.

    This is one of the best bargains that i've seen, "essentially" you get 3 filters for the price of one. The image quality with these filters is great, the 812 (warming) filter is by far a favorite giving back the color richness that flash photography so often washes out, that is unless you have the patience for constantly tweaking your flash power. Aside from the 812 the UV protector is basically a clear protective filter. While it obviously has advantages over clear glass, I tend not to think of it as any different. This too is a great filter which I use about half the time because it doesn't affect color hues or change f stop values too greatly while it takes the worry out of carrying the camera around ready for any candid shots that may occur. Finally included is the circular polarizer. This filter adjusts the amount of uv light entering the camera by spinning the filter to the direction the uv rays are entering (or turning the thingy till things look better). This lens is great for sunny days and will take surface glare off lakes and glass making them transparent again. It also makes colors more crisp in general when photographing buildings and other large "reflective" man-made things. So things sound great so far, but now to why I only give this item 4 stars. While Tiffen is known to be one of the best at photo and video filters, they have quality control issues that do no live up to thier reputation. In my case the 812 filter arrived with a discoloration in the glass. While it was didn't hurt image quality, with the flaw being towards the edge of the filter, I none the less didn't want to find a situation in which the flaw would diminish quality. Seeing as it was not amazon's fault my first e-mail went to Tiffen for a replacement which they said they would gladly do, but only after I send them the filter and they recieve it would they ship my replacement (not an option in my circumstances). Instead Amazon's wonderful customer service shown through again, and within 3 days they had replaced the entire set. The second set arrivided without flaw but since my other two filters were in perfect condition I traded just the 812. I havn't had any other issues and i'm very satisfied with my filters. The only other word of warning would be to that of the circular polorizer. While I recieved 2 that were flawless occassionally I have read in reviews customers have received ones that were assembled backwards making the lens useless. A quick way to check to see if your CP is working correctly is to hold it, thread facing yourself, and look at an LCD monitor or TV and spin it until the picture dissapears(obviously working correctly). I still wouldn't pass up this deal knowing what I do now, chances are everything will show up perfectly but none the less if you're concerned order it before you need it and check everything over carefully. Amazon is always the best for returns and will often ship a replacement the next day with overnight shipping.

    And a little further insight...
    I was recently doing some black and white film photography, and decided to use my 812 warming filter as a protective lens as I was carrying 3 lenses with me. Just thought that I would mention that using this filter will produce a "White" sky in some outdoor photographs. The shots were taken with a gradient blue sky to which the entirety showed up white, even on bracketed sets, that should have shown something in one of the series. While itself was a interesting effect for some shots, it mostly just caused me frustration in the darkroom. I just wanted to add this as fair warning. I discovered this on accident, so I don't know if it applies to all sky conditions as I didn't do a lot B&W sky shots, I might test it using Photoshop later as I see they have the 812s effect built in. Anyways, good luck and have fun photoing....more info
  • Stay Away
    I bought these filters for my new efs 17-85mm lens. At best, these filters only protect the lens. Unfortunately, most of the time, the filter degrades the picture; especially on auto-focus. You get what you pay for, and I for one wish I went with a better filter....more info
  • Does it's job, but...
    I'm still learning photography. I liked the ease of using a normal filter rather than some complex set-up. ...more info
  • Tiffen Lens Filters
    Nice kit. Seems like a good value to get all three at once like this. The soft sided case that comes with it is nice. I've only used the circular polarizer filter so far and am pleased with the results....more info
  • works as advsertised
    works well for outdoor portraits in sunlight. needed filter to be able to use lower aperatures for dof and filter works as advertised.
    ...more info
  • RedFilter
    It is a basic filter that works pretty well with my DSLR. Different than film, however. Good quality....more info
  • Does the trick
    There isn't much to say about something as simple as a filter. These fit together and work together well and the polarized filter eliminates almost all glare....more info
  • The Best and Most economical way to by Filters
    I have received emails asking what a Series 8 filter is. In short it is one of the best ways to by filters. Every lens has a different method to attach filters because there are different sizes for each lens and different types. You can find a lens as small as a 4 millimeters or as big as around 200 plus millimeters for larger format lenses. You can buy a set of different filters for each lens, but that might get expensive. Or, you can buy One set of the "Series 8" filters which can be used on most sizes of lenses. All you have to do is buy One adapter for each lens that you own. Adapters can found at most camera stores or at Amazon for usually less than 10 bucks. So if you can find a good quality series filter you should buy it for less....more info
  • Great for telephoto lenses...not for wide-angle
    There's some strong vignetting at 18mm on a Nikon D80 when using the polarized lens, and it only gets worse as you add filters.

    You can combine filters together via screwing them together....more info
  • Tiffen filters
    Although Tiffen doesn't have a great reputation if you look at the digital camera forums, I've had no problems with the UV and the CP (haven't used the warming filter yet).
    The 3-pack seemed to be a good deal, glad I went for it....more info
  • Essential
    A must have for any photographer. The kit is a great value. Buy it. Great quality, above expectations. Made in the USA....more info
  • Good product
    Looking for a starter set of filters for your new DSLR, then Tiffen's 67mm Photo Essentials Filter Kit fills the bill. These quality filters introduce you to the possiblities that filters can provide to the new SLR user....more info
  • Jimmy Coker
    I would recommend this product to others. The service was quick also.

    I have never had a problem with info
  • Not too bad
    Tiffen filter kit is not too bad. it comes with everything they show and the pictures come out ok. the price is right. I would like to get another kit like this for my another lens. I wish they have more filters and the price like this. Hope that hopes...more info
  • tiffen grad. sunrise filter
    as promised, the graduated sunrise filter enhances a dull sunrise or sunset to a vibrant color scheme of rising sun in the am or sinking sun in the evening....more info