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More prolific than D'Angelo and Terence Trent D'Arby combined, one-man rock & soul revivalist Lenny Kravitz kept traditional pop values alive through much of the '90s. From the Motown-perfect "It Ain't Over Til It's Over" to the Beatlesesque "Let Love Rule," Kravitz has always inhabited his influences with a genuine spirit that transcends imitation. The 15 tracks found here provide a surprisingly coherent reminder of just how much the artist has accomplished in a relatively short time. And even if his biggest hit, "Are You Gonna Go My Way," falls short of its Hendrix target, Kravitz's cover of the Guess Who's "American Woman" still rocks in a pleasingly Neanderthal way. An infectious new cut, "Again," fits neatly alongside sturdy Kravitz originals such as "Fly Away," "Mr. Cab Driver," and "Black Velveteen," showcasing a talent whose postmodern pop should play well into the new century. --Bill Forman

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  • Great Service
    The cd I ordered came in great condition and at the time it was promised. I'd definitely shop with this seller again....more info
    He has a great voice and his lyrics are captivating. This CD will never get old....more info
  • Rock Star Identity Crisis
    From the beginning, Lenny Kravitz has been an enigma. He's a rock star with streamers in so many gene pools that his songs were often surprise packages of whom he'd be this year. He's a man with a soul obsession with Curtis Mayfield and Marvin Gaye, the idealistic rocker that worships John Lennon and Led Zepplin, and the modern pop rock desires that would have him emulate Prince and work with Madonna. He also plays guitar with a Hendrixian flair. Scope that over a decade's worth of music, and you get the culmination of tracks that compose Kravitz' Greatest Hits.

    Kravitz' crazy-quilt of style is a music fan's delight. From his early Beatles hommage "Let Love Rule" to the Princely message funk of "Mr Cab Driver," Kravitz made an audacious debut on Let Love Rule. He came off as a one man flower-child, which made the sudden left-turn into the easy grooving Mama Said shocking. But the Curtis Mayfield hit "It Ain't Over Till It's Over" pushed Kravitz into hitmaker territory. At the same time, those rock instincts were pushing the envelope as Guns and Roses guitar slinger Slash co-wrote "Always On The Run."

    As he came more and more into his own voice, Kravitz aimed for the stadium bleachers and scored when the Hendrix styled "Are You Gonna Go My Way" became a mammoth rock radio hit and a retro-video smash. The insistently classic rock loaded Are You Gonna Go My Way album remains his most consistent album, but it was the followup, Circus, that gave Kravitz his first top ten album. This time, the Zep influence howls from "Rock and Roll Is Dead." But is was also where Kravitz lost focus, which is indicated by the fact that only two songs from that album are included here.

    Kravitz took a four year break, cut his hair, trimmed his musical excesses, and came back with 5. Focused and less dependant on retro-rocking, the slow build of "Fly Away" and the killer remake of "American Woman" (which was featured in "Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me") captured an artist at the peak of maturity and prowess. "Black Velveteen" returns full-circle to his Prince fascination. It wraps up Kravitz first decade, along with a powerful new song "Again."

    As collections go, it serves its subject well. Lenny Kravitz' classic rock identity crisis made for fascinating musical evolution before finally resolving itself. Given that his career since has held steady (Lenny to the recent It Is Time For A Love Revolution), Volume Two will probably just as solid as this best of....more info
  • Milli Vanilli Hendrix Wanna Be!
    MTV has been a two edged sword for the music industry.

    On one hand, it has been a great way to break new music to the masses,on the other hand it has parlayed superficiality over substance to heights unimagined.

    Lenny is the poster boy for what is wrong the music industry:
    a soulless, contrived product,aimed at a demographic anxious to learn what is hip because MTV said so!

    Well,there are two things Lenny ain't : hip and Hendrix.

    He doesn't write much of his stuff, and tends to do cover tunes that are right up there with Pat Boone.

    Listen to covers of Princes' Kiss by Tom Jones and LK.

    It' amazing, that a 68 year old Welsh white man has so much more soul and feeling when doing that song.

    It's surprising that Prince hasn't called up Lenny and asked him to pull that song from his repertoire.

    But then again,royalties is royalties.

    Lenny should stick to selling tight jeans and sunglasses,because making music ain't his strong point.

    ...more info
  • Lenny fans this is a must!
    I have owned this cd about 4 times and it keeps disappearing. Its that good! If you are a Lenny fan and would like a one cd to not have to keep changing cds out , this is perfect. If you have never experienced Lenny or want only his main steam hits, it is perfect! ...more info
  • lenny who
    never really liked the guy's music...are you gonna go my way is decent. he's never done anything original or worth mentioning, just like most of the "artists" in music business....more info
  • RockPhunk Ganngstah.....
    ....and Guitar God for the NeoPrimitives and the Wireless Generation. Fifteen tracks of the best of Lenny and Band. You hear me joke about Music for your Momma. I don't think most Mommas would mind, especially the track "(My) Momma Said". Don't forget to tell'er that Slash has a solo on it, so it may get loud. Shucks, Lenny has been influenced by many artists--Prince, the Beatles, Curtis Mayfield, and on and on. Too bad Sir George Martin's retired, it would be interesting to see what develops from such a colloboration. I'm proud of the dude, see, 'cause we--E and I--were into his rocking soul sound for a time, now. It's like we were into him before anyone else "got it". Many of you have artists you follow that you feel that way about, I'm sure. Methinks the wife, however, has a crush on Lenny Boy. Oh well. "It Ain't Over Til It's Over"....and "Let Love Rule"......more info
  • I love this man!
    Awww. Lenny, baby, I just love you. I miss his locs. Anyway. The album really is a greatest hits. Its really good for a long road trip when you need some gritty raunchy guitar to reverberate though you torso and give you the energy you need to keep on to your destination. Its really good stuff. Add it to your wishlist or buy it now....more info
  • Lenny Kravitz - Genius!
    I am a die hard fan of Lenny Kravitz, he is truly the greatest Rock Artists EVER! If you're
    never heard Lenny, (same on you if you haven?t) you MUST get this CD! They are for sure his
    Greatest Hits!

    My all time favorite is American Woman, as is with allot of fans. All are worth listening to all the
    time! Lenny gives you a good rock song, but not too harsh, and he leaves you feeling good!


  • Yes, this is the greatest HITS
    . . . as opposed to the "Best Of" (which would include "I Build This Garden for Us" from 'Let Love Rule', "Fields of Joy" from 'Mama Said', "Sister" from 'Are You Gonna Go My Way', the title track from 'Circus', and "Little Girls Eyes" from '5')

    As greatest HITS go, my only disappointment was including "Black Velveteen" and somewhat banal "I Belong to You" from the 1998's '5' instead of the much better singles from that record - "If You Can't Say No" and "Thinking of You". I also have to enter a small complaint with the running order ("Always on the Run" between "Stand by My Woman" and "Heaven Help" - what's up with that), but I have that gripe about that with all greatest hits packages. All in all, it's a good collection though and all the songs are full versions (which is often an annoying part of greatest hits records).

    For those interested in more Lenny (beyond the Greatest Hits), I would recommend 'Mama Said' and 'Are You Gonna Go My Way'....more info

  • Best Buy To Start Your Lenny Collection
    If you are a new fan of Lenny Kravitz, this is the perfect album to start you collection with. Here you have the rockin' sounds of "Fly Away","Are You Gonna Go My Way", "American Woman", along with the ballads "Again", "I Belong To You", "It Aint Over til It's Over", and "Stand By My Woman". "Let Love Rule" is one of his best known songs and it has a Beatlesesque "All You Need Is Love" 60's optimistic sound to it. If you own "5" before it was re-released, you can buy this disc and get "American Woman". The album is what a Greatest Hits is suppossed to be it has all the hits that they fans want, and it will help new fans become acquainted with his music...more info
  • Lenny's hits rock!
    I've heard a few of Lenny's songs here and there over the years but I've never really been a fan. GREATEST HITS is an awesome collection of rock/pop tracks. All of the songs have a classic rock feel to them. Lenny produced and wrote all of the songs and as a whole GREATEST HITS flows very well. Each song sounds timeless, classic, and great. When you listen to it you'll probably remember some of his songs and some will seem new to you. Some songs like "can't get you off of my mind" are very well done. I was plesantly surprised at how well Lenny Kravitz does on ballads like "heaven help." GREATEST HITS includes the new track "again" which was already a hit. GREATEST HITS is an awesome collection of songs from Lenny....more info
  • very solid greatest hits collection
    I am a new Lenny fan, only owning 5 and this greatest hits cd, and the stuff I have heard has been overwhelmingly good. Lenny just brings a new dimension to both rock and soul that isn't common in either genre. This greatest hits cd definitely has some of his greatest songs ("Again", "It Ain't Over 'Til Its Over", "Can't Get You Off Of My Mind", "American Woman"and "I Belong To You)". I have a feeling that some of his older stuff might be better than some of the stuff on this cd, but that's a good thing considering I think all of these songs are great. This will only motivate me to research more of his music. He's coming out with a new cd in about a week and I might check that out...good job, Lenny...more info
  • this is a crock
    to put out a greatest hits cd like this and slap a piece of garbage song on it like "again." who let bryan adams take over lenny's body?

    the rest of the songs on this cd are great, but if you buy this cd, you are a putz. this is hardly a selection of his best stuff. get the original albums....more info

  • Money Kravitz
    Since his last good album "Circus", Lenny Kravitz looks to me like a musician that cares more about his shows on the MTV and his fashion style (what sun glasses! oh yeah!), then the music he does. So somewhere on the way to the bank, Kravitz lost his music. To make story short - most of the old stuff here is good and the new is bad, especially the horrible cover version to the "GUESS WHO"'s "American woman". The problem of the good stuff is, that it seems like it does'nt belong here - it was taken out of great discs and does'nt do anymore. Sorry to tell you - i have the disc but don't listen to it. I prefer to listen to a dbl. bootleg album that was taken live in Amsterdam, during the "Circus" tour. This is the real Kravitz to me....more info
  • Great starter collection
    There's been a few Kavitz songs that I've heard and loved, so I started with this CD in purchasing his music. I really enjoy it. Looking to exploring which CD(s) to buy from here. Very enjoyable....more info
  • Finding his own voice
    Now I don't claim to be a Rock expert, or a devoted fan of Mr. Kravitz. I have followed his career for a number of years, and every now and then a song of his will catch my attention. This CD is the perfect one for me, as I won't be getting all his CDs, and this covers the best of them( saying that I would like his very Curtis sounding' What goes around come around' from his Mama Said. This leads me to my second point. In his earlier CDs as he struggled to find the right line between sounding like your idols, and finding his own voice, he often came across as an immature artist. I believe that after four or five Cds he is finally starting to find his own voice. My favorite songs on this Cd are' Are you Gonna go my way?'' Fly away', 'It ain't over 'till it's over', 'Always on the Run', and the excellent 'Let Love Rule'....more info
  • Cool Comp
    I heard this at my last job about a year ago when one of the A/V Techs played it. It's cool, standard Kravitz, it's got "Mr. Cab Driver".Cool driving/Sunday cd. Should be cheap here. Check it out....more info
  • As Good as a Greatest Hits Collection Gets
    In the mid 1990s, I heard a concert promotion radio ad that was basically introducing the performer to be "The World's Greatest Rock and Roll Star". When they announced that star to be Lenny Kravitz, I must admit, I nearly drove off the road when I heard that. I had realized Kravitz had some commercial success and had a nice following, but "World's Greatest Rock and Roll Star"? - Come On! However, now about a decade later, as I have begun to get a deeper appreciation for what Rock music has to offer, I now realize that perhaps there is some real merit to that radio ad. I'm still not ready to put Kravitz up there with the upper echelon of Rock with the Paul McCartneys, the Rolling Stones, Bruce Springsteens, or even Billy Joels - however, it is safe to say that Kravitz could easily be one of the great revelations of the 1990s and has lived completely up to expectations as he has entered the 2000s. In 2000, Kravitz amassed enough material and success to release his first Greatest Hits album. This collection, "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits" provides some a great cross-section into Kravitz's musical career and is a great place to start if you are interested in checking out Kravtiz's material.

    "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits" hits focuses on the first decade of Kravitz's career (1989-2000). During this time, Kravtiz would release five solo albums for an average of 1 album every 2 years. These albums (and the associated tracks included from these albums) are: 1989's "Let Love Rule" ("Mr Cab Driver", "Let Love Rule"); 1991's "Mama Said" ("It Ain't Over Til It's Over", "Stand By My Woman", "Always On the Run"); 1993's "Are You Gonna Go My Way" ("Are You Gonna Go My Way", "Heaven Help", "Believe"); 1995's "Circus" ("Rock and Roll is Dead", "Can't Get You Off My Mind"); "5" ("Fly Away", "I Belong to You", "Black Velveteen"). As with the case of most greatest hits albums, there is one new song to stimulate album sales among the deep fan base - a very solid song called, "Again". It is worth noting that Kravitz's cover of the Guess Who's "American Woman" is also included on this collection. This song was part of the soundtrack of "Austin Powers - The Spy Who Shagged Me", but was eventually included on the re-issue of "5". One thing that is very nice about this collection is that it is split among the 5 albums just about evenly. I'm pleased that there are even two songs from his first album which was really not commercially successful.

    I think that Kravitz hits the three main dimensions that I expect from a successful solo artist: Vocals, Instrumentation, and Songwriting. On top of these three dimensions, Kravitz cross all of these dimensions by providing a variety of different music styles. Whether it is hard Rock, R&B, or Funk - Kravitz finds ways to incorporate these styles and more into his music. Kravitz was influenced by Prince who also incorporated similar styles into his music. "Lenny Kravitz Greatest Hits" will show examples of this wide range of diversity. You can hear Kravitz's Hard Rock style on "Are You Gonna Go My Way", "American Woman", "Fly Away", "Rock and Roll is Dead" and "Always on the Run". Songs such as "Mr Cab Driver" have a definite Funk influence in it - especially on the Bass. Still songs such as "Heaven Help" , "It Ain't Over Til its Over", and "I Belong to You" show Kravitz' R&B side. Despite these obvious influences, it is not easy to pigeon-hole Kravtiz's music into one musical genre. There are many of his songs that definitely cross several of these genres and also break new ground. Perhaps the best example of this is "Black Velveteen". "Black Velveteen" has been a song that Kravitz has been criticized for, but I happen to think it's the best song he has done. The song does have a "Euro Pop" feel, but it you will hear parts of Hard Rock and even R&B overlaid on top of this. I like how Kravitz tries to do something "out of the box" and "different" to his music. Kravitz's ability to innovate didn't happen late in his career - listen to his early song "Let Love Rule". Kravitz uses combines some R&B with some Jimi Hendrix-like sounds to give a unique sound.

    As mentioned I think it comes down to the three dimensions I list above. Kravitz shows incredible range on his vocals - whether it's "It Ain't Over Til It's Over", "Let Love Rule" or his new track "Again", Kravitz will show he is not one dimensional as a vocalist. From an instrumentation standpoint, Kravitz is well-known for his incredible guitar, but also listen to his Bass work as well. You'll hear Kravitz incorporate other instruments as well - such as piano on "Heaven Help" or horns on "Let Love Rule" and "Always on the Run". Lost in this whole picture is some of Kravitz's songwriting - this is perhaps one of the most overlooked dimensions of his talent. Once again, this can even be traced early to his career - on 1989's "Mr Cab Driver", he describes the experiences of racism and discrimination.

    There is one negative on this collection. I normally like when an artist puts tracks in chronological order because this allows me to hear how the artist progressed over time. Unfortunately, this collection does not do so. It would have been a great strength if this had been done on this collection.

    The liner notes include the lyrics to the new song - "Again". The songwriting credits as well as what album the song is included on are also included in the liner notes. Overall, this is as solid a Greatest Hits album as it gets. The only other negative may be as Kravitz continues to have success, this album might someday be eclipsed by a more current Greatest Hits portfolio. ...more info
  • Good Place to Start People!!!!!
    I had this album for quite some time and thought to myself that I should finally place my input on this. I had met Lenny Kravitz in the Bahamas ten years ago during the Christmas holiday and it was great to shake his hands. We are lucky to be alive to hear the work of this man. He's one of these artists' that are out there who puts so much of what is lacking in performance of contemporary sound and that is FEELING. It blows my mind the criticism he's received accusing him of robbing the stylistic graves of his idols - excuse me? So do hundreds of other artists who can't even hold a candle in tribute no matter how hard their effort or sincerity. THIS is a man who takes whatever influences and MAKES THEM HIS OWN. I have no problem whatsoever picking out a riff or musical inflection out of any of his works in recognition of his predecessors. He writes, produces, and most impressive plays almost all instruments on his recordings. Like back in the 70's, where there were numerous groups with plenty of organic vibes.
    If you don't have this CD or any of his CDs, I recommend picking this one up. It also includes a never before released song called Again that I am sure you heard back in the day and loved. Lenny's greatest hits is a great introduction to his music, it has all his best songs, all his great rock songs like 'Are You Gonna Go My Way' 'Fly Away' and 'American Woman' it also has the best of his soul work like 'I Belong To You' and 'Heaven Help' but you also get a few funky numbers like 'Always On The Run' and 'Black Velvetine' this a great way for anyone to get into him, you'll see once you hear this album your gonna want more.
    ...more info
  • Excelent Compilation
    If you don't have any Kravitz record, just purchase this item and you know who is he.

    This record compile great songs of his music life including a new song (Again')....more info
  • Truly his greatest!
    I am a big fan of Lenny's & I absolutely love this cd! It truly is his greatest hits! I couldn't have asked for anything better. There's not one song that I have to skip over when I'm listening to this cd; I love them all! And you will too, so purchase this cd today!...more info
  • Lenny Kravitz is the Hitler of "Rock" Music
    Lenny Kravitz is perhaps the most mediocre, unoriginal and uninteresting musician of our generation. Emphasis on UNORIGINAL. He's a kitschy, commercialized, Diet Caffeine Free rip-off of Jimi Hendrix, minus everything good. ...more info
  • This is a great album with a wide range of Lenny's styles.
    If you don't have this CD or any of his CDs, I recommend picking this one up. It has all his best known songs. It also includes a never before released song called Again that I am sure you heard back in the day and loved. It also has the song American Woman from the Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me soundtrack and from the rerelease of his previous album to this called simply 5. Those are the two of the reasons to get this thing. But there are many more reasons and many more great songs off of this. My favorites besides the previously mentioned somgs are Are You Gonna Go My Way, Fly Away, Rock 'N' Roll Is Dead, It Ain't Over Till It's Over, Mr. Cab Driver, Always On The Run, I Belong To You, and of course Lenny's first hit Let Love Rule. I enjoy every song, but those are my favorites. I am sure you will have favorites too, because this is a great album. So pick it up and enjoy it as much as I do. You won't be disappointed at all....more info
  • Rock & Roll won't Die!
    In the long run, Kravitz's sound - a vibrant, sometimes automated mixture of '60s soul and '70s rock - will likely be his legacy. Only occasionally do his songs or riffs approach anything original (playing all the instrumental parts himself sacrifices the freshness of collaborative input for tight control), and his lyrics are barely adequate at best.
    No wonder he tends to oversing, often attempting to wrench depth of feeling from songs and arrangements that are more effective than emotional. As a pop artist, though, he's hard to touch, having crafted numerous enticing singles over his decade-long career. This, then, is where to get 'em.
    More info : info
  • he is too cool for school
    this was the first rock band i started on. i absolutely loved it!! becase of him i have listened to all the famous rock bands such as: guns n roses, led zeppeiln, metallica, iron maiden, megadeath, acdc, and many more !!!!!! he is the the the best modern rock band! buy it...more info
  • dissapointed at this compilation
    i'm sorry but this is just a brief reminder of his talents lennys best songs had never been release as a single ,this greates hits is most radio play and if you want to know how good he really is just buy all his cds instead there are at least 40 songs that i could easyly name as his best...more info
  • New Fan
    I'm new to lenny and sorry i didn't find him sooner. Had heard his music before, but after seeing and hearing him on the tsunami relief show I just fell in love with his voice. He did an unbelieveable job with the song!!!! I'm going to buy more!!!!

    from florida...more info
  • For real
    We are lucky to be alive to hear the work of this man. If you've ever seen him live, or seen one of his performances on film, then you KNOW this is a person who puts so much of what is lacking in performance of contemporary sound and that is FEELING. It blows my mind the criticism he's received accusing him of robbing the stylistic graves of his idols - excuse me? So do hundreds of other artists who can't even hold a candle in tribute no matter how hard their effort or sincerity. THIS is a man who takes whatever influences and MAKES THEM HIS OWN. I have no problem whatsoever picking out a riff or musical inflection out of any of his works in recognition of his predecessors. He writes, produces, and most impressive plays almost all instruments on his recordings. Lenny Kravitz is BEYOND reproach. I keep hoping one day to see the emergence of African-American BANDS, with LIVE INSTRUMENTS, getting AIRPLAY. Like back in the 70's, where there were numerous groups with plenty of organic vibes....more info
  • I love lenny kravitz
    I just love lenny kravitz, and would buy any material I can find on the internet.

    Have you heard the last news :
    Alicia Keys and rock star Lenny Kravitz are rumoured to be dating.

    The pair dined at a New York restaurant and then headed to a nearby nightspot.

    You can read more on Lenny Kravitz Fan site...more info