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Topflight? 7103-2 Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
List Price: $75.00

Our Price: $45.99

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Product Description

This feeder has a heavy-duty acrylic and copper construction -allowing multiple birds to feed, but keeping squirrels out. Features include: a built-in seed funnel, an easy to remove, threaded squirrel and weather guard simplifies filling, extra large-10 pound seed capacity, a quick release seed tray, 12 feeding stations.

With 12 feeding stations and a special design that keeps squirrels out, this elegant bird feeder is exclusively "for the birds." Made of heavy-duty acrylic and copper, this tube-shaped feeder has a built-in seed funnel and a removable tray-so there's no more spilling the seed all over the lawn. An integrated dome guard foils squirrels and protects seed from weather. The feeder also features acrylic seed tubes with copper- armored ports impervious to vandal squirrels. Measuring 23-1/2 by 12-1/2 by 12-1/2 inches, the feeder holds up to 10 pounds of seed. Covered by a manufacturer lifetime warranty, the feeder arrives ready to hang. --Brian Olson

  • Bird feeder with squirrel-proof, flip up ports
  • Seed tray simplifies cleaning
  • Integrated dome guard foils squirrels and protects seed from weather
  • Heavy-duty acrylic seed tubes with copper armor
  • Twelve feeding stations and 10-pound seed capacity

Customer Reviews:

  • To flight copper bird feeder
    Birds loves this product and the best thing is, you don't have to fill it everyday and it looks good....more info
  • Squirrel proof? I don't think so!
    This feeder was okay but there are several things that should be noted before you buy. The copper trim is NOT copper, it is plastic. The feeder itself is attractive but larger birds simply destroy it. As to being squirrel proof....give me a break! Even my sister could get into this one and she is much, much dumber than any squirrel I have ever encountered. I did find that this one is not water proof, so if humidity or rain is a problem and the food says too long, it must be changed quite frequently as mildew is a major problem. This one is great for small birds, but as most birds cannot read (much like my know-it-all sister), the large birds will hit it too as will the squirrels. If you want a feeder that is squirrel proof, look elsewhere and good luck! I fear I cannot give this one more than three stars and I am being quite nice by doing that. Also, for what you get here, this one is a bit pricy. A simple wooden box nailed to a tree is just as effective and looks tacky enough to really put the neighbors in a snit, which for me, is a plus. ...more info
  • nice feeder
    We already had this feeder but not in the copper.We are very pleased. It looks great and is so easy to fill. For this price, you are not getting a solid copper bird feeder. The top and bottom parts are plastic, and are better suited as such. Still a very attractive feeder....more info
  • Deceptive advertising.
    The feeder is advertised as made of copper - not only at Amazon but in many other sites that sell it. Many people, including me, have been led to believe they were buying a copper feeder when it is made of copper colored plastic. I could not return it because the shipping to return it would have cost me almost as much as I paid for the feeder. Don't buy it for the copper content, buy it for other reasons if you must....more info
  • Plastic (not copper), Not Squirrel Proof
    This item felt flimsy. Essentially all plastic. It is copper colored plastic. The Squirrels were the only things eating from it....more info
  • Opus 71032 Topflight Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
    Excellent feeder especially for the price. Only one negative. Seed tray on the bottom is removable for cleaning - great But do not remove with seed (especially small seed)in tubes - - seed will run out of tube!!...more info
  • very little Copper
    The advertiser should make clear that the only copper is those metal bands around the ports where the birds get their seed.The top cover and bottom tray are just brown plastic! Otherwise,the price was the lowest I could find for anything comparable, it is worth what I paid, but maybe not as heavy built as some higher price ones that I looked at in local store....more info
  • Excellent Triple Tube Feeder
    We had a triple tube feeder before that was just worn out. We are very happy with this replacement. It is laid out very nicely and the cleaning features at the bottom of the feeder are very helpful. The top is a copper plastic. Overall, I would recommend this feeder to anyone considering it. It does not come with a pole, so if you want to mount it in the ground, you will need to order the pole as well....more info
  • Opus 71032 Bird Feeder
    I liked the product so well that I ordered a second one. The birds like it as well....more info
  • Great birdfeeder
    I've had this feeder for over a year now. Holds lots of seed and the birds love me for it. Finches, Titmice, Chickadees, Nuthatches, & Indigo Buntings love the perches. Cardinals, Bluejays, and Doves like the tray at the bottom. We get a wonderful variety of beautiful birds at the feeder. If you love to watch birds as much as we do, I highly recommend this feeder....more info
  • Happy Birds
    I'm very happy with the bird feeder and the birds are really liking it also, it's nice that there's 2 levels for the birds to get feed from. Only two things I wasn't happy with, is it doesn't come with a pole and the second level didn't come with the perches for the birds to sit on. ...more info
  • Great bird feeder!
    This is a great bird feeder! Our birds love it! This is the second one we've bought. The first one was destroyed by a falling tree limb and I couldn't get a new one fast enough! It's easy to fill and has a wonderful, large dome that the birds seem to really like! We love it and recommend it highly!...more info
  • Good for covered feeding
    I, too, was expecting a copper bird feeder. Should have read the reviews a bit better but I skipped right over the one that showed disappointment for the entire construction being plastic. The other thing that bothered me was the loose construction of how the top screwed onto the base. There is nothing to prevent rain water from seeping in the tubes. Which would be fine for covered feeding (like under a porch or an awning) but not good for exposed feeding in a rainy climate. Damp birds need to eat, too....more info
  • great bird feeder
    This is a great looking as well as functional feeder. It is much easier to fill with seed than the last tripple feeder I had. The whole top baffle twists off with several turns. There are no lid caps on the individual tubes, so you just pour the feed in. At the top of each tube is plastic shaped like a funnel, so no spills, and you can actually fill up the funnel as well, making for less frequent fill-ups. I highly recommend this product....more info
  • Don't waste your money!
    There us very little copper on this "copper bird feeder". Don't kid yourself by thinking that the roof is made of copper, it is made of plastic. The only copper portions are the accents near the perches.

    This is definitely NOT squirrel-proof. The squirrels were able to easily jump up and sit on the bottom of the feeder, and even chewed through the feed holes next to the perches. Once they did that, the feeder is useless as the feed just pours out of the side of the feeder.

    If I could give it zero stars, I would. This definitely not worth the money. Keep looking for another feeder....more info
  • My favorite bird feeder
    The bird feeder is larger than I expected. A small person might have a problem hanging it from a hook higher than their head. This is because the screw eye rotates requiring that it be steadied with one hand while lifting the feeder with the other. Note that only the copper bands and perches are metal. Everything else is plastic.

    The birds love it! Put some sunflower seeds in it and you will have all the birds that you want. The little feeding doors work surprisingly well. Open for sunflower seeds. Closed for millet. People think that it was more expensive than it was.

    You cannot remove the bottom without all the seeds falling out. Duh. My seeds do not get damp when it rains, although where I live, half an inch of rain is a major rain storm so YMMV. The squirrel shield on top is screwed down with threads so that water cannot get in. I wonder if the people complaining about rain getting in have an earlier model without threads? In any case, you could add a rubber grommet if you have leakage. If you have a squirrel problem, then you must hang it high and away from other objects so that squirrels cannot leap onto the base. I don't have any squirrels, but the the squirrel shield looks like a standard design that relies on it's slickness to dump the squirrels off the side. Squirrels are awfully clever, so this may not work. Then again, you're a human and supposed to be even more clever, not to mention devious. Smear a little oil on there. See how that affects his traction!
    ...more info
  • false advertising - this is a cheap plastic feeder
    Imagine my surprise when I opened the box to find a PLASTIC contraption rather than the elegant copper one the description and photo lead me to believe. This is an unattractive, overly large feeder with a big brownish plastic dome on top. Yuk. ...more info
  • looked good in the picture
    The size of this feeder was good. However it was described as copper and it is not. The picture made it look like it had a copper top and bands,but the top was plastic and so was the base. Not very sturdy. I returned it.(It was also damaged in shipping) Had it been made with copper it would have been a great feeder....more info
  • Disappointing
    Well I bought this item for our house, and it looked great in the beginning, I expected the seed to get damp, so I kept it half full to not waste to much seed. The disappointing thing is how fast if fell apart. The bottom fell off (glued it), then all of the little seed covers popped out or were chewed off. Looked good just didn't last 6 months....more info
  • cheap "copper" colored plastic
    I expected clear plastic tubes with real copper trim, a huge disappointment...more info
  • NOT squirrel proof!
    One of the advertised features of this feeder is that it does hold a large amount of seed. Unfortunately, if you have squirrels you'll find yourself refilling all three tubes at least every other day. The feeder has plastic coverings for the ports that swivel up and down to allow you to serve either a regular seed mix or nyger seed. The squirrels clawed off the coverings and I had to constantly re-attach them. (You can't fill the tubes without these covers because the seed will just poor out.) Three of the covers are now missing. I put this feeder up the first week in December and it went to the landfill Easter weekend. Now since this is an equal opportunity review I will tell you that the squirrels give the feeder high marks. They like the large dome that keeps them dry in the rain, and they especially like the tray that lets them sit while the dine. If you want a feeder that squirrels won't even look at try the Droll Yankee Whipper.
    ...more info
  • Poor Service
    The company shipped a very damaged box (holes, tears, smashed and one roll of clear tape holding it together)with the product inside broken in 3 pieces. I've never had to contact Amazon over anything before. They stated this came from a different party. I explained that on the website it stated that it was sold by Amazon (no 2nd party). The company is refunding my money which I'm still waiting for. As for the product, it probably would've been very nice. It is quite large for a bird feeder and the copper looked pretty. Too bad. The UPS driver even said he was ashamed that he had to deliver it. :(...more info
  • Positive Feedback on Bird Feeder
    Opus 71032 Topflight Copper Triple Tube Bird Feeder
    Excellent value. This was a replacement for a similar product from a RI co. no longer in business. Especially like ease for removing/cleaning bottom tray & "funnel" feature for filling tubes. Amazon was fast & efficient in processing order. ...more info
  • false advertising
    This birdfeeder was advertised as a copper and it is copper colored plastic! The size was not given and it is larger than I would have wanted. Needless to say, I will not trust Amazon for anymore purchases unless I have actually seen the product somewhere else....more info
  • non-copper triple tube bird feeder
    The word copper in the title sets up the consumer for big disappointment-it's simply the same old feeder in copper COLOR. Some of us naive sorts kinda thought maybe real copper (at that price!?) and therefore a little more squirrel proof. I support fat squirrels - fox squirrels from the east - as well as lots of birds. The squirrels nag at my two feeders and do a little damage, but mostly don't hurt them, the metal clad tubes at the feeding holes stops any beast from doing harm where it matters.
    Most of the damage has been from my dropping them a few dozen feet when the suspended wire gives out. Now they are patched up with wire, tape, replacement lower pans, but they still work.
    The feeder is just a little frail. If they made one with 4 or 5 or more tubes I'd buy it.
    As mine wear out, I will buy more....more info
  • Tube Bird Feeder
    Like the feeding port design. Leasve open for sunflower seeds and close for thistle seed....more info
  • Not Quite "Copper"
    The item is pretty, but it is a little misleading that it is called copper, when the majority of the construction is copper COLORED plastic.
    That kind of sucks.
    ...more info