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The Beatles 1
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Media Type: CD
Title: BEATLES 1
Street Release Date: 11/14/2000

Proving yet again their willingness to dice 'n' slice their burgeoning legacy into new--if not exactly fresh--product, the Fab Four Minus One have released this single-disc compendium of their No. 1 hits. Though obviously superfluous to the faithful (who may also find themselves quibbling over the precise definition of "No. 1 hit" and the exclusion of seeming contenders like "Please Please Me" and "Strawberry Fields"), newly arrived visitors from the Pleiades star cluster and other neophytes will find it a concise and generous (nearly 80 minutes) single-disc introduction to the band's career-spanning, unparalleled dominance of pop music in the 1960s. But beyond being a mere trophy case of commercial success (and it won't be hard to find critics who'll argue that these singles aren't even the band's best work), it's also a Cliff's Notes take on a remarkable seven-year run of musical evolution, one that stretches from the neo-skiffle of "Love Me Do" through a remarkable synthesis of R&B, rockabilly, Tin Pan Alley, gospel, country, and classical that still defies efforts to effectively deconstruct it. This is the pop monument equivalent of the '27 Yankees and '90s Bulls; it's every bit as obvious and dominating--and just as essential. --Jerry McCulley

Customer Reviews:

  • Confusing to newbies but still a great compilation
    This CD takes the listener on a journey through the essential three periods of The Beatles' music. Since those tunes are radically different on each end, any newcomer to The Beatles (living on Venus? *.* ) might experience a little confusion as to how this may have happened. The answer to that is probably to listen to the "Anthology" on 6 discs.

    In any case, these are the biggies that we heard on the radio, AM when The Beatles first got rolling. I savoured most of these early tunes on crystal clear powerhouse WOWO Radio AM, Fort Wayne, Indiana, which was hundreds of miles west of my home in southeastern Ohio, on warm summer nights. During the daytime, when WOWO powered down, we listened on WKEE AM ("KEE Radio," Huntington, West Virginia), which was one of the first rock stations to ultimately make the jump to FM in our region.

    Nostalgia aside, I bought this CD practically on the day that it was released. If a person owned only one [The] Beatles album, I guess that this should be it. If one only cared for the middle, "psychedelic period," then they should probably go for either "Sargeant Pepper's" or "The White Album" (see my full reviews of those fine works).

    Keep in mind that this is "Top 40" stuff so the listener definitely misses out on the brilliant nuances of The Beatles' more obscure works which is, in my opinion, what launched them as a mega-music-machine, given the additional boost by both Brian Epstein and George Martin. In the old "33 RPM" days, (and in the 8-Track ones... YIKES!!!), we listened to The Beatles albums in their entirety, not really honing in on a single hit song so much, (although the 45 RPMs were certainly available and popular with some).

    Still, this is a super compilation and, albeit it comes off as a bit of a mix-match of tunes, I'm glad it's available as long as people know what to expect when they buy it....more info
  • Amazing...
    This album was my first exposure to the Beatles. I bought it a couple years ago. I can honestly say that it is possibly one of the best albums I've ever heard. EVERY single song on the album is good. I can't think of one that's bad. If I HAD to pick some favorites I'd go with "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "Eight Days a Week", "Paperback Writer", "Eleanor Rigby", "Penny Lane", "All You Need is Love", "Lady Madonna", "Something", and "Let it Be". But for me, it's like splitting hairs.

    I recntly also bought another album by the Beatles: Rubber Soul. I thought that it was absolutely amazing. I'm surprised that none of them made it onto this CD. But then again, it's just their #1's, so I guess I can't really fault them with that. Well, all in all, If you're like me, and you want to get into the Beatles, this album is a great place to start, you won't regret it. And then, if you really like it, I would also recommend Rubber Soul, which doesn't have any of the same songs. ...more info
  • The Beatles 1
    Boy does this CD bring back memories. Really great Beatles songs. Great buy....more info
  • new Beatles fan
    I know that the Beatles' music is held near and dear to many diehard fans so I don't want to even try to suppose I know how well this complilation was organized but I do know that I loved the music! ...more info
  • CD played fine
    Music CD came quickly. Plastic case was cracked and broken, but was as described and CD played fine. ...more info
  • Beatles #1 Hits
    Astounding collection for anyone from any generation to listen to. Hard to top this 1....more info
  • You'll love it, yeah, yeah, yeah!
    I love this collection! It's a must for every Beatles fan. You will love having so many of their greatest hits on one disk. This is my second copy of this CD ... my son played it so much, and took it with him everywhere ... until it got scratched. This copy is off limits! :-)...more info
  • You can't screw up perfection
    Some songs never get old. If you love the Beatles you'll love this CD. The sound quality is great, and those early songs that were mono on vinyl sound great on todays 5.1 sound systems. If you're too young to have listened to the Beatles when they were together this is a good way to listen to how their music developed in their short but remarkable time together....more info
  • The Beatles 1
    Very pleased with CD. Had all the great songs on it. Would recommend this for Beatle lovers....more info
  • Lots of classics
    This is a great disc if you feel like you've forgotten your Beatles. It misses a few tracks but covers a lot of ground. The biggest disappointment is that it doesn't sound that good. A lot of the recordings are flat and lacking in dynamics, and they sound like whoever was remastering them was not paying attention. I find myself rarely listening to this as a result of the poor sound quality, a true disappointment.

    For a real sonic treat (in terms of audio quality) check out the Love remix disc which has some great remixes and absolutely stellar audio quality....more info
  • Past and Present
    This CD brings back memories and helps to make new ones. The sound quality is quite better than the original album....more info
  • Best Album Ever in Music!!!
    This compilation has some of the greatest songs ever performed by the best group in history....more info
  • Your Beatles Fix
    You need some Beatles. You need them now. But which album to choose? You scramble through your collection, trying to figure out just which album fits your immediate needs! Indecision sets in! What to do?!? Grab this. Listen to the singles. Sure they span an entire career, and they may not all play well together, but you are out of options. You need Beatles. Here they are. Always great, always there when you need them. When in doubt, check out 1....more info
  • Disappointment
    Rubbish. On several tracks the lyrics were not audible. Overall the tracks sounded like studio outtakes.My refund is awaited. I have only given 1star because the system won't let me give ZERO....more info
  • Use this as an entry point to The Beatles
    In 2000, The Beatles released '1,' a single-disc, 27-track compilation spanning The Beatles' entire career, 1962 to 1970. Released on Apple in 2000, the record was digitally remastered, and before I begin my review, the sound quality on this disc is exceptional. It really is. Now, read on for my review for '1.'

    While each of these 27 songs are five stars easily, I don't really recommend this disc for anybody except for the new, casual or hardcore Beatles fan. Why, you may ask?

    First off, while everything here is superb, two of their finest albums go completely unrepresented. 'Rubber Soul' and 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band' are easily two of the finest records EVER MADE, and yet, there is NOTHING on this album from those albums. No 'Michelle,' no 'In My Life,' no 'Drive My Car,' 'Norwegian Wood,' 'Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.' I could go on and on and on.

    Also, nothing from one of their early albums, 'With the Beatles.' That means, no 'All My Loving' or 'You Really Got A Hold On Me.' These are also disappointing omissions.

    The point is, it's virtually impossible to gather all of The Beatles' best songs on one disc. It has been attempted many times, including on '1.' Now this is a good disc, I own it, and I have listened to it many times. It's got many of the basics, on a positive note. Spanning 'Love Me Do,' from 1962, to 'Let It Be' and 'The Long and Winding Road,' from 1970, this disc does cover every phase of the group's career. But, the omission of songs from 'Rubber Soul' and 'Sgt. Pepper's' prevents this disc from getting five stars.

    Any Beatles compilation lacking tracks from those two albums is three stars at best.

    Overall, I strongly recommend '1' to the casual Beatles fan, the new Beatles fan, and for the hardcore fan just because of the slamming sound quality. But otherwise, I recommend '1962-1966' and '1967-1970,' both two disc sets, to get The Beatles best work. There, you will collect many of their great songs that are missing in action here. Get those instead.

    '1,' unfortunately, can be skipped. ...more info
  • Beatles 1 review
    This is a fantastic collection of Beatle's songs. I was fortunate in my younger days to own (I think) ALL of the original albums, but nowI have themon CD and I would recommend this CD collection to anyine who likes good music....more info
  • Great CD!
    This is a great CD. Brings back memories of when I was growing up. A great collection of the most popular songs....more info