Belkin Bulldog Universal Security Kit with Heavy Duty Lock and 6FT Cable
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Product Description

Maybe your work environment isn't secure. Or you made an office of your garage but it doesn't lock up properly. Or maybe you have a cottage that you rent out and you want to secure the stereo system. Regardless, you invested a lot of money in your equipment so let the Belkin Bulldog Security Kit protect that investment.The Bulldog Universal Security kit is a strong and durable theft deterrent security system designed to safeguard valuable computers and home office electronic equipment. Built with high-tension steel anchoring plates and aircraft quality steel cable, the Bulldog lives up to its name with its heavy duty steel lock and super-strength adhesive.PRODUCT FEATURES: Keys, heavy-duty steel plates and cyanoacrylate adhesive; Best theft protection for your valuable computer and office equipment; Complete with aircraft-quality cable, lock, 2 keys, heavy-duty steel plates and cyanoacrylate adhesive; Glow-in-the-dark label wards off burglars.

  • Best theft protection for your valuable computer and office equipment
  • Complete with aircraft-quality cable, lock, 2 keys, heavy-duty steel plates and cyanoacrylate adhesive
  • Glow-in-the-dark label wards off burglars
  • $500 Anti-Theft Warranty
Customer Reviews:
  • Security against the opportunistic thief

    Bottom Line. Cheap, sufficient security against the opportunistic thief. Mediocre instructions, probably useless anti-theft warranty.

    This security kit is basically designed for locking down a desktop system to something stationary (a piece of furniture or a part of the house, for example). It provides two smaller plates and one larger plate that can be glued on to the computer & peripherals. Run a cable through these plates, and lock the end to foil the thief. Don't expect the kit to stop someone with time and the proper equipment.

    Note. (1) This kit is not for laptops. (2) The cable is long enough if all the system's pieces sit on one desk, but perhaps not if they don't.

    Pros. Cheap, quick and easy. (The supplied cyanoacrylate glue ( Krazy Glue) requires 24 hours to set.)

    Areas of Improvement. (1) The lock isn't the greatest. Again, it will stop the opportunistic thief probably, but you could pick up a better one at the local hardware store easily. (2) This kit supplies a small tube of cyanoacrylate glue, better known as Krazy Glue or Superglue. This sort of glue has a shortcoming. One wonders whether an epoxy might be more secure. (3) Get rid of that stupid glow-in-the-dark sticker.


    -- Less-than-ideal instructions. Belkin provides only a few lines to explain the installation process, and the drawings are misleading. (Incidentally, do not simply wrap the cable around a table leg and lock it, as one of the drawings seem to suggest. Other than the fact that you may be able to slip the lock out, it is generally better to lock the computer to a part of the house such as a sturdy pipe, rather than to a piece of furniture.) The kit isn't hard to install, and most can probably figure it out intuitively. But Belkin really ought to do a better job on the instructions.

    -- So if Belkin devotes only a few words to the actual installation instructors, what does most of the text actually say? The terms of the anti-theft warranty, of course. And these terms make me feel rather hopeless about getting any money from Belkin. Belkin basically reserves all rights to determine whether the lock was properly installed, used, etc. If you are filing a claim, you may have to have the lock inspected at YOUR expense. My suspicion is that the $500 anti-theft warranty is just a gimmick. Incidentally, one part of the text says the you must send in the warranty card to get the anti-theft warranty, but the card itself says you don't. This is sloppy on Belkin's part. ...more info
  • Locking down everything
    Aha, potentially laptop stealer, your puny pliers are no match for the Bulldog! The good news is that you will never fear equipment evaporation ever again. The bad news is that your laptop just doubled in weight and now you have even more keys to keep track of. Watch out for the glue! It's merciless at sticking fingers together....more info
  • Good security at reasonable cost
    This Security Kit provides flexibility and security at reasonable cost. Nothing is ever completely secure, but this Kit provides excellent deterrence....more info
  • Belkin Bulldog Cable, dorm essential
    This product is excellent. Holds very strong with just the glue. Its a must have for all your expensive gear in a college dorm. I have it attached to my 32'' Viewsonic N3200w LCD TV and my Mac Pro Tower.

    Just be very careful not to get the glue on your fingers, it will pull your skin off if you let it sit....more info
  • Electronics Bulldog Security Kit
    Due to several equipment changes I have bought several B
    ulldog Security kits. So far have had no problems. Makes a great theft deterent and seems very strong and would take a theft quite a while to remove secure pads from equipment and/or cut cable. Only thing I wish Belkin would sell the secure pads only, I have 5 very good cables that I keep having to replace....more info
  • Priced Right!
    This kit is very easy to use. The instructions are simple, the cable is plenty long enough to connect several pieces of equipment. If the glue truly holds tight, and the cable and padlock truly cannot be cut, it should be a real deterrent to theft. Beware: the glue is very fast drying, so keep your fingers out of it. Nextag.Com showed the best price as $19.14 ranging to $32, so Amazon (as usual) has the best price!...more info
  • bulldog is ruff and tuff and priced right for the stuff
    this security system works well. setup was very easy components are high quality. i was able lock down my sons computer and monitor to the desk in his dorm room. the length of the cable was more than adequate. most important of all the system came at a very reasonable price....more info
  • beware laptop users
    ALMOST Useless for laptops, very bulky. Does NOT plug in to security jack on laptops....more info