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Yoga Conditioning for Athletes
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The fact that basketball legend Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, a serious yogi, played professionally for two decades without once suffering the kind of shoulder, knee, hamstring, or other injuries that hamper so many other athletes' careers is no coincidence. Instructor Rodney Yee is therefore clearly on to something with Yoga Conditioning for Athletes, a yoga practice designed to promote overall balance, diminish the likelihood of injury, and enhance athletes' physical conditioning and "focused concentration." With two assistants demonstrating modifications for the various poses, Yee leads the user through a three-part, hour-long program. The first section, "Opening," requires the use of a folding chair and includes several bends and twists for the spine, hips, and hamstrings. "Conditioning," the second and most vigorous section, alternates basic standing asanas (triangle, warrior I and II, extended right angle) with balancing poses (tree, eagle) and several sustained forward bends; "Integration," the third section, combines seated and reclining backbends, lunges, twists, and hip work. All in all, this is a solid, reasonably complete (but not overly taxing) program that should deliver what it promises. That said, it's also true that almost any yoga workout is a good thing for an athlete. --Kelly Welldon

Customer Reviews:

  • Easy/relaxed paced non-flowing yoga w/emphasis for those who are less flexible/imbalanced muscles
    I love Rodney Yee, he is my first introduction to yoga from being on Opra & still one of my favorites because of his great body awareness.
    This is set outside on grass w/a beautiful, as always, beach behind. Christy who is flexible but needs to work on upper body strength & Chris who is strong, but more inflexible who makes use of blocks the most, both help out Rodney who shows no modifications the different stages many people can be in.
    On the deluxe DVD, the main 48 min workout has 3 different camera angles: for Chris, for Christy & for Rodney w/showing the other two.
    The music is light & forgettable.
    Opening - 12 min - basic stretches using a chair that is actually very effective.
    Conditioning - 17 min - main workout - some slow, non-flowing, basic sun salutations, but mostly basic standing poses & some quick downward dog only, or downward dog, standing fwd bend, mountain only in between like: triangle, eagle, chair, warrior 1, warrior 2, extended side angle, tree & wide angle standing fwd bend.
    Integration - 17 min - relaxing poses on the ground - hero's pose, sitting fwd bend, crescent, cobra, bow, wide angle sitting fwd bend, sitting spinal twist, reclined spinal twist, reclined straight leg in air, butterfly, reclined knee to ribs,
    Relaxation - 5 min

    Extra mini workouts - 48 min emphasizing on:
    Tennis - 8 min - knee to chest, deep reclined spinal twist, reclined straight leg in air, downward dog, warrior 1, child's pose
    Running - 8 min - foot on chair seat bend over it stretch, downward dog, child's pose, hero's pose reaching up simple stretch, cobbler's pose (not into butterfly)
    Golf - 8 min - standing simple arm stretch & side torso bends, warrior 2, cobra, simple seated arm part only eagle & then torso twist, simple seated & bend gently back onto straight arms behind
    Cycling - 7 min - cat/cow, downward dog, crescent, side angle, cobra, reclined straight leg in air & towards head, large bolster under upper back horizontally for stretch
    Swimming - 8 min - sun salutations 2x, triangle, side angle, lunges, standing wide angle, large bolster under upper back for stretch
    All other sports - 9 min - mountain, standing fwd bend, down dog, triangle, child's, sitting spinal twist, reclined straight leg in air, bolster along spine under entire back & rolled blanket under head/neck,

    I love the different angles of the camera option, the production quality is top notch, Rodney has great cuing & good about reminding you about the subtle movements to keep in mind & what not to do. The min workouts is a great bonus. I just found the workouts to be a bit too slow for me, possibly the music which you cannot change or remove. ...more info
  • Kim L. Bauer
    The tape delivers exactly what the title promises. "Conditioning for athletes". That was the problem. I prefer "power style" yoga because I like to break a sweat during my yoga training. This workout was designed specifically (as I found out after buying the tape) to help athletes and weekend warriors avoid the pitfalls of overdeveloped or overtrained muscle groups. For that purpose, it is excellent. Rodney Yee is a master both in form and in directing and coaching you through the work out. I knew exactly what to do at every step of the way, and through his guidance, could monitor and correct my own form. But this is not the intense workout I had hoped for. In fact, I did not break a sweat. The tape is excellent for it's purpose, and would be a great "tweener" tape for days between tougher training. Because of the three instruction levels, it is also (in my opinion) a great tape to use to introduce yoga to athletes who have not done it before. (I'm thinking of my "iron pumping" husband who needs to round out his workouts with some flexibility training and stress reduction)...more info
  • One of the best yoga or stretch videos ever!
    If you're an athlete, you'd be foolish to pass Yoga for Athletes by. It's really one of the best yoga or stretch videos I've ever tried, and I think I've tried them all!

    I'm an advanced-level fitness buff who has always considered myself to be pretty flexible..... Hah! .... It took Yoga for Athletes ("YFA") to show me how much tension I carried in my hips, legs and lower back. I'm humbled! It is, as the title suggests, ideal for opening up the pockets of tension that runners, bicyclists, and other athletes accumulate over time.

    YFA is not at all a strenuous workout and it doesn't move at bullet-train speed (as with Rodney Yee's Power Yoga for Stamina or David Swenson & Bryan Kest's power yoga series). YFA lets you hold the stretches for a cozy length of time before you move on to the next pose. It should appeal to any garden variety athlete, even the New Age adverse, because is it a fairly straightforward yoga video with little mysticism.

    Be careful, though. While the YFA postures aren't difficult for fit beginners, it can tax your range of flexibility if you aren't careful. Mr. Yee and his two yoga cohorts demonstrate different levels of flexibility. Follow their example. Respect your body's signals and don't push it past its range of flexibility -- be humble! This workout will help you extend your range of flexibility in time.

    Overall, a superb 5-star yoga workout that you shouldn't miss....more info

  • a must for all athletes!
    As a competitive tennis player and runner, I've had my share of aches and pains. But since I started using this tape, I've been injury free. I've given this tape to a number of my athlete friends when they complained about a sports injury and have converted them all. If you are a serious athlete, you must own this tape....more info
  • I wish I had purchased years ago!
    I held off buying this dvd for a very long time, because I am certainly no athlete. I do, however, enjoy yoga, especially those dvds done by Rodney Yee. I finally broke down and purchased this dvd thinking I would give it to my daughter, who is a black belt in karate and enjoys yoga for flexibility. What a thrill I had when the two of us did this yoga dvd together! This dvd is excellent. The routines are not out of reach for a beginner, but are certainly something we can all aspire to to enhance our practice. I agree with the reviewer who said it shows how much tension is carried in the hips. This is an area I often try to stretch to no avail, but this dvd does the trick. I am so glad I finally bought this dvd. If you are not an athlete, don't let the title scare you. This is a wonderful dvd for everyone....more info
  • Not Just for Athletes
    Don't let the title scare you off if you are not an athlete. I started my yoga practice two years ago using this video. It has three parts which can be used separately or together in one sessions. Rodney Yee explains postures thoroughly. After using this tape often, I still find it challenging since he has students who demonstrate different levels of each move. A beginner can start off with modifications and move into more challenging positions as flexibility and stamina improve. It is still my favorite tape, even though my practice has expanded greatly.

    Grandmaann...more info
  • One of my favorite Rodney Yee routines!
    I have quite a few Rodney Yee DVDs, but this one may be my favorite. He holds the poses much longer than on other tapes, which I especially like. I have a newer version of this DVD and the cover looks different than the one pictures here on Amazon.

    The main routine on the DVD is approx. 45 minutes in length and includes stretches performed with a chair, traditional standing poses, floor poses, and final relaxation. On the newer DVD version that I have this workout is broken into two sections: stretching and strength so you can do each individually if you like.

    You also get a set of mini-workouts that are terrific. They are NOT excerpts from the long routine, but rather individually taped short routines approx. 10 minutes each. They target specific sports (Tennis, Running, Golf, Cycling, Swimming, and All Other Sports), but I like to do them in sequence with a lovely rest between each one for a total routine of approx. 45 min.

    You do not need to be an athlete to enjoy these routines and I highly recommend this one for just about every level of yogi and yogini :o)

    Check my other yoga and meditation DVD reviews on Amazon.
    ...more info
  • A strenuous, yet relaxing experience
    I was looking for an inexpensive introduction to yoga that wouldn't frustrate my desire to exert myself while satisfying my need for a more "centering" (spiritual) workout. I found it in this well-crafted video! As a yoga beginner (however strong & flexible I may be), I was pleased with the careful attention paid to correct body position and basic yoga (breathing, feeling, etc.) principles. After renting it twice, I'm now buying it for myself and my sister. I'll need to take yoga classes eventually to ensure proper body positioning and to elaborate on yoga principles -but this is a great alternative to pricey classes for now....more info
  • Good for athletes new to yoga
    This is a good entry level video for the athlete who is feeling too tight and out of sync. The multiple variations are an excellant addition. Unquestionably, they will aid in balancing flexibility with strength which will aid in athletic performance. Rodney Yee is an excellent instructor. Proper attention is placed on the breath as is essential for true yoga. In as far as the conditioning workout that it promises, it falls short. One is better off with Brian Quest or similar videos.None the less this video has it's place and is a good starting place....more info
  • Good for beginners too!
    I found this to be a surprisingly gentle yoga tape. You don't have to be an athlete to do it. It really concentrates on realigning your back and re-centering your body....more info
  • Good for beginners...
    This was my first yoga DVD - my sister recommended it because she said some other yoga instructors move through the poses really fast but this instructor holds the poses long enough to get a good stretch.

    I usually do the stretching or conditioning portion - the strength portion I skip. I like the mini sports workouts too - if I'm pressed for time, I'll do a couple of those. They are all geared for different sports - most of which I don't play. The mini "tennis" yoga workout still feels great although I haven't played tennis in years!

    So you don't have to be an athlete to purchase this DVD :) I like that it shows modified moves for those (like me) who are less flexible & can't put their hands flat on the ground. My mom "borrowed" this DVD a few weeks ago so I think I will just give it to her and get myself another copy. I would like to try another Rodney Yee yoga DVD also.......more info