Hybrid Theory
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  • Track: 10: Forgotten,
  • Track: 11: Cure For The Itch,
  • Track: 12: Pushing Me Away,
  • Track: 1: Papercut,
  • Track: 2: One Step Closer,
  • Track: 3: With You,
  • Track: 4: Points Of A Authority,
  • Track: 5: Crawling,
  • Track: 6: Runaway,
  • Track: 7: By Myself,
  • Track: 8: In The End,
  • Track: 9: A Place For My Head
    Media Type: CD
    Artist: LINKIN PARK
    Street Release Date: 10/24/2000
    Genre: ROCK/POP

    It may be too cynical to assume Hybrid Theory changed its name to Linkin Park in order to appear right next to Limp Bizkit in your local record bin. But rock-rap workouts like "One Step Closer" and "Papercut" do make Linkin Park a comfortable fit with Fred Durst and his ilk. Producer Don Gilmore (Pearl Jam, Lit, Eve 6) and twin vocal threats Chester Bennington and Mike Shinoda serve up industrial-strength rap and rock melodicism with equal aplomb on this woulda-been-self-titled debut effort. "Points of Authority" aims to sound like Trent Reznor wanking it up with Lars and company, whereas guitarist Brad Delson's Edge-y harmonics help "In the End" and "Pushing Me Away" evoke a dark romanticism akin to A Perfect Circle. Curiously, the band gets by with no bass player, while sample-happy DJ Joseph Hahn's step into the spotlight on the instrumental "Cure for the Itch" suggests a potential for eclecticism that could help Linkin Park outlive its seemingly transient genre. --Bill Forman
  • Customer Reviews:

    • Amazing Nu-Metal from the Glory Days of LP
      What can I say? Linkin Park has really not been so great lately. And I think that stems from a couple of bad decisions they've made:
      1. Start cussing in their music
      2. Start writing sell out pop (I'm not a whiney pop hater... but it's just not Linkin Park!)

      That being said, this album is 100% genuine, satisfying Linkin Park material that has stood the test of time and is still SO good. From the tasty metal of "One Step Closer" to the heartbreaking melody of "In the End" this album represents Linkin Park at their best. I also highly, highly recommend "Meteora" which is even a better than this one!

      You can't go wrong with this gem.

      Meteora-Linkin Park
      Wonder What's Next-Chevelle
      End of Silence- Red
      Innocence and Instinct-Red
      Define the Great Line- Underoath...more info
    • Best band in the world!!!
      I bought this CD after listening to one of the singles "In The End" which I fell in love with. I bought the CD to check out the other songs and I loved every song on the disc. It was amazing! I have never heard a band with so much energy, and LP delivered for thier debut album. Even the albums after this rocked, which to me officially makes LP the best band in the world....more info
    • Great album for music lover
      This album is really quite a masterful experience. All the songs on here are flawless notable ones being:One step closer,With you,Runaway,By myself,In the end, A place for my head and pushing me away.This cd is probably one of my most played cds that I own. Definetely pick this one up its fantastic....more info
    • LP's ultra debut
      This was a awssome debut album from LP. All the song's had meaning and high experience in it. I love all these song's, and i never get tired of listening to them over and over again.

      Papercut 10/10
      One step closer 10/10
      With you 10/10
      Point's of authority 10/10
      Crawling 10/10
      Runaway 10/10
      By myself 10/10
      In the end 10/10
      Place for my head 10/10
      Forgotten 10/10
      Cure for the itch 10/10
      Pushing me away 10/10

      All these song's were strong and great. I really enjoyed this album....more info
    • This album is a symbol for Generation Y
      The first time I saw Linkin Park I was just chilling out at home watching MTV. All of sudden a unique-looking video that appeared to be filmed in cave came on. Three minutes later I was thinking, "Wow, that was awesome." The video was for "One Step Closer." I bought the cd a short time later and was amazed by virtually every song on the album. During my first semester of college, I listened to this entire album nearly everyday.

      My two favorites types of music are rap/hip-hop and metal so this album was right up my alley. Great lyrics, tight beats, heavy guitar riffs, everything I could ask for. Also, I've always thought it was cool to have two primary vocalists in the same band. ...more info
    • My favorite yet!
      Out of all of the Linkin Park CD's, I have to say that this one is my favorite. The majority of the songs on the CD are my top Linkin Park picks, with Papercut being my number 1 favorite! If you're a Linkin Park fan, this CD is a must buy!...more info
    • One of my favourite albums- it should be one of yours!
      Nu-metal rules! Who needs those gay political bands like "Rage Against The Machine" when you've got incredible lyrics here? Bob Dylan? That guy is a joke, too. Linkin Park remains one of the finest bands I've ever listened to. The rapping is on-par with Lil' Wayne and the instrumentals are almost as good as those by Nickelback! This is a truly fantastic album. Listen to it now, you won't regret it!...more info
    • Nice
      one word... nice. ever since i bought that album, i still listen to it like it just came out. Which is rare for me, especially with rock....more info
    • eh
      well i thought it would be in a little bit nicer shape, some of the songs skip. but it was fast getting to me....more info
    • Great CD
      If you like Linkin Park you will enjoy this CD because it rocks!!!...more info
    • Good music, great hooks, different style.
      Linkin Park is not metal. They are considered nu-metal or maybe alternative metal, but don't expect balls-out metal. There is rapping, lots of melody, scratching, and some hip-hop elements combined with a hard-edged rock sensibility. They have a very polished, distinguishable sound that pours out of any sound system with gusto. I usually enjoy heavier music, such as Lamb of God and Mastodon, but I really keep my mind open to other styles as well. LP is just too good to ignore. They have a knack for writing hit songs and yet it doesn't seem like they are trying too hard. When I listen to heavy music, there has to be great riffs, vocals, and hooks. If any of those three things is missing, I shelve it. LP has all three and this was one of the best cds of 2000. It took awhile to convert me, but I consider them to be one of the better bands to come out of the nu-metal scene. The entire cd is great, no filler. Lots of hit songs. "Papercut", "One Step Closer", "Crawling", "In the End" and "Points of Authority"....more info
    • My very fave CD
      I didn't buy this CD when it first came out. I went to basic military training and my brother bought this CD for me as a gift. I did not usually listen to rock but mostly R&B at the time so I thought I wouldn't like it. But I had to live in the dorms while I did some more trainng and my roommate would always talk on the phone at 3 in the morning so I would play this CD in my CD player with the headphones on to get me to sleep. It got to the point where I would play it every night regardless if my roommate was on the phone or not. Every song on here is classic and I love how it flows. I think that LP was the first in coming out with this new sound and I think that they set the bar for all other groups out there. I love their creativity and I have every single one of their CDs. Even the remakes. Yes, I am an avid fan. I just hate how they take so long to come out with a new CD. I am always craving more when I hear a new LP CD. All in all, if you are not wanting to hear the mainstream types of music they play on MTV over and over, try this CD. Its awesome!...more info
    • yeh i gave it 5 stars
      I'll be honest, when I first heard about this album and linkin park I thought...ugh, what crap. But that is with only knowing about the first single they put out and not listening to the whole album.
      so lets get it outta the way, linkin park is a pre fab, pretty much no talent, nu metal, rap rock type of band. Plus i really dont like the people in the band either..
      but damn this album is actually really good. Every song flows really well. Whether they wrote these songs or not, no matter how much computer processing was needed to make that lead singer guy somewhat sound in key...I don't care, what's on this album sounds good...so good that it is one of my favorite albums of all time.
      When I listen to this album I just listen to the music without letting what I know about the band bother me or irk my opinion at all.
      That's the way this album needs to be heard, otherwise you'll be so bothered by the fact that you like it, you just might break the cd....more info
    • Highly reccomended.
      I bought this CD knowing one or two singles a long time ago, not expecting to be what i thought it was. Five years later, it remains my most played CD. This isn't one of those CDs that has two listenable songs and then the rest is filler, for every song is just as good as the others. It's not really metal, and it has bits and pieces of electronica and hip hop to mix it up so it doesn't get old. ...more info
    • Its okay
      Ya this CD is okay. Its just really generic nu-metal. I like nu-metal a lot its just some it sounds the same and brings nothing new and that is Linken Park. I don't hate this, I just think it is kind of boring and not that cool. Partially why this does not get 3 stars is that since this band got so big for a while you kind of expect it to be great nu-metal, but its just plain. Not great, not terrible....more info
    • Good Start, but needed some more work
      Linkin Park made it's way to popularity around 2000 with the album Hybrid Theory. It became a major hit, eventually going diamond (10x Platinum).

      First off, let it be known that Linkin Park isn't metal. They use some elements of metal, but they shouldn't be classified as metal. Pure metal would be the well-known bands of Iron Maiden, Metallica, Dream Theater, you know... If anything, LP could be classified under Alternative Metal along with a huge majority of bands today. Anyways, LP's first album was a decent one, however, there were a few issues I had.

      1. Papercut - 10/10, starting off with a kickass track, one of my faves to this day. Mainly one of pure rap
      2. One Step Closer - 7.5/10, never really got into this one that much
      3. With You - 8/10, good track
      4. Points Of Authority - 8.7/10, I honestly prefer the Reanimation remix
      5. Crawling - 7.6/10, it was cool the first time, but got annoying and over-rated very quickly.
      6. Runaway - 8.9/10, this one seemingly gets a lot of playtime on radio despite not charting well on either rock chart. Not too bad of a track, though the yelling portion near the end should have been reworked around
      7. By Myself - 6.8/10, eh...
      8. In the End - 10/10, probably LP's best track. Once again, it's another mainly rap-track with Shinoda.
      9. A Place for My Head - 9.2/10, this track starts off with a western-styled beginning before the beats and guitars come in. Has a good "scream-out" line, but it doesn't compare to Zach De La Rocha's infamous line near the end of Rage's Killing in the Name.
      10. Forgotten - 9.4/10, another good track, not really much yelling portions.
      11. Cure for the Itch - 9.5/10, heh, instrumental. Doesn't really sound like most of LP's other work. In fact, it probably sounds like an electronic band. Well, the only thing that could have been down here is to lengthen the song...5 minutes of this to jam to.
      12. Pushing Me Away - 8.3/10, good song, but it kind of doesn't have the flare that songs like Papercut, In The End, and a ton of the Meteora album has.

      Some of you may have a special edition CD which contains 2 songs "High Voltage" and "My December". I personally haven't heard High Voltage, but My December is pretty awesome despite being a lot softer and slower than most of LP's work.

      Linkin Park's works deals with angst and anger. They might not be for everyone. If you enjoy hard rock with a flare of rap, you can try this album out and maybe pick up Meteora as well. If you are looking for true metal like Metallica though, you probably will be dissapointed.

      There's nothing wrong with trying out though. Don't just stay away from a band just because they get too much attention on MTV and the radio....more info
    • linkin biscuit backstreet park boys
      Or whatever the name of this substanceless kid-crap mainsteam sell-out college rock band is. This band is to music what Dominos is to pizza. If you're over 16 and you still like this crap then you must think Paris Hilton is the finest model/actress in the country....more info
    • Linkin Park. Some insight from a fan.
      Ok, first off, I would like to address something:
      -This is not a metal band. Don't expect metal. If you think it's metal, you have some twisted definition of that word.

      Now that that's out of the way, I can focus on the music:
      Overall, pretty good for a debut(ish) album. Chester's voice clearly expresses the songs, Mike's additional vocals and hip-hop prowess add another element to the music. Add a pinch of varied instruments, guitar parts that aren't overbearing and in your face, a beat that keeps the whole thing together, and you've got, well, Linkin Park.

      This is not another one of those poser bands that tries to be cool. What they try to do is make music, and good music at that. The fact that they don't just stick to the same ol' same ol' guitar/drums/singer format is a good thing. They have decided to go beyond that and forge their own way. With deep lyrics and more than one lead singer, they, well, rock.

      I'm not going to go in to detail about each of the songs. You can listen to them and make your own opinion instead of relying on what "everyone" is saying to cloud your judgement. But at least try going with what you like.

      Overall, LP rocks. If you like 'em, more power to ya. If you don't, well, I really don't care. And if you don't know, listen, and you'll see....more info
    • Linkin Park's Hybrid Theory
      This was another album I bought with alot of doubt. This album is very much worth all the money!!!! Every song on here is great. Only one I dont like is Number 11.

      This album is a very good especially if you want to see what Linkin Park is all about.


      A.C./16/Ohio...more info
    • Trailer Park & Spoiled Brat Suburbanite Babble
      Requirements for buying this album: Poor decision making skills, nothing is ever your fault, your genetic destiny is to become a broke and miserable unwed parent with 2 failed marriages before age 30 or your parents took the car keys away because you got a bad report card which makes you want to fantasize fake suicide in your bedroom by landing on top of your Playstation where your cell phone breaks your hip...then yeah, get this album. Also, you "memorial tattoo" trailer park/apartment complex living mouth breathers might like this one after you've digested Godsmack's first CD 900 times since it's release might want to pick this up as well. Now...if your mother has crispy 80's hair and goes to tanning beds where your stepsister lives in your basement with her boyfriend and their 2 year old son who wears baby sized basketball jerseys, then Hybrid Theory is a MUST for your collection. Goes right next to Toby Keith's Shock N Ya'll and the latest from P. Diddy in your assembly-required-particle-board CD storage. ...more info
    • Great album
      This album is great. In the begining I didn't think this band would be as
      huge as they become. They are slow putting out albums, but when they do their quality. ...more info
    • angry why Wait?
      Maybe this is angry music, but its not anger contained and bottled and packed in an album with some metro scrawl cover art to envoke nu hipsters into buying another release of angry music. What I'm saying is these songs will having you singing along like a cat in a ball of yarn in no time. From the first to the last track, nothing but exceptional, and the best vocal delviery of the century! Voicing the truth that I as a listener am futile in any attempt to voice my true inner emotions that fuel my anger, atleast unable to voice those emotions as long as I have this cd playing loudly.

      Beware this is not nu metal but an extravagant jaunting of calidescopic sonic pyrotechnics that will steal your face. If you listen to boring alt rock like cursive, bright eyes, death cab for cutie, this album is not for you. I recommend anyone reading this review who has not bought this cd to give it a try, there is not enough rap on it in my opinion but def better than most....more info
    • Linkin Park's Theory
      The rap techno group Linkin Park made their debut back in late 2000. The band consisted of two singers, a tenor and barritone. A drummer, bassist, guitarists, and a talented keyboardist back up the two singers with their rhymes. Linkin Park has a very distinct sound of a rap lyrics sung on top of heavy electronical rock progressions. The end product is well worth hearing and HYBRID THEORY is a great piece of work for this type of genre. The rhythm section is not anything really special for this record, but it works for the very melodic vocals given by Chester Bennington. The thing about this album, is that its sound was still in the experimental stage. It is a major work that helped pave the way for future techno fusion genres. HYBRID THEORY is a good album, and one that should be given some attention.

      Stand out tracks include:
      "In the End"
      "A Place In My Head"
      "Cure For the Itch"...more info
    • not rebellious or challenging
      this cd sounds like anything else in the past 10 years: 4 chorded pop punk, simular vocal melodies that follow the expected pop sound, and the worst and most cliche lyrics ever.
      save your money and check out carissa's wierd for relationship problems. check out cursive "the ugly organ," for catchy tunes. and for gods sake turn off your radio and tv.
      when you find out that you like real music that challenges you, come back and let everyone know this review helped you.
      ...more info