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Victorinox SwissTool RS
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Product Description

Victorinox Swisstool Multitool Swisstool RS Silver SWISS TOOL comes from the same manufacturer that produced the original Swiss Army Knife - the world's most famous multi-tool - over 100 years ago. The sturdy SwissTool has also been very well received among experts since 1999 since it is particularly functional versatile and easy-to-use. Length: 84mm - 3.25" 1. pliers 2. screwdriver 2 mm 3. screwdriver 3 mm 4. wire cutters for wire up to a hardness of 40 HRc 5. screwdriver 5 mm 6. cap lifter 7. screwdriver 7.5 mm 8. normal blade 9. serrated blade 10. metal file 11. metal saw 12. wood saw 13. reamer and punch 14. Phillips screwdriver 1+2 15. chisel/scraper 16. strong crate opener 17. wire bender 18. wire stripper 19. wire scraper 20. can opener 21. ruler (230 mm) 22. ruler (9 inches) 23. electrical crimper 24. hard wire cutter 25. lanyard hole 26. individual springs 27. lock release 28. scissors Mfg No: 56935 Manufacturer: Victorinox

The Victorinox 53935 SwissTool RS is an outstanding multi-tool from the original makers of the Swiss Army knife. With over 100 years experience, nobody does multi-tools better than Victorinox. The SwissTool RS (Rescue and Survival) is constructed of rugged stainless steel that will never rust.

Weighing only 10 ounces, this multi-tool measures a modest 4.5 inches when closed. All Victorinox SwissTools have OneStep access, which allows tools to be opened directly from the outside of the handle without opening the pliers, and a lock with a simple slide release to hold the tools securely in place.

The Victorinox SwissTool RS features: pliers; two-, three-, and five-millimeter screwdrivers; a wire stripper, bender, scraper, crimper, and cutter; bottle opener; large blade; scissors; wood saw; reamer; Phillips screwdriver; chisel and scraper; strong crate opener; can opener; nine-inch and 230-millimeter rulers; hard wire cutter; and lanyard hole. Made with individual springs to keep tools from clumping together, this Swiss multi-tool comes boxed in a keepsake tin with a silver lid, and includes a sturdy nylon belt pouch.

Manufacturer Warranty
Lifetime warranty

  • Compact Swiss Army rescue tool constructed of rugged stainless steel
  • Includes 2, 3, and 5mm screwdrivers, wire stripper, and pliers
  • Bender, scraper, crimper, and cutter; bottle and can openers
  • OneStep access lets you open tool from outside of the handle
  • Lock with simple slide release; measures 4-1/2 inches long

Customer Reviews:

  • Great multitool
    This is a very good tool if you are camping, hiking or just to get stuff done.I would recommended this to any one who likes to do those things(like my self),the only problem is that the metal part witch keeps the tools is to big and uncomfortable on your hands. But over all I love this multitool and it is like a dog, a man`s best friend. ...more info
  • Very Well Made, Not as many features as Leatherman,
    The Swisstool RS is a very well made tool. It is also heavy. I have been using different multitools since 1993 when I got my first Gerber Multiplier and since then I have owned a leatherman PST, Supertool, Wave and 2nd generation Wave. The Swisstool is a very nice tool/knife, the blades are very sharp and it is all very well put together, as I would expect from Victorinox, I have owned several Victorinox and Wenger swiss army knives. I do prefer the Victorinox to the Wenger, I think they are better made and generally more useful, so I expected the Swisstool to be very well made and it is.

    It is also heavier then my Wave and I think its not quite as useful, on my Wave I have scissors, file, wood saw, serrated and regular blades, 2 Phillips and 3 slotted screw drivers, and can opener. Whereas the Swisstool RS gives up the file and offers 4 different slotted screw drivers and only has 1 Phillips screw driver. With my Wave I can open the two knife blades with just one hand and have access to the 2 blades, file and wood saw without opening the Wave up. The Swisstool does add a scrapper/chisel and an awl, but I am not sure I have a lot of use for the scrapper/chisel.

    Would a person go wrong buying the Swisstool RS, no! It is very well made and equally useful to the Wave, I just have been using Leatherman products for the last 10 years and I prefer their layout and I am used to the tools that I have with the Leatherman. I would advise to stay away from the Gerber Multiplier, it is not nearly as well made as either the Swisstool or the Leatherman, I had to send my Gerber Multiplier back to Gerber after several of the implements broke off. The Gerber is made from Cast Stainless steel and is more brittle and in my opinion less refined then either the Wave or the Swisstool.

    The only reason I gave the Swisstool 4 stars instead of 5 is it seems to be more difficult to open the different implements....more info
  • Nice, but doesn't really live up to the hype
    I bought this tool because it was supposed to be so much more superior to its Leatherman counterparts, but I was kind of disappointed. A lot of the tools are very hard to get out, and you need to have really strong fingernails to open a lot of them. Then there are some which open very smoothly.

    I thought it might just need to break in a little, but after numerous WD-40 treatments and opening and closing the blades a lot, nothing happened except the blades got tighter.

    I sent mine back to Victorinox to see if they could do anything with it under warranty. I'm pretty sure they sent me a new/refurbished one (not my old repaired one). The replacement is easier to open, but still requires some effort, especially for the main blade.

    I'm not saying that the tools themselves aren't good, but it's just when you pay so much for a tool, and read all the hype about how great this thing is supposed to be compared to other multitools, it was kind of disappointing to actually compare it to my far superior Leathermans. ...more info
  • SwissTool RS
    This is my first and only multi-tool. It is exceptionally well built, rock solid, and has the tools I want. I have not compared it to other brands or to other models by Victorinox, but cannot imagine how any other multi-tool tool could be better made. ...more info
  • Victorinox Swiss Tool
    I would like to tell you this is the most valuable tool I own. I use it for more tasks than any other tool. I owned one and it got lost. I was so lost without it. Several times a day, I'd reach for it... So I promptly ordered a new one. I love the tool. It's strong and really gets the job done....more info
  • WOW
    Love this Swisstool! I've had all the other brand multitools. This is the end all multitool. Well built, sturdy, other blades stay put when you select just one. This is one great multitool....more info
  • Very nice tool
    This tool has worked great for everything I have used it for. I maintain machines that sort mail, and since receiving this tool, I have not needed to go to my big tool box for a single tool....more info
  • It is what you'd expect from Victorinox multitool
    This is a great tool. There is only one item missing that I truly wish were on board - a metal file. Such an addition would allow the maintenance of larger tools such as an ax or hatchet.

    However, aside from a metal file, the wood saw works every bit as well as those I've used on their wonderful knives. It is truly a well made tool and one that you would expect from the folks who produce the world's most innovative and rugged knives....more info
  • Swiss Perfection
    I own several brands of Multi-tools, SOG, Gerber, Leatherman and now Victorinox. Nothing against the other brands, they are each very good in their own right, but this tool is nothing less than the Swiss perfection that you would expect from Victorinox. The pliers are very smooth and not stiff like the other brands (with exception to the spring assisted Gerber EVO or Butterfly). And the accessories are the easiest of all brands to open, they work just as smooth as opening up any Victorinox knife, and I might add they are also just as sharp. The only thing that could make this better is the opening of the pliers; I have yet to find any multi-tool that opens as smooth and as easy as the gear driven SOG PowerLock. Just my $0.02.....!!! I highly recommend the RS and would definitely buy this one again....more info
  • I like the SwissTool the best
    I have many of the other quality multitools and I think the SwissTool is more reliable in heavy use.

    I Highly recomend this tool.
    Tom tob9595...more info
  • SwissTool RS is the real deal
    Manufactured in Switzerland, this fine multitool puts a major slap down on the Leatherman line which is fabricated mostly in China these days. It reminds me of the build and quality that used to exist in the Leatherman lineup. The tool has 26 features. The pliers are top notch. I recently used them to use as a leverage on a micro screwdriver to remove a screw that was solidly inplanted in a HP Mediasmart Server. It made short work of the whole ordeal, unlike the other poor moders around the world that have been stripping those screw heads left and right. Of course, I probably could have used just about any multitool for that job, but the SwissTool never slipped on that micro screwdriver and that was what counted. The build and quality of the Swisstool RS is second to none. It is solid stainless steel and feels like a tool that can get the job done in the tough spots. The tool comes with a thick nylon carrying case with a heavy duty snap closure. On top of that, you can't beat the "Limited Lifetime Warranty." Look at the reviews for the latest and greatest from Leatherman and compare, you will not go wrong with the SwissTool RS. Highly recommended.

    ...more info
  • An outstanding multitool
    I've had a couple of Gerber Multipliers that have served me well but kept reading how good the Swisstools are, so I ordered one from Amazon last week. My initial impression is, "WOW!" The Swisstool is really well made and finished. It feels considerably more solid than the Gerbers I have, or the Leatherman tools I've handled. I shouldn't be too surprised, since I have four other Victorinox Swiss Army Knives: a Cybertool 41, and three Pioneers, one of which I've gone back to my everyday carry knife, having bought it in the early 1980s. (I keep one Pioneer in my truck and my wife's car for emergencies.)

    Except for the pliers, the individual tools can be accessed without opening the tool. Each tool locks in place, so you don't have to be concerned with them closing on your fingers. The handle is contoured so that it doesn't dig into your hand when you squeeze down on the pliers. The knife blade, belt cutter, and reamer are very sharp. The seat belt cutter is a serrated, curved blade with a round point. The cutting edge is on the inside of the curve. I could this being useful on boats when you need to cut something but don't want to risk using a pointy knife. The scissors are slightly larger than those on my Cybertool 41, with which I've cut a fair amount of CAT5. The scissors are nice and sharp.

    A well-constructed black nylon belt sheath with a snap closure was included. The sheath is designed to stay open so that you can easily re-sheath the multitool with one hand.

    So far, I've used the bottle opener, to open a bottle of Yuengling Lager. Works great. :-) I also tested the scissors on some heavy corrugated cardboard and they worked well. Both the knife blades are very sharp and cut well.

    If you're in the market for a good multitool, the Swisstools from Victorinox are definitely worth looking at....more info
  • Quality Is Worth The Price
    I live in a hurricane zone in Florida and bought this tool as part of a disaster survival kit. It is worth every penny. Period....more info
  • Belt Companion
    The Victorinox SwissTool RS is a great multi-tool. It is one of the things that I always have on my person, made easy via the nylon belt holster it comes with. I chose the RS model because it came with scissors (small yes, but still useful nonetheless) and has a serrated curved "belt cutter" blade, which can double as a normal serrated blade. It also has the normal plain straight blade of course. The pliers are not spring-loaded, so you have to manually open and close it (which might require both hands).

    I have pretty small hands for a guy, but I still find this to fit comfortably in my hands.

    Fit and finish are very good, with very good lock-up when you fully open the tools. The quality of the steel is also very nice, and both looks good and feels good in the hand. Overall tool design is also very good, allowing it to be used on a variety of tasks. The nylon button (not velcro) holster is alright, nothing fancy but it has served me well so far.

    As other people have mentioned, the tools can be difficult to open. Actually, I've found only the main blade to be a bit difficult to open. The other tools are quite easy to open.

    Despite that, this is still an excellent multi-tool and I always take it with me everywhere....more info
  • Victornox Swiss Tool RS
    Swiss Army RS Swiss Ultimate Tool w/ Nylon Pouch

    This all in one tool is great. I was worried as none of the pictures on the internet show the pliers, but yes it does have a nice set of pliers included. The feel is heavy and solid, all tools, except pliers lock into place and can be accessed without having to open up the tool. Great to leave in the car, on the boat, or on your belt. I like that this has a lifetime warranty and am pleased with my purchase. ...more info
  • Ok - nothing special
    I like my SwissTool RS, but not impressed. It a little bulky and heavy but has all the gadgets I want. I like the carrying pouch. I threw this in my glove compartment of my car and only use it when needed. It comes in really handy for times when you are away from home and don't have the right tool.

    Overall, not a bad buy. No remorse....more info
  • Swiss Tool RS Beats My Leatherman and Gerber
    The Victorinox Swiss Tool RS beats my Leatherman and my Gerber Tools first because all the tools are on the outside and you do not need to open the entire tool and search for the tool you want. The only reason for opening up the entire tool is to use the pliers. Second the pliers are able to handle large nuts and have a much more hefty feel about them. Thirdly, the scissors are much better and come out more easily. Lastly, all of the other tools are high quality. The only drawback might be the size of the Victorinox Swiss Tool RS. I however find the other advantages to out weigh this....more info