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Left Behind - The Movie
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Part conspiracy theory and part religious message, Left Behind (based on the first in a series of runaway bestsellers by Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins) is a passable, occasionally compelling thriller that turns the rapture and the ascendance of the Antichrist into something resembling a Robert Ludlum espionage potboiler. The beginning, though, is pure Stephen King: as morose pilot Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) steers his jet plane toward London, comely flight attendant Hattie Daniels (Chelsea Noble) informs him that a number of passengers have disappeared--at 37,000 feet, leaving their neatly pressed clothes behind. And they're not the only ones who've gone missing. The mass disappearances throw the world into chaos, and the sinisterly compelling Nicolae Carpathia (Gordon Currie), head of the U.N., selflessly steps in to help broker peace among the world's nations. But is he as good intentioned as he seems?

Turns out the appropriately named Mr. Carpathia is behind a plot to rule the world and control its food supply, and intrepid reporter Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron, better than you'd expect) is onto him--with a little help from some biblical prophecies. Suffering the problem that befalls most first installments in a series of books and movies, Left Behind busies itself with the task of introducing characters and setting up expository plot lines, and audiences may be frustrated by the lack of action--Rayford's somewhat labored crisis of faith takes up a good chunk of the film. Still, it's an intriguing premise that should satisfy fans of the novel and possibly pick up a few more converts along the way (be warned, though, this is a modestly budgeted film that looks more like a cable TV movie than the latest James Bond extravaganza). And, if like a fair number of the film's characters, you can't figure out that someone named "Nicolae Carpathia" is a bad guy, then, well, you need to bone up on your evil villains. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews:

  • Left Behind 7-year tribulation
    Excellent message. This will become one of the most important videos for people left behind after the rapture. You owe it to yourself for where your soul will end up...more info
  • Leaving Theology Behind
    The apocalypse has been debated by Jewish,Christian,and Muslim theologians over the millennia. What is the identity of the Messiah? What will the final battles be like? Who are the "two prophets" who will return? And what is Elijah's return,anyhow?

    "Left Behind" leaves all these big questions behind in favor of a hackneyed plot about the Rapture, two conversions, and the rise of the Antichrist. Ironically,though this movie is "all about Jesus" and "bringing people to Jesus",Jesus comes across as a deus ex machina of sorts,a plot device,not an actual person. The story involves Rayford Steele,a pilot who has been cheating on his wife with a beautiful stewardess,an ungodly member of the Mile High Club when his wife&kids get swept into Heaven. Kirk Cameron,former child star,stars as Buck Williams, a liberal reporter of the godless media. Buck is reporting on the miracle of Israeli agriculture when he witnesses the Rapture (an elderly woman's husband leaves his clothes behind in the airplane bathroom) and an attack on Israel mysteriously averted. Rayford Steele converts when he realizes his raptured wife was a Bible believer. Buck has a conversion experience in a bathroom (I don't know why.It seems tasteless,but that's what happens) In the end,Buck finds out that the evil Nicolae Carpathia is the Antichrist and new head of the UN. Nicolae is a very weak villain;his mentor basically tells him what to do,playing the Emperor to his Darth Vader. The beautiful stewardess becomes his powerful sidekick (again,I don't know why)

    "Left Behind" fails at theology,but it works as comedy with its unintentional humor. Apocalypse wow!...more info
  • Banal, Pathetic, Out of Touch
    I have always had a morbid fascination with that segment of the population that believes that the Bible is the only book one has to read, and that great literature consists entirely of the Left Behind series. I bought this movie to get a sense of this group.

    Banal is the kindest word I can find for this tripe. Third rate actors, low-rent science fiction backdrops, and completely out of touch with reality. The movie opens with the Israeli agricultural "miracle." What it does not tell the audience is that Israel would be a dead state if it were not for the 20% of the Israeli government's budget funded by US taxpayers through the US Government's very unwise investment in this apartheid regime (see Jimmy Carter's new book) and if it were not for the blatant Israeli underground pipes that are literally looting the Arab aquifers at long range and from way beneath the earth. Israeli agriculture is not a miracle, it is a travesty--it consumes 50% of all the water used in Israel, and produces less than 5% of the Gross Domestic Product.

    The movie goes downhill from there. Just to place it in a proper religous movie context, if the "Ten Commandments" was a perfect 10, this movie is no more than a 1 and certainly not even close to a 2....more info
  • It's great!
    No matter what anyone else says, this movie is very good. The acting is excellent, and the storyline, while somewhat different from the book in spots, is riveting. I must admit that the whole Stonagal/Cothran conspiracy had me confused for a good part of the movie, but by the end I understood it. I think that Brad Johnson, Clarence Gilyard, and Kirk Cameron were foremost in the great cast. Especially well-done are the scenes where Buck sees two of his friends die, when Ray realizes his wife and son are gone, and when Bruce finally gets saved. THIS IS A GREAT MOVIE!!!!!!...more info
    Awesome to have in your library. You will watch it many times. Get them all!...more info
  • The Gospel was Left Behind
    The video/DVD starts with beautiful shots of the city of Jerusalem and then pans out to a wheat field in the desert where Cameron Williams, is interviewing the Nobel Peace Prize winner in chemistry and Times Man of the Year...Chiam Rosenzweig about Project Eden that had this field of wheat grow in the desert. Then the next scene is waves and waves of Syrian and Iraqi fighter jets and other Arab states attack Israel. But this is where the story has problems with the film adaptation. is that we occupy Iraq. Second Ezekiel 38:1-39:16 speaks of major air and ground offensive by Russia and her Arab allies.

    In the movie the time gap of one year and two months between the Invasion and the Rapture mentioned in the book is erased. Both the time gap in the book and the removal of the time gap still posess problems in that Ezekiel 39:9 says it takes Israel seven years to burn the weapons....this has to puss the Invasion back to three and a half to seven years....since at the mid-point Israel under go sever persecution.

    Third reason for my disappointment is that the Rapture portrayed in both the book and mvie is that millions of Christians will disappear.
    The true Rapture decribed in the Bible is that will take more departed saints than living. True, born again Christians are a minority...and our number is decreasing as the Gospel is compromised for a watered down, market tailored version. When the invisible Church is raptured...the Visible Church and the world will hardly know we have left...and could careless.

    Additionally baby's and young children are raptured. Though I would for emotional reasons say babies will be raptured...there is no scriptural ground for this. But young children are a different matter. If they know the difference between good and evil...the Bible says they are accoutible for their sins without setting a specific age for children.

    This is only the tip of the iceburg of problems....from the rise of the Antichrist to take over the UN and other events conflict with what the Bible teaches about prophecy.

    In the video/DVD we do get a slice of Rayford's life and how unhappy he is with his wife and son being religious which the book presents as flashbacks. But nothing is said of their faith in Jesus as their Savior.
    The Gospel of Jesus that changed their lives is short changed in both the book and the movie.

    (see my book review on Left Behind)

    But for all its does start a seeker to try to find out more about what does the Bible teach about prophecy. This is its one redeeming quality. Could I tell the story better? Yes....but I am not an author.

    ...more info
  • Read the novels instead
    "Left Behind", as a series of books, are superb and extremely popular. The movie adaptation on the other hand is so poor it's as un-funny as the Rapture itself.

    I recognize that religious communities are frustrated because they can't seem to market their messages properly in the mainstream movie industry (It has since worked with Mel Gibson's "Passion of the Christ" and the well-done "Prince of Egypt"), but with this film you can bet why Hollywood doesn't turn the other cheek.

    First let me tackle the marketing. This film boasts one of the worst marketing failures I've ever seen, and I'll tell you why. They shot "Left Behind" under a reasonably tight budget, then instead of just releasing it into theaters decided to put them out on DVD (and VHS) and select theaters simultaneously, so that when people BOUGHT the movie and told their friends about it, they would then be compelled to WATCH it in theaters. Needless to say, it was a dumb move and thus cements the movie-making aspect of the "Left Behind" franchise as a dismal failure, unless it shapes up for a "Nicolae" movie. It's unfortunate really, because everything about the books screams for top-notch cinematic treatment.

    Onto the movie. I remember praising "Taxi Driver" because everyone who was involved in its production, down to the lighting and cinematography, worked in flawless harmony to create a great film. The direct opposite is achieved here. The directing, the special effects, the cinematography, the continuity, and much more are all screwed up and manage to drown out considerable acting by, let's face it, washed-out actors. The character of Nicolae Carpathia, the anti-christ, is seriously underplayed. I won't delve into the unnecessary pop song that represents the film, because it is truly stupid and irritating.

    As I say with every bad movie, rent it first and formulate your own opinion, but I strongly recommend the books over this poor imitation of what could have been a tale of horror, excitement and the endearing power of faith and truth. ...more info
  • far from dreaming
    As far as the movie itself goes, I enjoyed it, it wasn't classic cinema, but for an entertaining low budget movie it was fine. What I mostly want to respond to is all the people posting here who think it's ridiculous that God would pour wrath and hell on people just based on a belief system because that's the whole basic premise behind the movie (and book, which is definitely better).

    I used to have a problem with that idea too. Even though I called myself a Christian, the idea that some people would suffer for eternity just because of their religion seemed cruel and unjust to me. The problem was that I had no idea why He would do that. First off, the validity of the Christian faith compared to other faiths is much more provable than I thought (see and click on the MP3 Audio link on the left, for starters. If you're one of the people who want to think that the Bible and science are natural enemies, you definitely need to check out ), but even with that it still seemed petty to damn people for believing the wrong thing. The problem was that I had absolutely no concept of who I was. I assumed God would let me (and others) into heaven just because I was a "good person." Then when I actually decided to read the Bible (it's amazing how many people who profess to be Christians have never actually read the Bible), I realized I was nothing of the sort. Just look at God's ten commandments.

    1. I thought I was fine with this one - I didn't believe in Allah or Zeus or any other gods. Of course, I was still nowhere near keeping this one ("don't have any other Gods before me") - there were plenty of other things I put in my life before God. I'd rather sleep in than go to church. I'd rather watch tv than read the Bible, etc.

    2. I thought I was fine with this one because I didn't make any silly carved gods or idols. But I still made a god in my image. Every time I would say "why would God..." or "my God wouldn't..." or "I don't think God would...." I was making up a god in my image. Coincidentally enough, it was always happy with the things I was doing, but He was going to get all those other "bad" people.

    3. OK, I knew I was guilty of taking the Lord's name in vain and using it as a profanity, which was bad enough, but I was even worse than that. I was calling myself a Christian, yet I lived with my wife for years before getting married, never attended church or even had any idea what the Bible said and basically just living a competely ungodly lifestyle. While using God as a profanity is violating this commandment, what I was doing was taking the Lord's name (i.e. calling myself a CHRISTian) in vain in an even worse sense.

    4. I would also admit I was guilty of this one. No matter how you want to interpret the sabbath law, I wasn't putting aside any days for God, they were all for me.

    5. Honor your father and mother? Not even close. 'Nuff said.

    6. Don't murder? Good, I'm fine on that one - oh wait, Jesus said that whoever hates anyone is a murderer. Got me on that one too.

    7. No adultery? I was fine on this one too, I never cheated on my wife. Of course, as I already mentioned, I lived with her for years before we got married. I didn't see this as wrong because I had no idea whatsoever of the seriousness of this in God's eyes. Under God's law the penalty for adultery or any sexual sin was the same as murder. In the New Testament, it is clear that even professing Christians who don't honor their marriage commitments are only fooling themselves. That's because marriage isn't about us. Sure it's a wonderful, beautiful thing for us, but more importantly it was designed as an earthly expression of God's love for His people. Corrupting that gives a distorted picture of who God is which is why it is so badly under attack today, even from professing Christians. Some people think that if you're a Christian, you have to stop liking sex. Not true at all, I love sex. The Bible has a whole book in it about sex. According to 1 Corinthians 7 saying "not tonight dear, I have a headache" is a sin (and just before the guys get too excited about that one, it says that our bodies don't belong to ourselves, but to our spouses, and while the concept is obviously sexual, I think that if your wife wants to use your body to take out the garbage or do the dishes, that qualifies too). But God designed it and it needs to be done his way (and of course I disagreed with this, which took me back to the second commandment). But even more so - I was really in trouble with this one because Jesus said that whoever looks at a woman with lust has already commited adultery. Well, I was in trouble there.

    8. Don't steal anything? Well, I never stole anything big so I was fine. Doesn't matter, even when I stole toilet paper from the buildings on campus so that we wouldn't have to buy any for our apartment in college, that's still stealing.

    9. Don't lie. See my comments on honor your father and mother (which is actually kind of ironic, since when I tried to proclaim my honesty, sometimes I'd say "well, I lie to my parents sometimes, but that's ok.")

    10. Don't covet. See those same comments again. Don't want something that doesn't belong to you - if I told you that I've always kept this commandment, you'd probably die laughing and you don't even know me.

    Looks like I'm sure in trouble, I haven't kept a single one!! If I were to be judged by God, it wouldn't be because I chose the wrong religion out of a hat, but because I'm a blasphemous, adulterous, thieving, greedy, lying murderer. Even breaking one of those commandments can keep me out of heaven because heaven is perfect, but I broke all then - repeatedly!!!

    That's what Christianity is. It isn't a religion or a belief system, it's God coming to earth in human form to take the punishment that I deserve for my sins. Jesus said "it is complete" before He died, so my sins are paid for and there's nothing I can do to help Him (despite what the Roman Catholics, Mormons or any other group that adds to Jesus' teacings tries to claim) and all I needed to do was turn away from those sins - STOP DOING THEM (as best I can, of course, Christians aren't sinless, they just sin less) - and accept Jesus as my Lord and Saviour. If I refuse to do that - if I deny Jesus (or worse yet, confess Him with my mouth, but deny Him with my actions), then that's what puts me in the place of the people in this movie. If you have a problem with that aspect of the movie, you're just wrong! The problem isn't "how can a loving God send someone to hell?" it's "how can a just God send anyone to heaven?" It's not a shock that there's only one way, it's a shock that there's any way at all.

    It's amusing (or it would be if the results weren't so tragic) how many people want "justice" but when a movie like this comes along and points out that justice is just as much due to us as it is the guy on death row, we have a problem with it....more info
  • Pretty bad movie, but it's no one's fault
    I've been a big fan of the Left Behind book series. I would describe them as a Christian sermon wrapped up in a Jerry Bruckheimer kind of movie. The movie adaptation was a poor attempt to bring the books to life, but wasn't anyone's fault. The movie company that made this (Cloud Ten Pictures I think) didn't have the budget it really needed to bring these books to life. Columbia Pictures didn't seem all that enthusiastic about distributing it either. (Anyone remember seeing any movie posters or trailers? I sure don't.) I guess the reason for this is Hollywood is looking for movies that promote tolerance and respect toward other people's religious beliefs and the Left Behind Books don't do that. Also the Left Behind books are not meant to be films, because they don't really have endings to them. The last few chapters of the first book makes you want to read the second, the last few chapters of the second book makes you want to read the third and so on, and they're designed that way. You can't do that with movies unless you promsise the movie goer there will be sequels (like the Lord of the Rings films did for example) and the last film will have a solid ending to it.
    To make this work you would have to bring all twelve books to life on screen and that would require an enormous budget (literally about a billion dollars) and no Hollywood studio is going to spend that kind of money on a project that will likely offend half the world's population.

    But if that did happen... wouldn't Tom Cruise make a great Nicolae Carpathia?...more info
  • xtian dreaming
    The film is not nearly as bad as you'd expect. The production is comparable to any indy out there. Kirk Cameron was not at all bad. Film looks clean and well lit. This film is entirely watchable. In a free society, people are afforded the option of choosing what to believe. We all agree there are fringe belief systems that don't always make logical sense. Ingrain a set of beliefs at an early age, or instill it during a period of mental duress, and a belief can become cemented, regardless of it's logic (or illogic). David Koresh/Branch Davidians are an example. Malleable minds that follow after charisma rather than sensible thought. Never mind that Koresh was a child molester, he had a following based on his ability to communicate a message. Same is true today of christianity. Raised as a southern Baptist, I am all too familiar with the "rapture" concept. Truth is, that's not the way the universe works. Period. People don't, and won't, disappear based on a belief system. Christian leadership has been selling this for a millenia not for sake of "saving" anyone, but rather to maintain control. And there is no greater motivator than fear. Doesn't it seem strange that the return of the "prince of peace" would be accompanied by death and pestillence - by "His" own hand? The truth of the matter is all humans want to feel their existence has a purpose and there is a happy conclusion to life. Christians make themselves feel special by creating this exclusive club whereby they can refuse entry to heaven to anyone they deem threatening. Imagine if the makers of "Clash of the Titans" believed literally in that mythology, and then set public policy by it. We'd all think they were off their rocker! But it's perfectly acceptable to believe literally in christian mythology? If there is ever an Armageddon, it will come not from god, but from christians turning the Revelations story into a self fulfilling prophecy.
    ...more info
  • to the catholic guy
    and why would you believe a corrupted church over what the bible directly says? cmon man you sound smarter than that. you have to test the content man. you're dealing with a church that's corrupted by money and power. i mean they teach you to pray to mary, you know how forbidden that is in the bible? direct contradictions all over the place. who you going to believe the bible or some power/money hungry corrupted men that came up with wierd rituals like confession, like you cant pray to God himself and ask for forgiveness. Think about it....more info
  • Excellent from a non-christian
    This movie and Left behind II, are excellent stories. I am a non-christian (pagan) with a Christian son and other family members, and I watched it and enjoyed it. I laughed, I cried. Very Powerful. ...more info
  • Please read the book first
    I have to agree in some part with the other person who commented on the "budget look" of this movie. I am a huge fan of this series, whether or not the writing is good, the message is clear. However, I worry that some will see this movie and never feel any interest in the books at all. We watched the movie after reading the book, and were very dissapointed that there were some major differences. Characters that werent even mentioned in the movie, such as Steve Plank. Buck plays a TV journalist instead of the News journalist and I dont feel they portrayed him as intellegent and 'go get 'em' as he is described in the book. It also seems, that they cut out MAJOR details of the book that make in more interesting. It seems they were trying to cram too much into too short of a movie. I almost wish they would have just read it word for word instead of taking the liberties they did.

    Bottom line: read the book first, if you want to watch this movie. Then decide from there.

    On a footnote: I am amazed at those who think the portrayal of the end times is not biblical. It is VERY biblical. Those who say it is not, rarely have any 'proof' or reasoning for the statement....more info

  • Every person should have this movie in there home!!
    A great movie the whole family will love!!...more info
  • The books are better!
    Having read this series several years ago, I was finally got to watch this film. Like most books, this 95 minute movie just couldn't replicate all the nuances, conversations, and experiences that made the books so interesting.

    The production quality also suffered from a low budget. The casting director did an excellent job of typecasting. Nearly every character was exactly as I expected them to be based upon the book.

    I don't recommend this movie unless you have first read the book. After you've read the book, this movie will not add anything but might provide an evenings worth of entertainment. ...more info
  • Beyond Belief
    I inadvertently rented this one and it readily became apparent that there's a whole segment of the population that is so fundamentally (excuse the pun) divorced from reality as I perceive it that there may never be any way of breaching that schism. The mind set that lead to the creation of this movie and for which this movie was created is one dimensional, simplistic, and thus dangerous. I like the idea of media which doesn't take the low road by using gratutitous sex and violence to try to keep people's attention. Nevertheless, this movie and its ilk are better left undone....more info
  • Great

    I recommend this movie to everyone and anyone. I have seen it 3 times, and will probably see it again. ...more info
  • Left Behind the movie best christain Film of our time
    Left behind the Movie the best Christain Film of our time if you read the book and read your bible along with it and talk with a pastor, You can understand the message that goes along with it.. if you are a christain there is a happy message within it but if you are not a christain now is the time to give your life to christ, now before christ comes to take all the christain back to heaven with him....more info
  • end of times
    Cant use words for this movie and the rest of them they are great movies to watch and makes you think where you really are in life its one of my favorite movies and of course being a fan of the books makes me wanna see more of these movies made soon...more info
  • Five stars for purpose
    Being a full believing Christian, when I was ten, I saw this film. I wondered where the heck they had gotten all this information about people disappearing into thin air, and going to heaven. I flipped through my bible but couldn't find anything that matched the discription. That's when I decided to read the book. It soon all came clear to me what will soon happen, and fast. I don't want to be left behind and I think that's the point the authors and the movie makers of the book wanted to make. They don't want anyone else to be left behind either.

    In the movie, Captain Rayford Steele (Brad Johnson) and newscaster Buck Williams (Kirk Cameron) are on a 747 bound for London when out of nowhere, passengers on the plane just disappear! It doesn't stop there though. When the plane lands, it is clear they're not the only one with this problem. All over the world, people have disappeared without a trace leaving their clothes, and belongings behind. Rayford comes home to find his wife and son gone, but his daughter (Janaya Stephens) still alive. Buck finds a few of his friends still alive, but it is obvious someone is after him as he tries to find the answer. Rayford has already found his answer, though. It all lies within one simple book, and his heart.

    Watching this film really opened my eyes to the truth. This is the real world. This is how it's going to be. It'll only get worse too. What the characters in the books and the movies experienced is hardly anything of what the real people will discover. The original film, A Theif in the Night, was a great source to people in the 70's, but if only more people would've paid attention to it like they did left behind, they would realize it's all around them. I'm ready for God's second return, but the question is, are you?...more info
  • Rationale for US policy?

    In a number of ways, "Left Behind" [2000] is almost a rationale for US foreign policy of the last few years. Just two examples: at the beginning of the film, a massive air fleet, originating in Iraq, is shown crossing the Israeli border, then getting mysteriously destroyed without any intervention from the Israelis. Was Iraq being set up as a suitable target for the actual US invasion of Iraq about three years after the film was made? Did the horrific events of September 11 a year later serve to further demonize Iraq? Second: in the film, the United Nations is shown as falling under the control of the Antichrist, who plans to introduce one world government and a single world currency. Is this very far from the fevered imaginings of the UN's real enemies in the US? Much has been written about the dangers of Moslem extremism, and rightly so. But the point is that the Christian fundamentalist extremists, the kind of people who take the "Left Behind" garbage seriously, are right there in the driver's seat of American foreign policy, while Moslem extremists are just that -- on the margins of Islam. An ugly and foolish film, but it explains a great deal about prevailing American official attitudes to the rest of the world. That's how it looks from Australia.

    ...more info
  • Eschatology for Dummies...literally
    Knowing the basic premise of the "Left Behind" series of books and knowing the type of people who find them to be a gripping dramatization of Biblical truth, my expectations for this movie were somewhat low, to say the least. I was bracing myself to see a shakily-filmed movie with a bunch of wooden actors spouting off dispensationalist dogma but it really wasn't like that at all. To be sure, the obsequiousness towards the Israelis was distasteful, its theology inane, and I can't claim that this movie is good enough to ever watch again, but it wasn't as bad as I feared. I was actually surprised by the production value and the actors wouldn't have been out of place in a mainstream movie. Mercifully, the religious agitprop, although central to the plot, played second fiddle to the mystery and suspense. Of course, this film, and the book it was based on, originates with the 19th century made-up doctrine of the Rapture, which makes anything related to "Left Behind" a good candidate for the trash can. This kind of religious science fiction would be just as diverting as any other kind of fantasy if so many millions didn't accept its un-Biblical doctrines as Gospel truth and voted accordingly. The "Left Behind" franchise is a spawn of Satan which has perverted the Gospel and influenced American politics for the worse by pushing us towards war with Israel's enemies. These evil books and movies should be opposed by every patriotic American and Christian with his head screwed on properly. ...more info
  • Unqualified greatness!
    It's like reading the best parts of the Bible without having to read at all!...more info
  • One Of The Worst movies I Have Ever Seen! Read The Wonderful Books Instead!
    I loved the Left Behind series of 12 books,but the movie was so horrible I tried to watch it 3 times and NEVER made it through! I thought it was ridiculous that it always showed the clothes of those raptured neatly folded ,like fresh from the cleaners,LOL! The acting was pathetic as well. No way would I recommend this movie to anyone,and my daughter says the sequel"Tribulation Force" is just as bad! She could not make it all the way through either of these,herself....more info
  • Get the Audio Dramas Instead!!!!!
    I saw this movie and couldn't believe how far they strayed from the Book. Kirk Cameron and his lady, along with the rest og the cast, are all fine actors.....but this movie was a yawner, and though I really hoped it would be supported well, I couldn't bring myself to recommend it to anyone. My opinion is that anyone interested in dramatization of LEFT BEHIND should get the Audio Dramas on CD (the ones produced by Gap Digital). They are FAR better than this movie......more info
  • Good movie in itself
    I read the book first and found out there was a movie and watched it that day. The movie is a good movie in itself. It does not follow the book exactly so I had to watch it twice to get over the parts where I was saying "that is not what happened in the book". As far as "preaching" in the movie there was little to none, which the books have quite a bit of. People in my family who watched it without reading the book first had to ask a few questions, but found it interesting and are now going to read the book. Kirk Cameron is the perfect "Buck"!!! ...more info
  • Left Behind and Tribulation Force
    The movie was not fantastic. I was expecting it to be better, however, it wasn't horrible either. I was disappointed in how it strayed from the books...which I absolutely LOVED! But, I understand that with only a couple of order for the story to make sense..some things had to be different. The acting wasn't great and the special effects weren't anything to write home about, but I will buy the 3rd movie when it comes out...because it is interesting to actually see some of the things that I've read. ...more info
  • Awesome Movie!
    This is an awesome movie. It gives you an idea what the world is going to be like once the rapture occur. This movie was an eye opener for me. It keeps me focus on the Kingdom of God and to want to be one of the ones raptured when Jesus come back....more info
  • Unimpressive and Lacks the Meaning of the Books
    Even though I do not take what the Left Behind books are about seriously, at least I new what the general message was. The movie watered down the main points of the book, and was done so poorly it was shocking that the authors would allow this film to come out.

    Unless you are totally enthralled with the Left Behind series and Kirk Cameron, then you are better off sticking to the books. If you want something that really will challenge your faith, watch Jesus Camp...more info
  • Left Behind
    I will say like I did about Left Behind II. I enjoyed this movie and if you want an awaking moment just get this movie....more info
  • Left Behind
    I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and the second one that follows. I highly recommend ...more info
  • A Great Movie to Highlight an Incredible Book Series
    I can see that most of the complaints here are clearly from a case of reading the book first and feeling the movie falls short. But I ask you to name a movie where that's not the case. There is sooooo much that takes place in the book, how could you possibly get it into and hour and a half movie? Look past that and see it for what it is... A Movie BASED ON the book.
    I think they did a Great job with this Movie. It was very well acted, very well cast, and as far as I am concerned, a must see for any Left Behind Fans. I am anxiously awaiting the 3rd movie, in hopes that they will make one.
    Where I come to recommend this movie and the Tribulation Force Movie the most is, for those who haven't yet read any of the books. I have shown them to many people and it has led to many of them reading the book and loving it.
    If you have yet to get into the Left Behind Series, or wonder what all the hype is about.... The Movies truly are a great place to start!!...more info
  • Congrats..
    Congrats to Left Behind for being the Worst. Movie. Ever.

    That's quite a feat....more info
  • Awesome
    This is a great movie for youth groups or the family. Very entertaining with some pretty good acting and an awesome message....more info
  • To be fair I'd give it a 3...
    I own the movie and would like to see the second one but if it was exactly like the book I'd give it a 5.

    If you've only seen the movie then I highly suggest reading the actual series. It can be a life changing thing to read all 13 or 14 books in the set. It's a fantastic motivation to renew my beliefs that's for sure.

    I bought the movie because I loved the book and own the entire set. If I had to do it again I'm sure I'd still buy the movie. It strays just a little too much for me so I'll give it a 3 but it's a good attempt....more info