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Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer/Timer
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Product Description

Professional combination thermometer with timer. Lets you cook food to exact tempratures without opening the ovendoor. Durable Stainless Steel Meat Probe On-off Switch For Long Battery Life (Battery Included) Magnetic Back To Stick To Oven Door Or Grill Leg Easy-To-Read Digital Display Precision Performance

Opening the oven to check on a food's temperature means wasting the cook's time and losing oven temperature and moisture--not to mention a face full of steam. This thermometer prevents those problems. Insert the instrument's 6-inch stainless-steel probe into a roast beef or turkey and monitor the time and temperature (from 32 to 392 degrees F) on the thermometer's large digital display, which connects to the probe with a 4-foot cord. The control panel sets cooking time and temperature, and an alarm sounds when either is reached. Fully opened, the thermometer/timer is 5 inches high, but it folds flat for compact storage. Magnets on the back permit it to be temporarily mounted on a metal surface. --Fred Brack

  • Remotely displays food's temperatures and time elapsed while it's cooking
  • Programmable control panel for cooking by precise temperature or time
  • Alarm sounds when cooking time or desired temperature reached
  • Stainless-steel probe goes into food, 4-foot cord leads to thermometer
  • Folds flat for compact storage; magnetic back for mounting on metal surface

Customer Reviews:

  • Love it!
    Get for anyone who cooks. Makes prime rib, any roast, Chicken, or Turkey to perfection with no effort....more info
  • Probe stopped recording accurately
    I have had the Taylor 1470 thermometer/probe for a couple of years, thanks to Alton Brown's Good Eats. When I purchased it, I found it to be great for a novice cook like me. This past New Year's Day, I was cooking a ham and it failed to record the temperature. Having depended on it to work, needless to say the ham was overcooked. To top that off, my aunt stepped on the cord and it pulled away from the end of the probe. From the critiques, it appears that the probe is the problem and I will be ordering a couple more for the price that one of the thermometers would have cost to purchase. Hopefully, I will be back in business again as when I did use it, meats turned out perfectly....more info
  • Please don't waste your money!
    I bought this Taylor Digital Cooking Thermometer based on a review from either Cook's Illustrated or America's Test Kitchen (I can't remember which!). I love to cook but don't really time things well, so I bought a "stick" digital read thermometer, but of course you have to take things out of the oven to get the temperature of the meat. I thought this product would solve the problem of repeatedly checking the temperature.

    What a waste of money! I did everything the directions said. I tried it again and again. I put it in the closet. Today, I decided to try it again (don't know why!). I finally read all of the other reviews on Amazon re: this product. I wish I'd done better research.

    Nothing ever worked on this thing. I first thought I kept doing something wrong but eventually gave up trying. The thermometer does not function properly and I had several of the problems other people have reported here - constant beeping, reading 338 degrees when I just put food into the oven, and then the ever-present "HI" where the temperature was supposed to be.

    I think this product is junk. I have never reviewed anything else on Amazon. I usually love everything I get. Please let me know if you find something can do what this product promises to deliver. This product, however, is garbage!...more info
  • Works well
    I have had the Taylor for a few years and use it both for bar-b-que and the regular oven. It has been very reliable. I use it 3-4 times a month. I have given one as a gift and am about to purchase another one for a second location. I guess we may just be a nation of winers...more info
  • Cooking is a whole lot easier
    I use this thermometer in the oven and on my propane grill. I've improved my cooking considerably since getting this. I've had no problems with the thermometer or any part of it. It works great and accruately....more info
  • Don't waste your money
    The timer works well.
    The probe does not.
    The first time I used mine, I couldn't believe my roast got done so quickly. I used my 'standard' thermometer and compared readings. There was a 30 degree difference!
    Now that I'm reading the reviews, I see this is not, by any stretch, an isolated incident.
    ...more info
  • Why does it take so long to get your stuff
    I am not able to understand why it takes so long to get what I order. Are these people selling so much that it takes days to process my order. If they are why can't they hire enough people to ship in a timely manner. Or maybe they just don't consider my business that important....more info
  • Great but longevity in question
    This product works great when it works. However, my first unit has suddenly become very difficult to turn on and off. The switch is extremely difficult to move from the on to off or off to on position. It may have been because it was dropped, but I'm not sure. I ordered a 2nd one to have on hand when it goes. If I was more confident in the longevity of this device, then I would have given it 5 stars instead of 4....more info
  • Oven Thermometer
    By using this item, I avoid overcooking roasted foods. My roasts come out juicy and I receive compliments from guests. It is limited to an oven temperature of 375 degrees F. I get around this limitation by cooking at a high temp for a while without the probe. Then I lower the temp and insert the probe for the final cooking....more info
  • great thermometer
    bought to use in a smoker, perhaps could use a longer cord for the probe, but otherwise is great....more info
  • Worked once
    I was hoping I would get one of the good ones with the good reviews, but I didn't. I used this for chicken one night. It didn't work at first (the LCD said 'low' temp), but I finally did get it to work after sticking the probe deeper in. After that it's been a struggle to get it to do anything. It does not take correct temperature. I put it in a glass of really hot water and it still said 'low'. I tried another probe I use for my crock pot and it didn't work. So whatever the problem is, it's not the probe but the machine itself. I tried taking out the batteries and putting them back in and it did take a temperature correctly for a second. Then it stopped working again. I'm going to try new batteries once again before I throw it away.

    Bottom line - don't waste your money. There is a chance you'll get a good one, but you also have a chance to get a POS. I'm going to order a plain thermometer. It won't be as fancy, but at least it will work. ...more info
  • Excellent Item
    This item was exactly what I wanted. Could not find it in the stores and was glad to find it on Amazon. Works great....more info
  • Needs better probes
    I am on-line buying another probe - this has gotten to be quite a pisser!
    I really like the thermometer/timer but I am really tired of having to buy a new probe every 3-4 months.
    Taylor - take note and beef up your probes...more info
  • JUNK
    It is our second one. The first one lasted about 10 uses, but we don't use it often. The second one made it halfway through it's maiden voyage. We kept it as a timer--it does do that well.

    Never again!
    ...more info
  • Still pleased four years later
    There are plenty of excellent reviews of this product. I just want to emphasize that the probe and the entire unit can last. Regular use with heat over 350 has not killed mine but I don't leave it inside the food in the oven more than about five minutes. It looks like a remote sensor which should survive all eight hours of the pulled pork cookoff giving you a second by second account of the progress. Judging by the other reviews, it won't. When I want to check a temperature, I open the oven door, stab the sensor in, and close the door again, then read the temperature in a few minutes and take it back out. If the probe ever fails, I'll be buying another....more info
  • How could I live without this thing.
    This digital Oven Thermometer/Timer is fantastic. I have baked Turkeys, chickens, hams and roasts using it. I really like being able to see the temperature of the meat that I am cooking, so I know when to stop. I have use the timer function also with no problems. Highly recommended, no probelms. Buy it if it goes on sale....more info
  • Hot stuff !
    My in-laws have this product, and love it. My parents saw it at a recent holiday event, and wanted one of their own, from my in-laws review. So I got one for them, and they are enjoying it as much as my in-laws. thanks......more info
  • Excellent Thermometer
    I used this as a timer, have used it to track smoker temperature outside, several roasts and such in the oven, and to test internal temp on chicken, pork, turkey, beef roasts etc.

    It is very convenient being able to set a target temp and have the alarm go off, so you can just sit back and relax vs., checking every 15 minutes with a stick in thermometer.

    Was worried the probe or wire would melt, but they are rated to over 400 degrees and although discolored now, they are not worn through or have any sort of breaks and tears in the wiring.

    I also have one of those probe thermometers by Taylor. The battery died in less than a year and when I tried to open it up and change batteries the screw cover snapped a part and would not lock closed.

    This Taylor thermometer has been 10x better....more info
  • Worked well; not very durable
    I used this product less than ten times in the year I had it. It worked pretty well. It had a timer and temperature function so it was pretty spiffy. The cord and temperature taker cleaned up pretty well.

    However, the thing stopped working about a year after purchasing it. When I set it on temperature mode, the thing's beeping alarm wouldn't turn off, even if the meat was still cold. I'm disappointed. ...more info
  • Are these all defective?
    I guess I should have read these reviews before ordering. The SECOND time I used my thermometer, the temperature reading was stuck on "HI." I've tried the obvious remedy (cleaning the plug) but to no avail. Based on all the other reviewers who have this problem, it appears that this device is junk. Now it's too late to return, so another Chinese-made piece of junk goes to the landfill. Thanks, Amazon!...more info
  • Excellent
    A agree with the other 5 star reviewers here. This is a great product. I cannot however, speak for it's longevity as I've only had it for a short time. Works very well. ...more info
  • Probes are flaky
    I really loved the accuracy and convenience and price of this unit, but I cannot recommend it since the probes last such a short time. I have owned mine for about a year, but I only use it for roasts and turkeys, so it's only been used about 6 times. Now the cord has come out of the probe (in spite of gentle use) and I cannot locate a replacement. Silly to have to replace the entire unit. Even at their low price, it's kinda dumb that the probe doesn't outlast the battery!...more info
  • No More Worries About Salmonella
    We've all been there. You're cooking your food and you start to get worried about a foodborne illness, so you keep cooking your food just to be sure. The next thing you know, you've got food that's free of a foodborne illness, but it's also free of any and all juices it may have ever had. Your food is dry as a bone.

    Enter the Taylor Digital Oven Thermometer and Timer. Ever since buying this product, I've yet to be worried about my food. Chicken? Just put the probe in, cook the food until it beeps at me to let me know it's at the proper temperature, stop cooking, and enjoy the juiciest chicken you've ever had.

    I am by NO means a good cook, but I constantly receive compliments on how juicy and tasty my chicken, steaks, pork chops, and more are. I absolutely claim no responsibility and can thank my Thermometer/Timer for making me look good. It's amazing what happens when you cook food to the correct temperature and far more.

    Even better, your dinner will be done faster because your food doesn't take as long to cook as you think it does. You'll get your food faster, not have to worry about foodborne illnesses, and enjoy your food THAT much more. Don't cook without it!...more info
  • ok so far
    It is easy to set up. It works fine when checking meat or fowl in the oven. I will never use it for barbique. Easy to clean. I don't forget to turn it off, because the dirty part unplugs from the battery part for easy cleaning. Temperature guage seems accurate....more info
  • Good little tool..on second thought-DON"T BUY!!
    LOVE IT - now hubby can't ask me if meat is really done! He uses it too.

    UPDATE. After using this for about 7 months it started malfunctioning. I would turn it on, and it would read 300 degrees. Off and on again and it read 30+ degrees. Not cool. So I got an instant read thermometer and used the timer on the device. Okay- after burning several meals I realized that something was up with the timer. It was running slow. I chucked it. I now use my 8.99 thermometer and my microwave timer.

    Get something different....more info
  • Terrible product
    Used only twice in one night (last night). Just put raw sausages in the pan and wanted to monitor temp but the led screen registered the meat at 199F! I then prepared to cook a flank steak, seared both sides and put in a 375 oven to finish with the probe inside and set the gadget to beef/rare. the first minute it seemed to register a real temp (105F) but a minute after all the screen read was HHH. Even now as I turn the gadget on the screen reads HHH and if you try to select a temp (say beef/rare/140F) the alarm goes off and there is no digital read, just the letters HHH. What a terrible product!...more info
  • Crap
    Have now tried 3 of these and all of them have gone bad, not all the same problem though
    1st-whole unit froze up,nothing worked
    2nd-temperature gauge was about 30 degrees out
    3rd-temp gauge worked but none of the buttons would
    Look for something else and pay the extra money...more info
  • Is it done yet?!?
    This is a cool device. Works well, and is accurate. I have not used it enough to experience the probe failure many mention as a drawback, however. Barring that supposed eventuality, I highly recommend this unit for the experienced cook, and the inexperienced one....more info
  • Good thermometer
    Works as advertised. The price is right and the thermocouple refresh rate is very fast. I like the articulating readout screen so that the display can be made readable vertically or horizontally. Solid unit....more info
  • Great kitchen thermometer
    I use this for when I brew beer and it is simply wonderful! I can "set it and forget it"!...more info
  • Poor quality device - don't buy
    I bought two of these and one didn't work out of the box. Not only didn't the unit register any temperature, but the probe didn't work either (I tried in the other unit that worked). ...more info
  • Taylor Digital Oven Thermometer
    I have been very pleased with this unit. I have used it in the oven as welll as my Smoker and it is saving me much guess work and is completely accurate....more info