Taylor Digital Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer
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Product Description

Make sure your meat is cooked just right, Every Time you cook. With a digital read thermometer you will know exactly when your meat is perfectly cooked.

For professional accuracy, nothing beats this digital thermometer for instantly ascertaining the temperature of foods, whether they're frozen, on the buffet line, or being cooked. Its 1/3-inch LCD face, protected by a rugged polycarbonate cover, displays temperatures from minus 58degrees to 302 degrees F, and updates every second. An on/off switch prolongs the life of the 1.5-volt watch battery that powers the thermometer. (Two batteries are included.) The thermometer comes with a pocket case and has a 4-5/8-inch stainless-steel stem tipped with a temperature sensor, so the thermometer reads temperatures near a food's surface or deep inside. --Fred Brack

  • 1/3-inch LCD face instantly displays temperatures from minus 58 degrees to 302 degrees F
  • On/off switch prolongs battery life
  • Pocket case, 1.5-volt watch battery, and extra battery included
  • 4-5/8-inch stainless-steel stem
  • Professional quality and accuracy

Customer Reviews:

  • Impressive
    Works like it should. Impress your BBQing friends by bringing it with you to cook on their grill. Everyone should have one and USE it!...more info
  • I had the same bad luck!
    When it worked, it was great, but as previously written, it did not last long! The wires that attach the probe to the head become detached much too easily with handling. It requires "jiggling" to work but that is a little difficult with chicken frying in HOT oil! Was handy, not reliable, I'm hoping to find the time to send it back....more info
  • Inexpensive but Works Fine
    Accurate, repeatable yet inexpensive. For routine temperature monitoring this thermometer will do just fine....more info
  • not worth the money
    This is one of the lousier thermometers I bought. It eventually broke and I barely ever use it. Don't buy!...more info
  • Double check occasionally
    One of the ongoing questions about these thermometers seems to be just how "instant" an instant-read thermometer is. The metal bit (actually, the bit inside the metal tube) has to physically warm up to the same temperature as whatever you're reading before it can send the signal to the display. It's going to take at least a few seconds. You'll never be able to jab it in the steak, glance at the number, and yank it back out a second later; you have to wait for it to warm up.

    It appears that different reviewers have wildly different experiences in how long this takes, so you should be able to get an idea of how many seconds "instant" is for YOUR thermometer, and how well it's working in general, by running a quick calibration test:

    Get a big cup of ice and add enough water that the ice starts to float. (You want as much ice as possible, but not packed solid.)

    Find a clock with a second hand, and check the temperature on the thermometer (so you know what "room temperature" is). Stick the thermometer in the ice water. Watch the time until it hits 32 F (freezing temperature for pure water: salt water can hit 0 F). That should give you a good idea how long it takes to adjust down about 40 degrees in temperature.

    It should stop pretty close to 32 F, but you may want to leave it in the ice water for another minute, to make sure that it doesn't keep on going -- that will let you know how accurate it is. Once it's stablized, you can take it out and let it warm up to room temperature again.

    Put a pan of water on the stove to boil (a couple of inches of water is fine). When the water boils, grab your clock and turn on the thermometer to get an idea of what temperature it is now (this is to make sure that it's not still cold from the ice water).

    Stick the thermometer in the boiling water. At sea level, pure water boils at 212 F, but as you get higher than sea level, the boiling temperature drops. The quick rule of thumb is two degrees for every 1,000 feet elevation, so if you're at 1,000 feet elevation, then you should expect to see water boil at 210 F, and at 6,000 feet, you might see water boil at 200 F. (There are other factors, like how pure your water is, so don't worry too much about a couple of degrees one way or the other.)

    Watch the display and the clock to see how long it takes the thermometer to hit the number you expect for your area. That will tell you how quickly it adjusts and how accurate it is. If it takes 15 or 20 seconds to get from room temperature to boiling, then getting up to roast temperature (which is lower than boiling temperature) will probably take 10 or 15 seconds. Therefore, every time you check that roast, or turkey, or whatever, you'll need to allot 10 or 15 seconds to get an accurate temperature.

    If you need something faster than this, then you'll have to pay for it. Laser systems (which read only the surface, not the internal temperature) and thermocouple systems (which work like this one, but are much faster: see the red or gray 'Thermapens' offered on Amazon.com by Baker's Catalogue) can easily start at five (or more) times the price of these inexpensive Taylor models.

    Given the failure rate that other reviewers have noticed, I'd suggest you also double-check how well yours functions every now and again -- particularly before holiday dinners!...more info
  • So far, so good
    After reading the reviews I purchased this item. Since I am careful about keeping instant read thermometers out of the water I wasn't concerned with buying a waterproof model. This thermometer hasn't let me down. You can depend on it. The only thing I can nitpick about it is that it is top heavy when you clip it to your clothing. I hooked it in an apron pocket and it kept falling over. So big deal. Buy it!...more info
    Just a quick note, this is an almost instant read thermometer. On average, it takes between 2-4 seconds for a final accurate reading. However, DO NOT TURN IT ON UNTIL YOU HAVE IT INSERTED. I read plenty of reviews stating it takes 30 seconds to record. If you turn it on, it will start at the temperature of the room and crawl up slowly (usually only a few degrees at time). This will be quite frustrating and useless.

    Remember, insert it, then turn it on...and BINGO, you are in business....more info
  • Get one with auto off
    This one is doesn't work when it gets hot or wet (and where do you use YOUR thermometer?).

    Also, it is very easy to leave it "on" draining the batteries. Replacement batteries cost nearly as much as the thermometer itself.

    I have another Taylor (unfortunately, there is no model number on it). It is auto off and saves the MAX and MIN temperatures. The MAX is helpful when I want to check I steak on my HOT! grill. I can hold the thermometer with a pair of thongs without burning my hands.

    This one is just plain useless....more info
  • wonderfull grilling tool
    I got this to use with my rotisserie and have ended up using it everywhere I cook meat. Its ease of use and ease to clean makes it a favorite in my kitchen tool drawer. ...more info
  • It lasted 2 days
    We ordered some of these and none of them lasted more than a week. The one I was given worked well enough, but the on/off switch broke and then it wouldn't turn off. The battery was dead in two days. That was the day I received it. They are poorly constructed, find something else. ...more info
  • 30 seconds is not an "instant"
    This is a fine meat thermometer, but should not be called "instant-read." The thermometer takes a good 30 seconds to read the temperature (Another probe meat thermometer where I work takes only 5 seconds). The temperature is 2 warm, just as internet reviews gave it. It's still a good meat thermometer for the money....more info
  • Pretty good thermometer
    I bought one of these and a dial type thermometer. I only use this one. It responds fast and seems accurate. I even dropped it into a cup of water when I was checking the temperature and it still works fine. Seems to be a pretty hardy item....more info
  • Good - until you need service
    I've had my thermometer about 3 years. It has been faithful, but I have on several occasions forgotten to shut it off when done with it, and it does not have an auto shut-off, which the higher price models have. I now need to replace the battery and have contacted more than 20 distributors of the thermometer and NONE of them sell the battery. The best answer I got was "buy a new thermometer, batteries are not available". I have now sent a message to the manufacturer, taylorusa.com (who has a very poor webpage) and am hoping for a reply - so far, nothing. I cant see the purpose of buying a good thermometer with a replaceable battery if you have to throw it away because batteries are not available....more info
  • tough little bugger
    We use this thermometer in our restaurant. It's been submerged and burned (we left it near the stove top blasting 30,000 btu's) but after a few minutes of blank screen, it comes back to life. We also have an analog Taylor, and after each mishap we tested them together to see if the digital was off - so far, so good. If this $9 thermometer can stand up to the abuse we are dishing out day after day, it will last forever in a household situation....more info
  • Just OK
    I was expecting a faster response time. It took 20 seconds to get a reading....more info
  • love it, love it, love it
    I use this product all of the time. Meat, bread, you name it....more info
  • Handy thermometer
    This thermometer is very nice but it has a couple of shortcomings. The material that covers the face will darken if exposed to too much heat. You can't use this in the oven. It isn't exactly instant either but it is quick for testing doneness in several spots. I use it most often to check water temperature when I am baking bread to assure that my yeast is in the optimum range.

    Oh, don't forget to turn it off!...more info
  • Thermometer
    I found this thermometer erratic and misleading. It does not register the temperature quickly, and is not consistent. It has been of no use to me....more info
  • Didn't last long
    Purchased this item after numerous failures with remote meat thermometers. This model worked well for 3 months, then I pulled it out of the drawer one day and it was dead. New battery didn't help, and now I've gone back to analog. ...more info
  • Instant read digital thermometer
    While not exactly "instant" you can expect results in 5-10 seconds or so, (depending on how high your temp reading is) which works fine for me. I also calibrated mine (using boiling water) and it was exactly correct.
    I would recommend this product to any cook!...more info
  • Great but not what I expected.
    I should have been wary with other reviews of the product, but I wanted to give these a shot. I picked up two of them, one for the kitchen and another for the BBQ Grill. Though they do work well and have proven to be a handy cooking utensil, they are far from an "instant read" as described.

    I used suggestions from other users and leave the item turned off before inserting it into the meat. When I turn it on, it takes a a few seconds to read a temperature, then it slowly adjust continuously and never really settles on a solid temperature. In one case, it first read 125 degrees and within a minute had dropped to under 95 degrees. I have learned to wait at least a minute to get a good reading - but at least it beats my old dial type thermometer.

    I would suggest this product for everyday use if you are on a budget, but make sure to use it as described above. I will keep mine for a while, but will likely purchase something better when I can afford it....more info
  • Works for me . . .
    Although I have not checked mine lately (I have owned it for over a year and a half) to see if it is calibrated, it seems to be pretty darn close from having used it to cook meat on my BBQ. One thing that *is* annoying about it, you have to watch the temp climb for quite a while - even in the hottest heat, it only jumps 8 degrees or so at a time, taking so long to get up to 160 degrees that it is frustrating. Here is what I do though to get around that: if I am trying to get my meat to, let's say, 165 degrees, I will pre-heat this thing to somewhere around that temp via letting it sit on the stove or by placing the end of it into the grill and letting it sit there until it is around 165. Then, I open the grill and quickly stick this in the meat, and if it is ready, the temp will just stay where it's at, otherwise it will quickly start to drop if not ready. This is better than opening the grill and holding it for 30 seconds while you watch it climb, losing all of that heat....more info
  • A bit Flimsy
    A good thermometer, but I found it a bit flimsy. It seems like the battery connection is not all that tight and it often just turns off when I am trying to take a temperature. ...more info
  • warning
    as i found the hard way...do not put in microwave..gone in 5 seconds but it works quite well for many other uses ...more info
  • Works great
    I had the old non-digital "instant" read thermometer that was anything but instant. However, this one reads within a couple of seconds. Works great...wish I had it years ago....more info
  • Great valuse, accurate, easy to use.
    Had to replace my digital food thermometer after inadvertantly melting one by leaving it too close to the BBQ. This one is simple to use, accurate and a great value. Simply turn it on, insert into whatever you're cooking and read the result. It appears to be highly accurate. Only two switches: on/off and C/F. One important note: be sure to turn it off after using. There is no auto-off and it would be very easy to waste a battery in the first use. It somes with a convenient sleeve with a shirt clip and an additional bettery....more info
  • Its ok
    When sticking in, it takes about 5-10 seconds to come up to temp. So if you are in front of a hot oven it can seem like forever, But it does what I need it to do....more info
  • Great at first....died too soon!
    I really loved this at first. It was my first meat thermometer and it worked very well. But not even a few months old and it died on me. I thought it might be the battery and figured I could just get a new battery. When I opened it up I could not get the battery out so I could just replace it. I have never seen something where the battery is not able to come out so you can replace it. I was very disappointed and now looking for a new one to replace this. You really get what you pay for....more info
  • Piece of junk - broken when I opened it
    DO NOT buy this product - it was broken when it arrived at my house and is stuck on Low temperature. It will cost almost as much money to send it back as the unit cost all together, so I guess I need to cut my loss and learn a lesson: don't buy cheap products online because returns end up being just money down the tubes....more info
  • Adequate, not great
    As others have said, this really can't be described as an "instant read" thermometer. Before I bought it, I was thinking that it would take a moment to calculate, then display the temperature right away. What it actually does is slowly climb. It does jump in the beginning, like from 0 to 100, but as it gets closer to the right temp, it definitely slows down. I don't know why that happens, but you can literally watch it tick up from 137.1 to 137.2, and so on and so forth. Usually by that point I just yank it out and say it's close enough, which is hardly instant. :)

    That said, I don't think it takes two minutes to read, as another reviewer opined, though as I said it takes longer the higher it climbs, so maybe if you're cooking really hot stuff it might. For most of the normal temps I'd estimate it at about 30 seconds. It just feels longer because you have to stand and stare at it. :) Not a great product, but if you don't mind a little waiting, it's quite cheap, and it will get the job done eventually.

    By the way, I agree the on/off switch is quite small, but I don't have a problem with it. If you have nails you might, though. Happy cooking! ...more info
  • I discovered new laws of nature...
    I made 2 experiments using my brand new Taylor Digital Instant-Read Pocket Thermometer which I bought at Target.

    First, I found out that H2O boils at 207F which is close to what I was told in school.

    Second, I found out that H20 freezes at 0F [sic, Fahrenheit] which means that everything we know about nature needs to be re-evaluated.

    I am awaiting to hear from the Nobel prize committee......more info
  • Less than thrilled
    The first thermometer I received was defective and was replaced. I don't understand the logic behind a thermometer that doesn't automatically shut itself off and has to be manually turned off. If you should forget, the next time you want to use it, you will be disappointed and disgusted to find that the battery is dead. Other Taylor thermometers have the auto off feature, why not this one?...more info
  • Very reliable
    The display screen is a little hard to read. Taylor has higher priced items with larger displays. But for the money, this is a very good value. It is reliable and easy to clean, and comes with an extra battery. ...more info
  • Wish I'd never bought it
    I hate this thing. It worked fine at first, then started getting stuck on a '888.88 degrees' reading every time I turned it on. My dad (electrical engineer) took a look and declared this to be normal (I forget the term he used, but the gist was that it was just a sign the thing was getting power from the batteries before it actually started working) and said I should be more patient. Well... he didn't stick around to see how patient I'd have to be! If I just leave it alone, it sometimes switches to an actual temperature reading after several minutes (which I don't consider a reasonable time to wait) but most typically stays on that display permanently until it's turned off and on again. Or I can try fiddling with the off/on switch - if I can move it just slightly to the middle, I'll sometimes get my temperature reading. That's an extremely fiddly process though, most typically I end up nudging it too far and turning it off and having to wait (and wait) through that stupid test display again. MUCH too much hassle for a stupid thermometer. I only wish I wasn't so cheap that buying a new thermometer while this one is still technically working bothered me......more info
  • It works
    I had been having problems with making bread because I couldn't get the temperature right for activating the yeast in warm water.
    This instrument allows me to start with exactly the correct temperature. My bread has been perfect ever since receiving this thermometer....more info
  • Not quite so fast
    I had read that this was a fast reading thermometer. Well it just isnt't. It can up to a minute to read....more info
  • Great product, great price
    This is the second one I've bought - I dropped the first one several times (breaking it open once, but I put it back together) and accidently in water a couple of times before it finally gave out (they're durable, but they won't go through everything). I really like them. I can't believe I cooked meat without a thermometer for so long. Now I don't overcook my food....more info
  • Everyone who BBQ's needs to have one of these
    These things are great and if you don't have one spend the $10 and get one. If you cook, BBQ, or anything like that, get one. They are great. The only reason for the four stars instead of five on this one is that it doesn't have a temperature guide printed on the actual thermometer case, it is printed on the packaging that it comes in. Who actually keeps the packaging? If it weren't for that it would have five stars because it works great. ...more info
  • Great for grilling
    When you grill you get the internal temperatures of the food. It is a great safety feature when cooking and the food comes out perfect. We love it and use it all the time....more info
  • For $8.99 easily a 5 star buy
    I wanted a digital thermometer just to use for my grill, got tired of forgetting to bring the "in the house thermometer" back in, and getting yelled at about it.

    Our normal thermometer is a pro model, and is pretty much an "instant" reading, but it cost a heck of a lot more than this one.
    I`ve found in comparison testing it reads just within a degree of the more expensive model, only it takes 15 to 30 seconds to do so.
    Also don`t drop it, which I`ve done about 5 times now, the top pops off, easy to put back on, but it worries me someday it will go kaput, but then again dropping any thermometer is not recommended, need klutz training.

    Overall for $8.99 a sure winner for a backup, or as I`ve done, a grill related thermometer.

    TheFarmer...more info