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Taylor Classic Style Meat Dial Thermometer
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Product Description

  • 5-1/2" Stainless Steel Meat Thermometer
  • Large, easy-to-read 2 3/4" dial
  • Range 120F to 212F
  • Preparation scale for various meats
  • Durable stainless steel 5 1/2" stem
  • Dishwasher safe
  • NSF approved

    This thermometer takes the guesswork out of cooking meats and poultry. Its easy-to-read 2-3/4-inch dial measures temperatures from 120 to 200 degrees F. A guide on the dial's face shows proper meat and poultry temperatures, from rare beef to well-done turkey, and a red arrow on the rim can be moved to a desired temperature as a reminder. The thermometer is made of stainless steel, has a 4-1/2-inch stem, and is dishwasher-safe. --Fred Brack
  • Features:
    • 2-3/4-Inch dial measures temperatures from 120 to 200-degrees fahrenheit
    • Dial's face shows proper meat and poultry temperatures
    • Made of stainless steel with 4-1/2-inch stem
    • Easy to read;durable; resists rust and stains
    • Safe to use in dishwasher

    Customer Reviews:

    • Not Refurbished As Advertised
      This meat thermometer was advertised as refurbished. In fact it arrived in torn up packaging and the dial fell off when I took it out of the package....more info
    • Sturdy, easy to read, accuracy short lived?
      When I brought one of these home a few years ago, I was very pleased with it. It was easy to read, sturdy as a fireplug and had a "test" mark on the scale at boiling-point so at any time I could be sure it was reading accurately. I used it for 3-4 years, and it always checked-out in a pan of boiling water when I'd test it. Life was good and so was dinner. But how long do you expect it to last? Are they supposed to be replaced every every 3-4 years? I'd have liked it to last longer...

      Last Christmas, before sinking the thermometer into the Christmas ribeye roast, I checked it in a pan of boiling water and found it was reading 12 degrees cool. Yikes, I could have over-cooked and ruined $100 worth of meat if I hadn't known to pull it out of the oven 12 degrees cooler than I had planned. After dinner that night I threw the thermometer away.

      Owing to it's build quality, I think this is the best of the dial-read meat-thermometers. It lasted better than the Pyrex thermometer we had before it. But none of these stay accurate forever. The needles get sticky or something else goes out of whack, and then they're useless.

      I've had bad luck with digital thermometers too, so I replaced the Taylor dial thermometer with an old fashioned glass / alcohol thermometer (Taylor Classic Roast/Yeast Thermometer). I checked the new thermometer's accuracy and it was dead on. If no one breaks it, it will remain accurate forever. Yes, the glass thermometers are a little trickier to read ... but when you have a house full of dinner guests, and an expensive roast in the oven, what's more important: an accurate reading? Or an inaccurate reading at a glance? I'll take the former.

      Happy cooking ......more info
    • Fantastic
      I primarily use this to monitor the temperature of steamed milk, but I use it to test meats as well, it works every time. The large dial is easily readable and slightly cumbersome. I have owned this for over a year, it is durable, it is accurate, it was worth my money...more info
    • It never worked
      Maybe the product was defective, the dial never moved when I tried it....more info
    • It works and it's cheap. What more can I say?
      I have used this for both indoor and outdoor cooking with chicken, beef, and pork. The dial is easy enough to read and it didn't fog up in the grill or the oven. It's been reliable and accurate in all instances. That's about all I'm looking for in a meat thermometer, so for the price it can't be beat....more info
    • Pleased with purchase
      This is a no frills product. The emphasis is on sturdy construction. The dial is large and easy to see in the oven. I am glad I bought this and would do so again if needed. ...more info
    • Great Value
      I purchased this item as a stocking stuffer for Christmas. Great value for the price.The large dial enables you to see the temperature thru the glass in the oven door without having to open it. ...more info
    • Taylor Meat Thermometer
      Really not able to rate at this time because product has not been used yet....more info
    • 20 degrees off!
      Thermometers are not always accurate. I'm glad I tested mine before using it. It is 20 degrees off! Water boils at 212F, but my thermometer read 190 degrees. Even after leaving the thermometer in the boiling water for a couple of minutes, it did not get past 192 degrees. I was expecting it to be a little off, but 20 degrees? That's a little obnoxious. I will be replacing this thermometer as quickly as possible. I'm sorry I wasted the money....more info
    • A Winner
      This meat thermometer is fantastic and I am thrilled with it every time I use it. Two wonderful features worth mentioning are first of all the red arrow on the outside of the thermometer which you turn to the exact final cooking temperature. After setting the arrow, all you have to do is check to see when the temperature has reached it...set it, and forget having to check again what temperature is needed or worrying about reading the dial! The second great feature is that this thermometer starts registering at 120 degrees. When cooking a roast to medium rare this is an invaluable feature as most thermometers don't begin registering the temperature until 140 degrees which is too high and your roast is too well done! I have washed it in the dishwasher and so far the face has not steamed up like my last thermometer. Thank you Amazon for carrying this wonderful product!...more info
    • Meat thermometer review
      Having suggested temperatures on the thermometer for various meats is most helpful. These are getting harder to find but the food turns out just right....more info
    • Taylor Thermometer
      I like to cook but the only time my wife usually let's me is during Thanksgiving. The reason is simply, the turkey is too heavy for her to lift. This Taylor thermometer is excellent because it's easy to read, simple to use and is very accurate. In addition, the theremometer has a red sliding temperature gauge that permits the cook to pre-set the ultimate temperature desired. When the final, desired temperature is reached, the cook easily sees the cooking needle at the spot as the red, pre-set gauge. This makes it easy for the cook to cook at the correct temperature. I have used this Taylor thermometer for over ten years. It is well built,simple to use, lasts, is easy to read and is accurate. What more can any cook desire?...more info
    • Excelente !!!
      Excelente termometro, construido con materiales de calidad, resitente y de facil lectura. Lo utilizo casi a diario....more info
    • Great Thermometer But Be Careful When Washing..
      This is a great meat thermometer. I used this while cooking a corned beef brisket in a pot. It takes a few seconds for it to get an acurate read but it works well. The construction is sturdy and its easy to read. When using it to test the temp. of my corned beef simmering in the pot the display tended to fog up a bit, but I think that would happen to any meat thermometer when put too close to steam.

      Only downside is when I washed it, some water got underneath the disply and into the unit itself. I was able to shake it out but it was not easy. I would recommend washing this thermometer carefully and not running direct water over the display or submerging it. ...more info